Monday, January 05, 2015

Christmas and the First Feral Family

Last week, Christmas and the faux cheer from the First Feral Family, presently at my perp abetting mother's residence in Victoria, BC. This is a travel trip from Penticton where I reside, but as it "happened", it was arranged to spend Christmas in Kamloops with my brother and family. I did the driving in each direction, and even was allowed the foresight to pack a few of my belongings and drop them off at my place in Penticton, adding some three hours onto the drive. Call it a 5 day road trip within the confines of a three week road trip. This has been done before, two years ago with all the same players, vehicle etc. One notable difference was there was a new highway 17 that cut out some 40 min. of  stop-start driving, and thank goodness for that. They were at least 30 years in behind in getting highway from the Tsawwassen ferry terminal to Hwy 1.

And my mother is in her ditz mode again, pretending to be unaware and then being very sharp or else run to be so. Her hearing is worse, and so things must be repeated at loud volume. Perfect perp fodder, who seem to revel in causing events to occur twice or more.

My farm worker friend came by yesterday, now in the horticulture business, and coincidentally (har, har) does work on my mother's suburban property. This was after I cut a 3" bough from a pine tree in the backyard that was drooping into the area where my mother wants the compost pile rebuilt. She had the tree climbers/arborist outfit working in the backyard in the summer, but they all somehow missed dealing with the most problematic branch of all. I don't know what it is that the perps are so nuts about when it comes to trees and plants, but clearly they wanted me to work on the offending branch and to be then taken on a walk in a wooded trail. I wanted to do a backwoods hike but she jammed out on me. Before she arrived, the perps made sure I had my lunch, paced around, and then ate a 100g chocolate bar, just barely finishing it when the doorbell rang. Funny how they want me out and about post-chocolate bar ingestion.

To finish of my walk yesterday, the perps put on two Caucasian families with children, and lo, if there wasn't an adopted negro child too who tailed me on his bicycle and even got in the way a couple of times too. Just what I love, child gangstalkers. How do they know to stalk me?

And of course the negro viewing has increased here in the bigger city, as well as on TV, which I see often while at the First Feral Family residence, as I don't have TV service where I live. Today they even put on a negro just-stand-there stalker at the road side while I was driving my mother past. In a red and olive green hoodie busy staring up at absolutely nothing, in keeping with many of the roadside gangstalk Fuckwits.

The perps have also given me a cold, which necessitated a trip to the local LD store to load up on supplements to combat this biological incursion. And I see today they added on a cold sore, though I don't think they are biologically related, as I have never had both at once before.

And the world tragedies seem to erupt with uncommon coincidences when I relocate to the FFF residence; it was Dec. 17 when I flew down, and that evening on TV there was video clips from a commercial passenger aircraft that hit 40 minutes of severe turbulence with some passengers getting hurt. A day after taking the ferry back to Victoria on Dec. 27, why, an Italian ferry headed to Greece in the Adriatic Sea had a fire below on the car deck and all living passengers were airlifted amidst a howling gale and through the night. And too, an Air Asia flight, QZ8501 has gone missing in the Java Sea....

The news had it that it was a tragic coincidence that three S Asian flights suffered tragedy all in one year. Coincidence my ass; the perps just love to dump aircraft into the ground or ocean, and seem to have an unerring knack of pulling this stunt in concert with me relocating/traveling. Flight TWA800 "happened" within two days of me traveling to France and staying at a village house for a week. As it was Paris bound it was all over the TV news in France, and I didn't need any translation upon seeing the imagery. My then wife, part of this insane orchestrated abuse when I was kept as a naive victim, was quite (extra) pissy over the TWA800 tragedy when on the TV news, and busied herself by working in the kitchen out of viewing range of the TV. I thought her behavior was a little odd then, and as this insane life orchestration and relentless abuse erupted in 04-2002, and all its managed coincidences came to be known, it fitted the pattern I have come to know, and have just articulated

Another late get-up at 0930h and not really getting going until 1100h. And imposed hijinx on the small amount of mortar (cement) I needed to make up. My brother gave me the full 20kg paper bag which somehow got a hole in it so he put it in a cardboard box. And lo, if the box didn't have a hole in it once I began to handle it, and so I put it in another cardboard box. But that didn't work as the split bag spilled some more, so I put the bag into a plastic garbage bag. And lo, despite my careful efforts, the garbager bag split and so I put it into a second plastic bag that finally contained the leaking mortar mix. At each transition I had to clean it up of course, so these streaks of grey cement powder remained no matter how much I swept it with the broom.

All that pissing around to put two cup fulls in this door in the wall which seems to get successively invaded by ants, and now some animal that likes to dump gravel in it.  This door in the wall is where the municipal water supply feeds the house, and we know who likes to study water supplies via this victim, don't we?

Compost sifting this afternoon, and lo, if the hacking neighbor didn't come out to attend to his compost next to the fence. Then the steel grinding neighbor chipped in with more noise, as did the table saw noise act. Oddly, no lawnmower noise. Then the S-76 Sikorsky air ambulance did two low passes, presumably to give me ambulance coverage from above as we haven't had enough of the vehicular kind this FFF visitation, have we? As in not; about every hour or two of driving one would "happen" to be on the highways per above road trip.

No excitement in bringing on the new year; my perp-abetting mother stayed up as we watched something that counted the minutes and seconds. Before that it was PBS and a tedious Gershwin suite of the NY Philharmonic Orchestra. It was New Year themed, but was mistimed so to not coincide with the New year in the PST zone. Besides, the guest negro vocalists, both in great voice, were no doubt arranged for both of us to see. As mentioned many times, if one has been locked in cages with negro children, (see here), then one has quite a different perspective and abreaction profile to various skin colors.

About a week ago the CBC news put on a substitute negro male anchorman, and I bailed on it, seeing yet another perp rouse to have me get more negro exposures. I turned the TV off and went to bed, but for some strange reason my perp-abetting mother "needed" to see the news and turned the TV on and watched this same newscast for a whole two minutes and then turned it off. Can we say emulation games again?

The laundry fuckery continues; my mother's washing machine puts on more lint thatn the clothes had when they were put in. And she puts on the ditz act when I bring it to her attention, just like last year at this time. So... I decided to beat this by taking my laundry to a laundromat instead. And lo, if my laundry didn't get fucked with again, as there were (non-lint) whitish streaks on my clothes, ostensibly "from" the powdered detergent I used. And why is laundry sabotage so important to the sickos? Regular readers will know that other forms of laundry sabotage are;

  • stealing it and having the E. Indian thief wear my clothes, 
  • stealing it for good, having the load stop due to imbalance problem when I am totally fastidious about loading the washing machine evenly, 
  • having abetting shills, Ms. C as one example, volunteering to do my laundry,
  • stiffing me with detergent with unwanted perfume smell, 
  • having fabrics pill in odd places, 
  • pulling threads even on synthetic clothes, 
  • linting "from" the washing machine, 
  • having two loads in side by side identical washing machines, one with a black colored vane, the other a white colored vane, and of course the
  • parade of Fuckwits and dither-ditz's loiter around me for no seeming reason.

And when will this insane mania over my laundry ever end?

Other normal-peculiar FFF perp abetting behavior on this trip is to have them flex their foot and wave it about while seated and watching TV, all to have it "happen" in my peripheral vision for the most part. Both my mother did this, and my brother when visiting them in Kamloops. Once noticed, I shift myself or the TV tray to obstruct this stupid shit that has gone on for every extended visit since 04-2002 when this abusive insanity began and hasn't let up.

The perps even went extra silly yesterday on this theme/foot-waving stalking. I moved the TV tray to block the sight of my mother's foot waving, but wasn't thorough enough as there was a small sliver remaining. She then placed her foot such that it was in this small window, and so I moved the TV tray some more to obstruct it again. This time she moved her foot higher to be seen above the TV tray, not below. So then I shifted my position in my chair to turn away from this idiotic pursuit of my peripheral vision and finally it was over. Three attempts to rid her waving foot in my peripheral vision, which suggests that my vision is totally monitored and that every possible angle of visibility is known, and that she gets immediate direction where to place her foot. If someone can explain that in a conventional context I would surely like to know.

Another late get-up, 0930h, for 9.5 hours of sleep, with 8.0 being my usual. Nearly every day they have screwed me into 9+ hours of sleep. Long ago, before the Day Of  Infamy (04-2002) when they began with a high tech apartment invasion, I could never figure out why January was such a doggy month and was doing 9+ hours of sleep each day. Now I know, it was the Fuckwits, and for "some reason" they like to run me with extra sleep this month of the year.

I was slinging compost in the backyard of the FFF house here, as the gardener and my brother couldn't get it together to do this for the last three months. And as it "happened" they didn't dig out the 2014 compost in the summer and piled leaves and debris on it. And so I had to combine the two very different piles and make them one consistent compost pile, which I did.

And so the neighbor noises sprang to life again; lawnmowers (yup, in early January), house tapping/faux construction, neighbor throat clearing and hacking, hot-rod muffler noise, neighborhood vacuum cleaners, overhead aircraft etc. When the 1530h afternoon dusk onset dinginess came on, the leaf blower whine started up for the last hour until I got it into one big pile. And even my perp-abetting mother got into digging some sieved soil/compost that was available. Then she came out again for a pointless question, no doubt doing the house-to-compost pile gangstalk walk and back again. (She never asks me about when I want tea for crissakes, and the answer is always the same, when I am done (the current job)).

Before that, major gangstalking at the public library, with the cough stalking stunt the highlight. I was looking at the DVD's and this Fat Woman with a kid sneaks in within 3' of me and lets go of a mighty cough which scared the shit out of me. And after 12.5 years of insane and relentless gangstalking, how would it be possible to sneak up on a victim (me) who is in a total alert state everywhere in public? Why, mind control, aka remotely applied cognitive manipulation/obstruction. This shit who cough-stalked me was not coughing beforehand or afterwards; in other words, it was a just-for-me cough-stalk

But she wasn't the only wacko Fuckwit in the library; this dude was on just-stand-there (sentry mode) duty, and while he moved his head or his arms, he was planted in the same spot, not anywhere near a bookshelf or plausible cover story, for at least 10 minutes. Like WTF; he wasn't in any lineup and wasn't at a table or catalog, just staring away for crissakes. I did a pass near the Fuckwit to make sure he was all there, and he was looking away and shaking his head with a smirk on it for crissakes. Like he wasn't all there, as in mentally deranged.

Then onto H* D* that big box store with the orange smocked staff, and lo, if their greeter wasn't in a freaking wheelchair. Someone knows how much I loathe these particular objects, and then had me look to the side, and lo, if there wasn't an empty wheelchair there. My lucky day, and perhaps the last all-out gangstalk before I leave this freaking town (Victoria, BC) in five days.

Some TV watching last night, and my mother doing her foot-waving bullshit from her chair. And me, I turn away and block it from my vision with a TV table and my hand at my head. Then she asks a dumb question to break up my repose. And she has started a new obnoxious habit of banging the floor with her foot which nicely sends a vibration through me as I am seated some 6' away. And too, having the unerring knack of banging the floor when a negro is portrayed on TV, or even East Indians (from India) now too.

Three days ago the Fuckwits gave me a dime sized cold sore at  L end my my mouth, next to my lips. The next day I see an ad on TV at LD for Ab*a that was advertised for cold sores. After running the gangstalk gauntlet at LD, I find the product at $22 for a whole 2 grams (not much). I use it, and it begins to work, and now today, I see another product called lysine (an amino acid) also advertised to help get rid of cold sores. I haven't bought any of the latter product, but could this "activity" over cold sores be too much of a coincidence? And we know who manages coincidences don't we?

My daughter came over from Vancouver for the day, all (seemingly) for a post-Christmas lunch put on my perp-abetting mother. Most curious as to why she would do that, travel on the ferry and return in one day. I can only assume it was some kind of perp inspired event, bringing the Vancouver energetics to this gangstalk town of Victoria.

My brother also came along with his obsessional nature over garage sales and picking up bargains etc. He put all my landscape prunings in his white van beforehand, so presumably the van was on gangstalk duty too. My daughter used the PC for a few minutes, and afterward I find she left her employment letter for me to see. What was that all about anyhow?

As it "happens", she starts work the same day I fly back to Penticton, so perhaps there is some perp cosmic energetics/synchrony in that for whatever they are looking for.

Onto posting this today (Monday) as I got sucked into Downton Abbey last night.

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