Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Review of 2014 Perp Harassment Antics and Themes

Where are they on the mind control and total body function control games? After 12.5 years of this abuse, I have a reasonably good idea. I still think they are attempting to get a handle on my attention shifting, though are making progress I suspect. The  number of noises or events that coincide has decreased, but not to zero.

 Other interesting developments (changes and escalations in perp harassment) in the past year are listed briefly below,
administered remotely;

  • the facial air plucking has increased, as has the incidences of hair on my cheeks. Until late 2012 I had three to five hairs on my cheeks (not the beard region) per side, now it is at least 15 to 20, and about that each day that get removed by plucking.

  • started eating eggs, third dozen in one years; see below for the harassment over the last dozen, but most decidedly the yellow color games (e.g. Fuckwit shirts, and vehicles) has increased.
  • speaking of more yellow, they have me eating turmeric (good brain food, per Grain Brain), while relatively tasteless is good for a near dayglo yellow coloration for my food
  • escalated extra-kinetic fuckery; objects spinning, flipping, snagging in concert with extra imposed fine motor control limitation; water or liquid drops can leap sideways where there was no apparent directed force
  • teleportations fuckery; liquid drops coming in from nowhere, and the respective count for crumbs and hair arrivals has increased to blatant levels; (the hairs aren't mine going by color or length or source e.g. eyelashes, pubic hair etc).
  • in both of the above cases the perps like me to distinguish "conventional/normal" versus imposed, or even the likelihood, as I am not always 100% certain how a crumb or hair arrived.
  • skin cremes testing/games; from zinc oxide, polysporin, to exotic skin oil reduction cremes, the perps like to have me indulge in this, and sometimes follow up with a visit to the tanning salon
  • browning around; they nixed coffee in the morning for three months with their elevated PSA stunt, introduced other brown foods; e.g. flax, cinnamon, in addition to chocolate, their mainstay brown food item these past nearly 13 years of this insane abuse.
  • continued fuckery over getting the wrong key, wrong lock, wrong drawer, wrong switch (e.g. light switches), or otherwise  having me flub it as if I didn't know, when I have a 50+ year history of getting these kind of things right from the get-go
  • music source variations; heard the CD, then from the PC hard drive, and of late, some from a USB stick; all flac files as this infinite pissing match of music file formats carries on; lossless (flac) versus everyone else it seems, going for lost file formats, e.g. MP3. Which leaves me still tracking down CD's from all over the place, the used ones on Amazon. Said vendor exacerbated the problem by only supplying MP3 files only. I expect this perp research prerogative will persist for some time, whatever they need music for in their deep brain research. All automotive players will only play MP3 files for crissakes; how long will it take to remedy this one?
Mostly a shut-in day, but I did get out to send a parcel to the PO, as the item arrived mail order and wasn't suitable. The perps like to pull these "send back" games, in the same brown cardboard box and in this case, within 24 hours of receipt.

The PO got obstructed with extra stalkers ahead of me again, though nowhere as bad as two days ago when I was forced to leave the line there as the customer had a huge quantity of mail to send via the front counter.

The walk-at-me-while-looking-sideways stunt again, this time I was obliged to get out of the way, this Korean woman in a fugly brown down quilted coat. She was part of the Korean couple, aged 40-ish or more, who somehow needed to go together and mail a parcel to Korea. They went through the quasi-interview process to mail an international parcel at the PO as I went through three days ago when mailing the dead ni-cad batteries to WA state. How anyone can rationally explain as to why someone (in public) turns, avoids looking ahead as they set off  in a public place (like a PO) can only be explained by the Gangstalker Training Corps. I never seen so many oblivious Fuckwits about to collide with me since 1989-90 while at BCIT, which featured seeming students, going backwards through the glass main building doors. That is, they leaned their back against the door slowly stepping backwards, making out that they didn't have a frigging clue that the door might be needed in short order by students during class change times, and that they would be arriving from outside the building, opposite to the direction they were looking.

The financial follies have begun for 2015;give with one hand and take with the other. I am now off a medical plan and the former government subsidy, so head meds are now a $100/month. And the piss/bladder medication is $70. That is what one gets with a pay increase. Fuck the victim some more just when he thinks he can finally save something.

Yoga; a rare late Thursday class visit to try the long pose version called Yin yoga. Not many poses get done in an hour, and I found I was only getting into it when the class was over. I got the split-couple treatment; he on the L, she on the R at a diagonal. I have seen this gangstalk stunt a few hundred times in the street, and why am I so surprised that it finally shows up in yoga too?

And the one class participant who has ever said anything to me going back at least 18 months, was there. I don't usually see her in my usual Monday evening class, but all the same, she asked me if I had been away. How would she know, I haven't seen her in at least 6 months. Then she seemed to know about a couple of other things going on for me. All too curious IMHO.

A 9.5 hour sleep, with a jerkaround in not letting me sleep for the first three hours. Normally they don't put on extra sleep with extra in-bed time, but for some reason they did.

And a screaming rage-ification over harassment in making breakfast, eggs again. I know how to do omelettes from decades ago, but "somehow" I forgot the rudiments of even having the pan warm enough. Add in sucessive finger fumbling jerkarounds, and it was quite the rage-ification over what I consider to be nothing at all. But that is how it goes; the most trivial of events, like scratching one's nose (after the itch was planted there) and then having one's fingers somehow "miss" the itch location is now a regular event in any given day.

The perps had me re-start this carton of eggs after three days of having the regular hemp seed breakfast, and perhaps it was all about the omelet being brown on the underside for the first time in the three dozen egg purchases they have permitted me since 2000. Back then, before the assholes outed themselves in 04-2002, I felt a little ill after having an egg one morning and then backed off on them altogether "thinking" it was some kind of food allergy that had come on. Little did I know it was the opening shot in a long running life trashing and harassment show around what I eat and what color the food is, and unknown (to me then) abreactions over certain colors.

Saturday, laundry day, and lo, if a snow didn't come on while I was out, and will likely continue for a few hours, until the dryer is unloaded. The lint saturation games continue; my fleece (on the inside) tights which I have taken to live in, from everyday use to yoga now, needed an extra laundering to deal with the lint that somehow accumulates on them. It seems they needed to be laundered inside out at first, then outside out in a dedicated single item laundering while the towels and bedsheets are in the adjacent dryer.

After starting the laundry at the laundromat I stopped in a local grocery store which seemed like it wasn't a gangstalk nightmare judging from the parking lot. But instead of them all being in place ahead of me, they slowly filtered in while they sent me from one end of the store and back again, "forgetting" what I came for and the Fuckwits posted with their ass pointed at exactly where I needed to go. Then more obstructions in not having the deli counter adequately staffed while yet more Fuckwits clustered around me, and then the ubiquitious stalker dude coming into my peripheral vision just to get my attention, very much in keeping with last week's games at the gym.

And if that wasn't enough, the major Fat Girl that I helped move two weeks before Christmas "happened" to be in the store. At first I got the ignore-me stalk, and lo, if they didn't arrange a face-to-face event where I was obliged to chat with her. As it "happens", she is staying at the very same winter-time low rate motel I stayed at two years ago. Anyhow, she crossed my path a few more times and also "happened" to be ahead of me at the checkout where we said goodbyes.

This particular woman whom I did not know before responding to a moving job on Craigslist, has been highly featured by planted ideations since then, for the last 5 weeks. There was nothing flirtatious or even leading about her, as she seemed to be in dire straits due to the move, relationship and financial woes and she had a  very sore back. I have no idea why the perps are "featuring" this Fat Girl so much, as they don't normally do this for more than a day or two in the case with most freaks. There was nothing about her that was attractive (then or today), and the more I learned about her from moving her belongings with the guy that hired me, the more it seemed she was a mountain of trouble. (And not referencing how big she is). I hope this whole episode evaporates and I don't see this person again, if only from the extra promotion the perps are laying on me.

Back in 2000 to 2002, they arranged a Fat Girl off-on-off girlfriend who was obviously abetting the perps once all hell came down in 04-2002. I have no idea why, but it was interesting that she did not have any children, just as the above mentioned Fat Girl doesn't. She has two Yorkshire terriers, and they look like rats. Anyhow, I suspect this particular line of Fat Girl stalking has some legs to it, but I am not looking forward to any more contact. Just leave me the fuck alone is all I have ever asked since this reign of abusive tyranny came down on me.

On the way from the grocery store they put on a fire truck emergency that stopped in the middle of the intersection for some reason when it was perfectly clear that all traffic had stopped. The red and white fire truck with the flashing red lights stunt again, as tiresome as always. Then to another grocery store where they put on a cute blonde girl in a red apron to hang around me when I made my purchase of olive oil. It seems the perps have a huge amount of interest in food oils and their provenance and I suppose the prior Fat Girl stalking was part of it. (And the sequential financial transactions at the same checkout, per above).

We shall see how this one goes. She will be known as the Fat Girl with Yorkshire Terriers if I am allowed to recall this particular name for future postings.

A near shut-in Sunday, as the perps finally let me out for a visit to the gym an hour before it closed. For the third successive last-hour visit, the treadmills were occupied by these sweating Fat Dudes, doing their male banter thing again. The perps often like to move me off treadmills (or outside jogging) during an hour of workout. Tonight they posted a couple at the ticket counter needing excessive attention, and was obliged to do the "excuse me" thing, as one of them was crowding the card reader. Can they not get enough Fuckwits to dwell everywhere I go and incur transactions?

They even put a motor-home in the parking lot of the recreation center for crissakes. Here it is winter, and some 6" of snow still remaining on the ground, and here they are placing motor-homes and campers around me, either stationary or mobile in traffic.

Speaking of which, the back alley neighbor has a silver grey pickup with a camper in the box and it has been sitting immobile for at least four months, save reversing the parking direction twice. About every Saturday he comes to park his black pickup next to the silver grey pickup. There are no lights on nearly every night, so it would seem that these residents are living elsewhere, save the odd visit.

This "habit" of neighbors living elsewhere has been consistent even before this harassment began. Even the apartment block owner next door was absent nearly all evenings after the first weeks of me moving in. The owners of this nanny suite have also been absent for the last two months; no vehicles most evenings and no change in the lighting in the evenings. Even large 20 story buildings in the proximity of my residence have been strangely vacated for the most part.

I am reading a book, "Stalin's Last Crime", about the concocted rationale to round up high ranking Jews in the military and government services 1948-53. Why the perps want me to read about this Machiavellian intrigue is beyond me, but he was a considerable strategist in his endeavors, good or bad. Enough bantering, and off to post this.

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