Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Moving Boxes and Household

I finished up two days of helping out at a move; quite the event as the oversized woman owner wasn't packed for crissakes. What might of been a 6 hours worth turned out to be 16 hours over two days. She was a supreme packrat to say the least. And she had a long tale of recent woe; one ex-husband, one deceased husband and finishing up with an ex boyfriend who drained her of her money. Hence the move, as it was a foreclosure situation.

She was to vacate by the 15th, 1200h, and we only started moving her at 1000h and hardly anything was packed. The new owner's realtor came by at 1220h to tell us this, then the owners came a few hours later and were none too pleased. This posturing standoff was escalated by the new owners calling in a locksmith to have the locks changed on all the doors. Though I assume this was booked in advance and wasn't the news that the Fat Girl (230lb) made it out to be. She also had a bad back and yet continued to pack and humpf furniture about to try and expedite matters.

On the second day, she couldn't make it until noon as she was treated at emergency for her bad back for crissakes. And yet she continued on with physical work no less, until 1700h. We weren't done then, but it was down to a few cupboards and the mounting pile of garbage that had to be dealt with.

So was all this a major spoof act; engendering sympathy (some), also found out by the buyer's realtor to be fabricating the facts about garbage disposal (then no sympathy, but instead, wariness if not disdain), then more sympathy again as she had a bad back and was seemingly in more pain in the latter stages of the day, etc. And yours truly, at a property for which ownership was transferred. The perps like to arrange the event of giving and receiving, that is, the transfer of ownership.

Back in 2006 when I gave my daughter my vehicle on her birthday, and was to do the paperwork, why, my out-of-town brother "happened" to phone just then (read, asymmetric EMF signals to the head, even if a landline).

I was obstructed the ATM with a line up of five deep, went to the other one in town, and lo, if the system was down. Similar for the second day, this woman approached the ATM beside me and then backed up from it, then went forward again and then backed up. When I looked at her suspiciously, she "explained" that the ATM was down. If it was down, why the extra back-and-forth? Bizarre public behavior by seeming normal people is nothing new.

At the former boss' winery, and what an absurdity in wine-making (not mine). He insisted on using fixed capacity drums to store his red wine in, post fermentation, and all three of them had an Acerbacter surface contamination. Meaning, 600L of wine is to be dumped. I told him to get variable capacity tanks (floating lids with sealable gasket) on all of them before the wine was made but he didn't want to get more tanks. Regular readers will know the same thing went on two years ago with the cider I made for him. Leaving an airspace in a fixed capacity tank is folly for wine or cider making, and he tried to defy the odds again, thinking that a Acerbacter contamination would not re-occur. At least I don't work for him any more, but what a way to finish up. No doubt every sparrow that falls will be assigned to me now that I don't work there anymore.

Flight from Kelowna to Victoria, nonstop, and lo, if they didn't put an negro male on the flight, after seeing a few en route and at the airport, one being a gross dreadlocks haired woman tailing me a little too often to be random. And she wasn't on the flight. Said negro male on the flight did his posing act, where he stands still, though crouching some under the overhead bins while the rest of us from the back of the aircraft file past the him. An extra yappy male behind me on the flight, also putting on the gut strut, then when we land, he shuts up for crissakes. At least they put on an attractive blonde girl opposite him. A mid-brown Asian girl was opposite me on the other side of the aisle.

I had my ass hair and back hair waxed, the first time in a year for both curiously, as I usually get the latter done before summer. So there I was, just-plucked, and out shopping downtown a few hours later.

And ever more negro gangstalking action in this larger city. After getting a red and white colored gift card at a certain well known chain as a Christmas present for my daughter, and still with the card in hand, why, a red  (same as gift card) shirted oversized negro male comes at me from the other side of the crosswalk. He isn't about to change course, so I have to. And lo, behind him, a Caucasian male in a same red jacket jacket is doing the classic perp thing of running for no particular reason, and isn't dressed as a downtown jogger. The Running Fuckwit: I cannot count how many times a week I see this obvious stupidity, but at least 10x. week in a big city, and they aren't running for a bus as there is no bus route there.

My perp-abetting mother doing the toxic waste act; walking the full sidewalk width distance away from me so all the gangstalking shit could pass between us. We have already done this countless times, but she has now increased the separation distance by another two feet. So much for the dithering dipshit act; if she was genuinely concerned about her footing (as she makes out), and genuinely concerned about finding her way back to the parkade ( a hopeless navigator), then she would be hanging onto me don't you think? But no, this extra gangstalker passing between us stunt has reached new depths of extra obviousness.

Then the next day to visit Lee Valley Tools was crowded, but not too much that I didn't have too long to wait at the checkout. They had the writhing-small-child-on-the-floor act going, just where I "happened" to arrive at the checkout counter. But what a colossal (60 or so) stakeout of gangstalkers. One balding male with a scruffy chin beard put on five reprises. A gut stalk was worth four reprise gangstalkings. And the relentless blocking my intended route to a certain item or location in the store, was about .700.  Nearly three quarters of the time "I" wanted to go somewhere in the store, there was a gangstalker in place or stepping into my path. The perps have a special abusive need to fuck me around Lee Valley Tools; I have been a mail order customer since 1980, and just love leafing through their catalog (item coveting), and now that they have a bricks and motor store in this town, (Victoria BC, the gangstalking capital of Canada), they go freaking berserk. They pulled this shit in greater numbers, (30 in the lineup to purchase, another 60 wandering around on obstruction duty in the aisles), back in the high-abuse days of 2002. I was at their Vancouver store to purchase magnets to protect myself from EMF attacks, (which always worked (unless degaussed by the assholes), especially when varying the magnetic field my moving them close but preventing contact.

What is with the scruffy beard thing? the perps know I find a well proportioned angular Caucasian jawline with a full (but not over pronounced) chin to be supremely attractive (think Jackie O), and here they are now pimping/promoting irregular jawlines disguised in part by a scruffy male beard (not a trimmed line). Go fuck yourselves; it is none of your business as to what I find attractive or not in faces. And for the record, quit pumping me with images of  the fat faced, recessed chins, beards of any kind or condition, male ponytails, and wrinkle faces.

A relative immobile day today, but oh so many negroes on TV; and for some reason I had totally "forgot" about the major negro stalking last year in these very same circumstances.

No regular Saturday shaving due to a late get up and my mother wanting to get onto some shopping. funny how these squeeze plays go. I did not need 9 hours of sleep, but somehow it "happened".

A do-squat day, which isn't my style, but in keeping with permitted activity days, they like to contain me to the First Feral Family residence. I got out to do some driving for my perp abetting mother, she putting on the dithering act, now with more impaired hearing than a year ago, and of course that works into the perp plans of "do it again, and again" because we didn't get enough neuro-energetic data the first time, etc.

A string of some six vehicles lead by a white VW Westfalia camper on the way from Gordon Head to Cordova Bay, and lo, one by one they all peeled off except the VW camper which lead me along until I turned off at the shopping center. I park the vehicle, and lo, the VW camper comes by in the parking lot, making the driver identifiable (white haired biddy).  Said biddy also just "happened" to be in the grocery store where my mother was shopping. I met her there after purchasing some wine at the wine store after swapping wine stories with the proprietor. Here we are with one of the perps' favorite gangstalking vehicles, the VW van with its engine behind the rear wheels, a very exceptional design, and they hound me with a coordinated posse while driving, and then when ambulatory with the driver criminal at the wheel "passing by", and then again in the very store I visited. GET THIS; I fucking and totally loathe being gangstalked by any means or vehicle, and 12.5 years of this insane fucking abuse is far too many. All in the cause of nonconsensual human experimentation whereby the experimenter hasn't the balls to show his face. It is all about the measurement problem, that thorny conundrum of  quantum energy research where they wish to eliminate the observer's influence on the event' from physical presence to pyschic bystander.

All torso and arms shaving got done this morning in one session;I see the ass and back waxing attendant  of four days ago missed a two inch strip on my R side, which had to be dead obvious as she waxed the same region on my L side. For the past year, the perps like me to see male leg or arms hair, but only in small amounts, and on me. All aided by having the vigilant spa school instructors move on, and the new ones being too slack with the student's. Though the spa attendant of four days ago is a pro, and has never missed something so freaking obvious before. Lets have all the victim's hair waxing personnel screw the job up, especially where one body region joins another to be done by someone else. Who figures this out in such detail, especially when some body regions are done once per year? That takes considerable planning IMHO.

Shopping at Victoria LD; I am at the checkout and at the pay area, and the fuckwit behind me picks up one of my chocolate bars off the checkout belt. I stare at the asshole and he must know it somehow because he looks the other way for the rest of my time there. And of course the cashier "happened" to be looking the other way the entire time.

My points got cancelled on me at the tanning salon; I bought a batch of points last year that were said to last two years but didn't make it past one year. Maybe it was the bare-faced lie stunt where someone who knows better, tells me an unabashed lie. Usually later when I find out, (this time a year later) the culprit is long gone.The drop-in tanning session cost me nearly $20 including the bronzing agent. "Somehow", I "forgot" to bring my own tanning agent and my goggles too, even if they were in mind when I packed.

These kind of memory "failures" are becoming much more common now; the swear-I-did-it mind fuck stunts where it was in mind two or more times to do something and it doesn't "happen". Then the assholes later remind me that I did have it in mind to do but that I "forgot". In this multiple, but same, intention failure, the memory of the intention to do an activity (in mind) is all the more stronger in retrospect when one realizes they didn't do it. All a big mind-field as far as the perps sick asses go, but I never had these kind of "forget" games occur until the last few months. Now that I am travelling and out of my usual habits makes for a greater number of mental incursions and sabotage as far as the perps see it.

I was doing yard work in the afternoon; always extra noise when cutting boughs, or trimming branches from bad mufflers to aircraft to sirens etc. And they added a new one; grunts from a male neighbor as I cut a shoot with the pruners, not once, but twice and several minutes apart. Hilarious.

The when out front of the house, the interminable parade of ambulatory gangstalkers, also vehicles too. And a lot more action when I had the vacuum cleaner out to clean out my mother's vehicle. Then the noise-scape was enhanced with the neighbor's family came over and a whole lot of male jocularity interspersed with whining child noise from time to time.  The perps just love me to cleaning glass surfaces, and then applying RainX to buff it up into a water replling sheen.

And what is with the 1960's siren noise today; at least a half dozen separate incidents, and even now as I type this at 2210h?

In the evening, and when dark, why, those glass surfaces "happened" to have a sheen on them such that all the street lights had a reflection/aberration such that curvilinear beams came from the street light and onto the windshield. Actually, three or more beams with opposite lane headlights "helping" too in this faux extraneous light show that tracked me all the way downtown and back.

All to meet my farmer friend for dinner and then a later hang-there chin wag at a nearby St*rbucks. There, another parade of wierds came by, from either of two directions; skinhead, waddling oversized males in shorts, Fat People, three in succession no less, apparently independently heading for the washroom, har, har.

My farm-worker friend is in some kind of psychiatric pain and I helped as best as I could, which isn't very much. And she is a little scattered to say the least. And is getting the blow-f from the shrinks no less. And it seemed she had helped a friend move recently, and lo, if it wasn't like my own, where the tenant was two days late getting out, and is totally out of it as to planning the move.

Which leads me to ponder yet again; almost all of those who interact with me finish up with new vehicles, houses or extensive renovations or some kind of major financial gain, and yet she is mired in a two steps forward and then two steps backward pattern for the last three years. So what is her pay off, or is she another face of the ML Fat Girl, the regular one that shows up all too often? Re-read the above household moving experience as another possible ML Fat Girl facade/orchestrated act. All three do knitting, hmm....

When a babbling wacko act came into St*bucks, and I was sufficiently alerted/alarmed/abreacting she suddenly said it was time to go, to which I agreed.

What is with the TV at the First Feral Family residence suddenly dimming down to a third of its normal illumination for two minutes or so of late? The TV is only two years old, and it isn't a "feature" like online when a dialog box/promo comes up and causes the display one was reading to suddenly dim down. It must be that criminal cable TV outfit that supplies gangstalking vans even on Sundays no less. The same outfit that has been promoting the Stick Men for the last two years as their advertising motif/mascot. And of course the usual proviso; what exposure did I have to the Stick Men in the three missing years, (applied retrograde amnesia) aged 2 to 5 y.o., for which I need to be hounded with this imagery? (Needed by the Psychopathic Confederacy, not by me I hasten to add).

Time to call this one done for the week and onto The First Feral Family Faking Christmas Cheer.

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