Friday, December 12, 2014

To-Do List Machinations

What is it about getting things done, especially when working from a list, that so interests the perps that they cause delays and other games I will explain below? For over a week I had been intending to get at least three things done, none screamingly important, but all the same level of urgency as three pebbles in my shoes. And of course I had all the time to get them done, as well as "forgetting" when online as well. Then a fourth item comes on, and then today, in a burst of unexpected motivation, I attend to them all as much as I can. (An unreturned phone call and awaiting an email is as far as I can go on one of them). And at the conclusion of getting this done, either by phone or email, why, a sudden urge to defecate comes on, so I shut the PC down and attend to that. And lo, for the first time in over 6 months, they pull one of their shit plastering games, and I have come to know that it is easier to clean up to take a short shower. It all got done without any further ado, but it leaves the question as to what was so important about getting onto a perp delayed list of items that they just had to arrange a messy crap and a shower clean up to conclude getting my list items done? And if that is important for the perps, which it seems to be, then this insane abusive insanity (theirs) has a long way to go.

Two days ago it was yoga, and the usual women where there with a maybe four visiting women as well. The all cleverly left an a free mat location on my L, as I was about the fifth person of 12 or so to arrive, and lo, if the gasping wheezing out-of-shape male didn't slip into that spot just before class began, and yet again, put on this pathetic act of making a whole lot of noise about a whole lot of nothing. As in being so out of shape, and so fat (two Unfavoreds) and wearing awful baggy brown shorts to his knees (two more Unfavoreds). Plus, being male over 20 y.o. is another Unfavored. I say "nothing" as I am relatively flexible and the yoga poses, save a few, are not terribly challenging to me. Clearly this oaf is way out of his league, so why doesn't he take a more fundamental level class? There is no reason except that he is placed there by his controllers for the very reason to make a whole lot of disgusting noise, never mind looking disgusting in all his blubber. Perturb the TI victim (some more) must be the perp edict/objective.

As I mentioned two or more weeks ago, the perps sent me a seeming explanatory message that this oaf's heavy breathing and gasping is to emulate a sexual abuser in full form. Well maybe it is, and maybe such an abuse was done to me when aged 2 y.o. to 5 y.o., the period for which the perps wiped my memory. And it isn't any stretch of imagination that the child abuse agenda is part and parcel of the wider nonconsensual human experimentation agenda that TI's have to come so well. Look up Brice Taylor, Cathy O'Brien, Kathrine Sullivan

A trip to the gym; or should I call it the grim-gym, as these shiftless males always surface, have "stun-outs" on the equipment, scoop the machine just ahead of me, and arrange themselves jointly to slowly move in closer. Six of the mofos lined themselves up when I was doing my final warm down, abbreviated due to them slowly closing in en masse. I decide to split, and lo, one of the mofos breaks off his work out to precede me down the stairs, the identical move of the babe gangstalker at the gym two visits ago. That is, six of seven males in the gym to slowly close in on me for crissakes. The major Fat Boy (260lbs) was left out of the final gangstalking fray/formation, and the two women were off to the side and seemed to be minding their own business.

They even added two dudes dressed in the same T-shirts, as some kind of equipment inspectors, loitering at one machine and then walking the length of the gym side-by-side. The perps seem to like amp-ing up the male factor of late; start with a proximate woman (even if she was doing extra high arm flings on the treadmill), then add in the males one by one, move the women out, have the males banter, and then add a uniformed male pair just to see how much I like that. And of course, vary the males with Unfavored features; hats, skinheads, fugly shorts below the knee, large guts, faux military clothing, brown clothing etc.

Friday, and a special one for the perps, having me into get my legs waxed and my haircut at this particular place I regularly go to. This, after yesterday's shut-in day when I didn't go out at all. (Not working again until late January). And as mentioned in past posts, the perps go gangstalking and harassment silly after a shut-in day.

They even put on a small private yellow helicopter making two passes as I exited the gate outside my place. And today is also refuse pickup day, and although it was picked up at 0800h, they still put on a garbage truck at 1015h on my way to get my head hair cut and my leg hair pulled. Exciting times in perp-landia for sure. Not only that, but the elder male (geezer) gangstalk was on at the parking lot; one ahead and one behind me in driving in and at the ticket machine. The first one also "happened" to be seen at a suite above the hair salon. A geezer inside too, getting his hair cut, and lo, if the male haircut supervisor (about 45 y/o/) didn't do his best to be one too, not shaving for two days so to strut his beard stubble and then to wear a matching grey sweater. Not only did he come by with chocolates to offer me while getting my haircut from a brown skinned Asian girl, but made sure to be passing by when I was about to enter the area for leg waxing. And in keeping with the strange "don't know you now" behaviors, the fuchsia-on-blonde woman who cut my hair some six weeks ago was very visible but wasn't about to say hello or anything so friendly as that. No sir... normal human North American small town friendliness is not accorded for perp victims, even if they have mercilessly harassed the victim for 12.5 years every day, all day. And face it, NO ONE would forget me and the prior training and walk-throughs they must go through before the Potemkin Village is arranged for this TI.

And I see the surrounding hills are bereft of snow now, as they had plenty over the past three weeks. A warm spell came on in the last week, and with a whole lot of rain yesterday, why, I get to see the green (treed) hills again. Such things are important to the perps, these ever changing landscape colors, and sky colors too.

Miscellaneous other stuff of minor note:
the perps have me dry the dishes with a tea towel now, or mostly; (cutlery, knives, bowls, -plates dry themselves). Until recent months (since 2002), the dishes would dry in the dishes rack often much sooner than I expected from prior experience. I came to know in 2002 that they were berserk over towels, drying wet objects and myself too, and it was a given. But in mid-2014 I found I was using the tea towels much more and the dishes weren't as dry as they were formerly (2002 to 06-20214). I suppose one could call this progress, but I will know for sure when I have many different colored bathroom towels and I use a new one each day. Currently, I have a set of three I rotate over the week, all the same set. I don't how they are going to accomplish that one, as I usually get a set. I am sure they have the plans already made up, as I have come to know that some objects are acquired over five years in advance of using them.

A two hour nap attack this afternoon; and for once they didn't render me useless for the next hour "recovering" from it. They pulled that stunt about four days ago when they nailed me with a 2.5 hour nap attack in the afternoon, and I spent the next 1.5 hours feeling very groggy. And in both cases I was not short of sleep and had adequate sleep over the previous night.

They are having me wake up at 0900h or so these days, apart from today when I had the hair and waxing appointment. These non-alarm get-ups are taking up more morning time as it takes me 1.5 hours of breakfast, shower etc. to be ready for the day. I don't what it his about these winter short daylight days, but later get-up times has been a near constant since they went berserk/overt in 2002. I go to bed at 2200h or so, and then they keep me awake for an hour or two and then let me get 9 hours sleep, at least one more than I need.

A 10 hour sleep last night, as if I needed the extra two hours, which I didn't. I suspect they want to start me later with the low direct sunlight beaming in.

Back to mild winter temperatures again, no more frozen ground of the last two weeks. And yes, temperature is very much part of the mix of variables the perps work with. The checkout-stalking with either frozen or hot goods, or both, fore and after hasn't gone unnoticed since all this bersekness began in 04-2002.

Laundry day, and the freaks are finding me there, same as the last laundromat. It was the dude with a blue toque with a summer hat on top, and sunglasses on the latter that upped the freak factor. Later, when outside, he was talking to himself to complete his freak credentials. A waddling male came from 12' away toward me as I was exiting the building (always a big stunt/harassment situation), the sun at his back so I got to see limited detail, but the mirror sunglasses was the crowning touch as to being yet another gangstalker in abreaction elicitation mode, as in posing as a threat to my subconscious memory.

I dropped in on the tanning salon today, being in the neighborhood as I took all my recycle material to the nearby depot. I hadn't seen this attendant before, she blonde with fuchsia and green streaks in her hair. And a pissy countenance and manner for no reason related to me. As mentioned many times, I have no idea why I get so many pissy or scared shitless looks, but I do, and it went up by an order of magnitude after 04-2002 when the perps went berserk/overt on me.

Sunday, and a 0900h get up, another 10 hour sleep, meaning two hours of extra sleep I did not need.

An upgrade from Adobe for their Flashplayer turned into a full blown rage-ification caper. The upgrade also loaded that trojan horse called MacAfee (anti-virus software), and lo, if Eraser somehow couldn't get rid of it. And lo, if Eraser didn't also disappear off the task bar. And lo, if the infernal MacAfee software did NOT have an uninstall option. Plenty of screaming at the assholes unfolded before I got that most-loathed software purged. For the record, and it may not be true any more, but MacAfee was one of the most invasive commercial self-advertising applications I have ever known, and ever since, (10 years at least), I refuse all options to add it on. This time that infernal Adobe outfit did not give me an option, it just "installed itself" from the same file as the Adobe upgrade. Cute trick that.

Then another round of planned infuriation erupted as I looked at my charge card bill online and I discovered a charge from a supplements outfit that I did not incur. True, about a month ago I took on a $5 charge for a free sample and I expected that to be the end of it. But no, the assholes laid on a $75 charge three days ago that I did not authorize or otherwise solicit. The least they could of done was phone me to ask if the supplement did anything positive (or otherwise), and they would of found out I didn't want any more, never mind it not doing anything anyhow. So much for "free" products and all that. Unsolicited billing is totally outrageous. And lo, if my email didn't crap out (Firefox and IE show the text only crammed up on the L side with no apparent functionality), and I had to use the supplement outfit's  website to send an email. The charge statement was emailed yesterday and "for some reason" I didn't look at it, only to find out today that their call center is not open today, but was yesterday. The number of coincident inconveniences went up at least ten -fold since 04-2002.

As if I don't get enough conspiratorial information; here is a corker (meaning total paradigm shift). Opiate drug addiction is totally curable by large doses of Vitamin C. Thanks to for all this excellent information. And yet this is rarely heard of in these parts (Canada), which is, I assume, much like the USA with respect to illegal drugs use. Not only does a megadose of vitamin C stop craving immediately, but if continued (for a week or so) it stops the opiate from even having an effect! Furthermore, the paper details the limbic brain system where the opiate receptors are, and provides research on the fact that Vitamin C displaces opiates altogether, and these receptors should be called "ascorbate" receptors.

This begins a meta-pondering as to what is The Powers That Be (TPTB) interest in having opiate addicted humans. Is it that the opiates (usually) are grown in another part of the world, and in the case of illegal opiates, change provenance frequently, so TPTB are looking for some kind of energetic signature depending on where the opiate was sourced? And too, making massive amounts of money on illegal importation and distribution is a plain good money spinner. It seems that no one responsible wants to do the right thing and make it legal and of a consistent quality (usually from a single source). The major pissing matches over safe injection site's in Vancouver BC would be another example of TPTB ensuring the clinically unconscionable status quo continues. Ditto for the so-called chemotherapy medications for cancer, and too, Vitamin C in large doses can help here. The more I travel down this road of nonconsensual human experimentation, the more I realize that TI's are not alone. Whole other populations of humans are being experimented upon, e.g. illegal drug usage, cancer patients, but they don't realize it.

An evening reading about the real NSA and what they do to psychic children. If you thought that the Brice Taylor story and a few others were experimentation one-offs, think again. The NSA systematizes child abuse to create alternate personalities in young children to later use them for psychic spying and sabotage, also systematically applied. I don't know where Steve Smith gets his information from, but I haven't read anything quite like it in such graphic detail. I would suggest caution if the reader has past abuse and/or DID (mulitple personalities). 

On that grim note, time to call this done for the week and to post this.

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