Monday, December 01, 2014

Geriatric Duckie Gangstallk Event

Following yesterday's shut-in day, I didn't get out today until 1400h to do a few errands, one being taking my moldy jacket to the dry cleaners (again). Then to LD, and what a mighty gangstalk it was, in keeping with most post-shut-in situations. Almost all old folks in various stages of major face wrinkles, some popping out from aisle ends, doing the oblivious act, per usual. And four of them lined up behind me at the checkout, replete in red coats. I don't why the perps like to immerse me in geriatric gangstalkers, even ones standing at the end of store aisle doing nothing.

At LD, and needing a replacement glass pitcher for the one that broke from use as a teapot, why, three old duckies and a shopping cart were lined up beside the glass pitchers for crissakes. Take the most obscure kitchen item owned by the victim, break it, and then have the victim get a replacement with a gangstalking troupe standing by, and charge $2 more than it was four years ago. They finally departed after I shopped elsewhere first.

Yoga tonight; and lo if the Wheezer & Gasper Fat Boy didn't come at the last minute and sat beside me on my R side. Like WTF; this disgusting oaf pollutes my visual field and puts on the sound effects I could do without. If I don't like the sight of Fat People, why is an insane agency planting these shills around me all the time?

And why is Chrome not working, effectively blocking my access to email as Firefox and IE are messed up and shove the text to the left side and are bereft of graphics and buttons? This is how it has been for over six months now, and what "happens" is that Chrome works at first, I get to see and interact with my email, and then it shuts down for good for the rest of the day/evening. That, added to the selective display of graphics on Amazon, suggests that the perps need to crimp down on me seeing screen elements. For years, like ten, Amazon's wishlist button wasn't visible, but I would click on the blank location where it was supposed to be, and voila, the book (usually) was wish-listed, with the normal response displayed. Go figure, and perhaps it is part of the scheme on the streets and buses where someone plants themselves in front of me to obstruct my vision.

My fourth trip to West Kelowna in the last two weeks, beginning with that asinine performance from an unnamed mid-sized winery. As in the interviewers performance, that extra-mushy farewell handshake was such a classy send-off. As in NOT. The other three visits, including today, were with the brown people. Regular readers will know that skin color is a huge factor in all this abuse, along with vitamin D physiology (just under the skin). And as expected, the winery interviewer didn't need anyone for two months, due to expected constraints I won't get into for fear of jinxing it. (That is, trying to avoid a dashed expectations jerk-around).

A petition on I signed to investigate gangstalking, with the links below;
From Abby Mcgray:
Thanks for signing my petition, "Investigation into gangstalking."
Thanks again -- together we're making change happen, 

A Note to forward to your friends:
I just signed the petition "Investigation into gangstalking" on
It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:

I have my doubts that this will change much, as the Canadian federal government is dragging their heels on the deaths of native women all across Canada. (Though, this particular issue has a reached the political level, meaning irrational machinations with a large dose of group-think). And besides, based on personal experience, and also reading into the prior events and games before the perps went berserk/overt on me (with family complicity) in 04-2002, the perps have the government officials contained and trained. I often wondered why and when politicians get put on the spot by a direct question (in video form) they often blink, stumble/mumble or otherwise engage in deceit, per Liespotting, and now I know. Having a patsy media also greases the Greater Potemkin Village we all live in, should the odd video segment get too close to the truth. This notion is partially based on viewing a regular TV reporter and one of my forestry classmates on TV, both hamming it up about "mother nature" with respect to the damaged trees in Stanley Park in Vancouver BC. It was very clear in retrospect that they were both in on the conspiratorial agenda, and thought it just too funny to ignore the real reason as to why that storm decimated so many trees. (It is my contention, based on evidence/behaviors that my existence has been orchestrated and skit-ted with all interacting parties knowing what was going on, since birth. Hence, my forestry class members being in the know as one example). Yes, I am cynical, but I came by this state with a long list of experiences and retrospect in light of all what has gone on since 04-2002.

Some 4" of snow on the ground this morning, though it looks like it is warming up, and will be slushy fun when I finally emerge into the great outdoors.

A drive in the snow cleared streets, save the back alley where my car is parked. Not a big deal to clear it off, but enough of a deal for the perps to send a helicopter overhead, two white 5 ton delivery trucks, one with a load of lumber. Like WTF; what are they doing in the back alley, coming FROM a location along the back lane where they are building a garage. (The truck also had a load of trusses on, and the aforementioned construction project is long past needing trusses). And so I got my white vehicle gangstalking in the snow, and while removing it from my grey colored vehicle.

Both grocery store locations I was to go were chock full of parked vehicles, which has always turned out to be an insane gangstalk scene inside. Given the road conditions, even if the parking lots are wonderfully cleared, why would an excess of vehicular traffic be outside in snowy conditions? Because the perps are nuts about all forms of water and the white blanket that envelopes all the usual objects.

And I see the winery I interviewed at yesterday, has posted two job openings today, one of them being the same job I applied for. And of course the interviewer, the man that runs the whole show, didn't mention this. Though to be fair, he upped the ante by asking for two years of winery experience, and to be fair, only one of them would a prospective job given my experience level.

And I see that the cellar assistant job I interviewed for two weeks ago is also re-posted. They of the extra-mushy farewell handshake. What I don't get is that most of the wineries have two shifts running to process the grapes coming in, and begin to lay off staff at the end of November. Surely this is a large pool of experience to draw from for permanent cellar assistant jobs. I have come to the conclusion that job postings are nothing what they seem, especially if I am a potential applicant or it has relevance to my interests.

An evening time shopping, at 2000h, instead of the choked parking lots of daytime of late. It was dark, and 3" of slush everywhere except the street surfaces and the parking lots. The assholes stole my flashlight that I took, as I need it to see the gate lock to get to my vehicle. Of course I only find that out when I got back, and that served as a rage-ification (doors closed) reason as I am so fucking fed up with my belongings going missing all the time. I used the flashlight, actually a head lamp, in the bedroom and it was my only flashlight in the house. After my vehicle flashlight was stolen from my vehicle a month ago when I had a seeming break-in, I replaced it, and it was needed to get back in and through the gate. All this arranged fuckery to ensure that I departed using one flashlight and arrived with a different one, both LED's. Thanks a bunch assholes.

And before I headed out a forced crap of significant proportions, and miraculously, no blocked toilet. That was my last brown registration object/subject until I got inside the supermarket when there was a brown skinned man backed up to the groceries behind him, making it appear that he was doing his shopping with a full aisle width look at the groceries on the opposite side. Like WTF; who but some ignoramus or paid-for-shill shops at a distance so they cannot read the text on the packaging? All for more loiter time in my proximity while picking up the chocolate bars (read, brown) they have me buy all the time. And an increasing sore point as I cannot afford them and I don't want the sugar in them either, more so than the milk casein of the milk chocolate. And while stevia sweetened chocolate is available online, it hasn't made it here yet, and one can be sure that was perp arranged too. This sugar intake also seems highly controlled as well, as they have me loathe sugar, and expunge it from my diet, and then sneak it back in through eating jerky, and their long standing chocolate fixation they planted on me. For the record, they were changing up my medications in late 2002, and they used this as an excuse to have me loathe chocolate to the point I could not stand the smell of it. A week later that noble habit was expunged (or else not planted on me), and they have kept up this chocolate fixation ever since, sometimes off for a week of late, but not usually longer than that.

An early morning get-up to attend to getting the garbage to the curb; the assholes screwed me out of doing this last week for some reason, the first time in two+ years I have been here. Regular readers will know that the perps are highly interested in garbage in all its form, refuse to recycle, and just love to parade garbage trucks around, and over where I have driven or parked.

Rain, snow and then mild today, though the snow has come within 200' of elevation; getting the hills covered, but not the town- did that earlier this week.

Subzero (i.e. 0C) cold, but with minimal snow on the ground. -15C tonight. And I was out there, until 1900h or so. Another ice wine pick, this time at a different vineyard in... W Kelowna. We started at 1400h and worked into the dark, perfect perp timing to have all these folks, some 40 in all, buzzing around doing picking over the dusk onset into the dark. Instead of headlamps, they had an ATV with a generator running a bank of lights for four rows of pickers. The tractor had its lights too. A Punjabi influence this time; they were the regular vineyard workers running the tractor and swamping to move the full buckets to the bin on the forks on back of the tractor. And brown cocoa beverage to drink for a 15 min. break, with brown glazed donuts too, this when dark about 1900h. And several brown skinned race stalker-pickers in my proximity, going especially close and silly on the last row of the evening. The odd scarlet red coated pickers too, one leaning on my shoulder momentarily as it seemed she tripped on a chunk of nearby vine wood. I was wearing my bright blue ski jacket for the very first time outside, and I am sure that was a big deal for the perps too, though I have long given up on what drives them to greater frenetic/absurd heights when it comes to clothing; if it has been laundered, or if it got laundered separately from the the other clothes I am wearing.

A dull and boring day, and a full on vehicular gangstalking event when I headed out on this Sunday Grey Cup day. Full parking lots at the mall even just as the game was to begin. Hard to fathom as to why someone would arrange all of this when most everyone is at home watching the TV, but strange public behaviors on special event days are nothing new to the perps.

I learned from my perp-abetting mother, via phone call, that my daughter is out of work too. Imagine that, the perps arranging a father-daughter coincident unemployment in keeping with their machinations of who works where and if they work at all. Said daughter rarely emails, calls or otherwise keeps in contact, no matter how many efforts I have made to have greater communication. This all began in 04-2002 when the perp-abetting ex was making excuses for her because of my "disability" that was later refuted by two shrinks, one of whom was the original perp-abettor to cause much of the dislocation and harassment that was plainly evident in the perps' inaugural all-out abuse year of 2002 to mid-2003.

I should get this posted for the week now, as the unemployment slackness is beginning to erode my motivational side for some strange reason.

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