Monday, December 08, 2014

Cold and House Bound

About -8C outside, and supposedly 20C inside, but I sure feel the cold. And the perps wouldn't let me outside to check the physical job board, even if two blocks away. I have no idea why they put on these "shut-in" days, and yesterday was much the same with the exception of yoga. A new dude was placed behind me, his distinguishing feature was that he was he was bare assed bald, save the fringe around his head. Have I not noted the prevalence of skin-heads (bald males) in past blog postings? Way too often, but no nearly as much as they are arranged for me to see in the view-scape.

The darling pixie was instructing yoga again yesterday, replete with a few adjustments, as in contact. The ever competent Ms. T was on my L side, displacing the regular lady there. It seems they traded locations for this time. The most interesting thing was outside the practice room; the lady who runs the place was moving things about, and she had moved the coat rack when I arrived. And she moved it again, when I emerged from the practice room. That was the place where I put my boots on, and lo, a dude arranged to stand in front of me showing off his hairy legs, wearing shorts as he was. I turned to my L to avoid this male feature the perps so want me to see, and lo, if he didn't move in the same direction so to give me another eye-full. I turned again and as there was a wall there, he couldn't move any more. I cannot stand having a passel of Fuckwits standing over me, and somehow I "forgot" there was alternative change room I always used until getting screwed around over the moving coat rack yesterday.

Another screw-over in paying my bills, and I am so tired of this one. I have three bills to pay every month, and I attend to them at month end. I have been doing this consistently for years with the odd jerk-around. This time they totally blanked me out until last night after I shut down my PC. Then had me ignore the note I made for myself until this afternoon, and yes, they had screwed me around in not paying any of them. One was a day past due, another was due in two days, and the other due in ten days. Back in 2002 when they first attacked, they held up my mail for three weeks after I had paid my bills. Like WTF; why are they doing this, and why for 12.5 years?

I came across something interesting in one of the more readable advanced physics books (The Matter Myth by John Gribben) I purchased a while back, but somehow never got around to reading until this forced unemployment spell. It mentions a parallel reality based on the subatomic particle flux that exists everywhere, same as the energetic ether concept. And one could construct a quantum brain that has connection with this etheric world, and has a brain that can see both. This also fits with the Many Worlds concept, but being able to see another world. It did give me cause to ponder if that is what the perps are doing to me. This concept was filled out with the notion of the dichotomy of having an event happen with its own quantum energies, and again, where the same event intention is in place, but it doesn't happen. Hmmm... perhaps that is what the perps are doing with their sabotage, per above bill paying obstruction games.

Pyrrhic progress, sabotaging the victim's pillow and pillow case in 2014.
June 07, 2014

June 14, 2014

October 25, 2014
I NEVER use any bleach agent in my laundry (or my hair!), and these are high quality color fast sheets, and somehow, the color got sucked out of them.

Hours spent reading about the Sandy Hook school massacre, or even if there was one. The video on a suggested actor as a faux parent seemed convincing among other oddities. Three shooters or none; nothing can be taken at face value any more.

Removing apparent victims to who knows where is a common theme in the realm of perp managed events and stunts. For example, there were many credible reports of US military personnel alive in N Vietnam prison camps long after that debacle was over. Then KAL 007 was supposedly hit with a missile, but the only thing the authorities could present were the shoes of the victims to their families. Then in 09-11-2001 (911) most improbably, Flight 77 flew into the Pentagon, somehow finding the section that had been recently renovated, and where there were left over spools of cable. I say improbably, because there are anti-aircraft batteries at the Pentagon and they were not activated. The reporters asked where the wings and tail were, and were told "no comment". And the question remains; where are all these captive people, purported victims? And even more critical thought devoted to the improbability of an aircraft at high speed capable of flying close to the ground is here (an extensive dissertation of lift and ground effect).

I got screwed for two hours of extra sleep and a 0930h get up time. Every winter they pull this shit, and into February before they back off.

A visit to the physical job board without the droogie count, so I could actually see it this time. After I departed, and making a rare visit by actually walking there, a native Indian in a light blue jacket and with his hood up asked some kind of rambling (drunken?) question outside, mentioning "if I was in Montreal". I said no, then he said "better not have been". Like WTF; the very city of possible horrors where I lived for two of my first five years, purged from my recall at the time, and I know I was beginning to form long term memories then, but so did someone else and didn't want me to have them.

Another delayed get up time; I set the alarm this time, but got screwed into another 1.5 hours sleep, turning it off. I have a work trial tomorrow, and am suspicious that they will pull this stunt tomorrow and poof, there goes the job opportunity that has been keeping me bound for the last three weeks.

At the tanning salon, and lo, a male sicko there when I arrived, the "constant companions" thing again on chatting duty with the female attendant. He departed, the tanning was arranged and I go into the room and get ready, and lo, if the bed would not go on. I get dressed (with some lotion on me) and ask the attendant to turn on the bed from her location. She says sorry, she "forgot" and said I should of yelled through the door. Like WTF; she seemed to know about it, so why didn't she come to my door. I was the only customer there and "somehow" she screwed it up. Long time readers will know that this "happened" at the end of the spring tanning I did (1x/week, max), again when I was the only customer and some loafing cheersing male was there too.

And what is it about skin exposure to UV (or other light wavelengths), Vitamin D (forms under the skin), skin color (tones of white, brown and negroid colors) that so interests the senseless assholes who literally hound the living shit out of me for 12.5 years now, after 47 years of covert and orchestrated surveillance? I reckon the answer lies at the heart of what they are looking for, whatever cosmological constant/effect they are looking to define or quantify.

I went to the gym for the first time in 6 months; a sudden "urge" along with feeling fat (planted ideations and notions). As in keeping with the gangstalking scene at fitness centers, there were plenty of loafers and "stun outs" (gangstalkers in some kind of vacant torpor) around me; red or orange shirts seemed to be vogue. The trim and cute babe also made sure to dither at the entry area of the room to ensure she proceeded me down the stairs and to the door, though she went straight ahead.

And it so "happened" the regular entry door set wasn't working, and a second door, some 40' W had to be used. They arranged a cluster of at least 12 retards when I entered the building as this same door, seemingly on a outing and waiting for their bus. I am not sure their story adds up, but maybe there was some adult supervision. Last week they hounded me with a red shirted retard in the aisles of LD for at least 3 reprise gangstalkings.

Today, they crammed the parking lot at the LD store to the point that I gave up and didn't go there. This is at least the third time they have pulled this stunt in the last two months.

A return to the LD store tonight, with the brown (skinned) people hanging around for no seeming reason, save to provide a brown skin tone next to the chocolates with two of then lined up about 5' apart.

A whole loaf around day, then finding out I "forgot" to attend grocery shopping until it was dark at 1700h. Major vehicular gangstalking on the way to the specialty grocery store, and once inside, a minor parade of two shop assistants turning a corner in front of me, each holding an item close their torso. Most strange IMHO.

Sunday, and I got it together to go the fitness/gym again. A long haired blonde male mid 50's gangstalker was doing this strange routine of walking the breadth of the room and then stopping at each end for a minute or two and then (senselessly) retracing his steps. First I thought he was in recovery mode from working out, but no, it seemed that was his assigned berserk beat. Then he interrupted his strangeness to place himself at a workout machine next to me, and as soon as I finished my repetition, I moved onto another machine. I watched him off and on from this new vantage point and all he did was stand at the machine for four minutes. Like WTF; why all this strangeness at gyms?

But he wasn't done yet; after  a five minutes I went to the treadmill and then he breaks his pacing/torpor routine to arrive next to me on another treadmill. I hadn't started mine up at that moment, so I bailed out and lo, if he doesn't do the same thing and goes back to his pacing and torpor routine. Later, he puts on a black wool toque and keeps this routine up for crissakes. His blonde hair sweeping out from the front of the toque in some kind of blonde cuteness emulation it would seem.

Eventually this Fuckwit filtered out and then my assigned "dog-me" gangstalker was this obese native Indian in fugly oversized camo shorts. While not so frenetic as the blonde Fuckwit, he too did pointless pacing around in front of me. Later he made sure he was front and center in my vision field while I was captive on another machine. Then a blonde Fat Girl came into the picture, doing some kind of bend-overs 10' from me, and another later reprise gangstalking when I was doing my final stretches. And while all of the above was transpiring, a pair of extra chatty dudes came to pollute the place with their constant banter, one following me on the treadmill beside me, and the other using the same treadmill I had used. Funny how all that "happens" to me at the gym every visit.

Anyhow; more hours of online time wasted on researching skin conditions, as the perps have me with oily skin (sebaceous hyperplasia), the only member of my family with this condition.

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