Monday, July 07, 2014

Hot Monday

Not a bad Monday; vineyard work in the hot weather and then yoga from the darling pixie instructor. And she does pose adjustments too. But for some strange reason they loaded the E side of the room with at least four women ahead of me, which is where I normally place my mat. (Usually I go 15 minutes early, but these ladies all beat me to the classroom for some (organized) reason). So..., I take the W side next to mirrors that they normally block, and got to see myself doing poses without peeking around someone's head or whatever. And my normal immediate R side mat neighbor, a woman in a lime green (yuk) top "joined me" by being my immediate L side neighbor for this inaugural yogic switcheroo. All of which is not a big deal IMHO, but it does make me wonder what is happening at Perp HQ where they decide things like this, and ponder all things anisotropic [defn; has different physical properties in different directions .e.g. wood -end grain splits easily with an axe, but won't split readily transverse to the grain].

Not my problem, so why is it that I get to wear this abusive insanity (theirs) all day long for 12 years.

I recently finished reading three books by Dr. John C. Lilly; the Mind of the Dolphin, The Center of the Cyclone and The Scientist, a Novel Autobiography. I didn't get any hint of how he arrived at his perspectives on ECCO (Earth Coincidence Control Organization, explore here),
"There exists a Cosmic Control Center (C.C.C.) with a Galactic substation called Galactic Coincidence Control (G.C.C.). Within which is the Solar System Control Unit (S.S.C.U.), within which is the Earth Coincidence Control Office (E.C.C.O.). The assignments of responsibilities from the top to the bottom of this system of control is by a set of regulations, which translated by E.C.C.O. for humans is somewhat as follows..." 
Perhaps there is more to reading to be done. There is no question he was in contact with Beings that had the ability to create events, and it seems Lilly's isolation tanks and LSD and ketamine trips also served his masters.

Canada Day today and it approximates July 04 in America. Off to do vineyard work at the part time place as the regular one won't let me work on this statutory holiday.

Serious amount of contrails today, often replicating lines of the mountains, and of the overhead power lines, faking me out as to what line is what when I get suddenly directed to look up for no comprehend-able reason.

I got my PC upgraded (sort of), as it was converted from a tower (vertical motherboard and orientation) to a rack mount (horizontal motherboard orientation). The oddly stuttering Quebecquois PC technician also fixed up my Windows as it had viruses on it, which I did not know about. He told me that old versions of Java are exploited as they are built to bypass normal system security. Great, what we all need is more PC invasions. It was a $500 tab, including a new case, a new CPU fan, and all the other taxes etc. I have to say, this box runs a whole lot more faster than it did before. And for some reason, the media player sounds a whole lot better.

And it was a major vehicular gangstalking event once I picked up the PC; back in 2010 it was the same when I got all new components put into the above mentioned tower.

More vineyard work on the weekend; two jobs that blew in, as in increased in size, one after the other.

Still the ambulance gangstalking today, a Saturday, third successive day of it. They are white and red vehicles and are standardized for this entire province. I don't know why they put abulances on, save to complement the phalanx of red vehicles, and white vehicles (many of which are the white trades vans with ladders on top),  I get in droves as part of the extra intense vehicular gangstalking.

I am 60 y.o today, and look 35-ish owing to perp machinations in manipulating my facial characteristics and removing lines from my face, especially around my eyes. I have more grey hairs than I had at 35, and a thinner head of hair on top, and about half of my beard (shaved every day) is grey as well, but other than that, I look extraordinary young for 60.

As usual, no one says anything, save twice, and no on in my (First Feral) family says squat about how obviously young I look.

I spent the day working a weekend job, tucking vines. I got soaked by a sudden rain storm at the W end of two sequential rows of vines, about two hours apart. And as mentioned often, anytime I change directions, say working a row of vines, or whatever the crop is, I get extra gangstalking attention as well as getting screwed into cutting the wrong cane and becoming totally incensed by this neural manipulation incursion for seeming gratuitous abusive reasons.

Monday, yoga, and lo, if the other male didn't take my spot I had last week (per above), as I was displaced by an early cluster of four class members then. Not tonight at about the same time, I was the first into the practice room and my parking lot attendant/stalker trailed me in shortly after. She was sitting in her car when I arrived, then got out when I was getting out of mine, killed some time in the lobby looking at the clothes on sale, and then tailed me into the room and set up her mat 6' from me on my right, displaced backwards by some two feet so she had to look around me to see the instructor then entire class. Go figure. Maybe it was her deep brown tan on her back I was meant to admire, but nothing much to look at, unlike the darling pixie instructor.

And a feature from past yoga classes in Victoria was when someone left early, about 3/4 through is now erupting at these classes. Someone tonight departed early, and at least four such events in the last two months has started up.

Earlier today, after work and before yoga class, I paid my $15.7k back payments on my disability (ahem) income. I kept the disability income going after I started vineyard work in 04-2012, and I kept forgetting (read, mind controlled state) until 04-2014 when I cancelled it owing to some mind-fuck and orchestrated events to panic me into stopping it. Why it went on for so long and then to be shafted for this kind of money is something only the perps would know. My perp abetting mother gave me $11k of it, and I supplied the rest. My daughter was also getting extra payments, which I didn't know about until she got a letter saying she owned $2k. I paid that for her to keep it off her back. So yes, close to $18k in payouts, and I am down to zilch savings. All those extra disability (ahem) payments allowed me to save for the first time since this litany of abuse began in earnest in 04-2002.

I also got financially wiped out in 2005 when my ex-wife's legal shenanigans cost me $30k for a divorce that could of been done for $5. And too, some abetting games by the lawyers also increased the tab. Again, my perp-abetting mother came up with the money for about half of it. I wonder if she gets reimbursed by the perps.

And too, being married before that to a perp abetting saboteur also wiped me out for past real estate transactions, though in 1981 they had the help of the financial market when interest rates were 18% and I had to borrow money to pay off the balance of the mortgage we had then. My first and only new house was only for about two years.

In other words, the perps have managed me to have many and various financial failings over the years, as it seems to be part of their wider human condition nonconsensual research agenda. My usual retort to them is I have been screwed enough, go beat up on your own agents instead.

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