Monday, July 14, 2014

Four Forgets to Start Me Up

Tuesday, and what is it about the perps that have gone near berserk of late? They fucked me into four "forgets", some of which I carry around me all day; wallet, phone, work belt with pruners, turning the air conditioner off when leaving for the day.

I was doing my side job after work, (another vineyard) and was paid there, the owner bringing me an envelope with all the particulars, me being her first employee. And her family came too, and I met her husband as well, because they were headed to join the family that sold them the vineyard recently (and continue to do their tractor work). I suppose one could call it a family gangstalk when getting paid in a vineyard (the work site). And why all these variations and permutations on getting paid for work, another financial transaction? And we know who is particularly nuts when it comes to applying disruptions, stunts, stalkers and all else whenever I make a financial transaction, from online, bus fare, coin slots, sending a check in the mail, to the more usual debit card at as checkout.

After the side job ended for the evening at 1900h, there was constant vehicular traffic on/around me, and then a dead obvious lead-ahead vehicular stalker at the bank, so I took off for the other branch, a mile or so away. I was all by my myself at this new wonderful ATM design (no deposit envelopes; OMG the ATM designers finally got it) and a touch screen instead of fixed buttons is OK, (though not as a brilliant design stroke as the first mentioned improvement). And a scan image of the deposited check one one's reciept,- another brilliant stroke (not kidding). Finally some decent ergonomic design and supporting technology makes it to ATM machines. Then when nearly done, three parties arrive some 30 seconds apart. Talk about hounded.

Though, usually, ergonomic design takes a turn for the worse whenever I come across so-called improvements. Which is clearly in the perps domain, as they like to piss me off at every instance, and all the better if it is a financial transaction.

All workday I was hedging vines at the vineyard. And it so "happens", I learned from my perp abetting mother, my farm worker friend in Victoria (now running a landscape business) is hedging my mother's hedges a few days ago. Another managed coincidence again?

At the specialty food store, a blonde fat girl came to the till "just for me", one of those cashier swaps that go on all too often to be a coincidence

 On my way to the side job vineyard there was a guard rail that was broken and damaged next to the sidewalk, and it had the yellow caution tape on it to warn.  No other emergency vehicles or police were about, so I assumed it occured in the prior 24 hours. But as it "so happened" when I coming back some two hours later, single lane alternating traffic was controlled by flag-persons, and next to the sidewalk was an oversized tow truck, suspending a damaged metallic maroon (deep red) vehicle from a pair of straps. I suppose it had just been "rescued" from the embankment on the other side of the former guardrail, and the timing was such that I got to drive by at the moment before it was put down onto the deck of the tow truck. This would be one such example of the perps arranging to have both of their favorite props in the form of one stunt' vehicles towed, (rear wheels down or on a flat deck), and to have post-vehicular accidents on display.

Much screaming at the perps tonight, not too different of late (last 6 weeks). It is very predictable; when I arrive in my residence, when I am about to start this here PC, when taking a crap, when making dinner etc. Any kind of transitional event of location, direction, activity or pending energetic signature changes, (e.g. ingesting food, changing footwear or clothes). Usually they cause things to jump from my hands, send me to the wrong drawer or cupboard, have things spill, have crumbs arrive from nowhere, and many ten's of domestic fuckery games.

Hedging vines today, again with the boss man driving. Yesterday he was in one of his terse moods, not saying much and giving incomplete or misunderstood instructions. Why is it I so often get stiffed with workplace wackos, the very antithesis of the Fast Company featured companies that seem so on top of it, and can change their plans on a dime without heavy ego investment or foot-dragging players? Maybe it is a mythical ideal, that doesn't really exist because the perps have a sandbagging crew in place everywhere I go.

Why is it that my email is now getting screwed with all the more. Until 2013 I got to my email no problem in Firefox, my browser of choice. Then it got stripped of graphics and all the links in text only went down the L side, a totally unreadable abomination. Then I used IE and that worked fine until about four months ago with the same strange stripped down and dysfunctional appearance. Then Chrome came through OK, and as of today, it is totally useless, going to some strange page from the Yahoo page (which is presented OK).

Saturday, and that means laundry day, this time at the non-freak laundromat, though it means coursing through more traffic and a roundabout. Said  laundromat male owner of some two weeks, and who I hadn't seen before, does the "walk at me" stunt first thing in the door, as if he was some kind of threat or making it seem so. Fucking weird I get this stalk stunt at least 4x per week. I suppose any MKULTRA child subject would be quite adverse to males coming in too fast and too close. The guy seemed friendly enough as it turned out, and new washing machines are on pallets awaiting connections to be made operational. And of note, the same manufacturer of the washers and dryers at the freak show laundromat I habituated until recently.

And did I mention how often the perps want me to be near or on pallets, these ever ubiquitous objects of trade that must confer wood, and likely too, earth energies into the objects on the pallets, with some kind of distance dependent energetic qualities, as the objects/surfaces at the top of the pallet load would not have the same degree of energetic absorbance as those at the base of the pallet load. And also, two steel pedestals were also display at this laundromat, so no doubt once the new laundry machines are mounted on them, the energetic qualities of the pedestal are conferred to the washing machine will change. And from that, the energetic properties conferred to the washing, especially as it is spinning, is likely of intense perps interest.

And they do love to stalk me at laundromats, and mess with the availability of fragrance free detergents. I cannot seem to get any, meaning that I get dithered into not knowing what I am looking at, or else that particular type gets teleported away until I am long gone. And it "so happened" that this current detergent, promoted on the side of the vessel as fragrance free, just plain assed smells of something. Or were the perps dithering my sense of smell last week to provide the rationale for me to switch to an irregularly worn top for yoga that was not included in this particular load of  "fragrant-awful" laundering. Don't know, and don't care, just leave me the fuck alone, which they NEVER DO.

The vehicular gangstalking intensity increased at the three laundromat trips progressed. They even put on a motorcyle who was in the R lane to make a R turn to follow the highway, to then change two lanes to the left so he could pull up beside me, even if he was 6' past the stop line. And of course the traffic control lights were arranged for me to experience the maximum duration next to this infernal HD noise racket, so I decided to plug my ears so this blocked the noise. Or at least, until he revved it up while in neutral, just what I needed to hear.

Later, after food shopping, they put on a motorcycle escort behind of me of at least 6 motorbikes, mostly the noise-prolific HD (and most loathed noise of all time IMHO).

Mostly a domestic day this Saturday, as these side jobs haven't given me any time off over the past three weekends.  I got my projects going, the infernal server rack being one. I had some aluminum plate to cut to get it into the bottom of the server rack to prevent anything falling down below the pedestal. The perps screwed with my cognition some 5 times in succession while taking measurements, which meant notching out (using a hacksaw) the corners 5x. I was fucking infuriated to get messed with like this. Though, they did this long ago during my wood working days in the late 1980's, and I never could figure out how I got some measurements so utterly wrong. They were dithering me then too I have come to conclude.

The perps let me buy salad at the farmer's market today, the first time I have had it since 01-2014 when at the First Feral Family house and my perp abetting mother. Salad was an 2x/week food item until 2005 when they nixed it from my regular diet and I had it infrequently then, sometimes buying it occasionally from the farm I was working at.

As usual, they swarmed me there with "coming at me" stunters/stalkers again, so all I did was go to the first farmers stall with salad greens, picked up some spring onions and got the fuck out of there. Very often none of the 30+ food market vendors have no salad mixes, which I have come to suspect was arranged. Not this time, and no major searching needed for once.

Sunday, and I decided to take a hike to McIntyre Bluff. As it "happened", there was cycling road race that took one lane, and so oncoming traffic was in the L passing lane for the S bound traffic. Lots of flag-persons too, sometimes holding up the main highway traffic. And only one other hiker on this trail, when there usually at least 10 other parties, sometimes all arranged in the opposite direction.

And so it was arranged that the above hike was during the World Cup soccer final game. No coincidence that, as for the last three years, the perps have screwed me out of seeing the Stanley Cup final games, arranging me to driving about shopping when most are at home and watching the game on their TV. I don't know what the perps get from this, having me miss big sports events on TV, but it has been too consistent to be anything but arranged.

Monday, and after varied duties at the vineyard, I was assigned to picking cherries from the one tree. Arranging red fruit picking under the tree, same red fruit in me and lo, if the perps didn't pull a big coincident stunt by arranging a hemorrhoid like condition that I came learn of at the end of the day. Then two more once I got back to my residence, and I decided that going to yoga was asking for more of the same trouble. A mess and mass of red today.

Anyhow, enough gruesome tales from this rabbit hole, and onto posting this.


Anonymous said...

In my case, it seems every person that I "happen" to "run into", like at the mall, etc., seems to have been sent there by the perps to play some role. Very rarely do I have a truly random encounter with a person. I've noticed that random encounters with people rarely happen, and that people generally aren't willing to talk to me unless they have some sort of perp role to play. It seems the perps running the show have mandated that only people approved by them are allowed contact. A lot of this seems like a study by them in isolation and classical behavioral modification tactics.

So if I meet a family of someone, the members will generally be doing something that I recognize is part of the gangstalking show in my everyday life since the past 8 years.

I also see a lot of stupid stuff, like people in cars dangling their arms and hands out of the windows of the moving vehicle. And I see a lot of cars with one headlamp burned out. Yet, nobody with arms dangling out of windows or burned out headlamps seem to be getting into any kind of trouble with the law. Although it was a while ago, I actually got pulled over when I unknowingly had one headlamp working. I had a period of time to get it fixed before I got a citation. That was late in 1994. It's interesting that I have seen so many one headlight cars at night in the past 8 years, yet they never seem to get pulled over. And as for the idiots with their arms out of windows, I'm sure they aren't afraid they will hit something and get it knocked off one day.

AJH said...

Answer to: "In my case, it seems..."

Every TI makes an assessment of what is going on around them and the degree to which it is orchestrated. As you may know, in my case, it seems orchestrated 100% to the microsend. (Even a sub-second eye contact with a Fat Girl cashier last week). For you, it may not be so orchestrated, or perhaps they have slowly raised the orchestration level over the past 8 years and you are just beginning to notice it.

The stupid stuff never ends; the arm hanging out the driver side window nonsense is just hilarious, as for many models and makes of vehicles it is terribly uncomfortable and yet the perps and their shills still do it. I see many one headlight, or one front running light on vehicles of late. Even more curious to me is that so many vehicles have the front running lights on (seen oncoming) but not the rear set (as viewed in the rear view mirror). I have never encountered any vehicle where this was possible; all four running lights can be turned off or on, but not a front or rear pair. I must get at least 20/day on my 15 min. commutes and buzzing around town for shopping. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

LOL, about the perps' obsessions over the vehicular lightshow. Last night, I thought I saw a police car going down the street with ether wigwags on or the lights on top. I was in my bedroom, so I couldn't tell exactly what it was, but I swore I could see pulsating lights of some sort from behind the window shades. And of course, they turned off the lightshow as soon as they passed my window. It was actually more like 2am.

Parking lights on during the day used to be a big thing for the perps' shills in cars, and still is.

Probably the pulsating lights have an effect on the brain which the perps are trying to study.

AJH said...

Answer to: "LOL, about the perps' obsessions ..."

No question, pit-lamping (headlights or other light source trained on the TI) and arranging lights from all angles with varying intensity, periodicity and colors is a big deal. I found something on gravitational lensing, the interaction of gravity that bends light around it, and though the phenomenon is mostly applied to suns, planets and moons, I suspect its effects are also localized as etheric disturbances around smaller objects like vehicles, TI's and whatever else is nearby. Thanks for the comments.