Monday, July 21, 2014

Local Dimming


Global dimming, has now gone local with much haze in the air these past few days. This particular local flavor is hot weather (35 to 38C) without the usual solar radiation level to make it that way. Have I not mentioned the many times the perps introduce cloud or sun, or even alternate them over a minute or so? And that combined with skin exposure, tanning from my perspective, means they get to reduce the skin exposure on me (and everyone else in this locale), and still keep me plenty hot.

I cancelled out on going to yoga yesterday due to the gross "anal play" games the perps put on, as I was concerned they would pull this same stunt there. This was "decided" (read, planted ideation) when I was in my clothes ready for yoga. After a few hours I felt OK about going out to LD and that no further mess would leak out, and lo, if the darling pixie yoga instructor wasn't there in LD doing some shopping before she headed off to the smaller town she lives in with her family. She said she missed me in class (I never believe this statement from anyone, not even her, owing to my orchestrated circumstances), and I supplied a lame ass reason for not going, in my yoga clothes no less. And lo, if we didn't cross paths in the aisle, then the checkout, and I also saw her departing in the parking lot. All those reprise gangstalking events are commonplace nowadays, seeing certain stalkers in all those locations on any given shopping outing.

Then to the laundry to deal with the shit and blood from yesterdays perp anal games. Six pairs of underwear, one sheet, three pairs of shorts and one pair of track pants got laundered to deal with this problem. Laundry on a Tuesday is rare, so the perps decided to arrange a fire truck and ambulance to circle the laundromat and put on some kind of "event" at the adjacent golf course.

The dude/owner at the laundromat pulled a strange stunt, supposedly grabbing something 2" from me when he was 4' away while we were chatting. (He was keeping me from heading out the door). And this was the non-freak laundromat, but no more, they put on some freaks to foul the place, tattoos up and down arms, male long hair, a huge load (10 plastic bags of laundry) etc.

Vineyard work today; more heat 35C, but more dimming due to smoke haze. even a local forest fire, Mt Boucherie. One good thing the perps did to me was improve my hot weather capabilities. Formerly, until about 2006, if it was 26C or higher, I was totally wiped out by the heat and couldn't function very well. Now, I barely notice it is 36C and am doing just fine in open sunlit vineyard work. Am I supposed to thank the assholes for that one, of say five, major body improvements they have made in this 12 year long (and counting) fucking relentless abusive streak? I say NO; it was done to me and I didn't request it. (Nor did I know such physiological capabilities could be modified by remote means).

A totally unneeded post dinner shopping trip with $31 spent on chocolate. A  Fat Folk freak show at the LD cashier, almost as bad as last visit to Walmart; step-in-my-way stunts,  the waiting "customers" ahead and behind me both go the new cashier that "happened" to open up, after creating a backup at the only cashier in the first place. My, how attentive they are to opening up new checkouts, but why aren't they so attentive in stopping these checkout lineups in the first place?  I had salad and canned salmon for dinner, so maybe that was the reason they went stalking nuts at the LD store tonight.

Had some more cherries off the tree, and lo, if the perps didn't start up their anal play games an hour later. No deposits/mess etc. thankfully, though I was discouraged from stopping on the way home.

And what is with all the people cluster fuck at Skaha beach? Normally when I drive by at the end of the day everyone is scattered at seeming random all over the beach with umbrellas, chairs etc. Now, they are all arranged within 30' of the water's edge in a line, with 100' of intervening empty beach. Bizarre, and now second day of this ridiculous public insanity display.

I see the perps have blocked my access to Chrome again, the only browser of three that will display my email in readable form, Firefox and IE are corrupted in the same way, all the graphics and their positional coordinates are stripped out and all I get is text listed down the L side of the display. Here we are in 2014, with an HTML email, and two market leading browser "puke" to make it dysfunctional. Or, it gets mangled by undeclared (to me) parties who like to mess with my email access just when I want to send a message to someone.

A day of tucking vines in the vineyard; this is a very vigorous growing site, and this is the third time through. Also the productivity mysteries continues; a given row of vines doesn't look like it would be too much to tuck, say an hour. But no, it takes two hours. I try and stick to basics and not do anything extra, and lo, if I don't get one side done in 30 min. instead of an hour. Just when I was to self-declare that this job takes an hour a side, why, somehow I get a side done in half an hour. At times I feel getting bogged down, and know the perps are screwing me somehow, but I cannot understand why this job is taking so long. They must interfere with one's cerebellum, the back part of the brain that deals with timing, passage of time and coordinating actions with aims.

A few new forest fires aren't far away, and with Penticton airport being a tanker base, there is plenty of air tanker arrivals and departures, as in aircraft noise and activity, a frequent feature of being kept in this rabbit hole. Plus, the aircraft are marked in white and red and their tank is loaded with a red slurry to drop onto the fire.

Per usual, the sunlight games continued; some light cloud, some haze, turn it on when I am working on the vines, and while bent over doing some tucking low down, why, the sun goes behind a cloud and a dimmer scene awaits when I get back to standing. Exciting times as prisoner in disguise.

Friday, much the same as yesterday. I went to the doctor to get my prescriptions filled after work. This seemed to precipitate a freak show of the shiftless elder males with prominent guts hanging forth. Not only that, they wore solid color red, pink and orange shirts. I suppose if thereis one thing worse than being cast in a Fellini movie (freak show, my usual analogy), it must be the casting call for all those who think they are freakish enough to audition.

There was even a brown uniformed UPS Fuckwit hovering near the chocolate I wanted to purchase, so I decided to screw it. After getting out of LD and the cashier obstruction with a flush of Fuckwits, why, the doctor who attended me for the Rx 10 minutes earlier, "happened" to be gangstalking my ass on my exit from the LD store. Another fine coincidence.

And another coincidence was a yellow shirted Fuckwit that was hounding my ass in HH (hardware store where they wear these fugly red shirts) just "happened" to be stalking my ass again 10 minutes later at theBay when I got skunked on finding a slotted serving spoon. Said serving spoon seems to be the latest "unobtainium" item. It has been pissing me off for the last year I don't have a slotted serving spoon to let the liquid drain from the just cooked food, and all I want is a stainless steel one. I think I have been to five stores in the last month, and none has one. I looked on, lame brother to but without the heavy shipping costs, and could not find what I wanted. The perps like to do this; arrange for a item for me to "need", or at least covet, and then send me to different vendors all to not find the item. Just hilarious this game, and all the better (for the perps) is when I do find the item and not use it, or need it, anywhere as much as I had "thought" (read, planted ideations).

Saturday, and regular laundry, with gratuitous HD noise/drivebys, and severe vehicular stalking was when I attempted to go to the bank downtown, getting skunked for a parking spot, including the bank's own lot. I decided to screw it, and lo, severe vehicular stalking on my way back.

I got whacked for a 3 hour nap attack just before lunch. I was reading a memoir, and then the sleep "need" came on and I thought it would be less than an hour lie down and have a later lunch. But no, it was 1530h before I got up, and per usual, need a shot of tea and chocolate to fully come round. And note, I had two extra hours of sleep overnight, not setting the alarm this morning. In other words, it wasn't a sleep deficit problem, but a remotely invoked tiredness.

And the "need-it-but-cannot-have-it" games over a stainless steel slotted serving spoon continue. I was looking for a work belt pouch in a popular Canadian chain of hardware where they also wear red shirts, and "happened" to come across the kitchen aisle. Nice Kitchenaid utensils, including ss serving spoons, but no slotted spoon for crissakes. It is going to be another "when it happens" purchase, because there aren't any more locations to go to. No dedicated kitchen shops in this town, but that is OK.

Sunday, another mid-day whack in attempting for a nap attack, only an hour. I spent three hours attempting to get my DVD player to see my music files, but to no avail. All those hi-fi products with $3k music servers (a computer) that DO connect to their own hardware seamlessly is the smarter way to go instead of separates via Windows (doesn't support BluRay for crissakes) if money is of no concern. But it is for this TI, as I have been beaten down financially so often, by the ex twice before all this harassment went overt, and again by her over the divorce and the recent smackdown of the past few blog postings.

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