Monday, May 26, 2014

Poof; a Promising Job Disappears Into the Internet Void

Starting the week on a Tuesday, yesterday a national holiday (Victoria Day) here in Canada, home of Psychopathic Confederacy. Though I would suppose that would be the situation for all TI's in their respective western countries. Aka, The Rude Awakening; finding out that one has no recourse in law as the criminal assailants won't declare themselves, and the police do their bidding and constitutional freedoms are nothing but an indulgent facade for the masses. I am in a blue funk mood, so perhaps I better refrain from this topic in any more depth.

And too, my employer "forgot" to get my paycheck to me on Friday, and I "forgot" that it was due. Convenient, these string of managed "forgets", which serves the perp's games of having regular events suddenly rescheduled. Not only is the timing important for the perps, but creating new timing for regular events is a big deal. No wonder they put the posse of day-glo vested Fuckwits coursing around me while at the ATM. And to allow more gangstalk action, it was at the downtown branch where the ATMs are in the lobby as one passes through to the tellers. At the other branch in town, which I regularly use but "forgot", the ATMs are in their own separate area and not in the traffic lane for teller service. And have I mentioned how often the perps are obsessed over paycheck cashing and any financial transactions of any kind, from coin operated machines to mailing a check to paying bus fare etc.? Way too often. But they have been absolutely consistent about this from the get-go, when they descended upon me in my Seattle apartment in 04-2002 with a shock and awe show of highly unconventional physicalities. Following their debut they would gangstalk me at the checkouts, with these males who would show up with their backs turned to me and keeping stock still. They weren't shopping, so W-in-TF were they doing then?

Yesterday, something I didn't mention in last week's posting; I had finished putting up two towel rails in the bathroom, and then did some facial hair plucking (a 2013 habit start), and then this overwhelming sensation came over me, making me weak, and I had to sit down on the floor to recover from it. Add in some strange head sensations, as if I was sustaining a head injury or something like that (without pain), and I couldn't stand up for a minute or so. I have no idea what this was or how it was remotely invoked, but all I can say is that was momentarily crippling and most strange.

All this "happened" underneath the smoke alarm, an lo, if later in the day the smoke alarm didn't go off by itself.

Anyhow, getting back to the title, and an explanation. A three day weekend just passed, and I emailed the prospective employer on Friday, May 16, saying I was interested in his vineyard laborer position and that phone would be the best contact, as I don't typically have email access during the day. As one can deduce, vineyards don't take weekends off, and maintenance activities continue. No word today, so I should phone tomorrow to find out if he got my email of May 16. I find it most strange that promising jobs just disappear, and this wouldn't be the first. A term for getting the victim into an futile engagement is "gaming", as in playing a game with the victim and then they hear nothing, as in just getting cut off. All too familiar, even with people, though I don't get much of that interaction, being kept in this bubble with orchestrated events at every microsecond. That is, being a prisoner in disguise.

Yoga, different instructor as it was on a Wednesday, and a repeat of the Easter strangeness on Monday when the instructor drives a half hour and only puts on her second class only, not both. Most strange, but one can surmise the perp's dead hand on this one as they have disrupted and cancelled countless yoga classes or otherwise shut it down.

The flat/square assed woman at yoga planted herself exactly in my line of sight to see the instructor, this following someone (with a much cuter ass) who took my regular spot that is closer. And my vineyard co-worker of two years ago was there, but apart from initial "hello' greeting, she got out of there way too fast to be polite. None of her red hair exposure allowed, or at least, more than the perps allow.

Adding to the FUD-Fog, the perps had me "forget" my yoga mat, had to use one there, a deep burgundry red color which also had to be cleaned following class.

Irrigation duties on the vineyard again; some lines needed checking, some were malfunctioning, and of course, water from various sources; creek, lake, and stored in an on-propety tank.

And for heading home, a 20 min. drive, there were plenty of red vehicles up and down the road, at least 50% of them.

More vineyard duties; driving around, filling holes with soil, some wet, some dry and packing it with my boots. The perps like soils, and all the more when they can drive it around in the form of a evenly applied spray on vehicles, and with the vehicle paint color behind it. fascinating for them.

Slacking off on the blogging, mostly because I worked/volunteered for the weekend to help out these folks (family of the vineyard owner) to manually bottle cider. That is, light straw yellow liquid in brown glass bottles, and given the nonsense the perps put me through over the color brown I suppose it was yet another perp managed event. Lots of male jocularity and male chat, then two of them (whom I only met that day) were closing in on me while I was seated at the capping machine. That gave me the heebie, jeebies, and I suppose that was what it was all about; encroachment of males on my personal space, ever a perp favorite them. One of them in a ridiculouse do-rag on his head, the other in a tourist like tilly hat.

Anyhow, I will get this posted for the week,  and resume with a new post for this week, hopefully on the Sunday.

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