Sunday, May 11, 2014

Noise Through Headphones

Yesterday, yoga; the other two men were strangely absent after been regulars for at least six weeks, so it was all women (about 12) and me. And what is it with light lime green colored garments on the class members? Four at least, two each side of me. The instructor's tights were a faux tattoo look, and at one point the perps added some momentary plasmic "tattoos" on her foot to fake me out and establish a contrast. (And there was a tattoo-ed woman next to me, with fugly ones on her lower legs). I was wearing my spandex shorts for the first time, so perhaps they perps reverted to an all female class for reasons related to maximum gangstalking gain. I don't attempt to correctly anticipate what their tactical objectives are in any given circumstance, but it seems that new situations, (and "new" can be narrowly defined), they prefer Favoreds over Unfavoreds, and bring in the latter category in similar circumstances as a later variable in whatever they are looking for.

 While doing final pruning at the vineyard,  a 40 min. circling aircraft, looking like an all black Hercules (four engined freighter aircraft) with some blackish maser-like emanations targetted in my general direction. There is an airport nearby, but it strikes as an odd flight plan to be staying in the S. flight path for so long. And covering me before and after lunch.

Tuesday, and one where the perps started out extra hyper-abusive/active. They pissed me off for at least two rage-ifications while making breakfast. They also screwed me out of sharpening my pruners last night, so that got done this morning. A rare event, using the diamond honing stones in the morning, and sending the swarf down the drain. (Definition; swarf [noun] an accumulation of fine particles of metal or abrasive cut or ground from work by a machine tool or grinder.)

Sometimes I wonder if I am driving over the very sewage lines that connect to my residence (and diamond swarf!). There is a straight line filled 15" wide patch for the two blocks to the arterial to the highway, presumably a pipe dig/repair job. Not forgetting the perps dug up a block of a downtown street near my place to put twinned 30" sewage lines in and regraded the road in 2007.

Extra vehicular coverage this morning, as well as feeling semi-stoned/floaty. They put on lots of local noise for the first three hours; adjacent vineyard ATV's went back and forth and their personnel "happened" to be across the street on an irrigation job, tractor operations. Additionally, there was asphalt loaded dump trucks on the adjacent road, a paving outfit and their paving equipment. And too, both extra aircraft, low and high altitude.

Once I put on my headphones at 1000h (starting at 0700h now), why the noise culprits all came back for a round of punching the same external noise through my headphones while listening to music on my Android phone. Even the aircraft rotation; local low (1000') elevation buzzing by single engine aircraft, then the high elevation jets, and local helicopters thrown in there too.

Still busy doing the final pruning cuts on the vineyard, along with my adjacent neighborhood noise posse, not to mention the aircraft coverage. In the latter case, the single engine drone noise was put on at various times (3 at least) and ditto for helicopters, both for noise and circling overhead.

Sunny but cool, and listening to music on my Android phone, this static set of artists from A to D, as that is the limit of the micro SD card in the phone.

And the ski jacket I wanted from a sports store, discounted at this time of year, seems not to be online any more. It was an XL and I also wanted to know if it was long enough to cover me in the winter (34" at least). I found out by way of email that someone scooped me on the ski jacket; four days of emails and one phone call to ensure it was the right size and cut, and lo, the jacket is purchased by someone during daytime hours when I was about to order it online the same evening. Funny how that "happens". Not forgetting that my weekend email to the store wasn't recieved somehow (har, har), and it was only when I phoned on Tuesday did I get some action on how long the jacket was. This whole back and forth for the week, getting the specifications on length etc. and I get scooped. Can we say "order obstruction" or some such, perhaps "dashed expectations", fitting the pattern of this insane fixation by the Psychopathic Abuse Corps began in overt form on 04-2002. Mind you, there was only one left; but in this tightly orchestrated world I have been cast into, there are NO COINCIDENCES.

Thursday;  very windy with high overcast; no torso  tanning as I was cooled down too much. At 1100h I finished the final pruning and the next job was "suckering", which really should be called "de-suckering". The removal of shoots on the trunk of the grapevine plant, and only allowing the shoots to shoot from the chosen canes that are now horizontally placed on the trellis wire. The shoots come from the bud and travel vertically between the wires on each side of the posts. So no leg tanning for a week or so as I use kneepads to get low to the ground to rub or knock off the suckers (very soft right now).

I finished the cane laydown and final pruning at 1100h, had lunch, put my pants over my shorts to begin de-suckering, and then started the job. That seemed to be a big deal for the perps, as that was when the aircraft noise started up, the wind speed dramatically increased, and the assholes kept pulling down my L knee-pad, and thereby invoking hissing (non-auditory) rage-ifications for the next three hours, about every 10 min. or so.

The perps often go berserk when I end or start a new job/task, and I suppose this was prime bait for them.

A dull pain in my nuts all day today, same as yesterday. Anytime I move to a new orientation or next to a different object, this pain starts up. Going back to the Days of Infamy, when I was getting hunted down by the assholes in the streets of Seattle in 04-2002, they would zap me in the nuts to a near-crippling level. (Little did I know they could also monitor my pain reaction remotely). Having experienced zappings already, and noting that they always stopped whenever I was near metal objects, I put a metal tool in my underwear, and lo, if the zapping of my nuts didn't immediately stop. They continued head zappings, and I got immediate relief whenever I was in my vehicle. And so, here we are 12 years later of intense and relentless abuse, and now they are re-zapping my nuts again, but only at a dull pain level. I hasten to call this progress, but to them it probably is.

I was working in wet grass and wet grapevines from a prior rain in the early morning. Even with gumboots and knee pads, my pants got soaked, though dried out by days end. It was a TGIF day; doing "suckering" which is really "desuckering" , which is the removal of shoots from the trunk of the grape vine by rubbing the bark and knocking off the fragile buds as they are just emerging. And it is a gruesome job, being on one's hands and knees, with the big decision as to whether one crawls on all fours to the next grape vine (4') away, or gets up to take one step and then crouch down again. Better than picking strawberries, not by much though. Once it it done, there isn't much more of it to do, save the odd shoot (sucker). Unless one has planted Ehrenfelser grapes, as I am given to understand that they develop suckers all season long. Most grape varieties aren't like that thankfully.

All those tidy and clean looking vineyards are a totally manicured state created by poor vineyard laborer schmos, like yours truly, as his masters didn't like him working in forestry or IT anymore, and decided that farm laboring was going to be his new gig. All with plenty of down time, as well as things going wrong, and all arranged of course down to every last glance or thought.

And an example of accelerated noise confluence today; the overhead drone of single engine aircraft for ten seconds, then the roar of jets overhead for about the same, then the buzz of a helicopter coming through and finally the hoarse sound of someone's ill-maintained muffler on a passing vehicle. What was so odd about this was that the noise hadn't time to decay or otherwise finish before the next one came on, for all four of these noise sources. Normally there is a minute or so and the first sound ends before the next one comes on, but not today to drive the point home; we control the noisescape.

And screwed on screws again today; this wretched rack server project where the rail mounts were 1/100" out and did not fit the rails, and now having to drill holes in a new set, and today the perps scrambled me and I got 5/8" screws when I wanted 3/8". Only when I got home was I allowed to figure that one out. I have already been skunked 3x at a local big box store in getting the screws and nuts, and finally settled on an industrial supplier who had them in the quantities I needed. But as the mounting brackets are awaiting drilling by someone with a drill press, I can rest easy knowing that this latest cognitive attack isn't holding anything up. I won't go into the litany of things that have gone wrong with the rack server project, as it would be too tedious for my readership IMHO.

And I see Monica Lewinsky is 40, and wrote a piece for Vanity Fair. I have seen her twice on the gangstalking beat in the past 12 years, the last time was 2006 when she was part of this outrageous stunt (or else a look-alike). I was hiking on a trail not far from Victoria, and there she was leading a party of four in a mid-blue colored (unflattering) spandex outfit, matched top and shorts. As soon as I identified her, she swept her big doe eyes to her R, which ordinarily was most odd, as it was a rough trail with lots of bed rock outcroppings to contend with. But that wasn't all; following her in file were identical Asian male twins about 20-24 y.o., one dressed all in a mid-brown outfit, and the other in an all light blue outfit. Their outfits consisted of a jacket and shorts to mid thigh, and of the same fabric (apart from color) and were and identically cut. Another Caucasian male followed them in file. It was quite the most astonishing sight, not only twins, but in these ridiculous hiking outfits and differentiated only by their color. A brown and blue clothing test it would seem, with Asian flavored skin tones.

Anyhow, I have seen Monica Lewinsky once before as a bank teller, though with brown hair, not her everyday lustrous black mane. I have seen her likeness from a distance (90') where I could not make a positive identification some dozen times or so. Though from 2003, the perps have been planted her name and visage in mind consistently, and whenever "Monica" appears in print, they will send my eyes there first, e.g. "Santa Monica Boulevard" etc. At my daughter's Gr. 11 year end event, one of the teachers was a amateur opera singer, and she sang a piece titled "Monica, Monica". My ex was quite stricken by this event for no seeming reason that I could fathom, and wasn't in any frame of mind to talk about anything afterward. There was a large woman sitting alone in front of us at the time, something I found a little odd given the event was populated by parents and family. Anyhow, one can be sure that this latest Vanity Fair piece will serve as grist for lots of perp planted notions and suggestions for the next week or two. I have no idea as to how this fits in the entire harassment universe, and don't care to dwell on it. As with many TI's, romantic notions are often planted in mind, and again, I have no compelling reason to believe any of it or otherwise consider such. And too, as one TI pointed out to me, the perps can fake looks and form, so my sightings could of been an operative made to look like her, which is very possible in this unconventional rabbit hole I have been cast into. All part of the harassment-scape in one of its more unusual facets.

Besides, if one agreed with my analysis that my whole life has been orchestrated, the perp's choices of girlfriends/wife has been abysmal. The lying passive-agressives seem to be able to find me and artfully know how to jerk my chain. Why would I trust the perps any further? Just leave me the fuck alone and find me a cabin with decent road access on 20 acres, and don't plant anyone on me as I don't need/want it, and I am long past romance being a consideration (will be 60 y.o. in July). Even if my employer made this rather strange and directed comment to me, "your wedding", to which I replied, "no call for that". And why didn't I say something like, "what do you know about my wedding plans as I don't have any, and who told you".

Saturday being laundromat day, and lo, if the Cheers-ing males weren't on stand-and-gab duty. That is, apparently individual disparate males that somehow came to know each other there, and stood yacking near my dryer.

Extra stalker action all over me, especially on the roads. Some kind of communal event has spawned at least a hundred cyclists which "happened" to be crossing my path before making a R turn. Other gangstalkers plugged the bank ATM and line when I wanted to get some cash, so I didn't bother. All these loafing and shiftless males at the bank; I don't get it.

Even my landlord got in on it and busied himself around this detached residence, popping up to put himself in front of the very window I was about to open, twice no less. Then when my open windows were deemed not permitted by the Fourth Reich, why, he drove his red pickup into the backyard, some 10' away, and then put on his truck stereo with open doors so I could hear his music. Screw that, and I closed them. That is how it goes of late; constant agitation and gangstalker coverage. Even the specialty food store got into the act with an off-duty staff member hovering over the sun block display when I wanted to get there, not once, but twice in five minutes. Some shiftless male cruised the grocery section for no apparent purpose other than taking the long way around to the bulk foods. A pair of women loitered at the end of the checkout, pretending to be oblivious to blocking egress.

And I see that my disability payments have ended, like I requested over a month ago, and now I must radically re-adjust my financial picture to keep myself on vineyard worker's wage alone. And have I been on top of this eventuality and planned for it? Of course not; one look at extra weekend jobs some five weeks ago was as far as it went, which is absolutely pathetic and totally out of character. Not to mention some ridiculous expenses that I racked up recently, and more coming soon. (And even more ridiculous expenses planted in mind which I categorically rejected, usually with an external noise at that very instant). No end of uncharacteristic lassitude continues to creep into my existence, and I am extremely vexed by this new development of being a prisoner in disguise.

Sunday, and off to hike on this sunny weekend day, though the air was cool (14C). A herd of at least 40 elder-hikers in an organized group "happened" to be at the top of McIntyre Bluff when I got there at 1130h. I only saw one at first, then when settled and getting my lunch from my pack, why, all the remainder trooped by. Only one other hiking party on the way down which was most odd, as I get 10 or so normally. And of course the HD motorcycle noise from the highway below, at least a mile away, and 400' lower in elevation.

I got an hour of tanning time without the cloud games of having it planted in front to create shade. It looked as if a large cloud was making a beeline to block the sun from the W, but after some 5 min. of comparatively rapid movement, it stopped and stayed in place.

At least 60 motorcycles parked in Okanagan Falls when passing through on my return. Lining Hwy 97 for some kind of organized event. Still no intelligence yet on why the perps are so nuts about motorcycles, apart from their noise. It has to a an abreaction rationale, as they want me to see the motorcycles and the dress code that goes with it, often separated. So what did they do to MKULTRA children in the late 1950's with motorcycles? I am still hoping to find out. Though from the perp's perspective they are the perfect vehicle to exercise their petroleum products obsession; a gasoline tank at the rider's knees feeding an internal combustion engine directly under the ass of the rider. Plus noise and vibration, two more perp etheric disruption methods I have come to know firsthand. And without the same level of plastics and materiel of an automoblie that seems to puzzle the perps so much. Not my problem, just leave me the fuck alone.

I shall get this posted lest I get "forgetted' later this evening.


Anonymous said...

„A herd of at least 40 elder-hikers in an organized group "happened" to be at the top of McIntyre Bluff when I got there at 1130h.“

Things like this happen to me all the time. What I would like to know is whether you, in cases like this, tell anyone beforehand of your destination (which would mean you are just under audio surveillance), or do these coincidences just happen (presuming of course. that they are gangstalking skits).

Wish you all the best (under the circumstances),


AJH said...

Answer to: Anonymous/"A herd of at least..."

I don't tell anyone where I am going ahead of time, as there isn't anyone around on a regular basis. Even for event disruptions where an event is cancelled with a notice on the door of the venue, (that is, I didn't know in advance), the gangstalkers are all mobilized and ready for my return trip, considerably sooner than planned. (The specific example being a one hour yoga class in Victoria was cancelled this way more than once). Thanks for the comments.