Sunday, June 01, 2014


The perps have me in a deep groove of feeling grossly overweight, instead of 20lb overweight. I don't know why they do this, but these bouts will go on for a few days and then lapse into the usual few times per week level. Not to mention who can remotely remove weight by safe means without diet or invasive surgery. Yes, I loathe the sight of excess body flab, and yes, the perps take every moment they can to remind me with their orchestrated Fat Folk parades, (aka, the Gut Strut) gangstalking. Not my problem if I loathe the sight of body flab, and I don't see why an undeclared subversive agency with billions at their annual disposal needs to hound me by displaying their flabby gangstalkers over 12 years and two supposedly democratic countries (Canada, USA).

A second day this week of removing shoots from the trunks of grapevines; these are the same rows I did two weeks ago, but more shoots grew in. And it is no surprise the perps like things to be done over again, from forcing an second trip back to the house from a forced "forget" in bringing my yoga mat to the vehicle, to longer term epsisodes, like building a corporate database for forestry data that had to be done three times over 8 years. I always wondered why such ineptitude was so rampant with my former government employer, especially for IT, but now it makes sense. Especially when one adds in the perp's abiding interest in information, where it comes from, how one uses it and passes it on, how one retrieves it etc. Its as if each meme (cogent fact set) has its own psychic signature they would like to identify and of course, control. I suppose I am due for finding out about information theory, and whatever quantum energetic qualities each meme has, and then sets of associated memes. Way to complicated for a vineyard laborer.

Smoke alarm hi-jinx late last week. One failed, and the landlady supplied me with another. It kept chirping every 5 minutes by itself once the battery was put in it, even if it did pass the button press test. Then she brought another one, same make, and lo, if it didn't also do the same. Funny she hasn't asked about them, all three lined up just inside my door for her to pick up. (Which she didn't).

I see that yesterday's blogging just disappeared, now starting anew (again) for the week. [No, it somehow came back in an artful bait-and-switch stunt,- some 10 minutes later].

And just for my benefit, a new perp integration stunt. Having a certain Fat Girl, "ML" for now, in my (invaded upon) dreams just before getting up, and now, many follow-on planted ideations of her while making breakfast. Never before have I had dream material that was then fodder in my waking thoughts.

Vineyard work today; some rain while tucking vine shoots in the trellis wires. And lo, if the assholes didn't pull a dog shit stunt, plastering it onto my knee pads just before my 1000h morning break.

A day of clothing changes; rain gear on (pants and jacket), then as the rain rolled off the former with my sweater on, then removing the sweater for a shirt on, then with no rain pants on as it continued to warm up and become dry. All as a prior color energy "warm up" to helping the son-in-law unload his cargo of four pallets of brown glass cider bottles in brown cardboard box cases, a five high pallet load, the same ones I was handling on the weekend (4 days ago) and bottlling at another site.

He needed me to aid in pushing the pallet jack in with the fork lift and pallet jack, while he ran the fork lift to move the pallets between his trailer and the shipping container. And to no surprise, I have encountered vehicular gangstalking trailer loads of wine bottles the weekend before (on a Sunday no less), last weekend, and the adjacent winery with a very similar trailer load some 400m away, left out all day for some reason. Not to mention our own winery has three pallet loads of bottled, but unlabelled wine sitting in it.

And a major vehicular gangstalking event, as I headed to the same son-in-law of the owner to drop something off, and he gave me some left over ice wine and some of his to-be-commerical sauces I had tried last week.

Vineyard tucking all day long, mostly sunny but not hot. A vehicular clusterfuck at the gate when leaving; some seeming two visiting couples in two vehicles parked in the driveway at the gate and decidedly blocking egress. They walked the 100m of driveway I had just driven on to retrieve their vehicles, one driving the white vehicle past me, and the other strangely backing up the orange (Unfavored color) up onto the road. And the owner "happened" to be returning from Vancouver (5 hour drive) at that moment, and so his black SUV was also queued up (having been driven past the gate and then turned around a quarter mile ahead and now coming downhill). All told, four vehicles including mine for the mere act of departing from my work site, something I do 5x/week. Though, it is consistent with long running nonsense stunts at this same gate, and as mentioned in past blogs, going from gravel to paved surfaces, or vice versa, is a HUGE deal for the Psychopaths of the Fourth Reich.

Saturday, and the usual litany of chores to do; laundry with the red-shirts and shiftless males in ball caps. And while it was washing, onto other chores, one being a Walmart visitation to get a new pillow, as the prior one had yellow stain on it for some reason, unconventional as far as I could tell. It is been at my head for the last five years or more, and goes nowhere else, so what is it that is inexorably staining the pillow? [inexorable [in-ek-ser-uh-buhl] adjective 1. unyielding; unalterable].

And believe me, Walmart visitations are a chore, and if not, a nonstop threat alert situation. Since the males making hand signals and other like extra-obvious silent communications at the entrance, and the staff member in a red smock, who most inexplicably wasn't looking ahead and just about chest butted me, I make only rare trips there. This Walmart has been recently renovated to superstore status, and so it was instructive to cruise around and check it out. I was there early enough, about 0830h, so there wasn't the throngs of human per-worse-ity to contend with. Just more shiftless males in ball caps and a pronounced waddle and the loathesome "gut strut" and their ridiculous baggy and checked shorts to their knee or lower. And they made a point of doing faux shopping and erupting for reprises of two or more times, usually in succession. If I don't like the sight of such public specimens (aka, the Unfavored), then why am I getting hounded with this variety of freaks at every turn? All them either members of the Psychopathic Confederacy with billions to burn, or else local wannabes.

At least the cashier was cute, even with facial jewelry; the cleavage show didn't go unnoticied either. An E. Indian fat girl as well, though her doe eyes aided the female feature attraction count. And she seemed a little jaded, even if I was her first customer of the day. Hmmm, she won't last too long in that job, and maybe she is a "visitor", aka, a stand-in of the perps. And given their predilection for Fat Girl stalking, starting with Ms. C of on/off (x2) girlfriend status in 2000-2003, perhaps it is the same Fat Girl all along. I never would of figured out that they could do morphing (aka shape shifting) of individuals until they led me down their education path, but it seems easy enough for them to have individuals change race, facial features, hair color etc. for temporary purposes and in short order (5 minutes or less). The perps seem to need longer to have their morphed subjects/operatives change height or width, and do this less often.

And of course, they have done some of that to me; I will be 60 y.o. in July (2014) and I look 35 y.o. or so. And they mangled my face some too, by making the right eyebrow 1/2" higher than my left side (their asymmetry requirement). Such a treat them fuckers, who performed this artful appearance change back in early 2004 and have kept me this way since then. Like Dorian Grey, though I never made a pact with anybody. Besides, I would gladly exchange the current abuse state for looking like an elder-fogey, though without the ossified perspective one associates with that demographic group.

Other morning chores were to dispose of the three smoke alarms that were each found to be dysfunctional this week, courtesy of my landlady bringing two to replace the one that went wonky. They were all wonky as it "happened", and I invited her to try them out as she left them here, but she didn't take me up on it and delivered a new one instead. I had to take that ionizing radioactive (negative orgonic properties) e-waste to the recycling location along with the glass bottles. And yet again, a shiftless male in a ball cap was loitering (and sucking butt (a cigarette)) in the plant yard, making himself out to be a staff member who "happened" to precede me inside with the smoke alarms after I first dropped the glass into the correct bin.

I got screwed out of my reward bonus at the local food market I frequent. Somehow I "forgot" to read the part in my email  about printing it out and somehow I assumed they could see my reward on their till-PC, but no, I had to have a print out in hand. And too, their membership site blows up every time I attempt to log in, so what is the point of that reward program except to piss me off?

All the while long trains, ten or more, of vehicular gangstalking traffic built up; the usual litany of grey-scale colors with a red vehicle inserted in the middle, and now, more green vehicles, often at the tail end of these trains/pods. (I call them trains if in a single lane, and pods if they are two or more lanes clustered together).

Another chore in the morning was for me to clean my briefcase they that got hit with a mold attack this week. I have no idea how a briefcase sitting in the floor in mid-suite, and NOT next to an external wall (per four prior mold eruptions) got mold on it and the carpet didn't. Said briefcase was my office workaday accompaniment since 1999 to late 2002, and because I don't work in an office now, it is largely unused, save for keeping certain papers in a safe location. Not that the landlady is fussed about the mold eruptions here, even if she did clean up the 6' of wall length along the base boards last week. This was the mold eruption that occured on my suitcase, the one I surreptitiously cleaned with the power washer at the car wash, and the associated skit of the attendant making out that he knew, even if he never saw it. (He was washing a car outside around the corner from me while I was washing the suitcase that was exposed outside of the trunk for a minute or so.) And another fine coincidence (ahem); both my suitcase and my briefcase are made mostly from black ballistic cordura, that hard wearing nylon weave. Call it the Mold Eruption on Ballistic Nylon Confluence/Coincidence.

As my leg hairs regrew so quickly (four weeks ago) I had to get them waxed again, another perp preoccupation they put me through since mid-2011. Like last time, there was a prior day of tanning my legs; having worked in shorts at the vineyard yesterday.

It was the same elf-ish cute blonde girl as last time, and the perps are really trashing my recall of late. Both she and the haircutting student of last time were at the front desk, and it barely registered that I had seem them before. And I never, ever, forgot a face until all this insane shit rained down on me since 04-2002. The first prominent instance of facial "forgets" was in mid-2006 when at the LD store in Victoria, and my dentist's office assistant, a model of kindness and efficiency, was acting in a capacity of a store staff member and selling me a product. Only some 15 minutes later, after I was back at my place, did I know who she was. This insane memory fucking has increased of late and I am getting hugely perturbed that this will continue. Wasn't it a film director who said we are nothing but our memories? So true, and the malevolent Psychopathic Confederacy knows how to dynamically and operationally mess with one's recall by remote means.

And leg waxing was also a time for the HD motorcycle parade outside, the front door being propped open by a chair to ensure that a full-on noise experience wasn't missed. And the leg wax was red again, surely a perp arrangement as they ordinarily used a light yellow colored wax. And as the perps are so fussed with my red color exposures, it suggests they are making progress in isolating the effects of red on me. It used to be back in 2002 to 06-2006 when I was last allowed to own and drive a car (until 04-2012 to present), I would purposely park my vehicle next to a red colored vehicle, and nearly every time when I returned, the red vehicle(s) were gone. Once they arranged at least ten parked red vehicles on the W side of a parking lot and I parked next to the E most red vehicle. When I came out, all the red vehicles were gone. Today, they parked a red vehicle next to mine while I was getting my legs waxed nearby. Interesting, their incremental boldness with red colors of late. Though brown vehicles are becoming a little more prominent too, usually while driven though.

It was interesting that the perps had me saw two 36" of 1x1" aluminum istock n half after leg waxing, along with amping up the local lawn mower noise and adding in the wretched HD motorcycle noise. They even put a 10 y.o kid driving his father's large pickup truck by in the back lane, making the corner while his father coached him from the front passenger seat. The act of cutting something up, from tortillas in four to chicken meat and anything else, using knives or saws or whatever is such a HUGE deal for the perps. The aluminum stock had been sitting around for some four weeks and I wasn't allowed to get on with using it, or even drilling it until today. This wretched server rack project has turned out to me a four month continuum of tasks that are separated by weeks, which doesn't fit well with my strong and normally abiding inclination to get things done NOW. All the aluminum saw dust was of great perp interest, spreading it on me, on the vice-bench I have and it defying gravity to stay in place.

After getting sucked into "thinking" that yesterday was June 01, it finally arrived. The perps just love these mindfuck games; erroneous acceptance of their planted (and wrong) information, and then the follow-on event of realizing it was erroneous is a prime noise-stalk occasion.

Still groggy after a 1.75 hour nap attack; I am not sleep deprived and even gained extra sleep both mornings of this weekend.

Sunny until I was out on my hike today, then the clouds rolled in after 30 min. of tan time, legs only. I usually go an hour for outside tan time and close it off then no matter how it looks. Another hiking "herd" of 15-20 or so at the top of McIntyre Bluff today, and no trail trail traffic except one dog walking party. Most odd, and they put families on the trail with small children to buzz about, often a half dozen per direction. Though, I had the company of a snake that scuttled out of the way, and me too, taking an extra hop to put some distance between me and it. And of course for the next 45 min. of trail walking time, why, there was at least six simulated events. For example, boughs that had a particular sinuous or serpentine look to them, some of them planted/arranged for my return on the same trail as they weren't there before. And too, something else, likely a bird was scuttling out of the way in the same fashion as the snake a few minutes beforehand. Call it the trauma re-creation games, something the perps just love to pull off. Or parts of it; in this case the sound, and the visual recreation events separately.


Anonymous said...

A recurring theme is someone coming to my door at 11PM, banging on the door. Back in 2006 or 2007, when the harassment was in it's peak, they sent some dude to my house. This guy wanted me to go smoke pot with him. There have been many failed attempts by the perps to get me to smoke marijuana. I wonder if this has to do with their study of the brain, or if they were planning on life-trashing me by getting me hooked on drugs?

Last night, two cops were banging on my door at the same time, 11PM. This time, I got this "order" from the two co-owners of this fast-food joint in town that I am no longer allowed there. Interesting that I'd been going there every day since 1995. And there was never an explanation at all for it. The one guy approaches me, is very nice, and just tells me that he and the other owner "were talking" about me, and they've decided that they never wanted to see me again in that place. And I asked "any particular reason"? And all I got was, "we don't want to see you here again". It seems like this "banishment" had been planned for some time by the perps. I got some ideations from the perps over the winter, like late Feb., that something like this was going to happen in the Summer. And it was late May that I got the bad news that I was banned there.

No explanation. This time, the cop had two copies of a letter the main owner drew up, and it looked so much like the contracts I sign when I teach part-time teaching assignments. Turns out I have a female "best friend" who works there, and they want me to find a way to take this friendship out of the confines of the fast-food joint. The one cop had me sign one of the copies. The letter stated that I was not permitted in the one particular establishment in town, but was allowed at the others that the two owned. I got this lame reason that the girls working there felt uncomfortable with me around them, and that I was making sexual comments, which is false. I told that cop that I wasn't making any comments at all, that I just sat there and talked to me one "best friend", and that I am puzzled as to why I would be banned. It also said they'd prosecute under a "defiant trespass" law. This is funny, because it tells me the perps are forcing me to never go there again, else I will be arrested.

I'm sure this whole thing was a setup which took at least 5 months planning. I hope I get to keep my bestie, but it looks to be a challenge, as I can't go to the place where she works without being arrested now (thanks to the perps). Ironically, she told me where she lived a couple months back, but I don't know the exact house. So maybe the next step is having me locate her house, knock on her door, and start our friendship somewhere else. We've been friends since late Nov. of last year, and I suppose the goal was to have some way of forcing me to take this friendship outside the dinky little food joint and to the "next level".

Funny how the perps use a threat of trespassing as a way of achieving their goals.

AJH said...

Answer to "A recurring theme is..."

VERY interesting that you got an order to eat elsewhere when you caused no trouble whatsoever. The perps like to have me get the same food at different grocery stores, creating artificial shortages, and of late (06-2014), getting food from the Saturday street market.
Though it could be to remove you from your friend, a common perp tactic. (You really think she isn't a perp or perp surrogate? My TI existence is so highly managed that there is no way of anyone within 40' of me without prior skit arrangement and precise orchestration/choreography, possibly with rehearsals).

But late evening (11pm) door bangings/visits are most unusual in my experience. I get random door clunking most days, a dull thud of No Ostensible Cause (NOC) but never a real live Fuckwit or LEO (Law Enforcement Officer). Except once, a mid-morning visit in 2003 when they were asking if I knew anything about the recent graffiti on the adjacent school property. I hadn't, though by then I had come to learn that graffiti seems to aid the perps' color/paint games).

Pot smoking is a perp aid, likely changing one's neuro-energetic properties, turning down some brain regions, and maybe amping others up. I haven't had any in many decades, though they do like me to catch a whiff in public places every so often. I hate it, as it is so de-motivating and de-energizing. I get plenty of those kind of intrusions as it is without any substance intake. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I do think she is a perp. I'm not sure why, but I think the orders to eat elsewhere may be to remove me from her. It turns out she was almost always in there, and it's possible they want to re-calibrate to see how my aural readings change with her not present in my surroundings as I'm eating.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that the orders for me to eat elsewhere could be an attempt to protect me from harm, ultimately. The perps know the type of people working there give me trouble. So by banning me, they are saving me from further trouble.

As to this best friend, it's funny, because she got me watching this zombie show, a series that was on every week. And it was always suspect to me that she never saw Night of the Living Dead. For someone who is so into zombie flicks, it's suspect that she never saw that one. Even I saw that one. I suspect that was her role - to get me watching zombie flicks. Zombies are a lot like gangstalking perps -- very brainless, unthinking, and do whatever their masters (the actual perps) want. So by watching this cheesy show, I am suppose to think of the real-life parallels -- the gangstalking perps, who are almost as stupid and unthinking and unfeeling as zombies.

I saw through that one. Interesting that in one episode of that show, this woman tells this guy to "man up! Stand up that woman. She thinks she owns you". And that was interesting, because this BF/perp girlfriend of mine was doing exactly that. And the people writing the show could "see" that, and were telling me to stand up to her.

Anyhow, the BF/perp girlfriend was very sweet at times. I feel that I will be allowed to see her again eventually. But the perps want me temporarily banned from seeing her for now. As for the time frame, I believe it will be for a period, maybe weeks, or a couple of months.

If I'm correct, I believe that you've said the same about one or more of your girlfriends or wives -- that they've disappeared for a period of time, and then came back into the picture. There was a lot of harassment to accompany this "banning order", along with no reason at all by the owners, which implies the perps are controlling it all and want me gone, probably temporarily. I've heard all kinds of "reasons" being thrown my way, but I believe the perps scripted it and are controlling it.

Anonymous said...

I guess in this case, the LEO (Law Enforcement Officers) WERE the live fuckwits. :-) The one cop, I've known for a long time (since 1995, when I first started eating at the place where I was banned). Interesting that he was one of the two officers notifying me that I wasn't allowed there anymore. And also, this same cop looked like one of my friend's brothers. So I can see how this whole scenario was orchestrated.

I also feel that this skit was to deliver the message that I am not "allowed" to teach at the college that I've taught since 2008. The perps tell me that I'm only allowed to teach at universities now, not community colleges. I suppose they want me to make full use of my capacity to teach. Teaching at a community college is a stifling experience, since there are mainly 2-year technology types, and the teaching has to be brought down a little, since the curriculum isn't nearly as intense as 4-year and graduate universities. So the perps are telling me that I am "moving up".

I also paid off a 5-year car loan. And now, I am in a situation where I may be without employment for a long time. But that too, is managed, in my opinion. I suppose they want me to be a package handler at UPS. If you're correct about the color brown of the boxes being part of their research, that could be an attempt to push me out of the community college job and into a package handler position. Very menial work. There are chemicals on those cardboard boxes, too, that are interesting to them, in addition to the color brown.

AJH said...

Answer to above three comments of Anonymous;

There are so many ways the perps could use to cause one to stop regular eating at an establishment, I find it so odd they would be a direct request via the LEO's, as seen from my perspective. More likely scenarios they would of pulled on me would be to arrange unsavory customers and/or staff (Unfavored freaks), ripping me off, bad food, change in management (for the worse of course) etc. As always, every TI's situation is different of course, and this blog details any tiny (and infrequent) hints (or tells I call them) they pull, usually via a non-LEO party.

Ms. C, one of the Seattle "girlfriends" of 1999 to 2002, was decidedly an on-off association that was highly orchestrated. There is something about coupling with another the perps like too, e.g. the "split couple" gangstalk move where they split apart in feigned ignorance of each other (both looking opposite directions) to have me pass through between them because there are store displays blocking every other route around them.

And the perps do have this imperative about the source of information, where/who given, how it is understood (partially very often in my case), and who passes it onto who etc. So teaching fits that particular agenda.

LOL; I applied to UPS to be a package handler and got nothing in response. I told my then boss who was a cleaner, and as it "happened" he did cleaning work at the same UPS station at one time, and he said they don't want anyone over 30 y.o., as they only want youthful strong males for hefting packages.

Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, the "split couple". In my case, they did it with a previous crush of mine. They had us seperated for a period of a month or more. It seems they want "crushes" to spend some time apart, maybe a month or so, to see if they are still "in love" and how they handle the separation.

In my case, I last saw her at the end of May. And I haven't thought about any other women other than her. I suppose they want to draw this out indefinitely, to see if we will still be "in love". I still love this girl.

It's funny, because the last time I told her I loved her, so told me in an agitated tone: "well you better not be fibbin' me. Cause if I find out you were lying, I am going to be mad". In this case, she is working with the perps, and she can get info from the perps on whether or not I had "love" feelings for her.

Interesting, because she and I seem to be arranged loves, but we really seemed to be "in love".

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you mention applying to UPS also. I know UPS does have a Canada branch. But I've heard the brokerage fees were outrageous to have a package shipped from Canada to the USA. So most shippers prefer Canada Post. And I got screwed out of receiving a package for a month or greater, because it just so happened that Canada Post's workers went on strike just before the seller was going to ship my item. I asked him what about UPS? And he said forget it, brokerage fees to have it cross from Canada to the USA would be way too high. So I had to wait it out.

Interesting that over in the USA, the Postal Service refuses to cut down the number of days per week for mail delivery. I've heard CA Post cut theirs down to 3 days per week. We still get 6 days a week mail delivery here in the US, and the USPS has been in debt for a long time. Looks like the unions here are too strong in the USA.

AJH said...

Answer to: "Interesting, the "split couple"..."
Ms. C was into high drama and then separating in a huff, all to "show up" (on the bus, in Nordstroms etc) and become pleasant for at least three rounds from 2000 to 2003. Different from the gangstalk move of a couple physically separating for me to pass between them of course. In retrospect, I found the entire realm of feelings for someone, "love", attraction, remorse over missing someone's presence to be totally manipulated by the perps. One morning on the commute drive from Everett into Seattle Ms. C got into high drama over not wanting to wear a seatbelt, and at the end of the commute, where I was to drop her off, she was still carrying on, and finally I said I didn't want to see her any more as things (not just seat belt wearing) get too out of hand. I drove onto work and for the entire morning I felt so bad and forlorn, and I could not figure out why. Not that Ms. C did anything to cause me to miss her, and the non-seat belt wearing nonsense was just plain stupid, so I had no reason to miss her any. And yet the whole morning these sensations of loss kept up, and I could not figure it out, as it was such a black and white issue. In hindsight, I was getting planted ideations that did not fit my emotional and rational perspective at the time. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: "Interesting that you mention applying to UPS also..."

Any cross border delivery is at least $35 with UPS. Then a $10 broker charge, then if it is a commercial item/transaction, they lay on untold fees for no seeming reason. There is very little duty to pay on US items (NAFTA rules), and yet they doubled the cost of the $50 items for one delivery I got sucked into making it commercial. If one can legitimately make it a personal use item, then UPS isn't so bad. Though to be safe, I avoid them if I can.

The CA post is proposing 3 days of delivery/week, though they haven't got there yet. They are under severe budgetary duress and are due to make radical changes in the next few years.

Thanks for the comments.