Sunday, May 04, 2014

More Music Machinations

More jerk-arounds with playing and fixing audio files following last week's posting, done yesterday. The audio album was in a single large file and the separate Cue file with the song durations and song names aids in parsing the large audio file into individual song files. Or, at least, that is what Cue Tools was to do, but it wasn't functioning. The only freeware software I could find screwed up the assignment of song name to file, and so I had to manually figure out the song and its title and edit the meta-data. Thing was, I didn't know the album real well and had to play it in pieces. The Tag Scanner editor was used to edit the meta-data, and it has its quirks, all while playing the album too. That got too confusing (read, remotely applied cognitive dithering), and so I resorted to to play the samples of each song. Anyhow, interesting the perps are having me switch back and forth from this here box and using Tag Scanner and then using samples to play the same music while fixing audio file meta-data.

Vineyard work today, though not the usual kind. It was kitty litter/cat shit composting duty, unloading some 30 bags of it and digging it into the composting grape skins from last year's harvest. And horrid it was too, as the collected rain water on the bags strangely would flick back into my face or coat. The cutting knife was dull too, and wouldn't cut the bags, so I had to tear them open, and lo, if some of the kitty litter didn't somehow flick back at me too. The stench was terrible as well. The boss wanted to dump these at the base of the vines, but once I told him about Cryptosporidium, and association with cat shit, he decided to mix it in with his compost.

And he wanted me to make trips picking up stones and garbage between the rows in the vineyard, the stuff that he had been driving the tractor over for the prior year. And have I mentioned how obsessed the perps are over tires, rubber and their contact with the ground and how soon I will step on the very same patch of ground? Way too often, and it is not over yet.

Monday is usually yoga with the darling pixie instructor, and we were back to this after the scheduling oddities of last weekend and the apparent conflict with Easter Monday. They put on a new male, swapping out with the regular one, and the Mr. Red act again, though only a red shirt this time. Both with fugly over-sized shorts and very hairy legs. Both on my R. one behind the other. And both putting on this incredible wheezing and gasping act, aka heavy breathing. It was ridiculous to say the least. A regular woman was put on my L side for some reason, as she has always been far 15' to my R and near the door. All too strange, these musical places each week.

A day of vineyard work on the vines, making the final pruning. Lots of counting of the buds per cane, and do the perps like me to be counting. Not to mention sabotaging me, forcing a re-count due to their dynamically applied cognitive dithering.

I was sunny, hence sun block lotion, another perp prop of considerable importance to them. The horrid goopy SPF 50 has got to go, as it looks like I stuffed my face in a can of white grease. And lo, I find that SPF 15 isn't at the LD store, so I had to buy SPF 30 in another brand, other than Ombrelle. It seems the perps like that kind, possibly because it has loathsome fragrance in it, but now need to change it up, not to mention changing the SPF rating.

Not warm enough to go shirtless today, as the wind was up, and was cool. I put on my headphones and did the music listening most of the day. My Android phone and Poweramp app seem to work OK together. But as this was the first time I had used the latter since last summer, they had to screw me around "forgetting" how to select the artist's albums.

Anyhow, no major excitement until exiting the LD store when this fat fucker tailed me out of the store to the parking lot, making out he was LD staff. Then a long haired male freak was driving into the parking stall next to me on the driver's side, and I vacated the empty stall opposite, and he drove over where I walked, an abiding perp obsession.

My first breakfast in six weeks now without the yellow diet food. I finished it up, and that might be why the perps are so dizzy this morning. 

A full day in the vineyard today, save a morning garbage run to stuff the bins and get the recycle yard waste out, the one bag that was "forgotten" two weeks ago. I did all my pruning with the Android phone/player playing some of my music. And of course the single engine aircraft came out to circle overhead and send their noise to my ears with much Favored music playing at the same time (Celtic music with one of my very favorite female vocalists). Then the high altitude jets following the single engine aircraft and spewing contrails, came a few minutes later to punch their dull roar through my headphones, still playing.

A major day of contrails today, dicing and slicing the sky with white lines on blue and some high haze filling in some of the panels. Very often the contrails match the angles of the mountains in the distance.

My suntanning got curtailed some, then it was help the son-in-law for a short span. The perps cannot get enough stalkers around me when I am tanning, or more often, tanning and then I put a shirt on.

More games with online orders; I see that a vinyl LP came, which I did not intentionally order as I don't have a turntable. As it was $5 plus some shipping, it is another item that will be chucked without having using it. A very common perp arrangement; order the wrong/unfitting thing and get rid of it having not used it. And I see on the CD is $55.95 plus shipping, and it the last LR album to get.

As I write this in the evening, they (putative neighbors) are vibrating this place, even if it an unattached dwelling, as the next door neighbor is undertaking round #2 of soil movement with a min-excavator. Looks like a big compost pile, as in a full dump truck full, the second such event in the last three weeks. Have I mentioned that the perps like to expose me to soils, of all colors and constitutions, not to mention the long running composting games a the First Feral Family house in Victoria? Way too often I suspect.

It seems like a major silly day for the perps was brewing this morning; a full frontal shave with the integral Teflon rub strip seems to get the perps excited, as I now do this twice per week

Now major vibration noise, and shaking this house from next door, at 1815h, a little late for landscape workers don't you think? Said noise erupted as my just-arrived-today CD finished playing, and now I am going to copy it do my hard drive, aka "rip it", though I loathe the term as it has no seeming meaning.

Gym tonight; and always a designated "hound dog" male gangstalker, one who shows up an inordinate amount, this time starting with me taking my jacket off and putting it in the cubbies. As usual, the "hound dog" has fugly shorts below his knees, and went one worse with green camouflage colored shorts. Last week's male hound dog/stalker at the gym was in red plaid shorts. Fugly and fuglier. Not to mention other Unfavoreds on view in the public swim pool below; major obese cases (250+ lb) strutting around in shorts.

Going to the gym and then grocery shopping bought me some relative quiet, as they were still pounding the ground next door when I got back (2000h), and shut it down within a minute of my arrival, and just before I was set to look over the fence to see WTF it was. Hopefully that was it, though somehow I doubt it. Having me here at this PC and its combination of strange emissions and the color changes and while vibrating the house is just too attractive of a proposition for the perps and their non-stop etheric perturbance assault.

Went to a show last night; Ruth Moody -highly recommended for the folk-accoustic (with electric guitar support) crowd, though not for my metal-head readers. She is not in anyway as austere as the link pic might be interpreted; more like gracious, smiling (happily), and captivating by way of her humbleness. She is a genuine folkie, and I am smitten as far as fan adulation goes.

The actions at the adjacent tables was interesting to observe; extra smart phone action as one example, -at least four of them immediately in front of me, and using them as flashlights as well so I could be pit-lamped momentarily, both in close and from the opposite end of the restaurant.

The owner was on patrol (read, excessive proximate activity), standing in the doorway from outside, then walking around outside, then coming in and sitting near me, having to squeeze past my table in close.

The party of three in front was joined by a frizzy white haired elder male, and so the "musical chairs" games began. He was seated 6' away facing W, and hung out with these ersatz "friends", checking out his so-called smart phone under the table. Then he took off for 35 min. or so, including the set break. Then he comes back, and with the musical chair games, he sits in front of me, 2' away from my knee. But that wasn't enough, as he then weaved and bobbed his head, and had to make an excessive lean over the to the blonde woman who was a member of this party.

Other freaks that were given extra gangstalking duty in the audience were the fat girls on "gut strut", normally a male stalker assignment.

I am now getting a vision assault while listening to the above performer's CD I bought last night. I am attempting to read the credits on the CD case, and both eyes are getting a stinging attack and causing extra tear flow so I cannot read it presently. I shift back to this here blog, and lo, I am allowed to read (mostly) what I am writing about. Talk about being under someone's thumb.

And then when reading her bio, per above link, why, another stinging vision attack.

Of late, the motorcycle noise is very evident; what is it about motorcyclists that need to tail or precede me into stores and banks? Yesterday, a red-shirted motorcycle tail comes in while I was at the checkout at the health foods store, and then walks out a few minutes later, not having purchased anything. I finish up a the checkout and exit the place, and lo, if the motorcyclist isn't still malingering in the parking lot. He should of been long gone in the few intervening minutes between his strange exit (no groceries) and for me to finish at the checkout.

Then today, I changed up my routine and went to the downtown bank. It was no surprise to the perps, as they arranged for the last available ATM to be scooped by a ball capped fugly shorted dude. There was no one waiting in the line for cashiers, so I went in and did business directly with a real person. A motorcyclist was exiting the bank just as I entered (and was the same height and form of the motorcyclist from the day before). A line of three arrives behind me within the minute, but no big deal. The cashier was friendly and all, and gives me this ridiculous stare before I finished up. I go to the entry way and there is a day-glo dude standing there on the other side waiting for the sliding glass door to operate, and then from behind him come three more parties, making out that they are independently arriving in this clusterfuck swarm at the bank entrance. I scoot around this organized confusion and get to my vehicle, and then when backing out another freaking motorcyclist wants my stall in his giant Goldwing.

And plenty of other motorcycle stalking this week, not to mention the associated gratuitous noise which I absolutely loathe. And of all the perp themes and stunts, I have not yet found any kind of abuse/torture/torment related to motorcycles and young children. By way of extensive reading I have a speculative handle on all these Unfavoreds and why they might be planted around me for abreactive response purposes;

  • skinheads (male bald heads) -per Lynne Moss-Sharman's recollections of visiting clinics where patients had their heads shaved with...
  • tattoos to serve as consistent reference locations for brain research
  • Scottish accents -Dr. Ewan Cameron was in Montreal when I was there, 1956-57,1958-59
  • white clinical garb -same, if visiting a psychiatric research hospital that Dr. Cameron ran
  • wheelchairs -same if the subjects/patients weren't ambulatory, per above hospital
  • military uniforms/marching -the web site, The Indian Lake Project has pictures of military personnel with children and thought-to-be dates were latter 1950's
  • clerical garb -the tragedy of non-consensual research/murder of children at Quebec's Catholic institutions has been well documented in the Duplessis Orphans literature (sample link)
  • chinless stalkers -aliens as depicted in common reconstructive drawings don't have chins
  • red hair -aliens, read in the Alien Jig Saw site, now down to harassment of the autho, though there are other web references
  • guns and red splatter -some accounts in Brice Taylor's book (Thanks for the Memories) of some children being gunned down in front of the others, and ample references in cult and ritual abuse.

But at no time have I encountered anything in the abuse and MKULTRA literature about motorcycles, their noise, and the particular dress style associated with bikers. Very often the perps will leave their HD's as props on the side of the street, and from my understanding of the biker crowd, that is the last thing you want to do unless you are a full patch member of a particular bike club. Because they will steal the bike for parts, and yet everyone who has one seems to not care about possible theft when strutting or otherwise displaying their motorcycle here in suburbia.

Is there anyone out there in TI or Governmental abuse world who has insights on how the perps may have treated young children in concert with motorcycles and their owners? Perhaps it was a military motorbike exposure during the Lost Years of 1956 to 1960 when almost all of my recall was purged, but that doesn't explain the biker garb schtick I am often bombarded with.

Saturday, and the "need" for a full leg wax. A young blonde girl and plenty to talk about as it "happened". She was using red colored wax this time, and lo, if there wasn't plenty of red exposures (vehicles and shirts of ambulatory stalkers) on the way home. I got my legs tanned while working at the vineyard the day before, so most of the hairs would of had a single day of sunlight exposure for 2014. And believe me, sunlight is a vital variable in the perp research game, often being arranged to come on when starting a new row of vines, when I change my music choice.

I got nailed with a later get-up time, and didn't have lunch before the above appointment, and was totally unaware of it until at least 1500h. Have I mentioned that the perps like to delay my normal feeding times and schedule extra-exposure activities in its place? Way too often. Laundry got done in the afternoon when normally it is the morning.

Sunday, and what a stunt the perps pulled this morning. I went to a big box home store to get some machine screws, washers and nuts, and while in the aisle attempting to locate these items in the quantity I needed (100), a procession of males, about one per minute needs to come by. After the third one I ended the search as this was becoming such a gangstalking fest. 

So... I go to another similar store, and the same thing started up, including one stalker who was at the above mentioned store, and this isn't the first time I have had a tail from these two stores in a single outing. This mofo wanted to horn in on where I was, so I decided to screw (so to speak), and got out of the place. As I was crossing on the crosswalk outside in the parking lot, this idiot in a van comes straight at me, so I had to scuttle out of the way. I mouth off at him while he was still driving, and I doubt he heard any of it. But it so "happens", this skinheaded male nearby, about to enter the store, calls me out about mouthing off. He had to have seen it all happen, but because the almost-victim is publically vocal about a run-down attempt, he mouths off a the victim (me). Like WTF; the perps setting me up for a run-down attempt, (perhaps an overstatement, as I don't know what the driver's true intent was), and then having a gangstalker chime in to mouth off at the victim because he didn't like being run down. Only in Pentiction, the current setting of TI World.

Anyhow, time for the weekly posting, but as a reminder, is there anyone out there who has specific knowledge of how motorcycles were used as abuse/harassment props on young children, in the 1950's or even as present?


Anonymous said...

Did you ever witness a big car accident right in front of you? I just saw one of those yesterday. It was in a college town, and the traffic there is really hectic and dense. I all of a sudden heard a swerve and a loud BANG. And this big car plowed into a subcompact, which was in the turning lane. The bigger car had this grey-haired older dude come out. Right away, that is suspicious. A "big" car accident timed so that my car is approaching within 500 yards of the accident scene. There was a big scene with fire tracks and police coming. No doubt, the perps are doing metal-on-metal testing. A white vehicle plowing into a grey vehicle. And I also saw liquid spilling out underneath the subcompact, the "victim" car, and there was sizzling sounds.

Reading your blog, I've learned that the perps (in your situation at least) like to do patroleum product "testing" (stalking), so having the gas spilling out underneath the car and onto the asphalt no doubt had them all thrilled. I'm certain that the metal-on-metal impact had some sort of science behind it they wanted to test. It all seems so "convenient" to have an accident happen right in front of me. And of course, emergency vehicles with red flashing lights are always big, and so are the sirens.

AJH said...

Way back in the late 1970's I saw an intersection vehicle accident when living in Vancouver BC. Then in 2000 I saw a vehicle go off the I5 North (at 50mph)of Everett one excessively congested Friday afternoon. And of course there are many instances of when I arrive to see the remnants of an vehicular accident; police, ambulance, tow trucks, debris on the road, damaged vehicles, liquid spills, etc. Some of these have definitely been faked as there is no damaged vehicle or debris, where others aren't, or at least for the limited viewing one gets as one much navigate through the slowed traffic without causing another accident.

There is all sorts of materials of vehicle manufacture, from steel to plastics, rubber and glass, as well as the oil and gasoline, all of which are of intense perp interest though for different reasons I suspect. The differing source of steel is even of interest; when I was driving my Swedish Volvo (until mid-2006) there was no end of Volvo stalking and a significant number of Saabs (same Swedish steel source I presume). In the Happened to Me series, there is a story of a boy who witnessed two MIBs in a parked vehicle and within a few minutes, an adjacent traffic accident which the boy saw happen. Once he directed his attention back to the parked vehicle, it was gone. The story should be somewhere here,[] though I cannot find a descriptive title for it. Thanks for the comments.