Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Hijinx Confluence

A busy Monday for the perps, and I haven't made it to yoga yet. After work I exchanged screws I bought three days ago as they scrambled me into getting the wrong size. Then to an agricultural equipment supplier and lo, if they weren't out of the very color of flagging tape I wanted (for work), and out of Atlas Thermofit gloves, size L, So off to another store that has them, and lo, if they didn't obstruct the checkout with some 8 Fuckwits all waiting there. At the gloves display, they had a woman in a dayglo shirt hunkered down and attending to her young child the entire two minutes I was there. A obstruction as I found the gloves but put them on a nearby display and walked out of the store empty handed. Then to the liquor store to get a particular kind of beer to pay the guy who drilled 24 holes into my brackets for my rackmount project. (A computer rack that will hold both stereo gear and computer gear in one cabinet.  At the liquor store checkout a hefty 6'6" idiot was getting way too close, plus they added a lead-ahead tail on me getting out. The gangstalking got heavy once I found the particular kind of beer and went to the checkout. Heavy vehicular swarms coming and going.

Once I got to my residence, there was a new CD in the mail, time to play it while typing this, male Country and Western singer, first time I bought his music. Taking posession of something is a huge gangstalk/harassment moment for the perps.

Then more invasive coincidence; Yahoo is forcing a new password entry today, and given that I have a theme to keep them memorable, I had to do some reworking with the letters, numbers and special characters.

Back from yoga; a blonde exited her parked white pickup, timing it to get ahead of me at the sign-in desk, as in lead-ahead gangstalk mode. It turned out she had tattoos on her calves, revealed by her capri tights. She takes the location in the practice room where Her Blondeness was usually stationed for well over a year of classes. She is a tall 6' blonde woman with tattoos on her wrists only. And as it "happened' the younger regular blonde woman who also had tattoos on her calves (also revealed by capri tights) wasn't there today when she had been a regular for some 3 months. Anyhow, I can barely keep on top of the blondes, their relative sizes and their tattoos at yoga, so why would I expect my readership to? Don't worry, I will call it the Yogic Tattoo-ed Blonde Rotations, and leave it at that.

Only seven other classmates at yoga tonight, one being one of the regular males. He was in his usual spot, putting on his heavy breathing act again, even in child's pose for crissakes. If he was that winded in this Power Yoga class, he shouldn't be there. But of course, he was there to put on the breathing noise, and for whatever purpose that serves the perps and their abiding interest in "the breath", and all those fundamental yogic associations.

One class member was my ex-coworker on the vineyard of two years ago, returning from the University of Chicago with a Masters degree in journalism. As usual (as of two weeks ago) she was evasive and made sure there was minimal interaction, like I was toxic waste, which I might be for all I know in this rabbit hole, as a Prisoner In Disguise.

More rude shit in this town after yoga, in a grocery store; a woman coming in close on my L side and then going around me to the R side at the grocery store, as in personal space violation. Like WTF; I got out of there, and lo if the cashier wasn't opening the checkout in advance of me arriving. Funny how they know.

I see my CD jewel case, brand new as of today, has four cracks and a corner crunched when I got back from yoga. I don't know why the perps like to crack plastic objects, but CD cases usually get the "fumble treatment"; they cause it to leave my hands and land on a hard object and then crack it. Not this time; no apparent cause, just out-and-out sabotage, aka "welcome back, look what we did".

Tuesday, my assigned day of feeling sluggish, as if "from" yoga, which it isn't. Sure, the yoga instructor has something new and different each week, but it isn't that radical to cause all of me to be tired/physically slow. And forgetful, as evidenced by the number of repeated trips along the irrigation rows. Though to be fair, I was hand packing all the tools as the RTV was tied up on fertilizing duty.

I also trained and oversaw the Albanian guy who started today on "suckering", that is, de-suckering or removing the shoots from the trunk region. Shoots from the tied down canes is what we want of course, as that is where the grapes grow. My four year daughter at the time pointed out that "dusting" (removing dust from indoor surfaces) should be called "un-dusting" to be grammatically consistent. I had to agree with her on that point. The perps just love these semantic confusions.

On irrigation duty today at the vineyard, getting the drip systems going. A number of them have been disrupted by winter weather, and the little sprayers are getting clogged up. Even sand grains in the water supply line, which means filtering isn't really happening. The perps just love water interactions, especially after it travels through plastic pipes and sprinkler heads. Back in 1996 I bought a farm and took on significant upgrades to the irrigation and main lines (and to the house). It cost me at least $5k for the excavator and trucking, and here we still are, having the victim (me) putzing with irrigation parts. This is the water supply from the lake, some 120' elevation above, and I expect to be working on a nearby creek to get its water supply to the property. Combine that with overhead power transmission lines, and it would seem this property is a slice of perp heaven for examining these two significant variables of all things energetic, etheric or otherwise.

On the drive home, a white and almond vehicle pair ahead of me, after three vehicles (silver grey, deep red, deep green) peeled off in making the same L turn at an intersection. As it so "happens" I have a white face cloth sitting on an almond colored pedestal sink in the bathroom, so perhaps the perps were attempting in the wild to whatever color reactions they can detect here in my residence.

And some eight vehicles ahead of me and at least four following; it is rare to have the latter for extended drives, save intersections. Two whites immediately following me to keep my "white" color reading, in advance of the above mentioned white-almond pair that was revealed.

I helped out doing the vineyard fertilizer spreading today. The fertilizer is in the form of prills, small round slow release balls, and lo, if wasn't plenty of spilling as it was hand applied, even in my boot and on my clothes. I suppose fertilizer mus interact with the chemical ether, as very often there is fertilizer applied near where I am walking or passing.

I stopped at the R**a big box hardware store on my way home, and the same blonde woman cashier bitch that pulled the reciept from my hand to put her finger nail scratch on the reciept from a few months ago "happened" to be the only available cashier. I usually avoid her, but this time there was no other choice. Sure enough, just as she was giving me change, she leans in some 6" toward me and then stares at me. Fucking creepy, this strange public behavior.

At the gym tonight; the same routine of the shiftless males coursing around me, doing nothing but looking into the distance. Multicultural games too; an E. Indian male comes toward me and then stops and does a 180 degree turn and heads back to where he was. Some two minutes later, after I has gone elsewhere he then re-walks the same path, but going to the exercise balls and then sitting on it, doing nothing else, just looking around, for the next five minutes. Unbelievable.

I cannot get to my email via my so-called smart phone; Yahoo had me changed the password (per above) and the one special character I used is not on the Android keypad for crissakes. What a coincidence, as in staged adversity.

Then the vineyard office PC wasn't running/usable for me to get to my email either. All this extra daytime email "need" was about a job posting, all to no avail as it later turned out.

Another delay in getting to my email this evening, the (new) 4x1 HDMI splitter failed and I had to rewire it directly from the PC to this LCD panel instead of going through the switch. Which is a major pain in the ass as now I cannot get the Oppo player to switch to this same LCD display, and instead, re-connect more cables. The very thing I bought this infernal HDMI switch for isn't doable. Infuriating, especially when waiting 5 weeks for thing to arrive. This switch was to be the heart of my "digital convergence"; playing internet, TV and video through the same display and speaker set up. And have I mentioned the perps just love to mess with switches, wire signal/power paths, cable colors, lighted buttons and the like? Way too often I suspect.

Finally, I get to my email at home and after switch cables, and there is no message from the person I was expecting one from. I wonder if this job opening will suddenly go dead; that is, a promising job posting and an encouraging reply, to which I confirm that I am interested, and then poof, nothing happens at all. The black hole of the internet comes on. All arranged immediately prior to a three day weekend, the Victoria Day holiday, all to sustain the suspense/annoyance. Totally predictable in a hindsight kind of way. They don't sabotage everything, all the time, but instead allow a sliver of hope at the begining, and then hit the victim with a jerkaround/go dead/sabotage stunt. Aka FUD swamping the victim.

Brown box games; two vehicles arriving, one each side of me as I finished packing a blue jacket (one size too big) in it to send back for a size L. A green dressed ambulatory stalker on me at the next stop in the parking lot and then "happening" by when I finished up at the LD store where the post office is. It is a rare event that I purchase a pack a brown box in a parking lot, having brought my tape dispenser and felt pen to address it.

At the vineyard today, extra obvious stalking by the Albanian, somehow stopping in mid-row so he could start in the row immediately behind me after I began a new row of vines. (Have I mentioned that a direction change is a big perp harassment moment, aka, anisotropic event? Too often) Earlier, this half-wit took his morning break immediately following me. I worked to 1030h (0700h start) and took my break (much later than usual), and lo, if he didn't come in as soon as I sat down. He eats in his red metallic maroon vehicle (prime gangstalking color), and parks in the strangest places, eg. where everyone turns their vehicles and a half-assed transverse to the only paved driveway. Yesterday, his parking was at least 10 rows removed where he finished up, meaning extra walking time to get to it, and from my experience, sane farm laborers don't ever do that, especially a certain Asian group.

And at my residence, what it with the headphone wire suddenly going on the fritz and the music dropping out? This insane shit has gone on before, and it is consistent with other sources/devices/headphones suddenly

Saturday, and so far (1100h) a day of fucking hell. It began with the mold I found (again) in the NW corner of this place, on my suitcase which was stored there 2" away from the wall. There is no way mold should of been there, but it was.

Then the detergent jug leaked in the laundry duffle bag, and had to be cleaned up. (This being laundry day). The change machine at the laundromat was on the fritz again, so I had barely enough change to start the clothes in two washing machines.

My vehicle had a layer of yellow pollen on it, and so with the grey and yellow mold on the suitcase, I decided to take it to the car wash though the instruction signs make it clear that one is to wash a vehicle only, nothing else. The change machine there didn't take my $20 either, and I went to the attendant's office, but the door was locked. On my way back he (in a fugly ponytail, ballcap and shorts, -count four Unfavoreds) caught up with me and I gave him my $20. After two attempts he finally got it to make change after several attempts at a different machine. I washed my vehicle, and when ready to wash the briefcase I checked around, and he was busy outside washing a vehicle. I cleaned the suitcase up for some two minutes, and put it back in the trunk. About a minute later he comes through my bay for no seeming reason, and did this at least twice more as I continued with washing my vehicle. When I exited in my vehicle, why, he was standing at the wall with his hands on his hips as if fed up with me and my non-car cleaning (which he never saw. I just don't understand these kind of arranged events where someone acts if they know what I did but did not know in conventional physical terms.

The HDMI switcher began working as "somehow" the power cord was pulled out of the transformer box by 1/4", an old time perp trick which I somehow forgot. Now that the switcher is working (can be turned on/off) why, the signal won't go to this here PC, and I had to yet again re-route the wires after I had undone yesterday's re-routing

I got major stalked on a three stop out more chase down, this time at athe bank, and the hamper thing, rolling it just past me, getting it closer than the stalker dragging could. Then behind me, a fat elder Fuckwit in red and on his cell phone. Four same red vehicles dispersed in the parking lot, and lo, if my phone camera didn't work at that moment. And the outdoor lighting isn't on any more, the sodium arc lamp outside was on in day time for the past two years, but isn't now.

I got screwed out of an additonal errand due to a forced "forget"; this is for wall anchors, an ongoing hassle in getting the right size to mount towel rails in the bathroom. Then too, I got screwed out of a plastic bag (sack in US) to pack my groceries out to the vehicle. They always ask me, and suddenly they don't.

Monday, and a nationnal holiday. The smoke alarm went off for no apparent reason and I had to take it down and get the battery out.

Yesterday, everyone went quiet at the R**a store checkout while I was paying cash, and too, delays, with this Fuckwit staff member in a wheelchair buzzing around the cashier, and then behind me, he in a staff yellow shirt. Then a red dressed fuckwit followed me out to the door, and then stopped and turned around in some mock interest in something. I haven't had an "all quiet" eruption occur for at least four years, and then it "happens" again.

A hike today, and hordes of vehicles on the road, along with the much loathed HD motorcycles and their noise. Another herd of at least 30 elder hikers again, this time before I got to the junction, so instead I went to a different destination. I wasn't alone as it "happened"; while eating my lunch a boy of 16 y.o. or so in shorts only runs down the trail with his dog some 150' away. I was off the trail and observing his activity (aka, constant threat assessment). Then he stops, mills around for three minutes or so, encircling a cluster of trees, and then he starts running again, but in the opposite direction, toward the way he came from. I have seen plenty of 180 degree ambulatory stalking stunts, but this one was positively berserk. It is the first time they have sent a stalker to this location, but as always, I am never alone for long.

The perps pulled a cloud to obstruct the sun while sitting down, so no tanning there. They had me get a tan back at my residence though, an hour outside and reading the McLibel story. And of course, the neighborhood noise started up; hot rod mufflers noise, no muffler noise, HD motorcycles and some lawnmower noise added in.

Time to get this posted, and slack of me to not get this done yesterday (Sunday).

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