Sunday, April 27, 2014

Where My Music Comes From

Eight months later I finally get it together to put a modest introduction together for my alternate blog (Potemkin Villager), dealing with technology related to hassling the living shit, literally and figuratively, out of TI victims.

Sunday evening, and they let me out for a hike today, and the weather was decent. Though they did "de-tune" the sun over the afternoon as it got hazy with a high elevation overcast. The new backpack is becoming a pain, as it doesn't have that wonderful mesh frame that keeps it off my back that the small Deuter has. Backpacks are a constant ergonomic flux that I cannot get right, save aforementioned Deuter that is a useful lunch pail (28L) for nearly 10 years, but forget about packing for weather changes even for a day hike.

Anyhow, music listening seems to be a particular focus for the perps of late, and where I get the music from and in what form. Examples are online FLAC file sources, from a CD disc, and then the same music converted to a file. Also too is the location of the files; this here PC or the NAS I got stiffed with, and soon it seems, from a USB stick. The universal player has a different set of headphones and some of those discs are now copied into files. And too, I got hit with another order for 9 items that got split into seven sub-orders, some of which is coming from the UK for only $3.49 shipping. This isn't the first time, but it seems that the journey of the CD is also important for the perps, hence these used discs, often $1 or so, to be shipped from across North America and the UK for a ridiculously low price. If I was to order it from, they would nail me for $16/CD. Go figure.

Then the utter abusive nonsense over my car deck is still going on; the Source button somehow (now) misses the CD choice and inserts another FM band. Well, there is a separate button for a "band" (a collection of FM or AM stations), and I didn't press it and somehow it got inserted into the Source button selection. And now, when I restart the vehicle it reverts to the "Tuner" source instead of where it was on the CD source. It was working fine until two weeks ago; if it was playing a CD when I stopped, it would pick up where it left off when I re-started the vehicle. Like WTF; a perfectly working CD-tuner deck goes wonky and "forgets" about the CD player and now reverts to Tuner when I re-start the vehicle.

The perps seem to be holding up an HDMI switch I need to get my player to have a display to set up file access, so at some point I expect to be switching between the two sources to access the same file, aka "convergence". It has only been a month since I ordered this HDMI switch, and I have sent the supplier two emails as to what is going on, to no response.

An online order went amiss yesterday, to send money to a lossless music file provider. I emailed them with the transaction number and they fixed it, conveniently forgetting that I had a download that didn't arrive and was billed for it. How three things went wrong when paying by credit card is beyond me, but have I not mentioned that all my financial transactions get gangstalked, screwed with or otherwise surveilled? Way too often to be sure.

Another online order got stalled out when the Create Account button didn't work, after I complied with all the mandatory data field entries. This wretched server rack project I got stiffed with is one that never ends. I ordered slides at $20/pair  instead of $80/pair from server rack equipment suppliers. But of course that was too easy, as one must have connecting brackets to mount them. One supplier had wrap-around brackets that were made for a 1.74" width slide. My slides were 1.75" a single full U (rack Unit), so I knew they wouldn't fit. That was good for two weeks of stalling me out, and then in a moment of imposed "rationalization", (e.g. sloppy fitting, it will be OK, trust us), I ordered these brackets. They cost me $100 for four pairs (ordering half of what I needed for some "reason"), and when they arrived two weeks later, why, they didn't fit. Out by 0.01" and there was no way around it. That was good for stalling me out for four weeks, and when I had a second look at the mount brackets supplier, they had a design that was flat and no wrap-around flanges, which would fit for sure. And in attempting to remedy this long playing imposed ineptitude the perps crashed the above mentioned purchase attempt. And what is the whole point of this idiotic obstruction and protraction?

It never ends; for my online banking I wanted to add an "payee" to my online list, I found the right one, selected it, and there was no actual "Add" button for crissakes. The Enter button did nothing, and moving the cursor around to find a hidden button (it has "happened" in the past on some sites) found nothing. Tried another browser, got a blank page, tried another browser and logged in OK and the same problem. Did I not forecast (in general) this in my last blog posting? Now I find my question is part of online discussion for crissakes.

I got a reply about the"Add" button missing, and it is "Next, Clear, or Back", none of which was there either. When I phoned the next day to make the transfer, the customer service person wasn't too surprised that a missing button prevented me from adding a payee. "No selection button, that's strange", and on with managing this over the phone. That's strange, why aren't you more surprised and concerned about the bank's web pages breaking and preventing customers from normal online transactions? Of course I never get to skewer the assholes with a smart ass reply, never.

A half-assed holiday in Canada, this Easter Monday; government offices are closed and that is about it. The vineyard work was about the same, the owner going over my winemaking notes with me, and then some lame-assed chores to do. One was delivering a jug of sulphuric acid to the neighbor apple farmer, on the same trip I made to fill a hole in the road near the pumpshouse next to the lake. Had to make a second trip, and lots of vehicles passing by of course....

PVC pipe fittings, taking it back plus more back, always a big perp event. I got set up and screwed around by the staff in the morning as all I wanted a straight 4" pipe connection, no bell end and no fittings/couplers. And guess what, he gives me the latter kind. The counter dude didn't know that there was a third kind of 4" pipe screw cap termination until I mentioned that I got some in the past, and only then did he go back to the supplies to find what I was looking for. I had the vineyard owner's receipt, taking back her pipe fittings too (of a few weeks ago, still in her purse), and took a piece of the straight pipe from the vineyard for which I was making up filter cartridge storage tubes. That begot plenty of activity around me, and too, when getting a refund. And it got screwed up, because the owner got the refund and I didn't get my reciept to claim. Out $24.

Jerked out of going to yoga on Monday for some curious reason; the instructor teaches two classes on Monday, but for some reason only the latter one I don't go to. Some one wanted Power Yoga off the schedule today

A rainy morning, and fairly wet on the irrigation system work in the creek gully. I got to work out at the gym in the evening, and my regular big sloppy shorted Fuckwit was hounding me. At one point he arrives on a bench beside me, some 4' away, and then just sits there staring into the mirror. As before, going back to 2006-07 gym visits, I have never seen so many people go to a gym just to sit around.

I worked in a creek or the gully under trees for much of the day, and a big gangstalk scene it was when I finished and on my driving commute back. I stopped at LD and the freakshow was in fine form. What is the deal with these weirds who enter the store while I am at the check out and then stop there, some 4' behind me in the middle of the main thoroughfare of the store? Fucking berserk, and it "happened" in two successive visits at the LD store. And I got scooped twice in succession at the checkouts, different ones, getting ahead of me. Funny how that happens so often and only extremely rarely do I scoop anyone. Maybe less than six times where I scoop a shill in the last 12 years, and some 150-200 times where they scoop me.

Got to use a chainsaw for about five minutes before it sputtered out on me. The owner somehow got it working just fine, making excuses that they have a limited running life. Ridiculous. They haven't let me run a chainsaw for at least 6 years, my brother's being the last one, coming straight from the shop and it wouldn't start. Not forgetting that bizarre incident about then, when going to the bus stop near the First Feral Family house, a Fuckwit walks out with a chainsaw from an empty lot, crosses the street and places it some 30' into the field in front of the church at the corner. Then he walks back to the empty lot and disappears. I had been using a chainsaw the day before, and this placed chainsaw was visible and some 120' from the bus stop I waited at. I think I posted a pic of it at the time.

Yoga on a Wednesday due to its seeming cancellation on Monday, A dishy blonde instructor, and the usual all-woman crew (class members) there, plus two drop-ins. Her Blondeness parked in front of me for some reason, as she is just about always across the room blocking my view on the side mirrors. There was plenty of room on the E side, but no one filled it for some reason. Perhaps they put Fuckwits there on the outside of the wall, leaning their backs to it possibly.

Planted romantic notions over the fantasy Fat Girl come and go all day it seems; funny how the Fat Girl theme comes on so strong when I haven't met any, or don't want to check them out.

A mid-morning visit to the urologist started the gangstalking frenzy today, replete with male Fuckwits in the office, one somehow scooting in ahead of me after doing his legs-wide crotch exposure while seated.

Then the helicopter was out when I exited, streams of gangstalking vehicles, the dump truck, the trains of color coordinated vehicles, and then my boss phones me enroute when he "happened" to be ahead of me, driving back from his doctor's visit. More fine coincidences again, and I caught up with him and his wife at the gate to their vineyard.

I was finally let out to do some work under the trees again, the irrigation pipes need to be supported, so I took some grape trellis posts and put two together, and a third to lean on them. Putting CCA (Cadmium, Copper and Arsenic) treated posts (the green colored ones) in a creek to forever leach these wonderful chemicals isn't my style, but that is how it is done here. And we know who likes to pollute things don't we? Just another variable in their long running pollute-the-earth games.

And it was the first day without coffee, per above urologist's suggestion. And lo, if the excessive morning time peeing just didn't suddenly stop. So... we have entered a new brown food/beverage testing phase by eliminating one daily brown colored beverage. It is extremely common for the perps to work from more complex events and then simplify them by removing one variable at a pre-defined determination. Bring on the chocolate anyhow; I don't see the perps giving up on this brown colored food.

I was all set to work out at the gym again this week, per planted notions. But only 2.5 min. on treadmill before I got inexplicably tired made it a pointless endeavor. The big fugly shorts dude was right behind me for the event of premature treadmill shutdown and hounded me all over the place after that, even planning his furry leg show (calves only, as his shorts were so long), when I was upside down on the bending over jig. The perps have a history of shutting down running, and the recent gym visits of the past two weeks suggested that they might be relenting, but only a single 15 min. treadmill exercise once per week is allowed. Back in 2003 in the first year of this abuse, they let me run outside, but after some months they totally shut me down by making me suddenly tired and lifeless, and there was no point in continuing. In 2006 when at the gym for an organized group session they only let me run so they could learn how to screw me out of body memory. They would scramble me as to my maximum speed, 10km/hr, and plant the notion that it was say, 11km/hr, and then when I noticed from body memory this was way too fast, the gangstalkers would swarm by. Or they did at first, but after some 10 sessions or so they had only a few come by when I noticed the treadmill was going too fast. It was mission accomplished when they ran me at 11km/hr and "somehow" I didn't notice for 30 seconds or so.

Only 1135h on this Saturday, but what a gangstalking and Fuckover scene. At least six rage-ifications when making breakfast because of imposed messes; drops of milk hopping out of the pan twice, sending me to the fridge when I wanted the cupboard and a few others. A full frontal body hair shave this morning, another perp excitement event.

Then onto laundry, always a perp obsession especially that I head out to a laundromat. The boom/elevated platform was in the next house across the alley from my vehicle, the Fuckwit doing tall tree trimming. The laundromat had the loafing male in the white pickup sitting outside, but no one in it at first. About a minute later, some three parties of males arrive within half a minute, one party of two seemed to need to put on the yap. The skinhead of the party had me lined up for a stare when I looked in his direction, and his long hair pal kept his back to me. The skinhead later blocked the central aisle to force me around a table where another skinhead male was busy with his laundry, (he had just arrived, and then tailed me outside to his still-running vehicle next to mine). The red colored pants wearing laundromat male stalker was back again, making sure I saw plenty of his fugly red pants in my peripherial vision all the while.

Then onto the recycle glass depot amidst the long trains of gangstalking vehicles, and they even had one stop in mid-street outside the depot, stopping me for a half minute before I got the last parking stall as it was packed for some reason. Then the perps scrambled me as to where the tanning salon was, forcing me to go around twice. More long trains of gangstalking vehicles, adding some that went way too slow.

At the tanning salon, the near-ubiquitous male hanging around at the desk talking to the woman attendant was in place. And lo, if I didn't get fucked around as the bed didn't turn on when I was undressed with lotion slathered on me. This same bullshit almost "happened" two weeks ago when I was last there, a seeming flaky switch. There was no other customers in the place, so what was so complicated about setting it up? Apart from last week with a different attendant, there was never any problem over three winters. Just another jerkaround as far as I am concerned, last week being a "warm up".

Other freaks that were on show were the "jaywalking" motorized wheel chair, this Fuckwit woman crossing the road at an oblique angle to maximize street crossing time where I made a R turn for the last laundry load from the dryer. On the way back, why this same freak was crossing the road diagonally at the intersection where I made a R turn. An in-lane white stalker van came to lead me on my last trip as well; from where I was parked in the lane to 95% of the way there. I don't normally get this extra intense vehicular gangstalking, but it seems the perps were putting on all the abuse they could, and probably following on from that bullshit at the gym last night, per above. Add in the dithering dipshits driving, the excessive numbers of ambulatory Fuckwits doing high arm swings, and the red-coat/shirt types, a final coup de grace with a his-and-her both in red coats, though dissimilar reds, holding hands, he in fugly brown shorts for crissakes.

Another event this morning was the landlady dropping off two Amazon orders, that presumably, arrived yesterday. It is just that she timed dropping them off just when I set off for the last trip to the laundromat. Not that she knocked on the door or otherwise introduced herself. And have I mentioned how often the perps like to arrange stunts and noises whenever I take possession of something. Adding fuel to their non-consensual human experimentation agenda, it that the two packages contained used CD's, which I am now listening to. All part of where the music comes from; not only where the CD is shipped from, but played off what device and in what form. Just to think, the whole MP3 thing of reduced music content and passing it around free on the web must be part of the perp's human research plan.

More music interaction; listening to LR and the Stone Ponys while ripping a CD also from today's mail arrival. Call it "music source confluence"; music from a disc player while ripping and editing metadata. Another variant is listening to a file download while ripping and editing another CD, different from LR but with a similar vocal range and tone. A related stunt was having me listen to music from my disc player and mind-fuck me into "thinking" that the PC media player could control it. An elaboration of this was that playing a file on the PC and it was faint; and the planted notion was that the download file has a copying problem. No.. it was the disc player's headphones on my head with nothing playing, and the faint music was from the headphones sitting on the PC. Exciting times in Perp-ville.

Later in the afternoon; is it just me, but why is robust software breaking of late? Media Center is serious hi-fi music player and it won't start properly and hangs, and has to be given the End Task treatment to end it. I start it again, and then it is fine. Tag Scanner is blowing up with "invalid pointer reference" when it has been rock solid for the last two years.

More screaming at the assholes as they have blocked Cue Tools from working and then all the other music file splitting software I can find is compromised by versions that don't work unless I pay up, even if they say "Free Download" etc. And why would someone be so stupid to put all the songs of one album into one file in the first place? Dealing with the daily inanity of this unrelenting string of sabotaged software is more than I can take. The supposed all inclusive Media Player for which I paid $50 doesn't have any cue splitting functionality. Talk about a gross oversight, but of course I wasn't exposed to this whole file album absurdity until after I bought the software, some two years into ripping audio files (no mp3's). Then to type out this paragraph is also subject to finger fumbling sabotage to the point of yet more screaming at the assholes.

I got hit for a 1.5 hour nap attack around 1700h. Always a good way to punch a hole in one's day, as in nothing to show for it.

Time to call this week done, and suffer another.

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