Sunday, August 25, 2013

Alarm Clock Games

I got screwed again over the alarm clock; twice this time. I awoke at 0445h to find the alarm not set and so I set it and went back to sleep. About 50 min. later I awoke to find that it didn't go off at 0500h, and was screwed out of getting my usual timely start. So... only one cup of coffee instead of two, and then shaving only my face and none of the other regular places. And I suppose, having been through this once last week, the big perp test is to see if changing my shaving routine is in some way remotely measurable by whatever means they use. The usual "not my problem..." refrain applies here too.

Yesterday's yoga class spared me the Fuckwit in red, though they had two males in class when there has been consistently none, save me for the last 8 months, except last week's aforementioned all-red case. They put the hideous tattoo-ed arms dude 6' away to my R. and the other male was as far away as possible, some 20'. And another curiousity was that the mats of many class members were already in place before they arrived. They would walk in for the first time and onto their mat. A different class was held immediately before, so maybe they took the class, slunk out of the rear door and then came in through the front door, timed with my movement into the class. Most strange. The Tall Girl was behind me this time, and has been a regular mat neighbor for the past 6 months (L, R, and now behind, and in S facing and N facing orientations). I don't know the significance of the Tall Girl gangstalking, but it has increased of late. By that I mean, 6' or taller, as I am 5'11".

Said hideous tattoo-ed dude had been a regular lobby only stalker after class ended, but now they have injected him into the advanced yoga class for whatever reason. The young but stocky woman to my L had a faded tattoo on her shoulder, so by putting me between two tattoo acts, maybe it was about quantum entanglement of the respective tattoos. I have no idea why the perps decide to place tattoo acts around me, except to disgust/annoy me, but the above mentioned refrain applies, "not my problem, so why....".

A day of dimming of the sun for half the day; a strange and persistent cloud managed to pull off tracking the sun for at least three hours.

The eyeglasses switch again; the broken temple piece is to be repaired, so I get temporary temples until the repair is done. Like WTF; they unilaterally order temples for temporary use, and "forget" to tell me as I could use them with my old lenses.

Many more strange vision perturbations with these old non-progressive eyeglasses lenses that I am wearing as my back-up pair as I type this. Two weeks ago, there was minimal transition perturbations, but there is this time "somehow" there is.

Then the Large Dude force needed to stalk me in the LD store after swapping glasses. Them and their ridiculous shorts and hairy legs.

An eyeglasses exchange again; the new lenses (of two weeks ago) with a pair of new "loaner" temples while my regular pair are shipped off to a lab somewhere that can solder titanium. Recall that the optician somehow broke the solder job on the R side and it was joined with a plastic tube splice and later my own white adhesive tape as the former came apart while the optician was away all last week. And delaying the repair job too of course.

An wearing my special temporary specs on a workday; new (two week old) lenses, loaner temples, and the bridge from my old pair.

And when going to deposit my check at the ATM at 0630h, the dude force "joined me" at the ATM again;  the preceding Fuckwit from a pickup that was the same color as my vehicle, metallic middle grey, was scripted to get ahead of me. Another dude was in a white pickup and crossed both our paths before getting to the bank.

The perps pulled a rain, which had the unerring knack of stopping when I had the appropriate head wear. Then when not wearing a hat, why, the rain started up again. On with the hat after lunch, and lo, if it didn't stop raining again.

A fake MVA on the way home after a big stakeout at LD where they obstructed the check outs, and one female Fuckwit bought a box of 1lb coffee bags, all to add extra "browning around" at the checkout. Another Fuckwit walked in with a pane of double glaze glass while I was waiting in line for crissakes.

No printed receipt for my gasoline purchase again; the third time in three successive fill-ups at two different fuel vendors. And the ATM did this to me a few weeks ago. I can hear the printer, but no paper comes out.

I went to the farmers market early, but there was still a crowd of waddlers and dawdlers, all designed around obstructing me in making egress. Even the ones that pretend not to hear or see me manage to do this as I am approaching behind them and their timing is perfect to verr in front of my intended path.

I see that the laundromat freaks were in place again; one woman on crutches was attempting to clean up a water mess on the floor. Sorry, I am not going to help, as I get in and out as fast as I can before another freak get in my way. Bald males, fat women, shiftless gaped mouthed males, elder males with the dumb tourist hat and shorts etc.

Current day MIB at the SOF supermarket were tailing me; "happening" to come by when I was shopping/looking at freezer containers at each of two locations. Then as the third time finale, there were near the checkouts with these large-gutted MIB pointing toward me. No bowler hats, ties or umbrellas of course, but black seems to be the new look for "management" as the staff are normally in green T-shirts.

Later my internet was taken out as the profile was suddenly lost and then it wouldn't let me access the profile via the settings as it was greyed out. Cute trick that. then it fixed itself somehow, hence this posting continuing.

And it just never fucking ends, even if it looks that way. After paying child support for my daughter for four extra years because the lawyer changed the agreement without my knowledge, as we had agreed earlier on a date, her 19th birthday. Somehow it got changed to "upon reaching the age of majority", which turns out to be a loosey-goosey legal term to mean the end of post-secondary education to the age of 25. The ex is now hitting me up for $100 per month as our daughter got an internship for four months, which is code for nearly free labor. So here we go again, another financial request after four extra years of monthly payments, courtesy of the lawyer's malfeasance, though directed by another party.

And to put the "intern" word into play again, as it has been on the news often of late. In this province an intern position can only be made available to those in an academic program, but somehow this has slipped the attention of one of Vancouver's most prominent sports team.

Yesterday (Saturday) I met up with the out-of-town brother and family who came here to Penticton for the Challenge Triathalon, as he will be doing running in a team triathalon. And it was up to me to phone and find out where they were and their plans yesterday when they arrive two days earlier (Thursday). Visiting First Feral Family members often engage in strange uncommunicative behaviors; I didn't know he was to come until four days ago when talking to my perp-abetting mother on the phone.

And a much sudden "need" to get onto freezing the surplus of cucumbers and zucchinis that I happened to pick from the vegetable garden plot at the vineyard. I was responsible for watering it through the week and was offered to take all the ripe vegetables that I wanted. That then morphed into "needing" a food processor to handle the volume, some 20 of them. And while in Walmart for getting a cutting board as two regular vendors seemed to be out of them, there was a great deal (likely subsidized) on a $50 vacuum cleaner the cleaning lady at the vineyard was raving about. The shelves were empty of the model I wanted, and while walking the aisle to get to the checkout, why, there was a pallet load of the very model I was looking for. A surge of five males erupted from different directions when I picked up the brown cardboard boxed vacuum cleaner, and at one of them led me to the checkout area.

As usual, the dudes are wearing fugly check and plaid shorts, all to put on the hairy legs which the the perps like me to see as part of the Unfavored features tour. And a surplus of male guts to be observed in profile. Then a four-some (a party of one, and of three) of gangstalkers led me out of the Walmart, each of them taking a separate door on cue. Plus an E. Indian male was coming straight at me, making that he wanted to go to the washroom door I was passing by, he of the Smirk Squad.

This is  race day (Sunday), and many of the streets are blocked off, so that constrained my vehicular egress, hence the above Walmart visit. But it didn't stop the "open door" twits from gangstalking me; an extra contingent of Fuckwits puttering at an open door of a vehicle, and as soon as I arrive as close as I am going to get, why, the puttering suddenly stops and they tail me. And race day, with some of the FFF in town also coincides with different ear pressures which I cannot shake off, or otherwise manipulate to end. Also added into the cognitive assaults is that I have the sensation of being stoned, drunk or somehow detached from my environment. This has gone on all day so far (1330h as I write this, and will doubtless continue with my inaugural use of the new food processor.

Yesterday, while with the above mentioned FFF at the beach, yet again, an eruption of extra-jocular males (two playing buddy-buddy) cavorted in our proximity, and their exuberant inanity persisted for at least 1.5 hours. Though no sand was kicked up in my face or any other imminent fuckery that happens to erupt. The perps also put on three young women in bikinis in front, so they were a more welcome distraction. And too, some people are doing the weirdest things; walking along the beach and then they decide to stand in the water, some 40' away at a depth of 2' or less for at least 10 minutes. Then they retire to the beach to lie down or sit up for a half hour, and then do another round of senseless standing in the water for 20 minutes. As usual, there was plenty of hot-rod muffler noise and HD motorcycle noise as a background to being at the beach. Another variance was a nearby party having their dog on the beach, which is expressly disallowed according to the posted signs. Once I wondered how people got away with this BS when there are so many others around, but no more; they got permission from the Arrangers who also ensured that there were no bylaw enforcement personnel.

And today, there have been plenty of extra abuses and telekinetic fuckery; crumbs or hairs that arrive from no where when my back is turned, usually on just-cleaned surfaces. One of their all time favorites is to have onion skins arrive from nowhere, that were formerly in the garbage can. Another was dill fragments that arrived in places it was nowhere close to. The dill aroma was getting so prevalent in perp tricks that I eventually threw it out as I was fed up with the level of exploitation the perps were putting me through. As it was likely the first dill that I had purchased in over 30 years, because it is too smelly for my liking, the perps thought they could exploit it to the max.

Plenty of damage to fabrics and sheets of late; pics to follow for the next posting, assuming I will remember this commitment.

[Minor grammatical changes made 08-31-2013]


Anonymous said...

Same here. I'm just under 6', and when I was in particular college town, I saw this light-skinned black girl, real tall, a good bit taller than I, wearing a knee brace. And there must be something like brown-skinned girls wearing knee braces who are real tall they are trying to enumerate here. And she was in "oblivious" or ignore mode, pretending like I wasn't there as she was walking past.

Anonymous said...

I saw one oddity that stood out: a woman toting a blue/red umbrella out in the rain. I thought it was an odd color combination, and one that I didn't think had any significance whatsoever. So why the blue/red combo?

Anonymous said...

Dog walkings are very common, and has been very constant in my experience as a TI. I can recall this happening after I graduated from high school in '87. So this one older woman had her dog with her, and this dog just goes bananas with the insane barking, and I just took off running, thinking the dog was surely going to come after me. But when I came back around, the lady was like "Why did you run away?!" Seems like she was blaming my running away from the aggressive barking as the cause of the aggressive barking in the first place.

They seem to prefer bigger dogs, such as Labs and German Shepherds in my experience. They did put on a small grunting Beagle recently with its nose to the ground, in true hound dog fashion.

AJH said...

Answer to "Same here..."

I didn't think much of the tall girls theme until a few months ago when the darling pixie yoga instructor was talking to the one tall girl after class, in close proximity to each other. It is a dead giveaway that the perps arrange cute girls (Favored), especially blondes (highly Favored), near dudes (Unfavored). But as tall girls don't strike me in any way as Unfavored, (possibly Neutral) I began to wonder if I have some kind of abreaction to tall girls that I cannot detect, but the perps can. I still don't know the answer to this, though this tall girl has been my next door yoga mat neighbor sometimes, and then is placed one of two mat distances apart other times. (Distance dependent games).

The knee brace is another perp gangstalker giveaway IMHO. Getting an alternate color off negro skin was evident in the first takedown in 2002, as they had a negro woman "patient" (gangstalker) with a bandaid on her cheek sometimes. Funny how these similar tactics cover the TI population.

AJH said...

Answer to: "I saw one oddity that stood out..."

I don't know about the color combinations that would occur for other TI's, but for me, red is Unfavored and blue is Favored, so it would seem they were blending them for their respective energetic effects on the TI. I would assume many of the color combinations and psychic reactions are common with other TI's, especially if they have been placed into military, clerical or clinical abuse situations as children.

AJH said...

Answer to: "Dog walkings are very common..."

No question that pet animals serve as some kind of extra biofield signature of value to the perps. And of course, dogs are the main pet that get to walk with gangstalkers outside of the home, and in the proximity of TI's in public. Small dogs with gangstalkers are more common in my experience, but then I had three Newfoundland dogs when growing up and early post-education adulthood. This week they put two Newfies in a wood rail box trailer and towed it behind a vehicle, arranging it twice in one day. Dog size and coat color will vary I suppose, possibly relating to past animal ownership. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

When I first saw the Blue/Red umbrella, I figured it was a suggestion that was associated with the University of Arizona, as in, that I should apply there. Or that maybe they "predict" that I will eventually go to grad school there. This is kind of crazy, because I'm from Pennsylvania. It would be a 2300mi drive.

Also, another song from 76/77, Lido Shuffle by Boz Scaggs, talks about the subject blowing town and going somewhere to give it one last shot. He is making a cross-country trip, apparently. And he is also in "a tombstone bar", which is odd because Tombstone is a town not far from where the U of A is. So if they were suggesting back in 77 that I would be near Tombstone, I find that crazy. Maybe it's a psy-op song. The perps have been so closely attached to me and into my life since I don't know how far back. I figured that since 1987, but '77 is a stretch. That song talks about how he's going to give it "one last shot then we'll quit it". It sounds so much like my recent plans, which involve giving it one last legit shot to go back to grad school else all is lost.

Could Scaggs and his songwriting partner have been involved with this too?

AJH said...

Answer to: "When I first saw the..."

I wouldn't know if Boz Scaggs' songwriting was part of the life events then or now. But I strongly suspect the perps were onto you from birth or maybe by two years old (when permanent memories begin). I say this because another TI found this to be true the more she reflected on the oddities in her life; career changes, assaults etc.

In your early years, perhaps nothing was arranged with others' prior involvement and scripted events, but the perps don't need to do this to follow someone covertly. As you have suggested in past Comments, your parents seem to be in on your present day harassment, so at some point the perps must of brought them in on it, and then increased the scripting as known by them and others in advance. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

There were some gangstalkers who were doing harassment duty that pushed me over the edge. I was witnessing a skit as I walked past this one house with a party going on at night. Well, the "guests" as well as some household members were perping me with a skit, and I was very mad about it all night. In the morning, I typed up a letter stating that they were harassing me under a certain state law, and I quoted the law. I told them to pay particular attention to part (c) of this ordinance against harassment. LOL, and I dropped it off in their mailbox.

Of course, the perps have to know their control tactics and scripted stunts are clear violation of stalking and harassment laws. So it's funny to me that I printed off a letter quoting the exact law/ordinance they were guilty of violating.

Also, it brings to mind the song "Since You Been Gone" where the person brings up "I read the words that you send to me" and "Your poison letter, your telegram". It's from '76, and it's ironic that I find myself in '13 writing letters addressed to the perps addressing the legality of their harassment/stalking tactics. The reason I wrote the letter is that I was severely pissed off at being harassed and the fact that they do it so openly and in clear violation of the laws.

As I was taking the letter down to the household where I got harassed, there was a gangstalker going for a morning jog on the most dangerous side of the road, and one cop was out patrolling at the time. He waved to me to do damage control to make sure that I knew the perps wanted things to be out of control. I suppose the perps don't want exposure to the law, either.

AJH said...

Answer to: "There were some gangstalkers..."

The perps own the police in my experience, and aren't too concerned about the law anyhow, given that remotely or directly harassing TI victims is just another ho-hum day at the office. Never mind the remote mind invasive technologies that pass for situation-normal.

I find that song lyrics is like numerology; there is no end of associative possibilities that could be applied. Thanks for the comments.