Sunday, August 18, 2013

Spooked by the Weather Forecast

I was serious about going hiking today, but the weather forecast called for a thunderstorm warning in the afternoon, so I backed off and it became a mellow morning of online putzing and some music listening. As the sun was out at lunch time, I tanned on the  lawn outside my door, a rare treat to have a private tanning location free from ants (when in the woods) or stalker games that erupt near me at the beach. It started out quiet, and later got silly with dude babble noise, aircraft noise, hot rod muffler noise and the much loathed HD noise. Silly, because they were pushing these through so I would hear them while my fave music was playing on my Android phone. They did some dimming with clouds for the first half hour, and then let me cook for an hour or so until the phone suddenly crashed. About then more clouds were rolling in so I gave it up. Then onto a shower and a body hydrating creme to "seal in" the tanning benefits. And the phone is crashed to the point that it won't re-boot from a battery pull, so I will have to take it to the blonde Cleavage Girl at Telus again for her magic touch, like last time. (The script is that she wears a low cut top and then leans over the desk with my phone in hand, and ensures I get a full view/distraction when the phone springs to life).

And here we are at 2030h, and no thunderstorm, just a spit of rain while reading the Data Asylum site someone mentioned. I know that movies are often used as vehicles to reveal "tells", to let us in on what is being done to the human race, so it was most interesting to read about it as the perps keep me movie impoverished to say the least.

The perps like me to apply face or body cremes of late, say the last five months. They will even have me mix two kinds in my hand and apply it. After 11 years of insane abuse, this is where they are at. That would exclude sun block, as they have me use it all summer time, each day. And of course, work colleagues are also doing the same, often applying it early in the morning and wearing it all day, where they have me apply it at about 1000h.

Yoga yesterday, and the token male (besides me) came in red shirt and white shorts. He brings a plastic shopping bag in with him for crissakes. Later I see that he took the white shorts off and had red ones to match his shirt. And how often to I get red-white color combinations, including vehicle colors and vehicles backing up? At least 20x/day, and here we have a perp rube in yoga doing something similar.

The Cleavage Girl got my phone working again; apparently one has to hold down the on-off switch, something she could of told me last time. But no cleavage; she stood straight up and had a higher necked top and some kind of undergarment to flatten out her chest. All for the better.

The great white bearded E. Indian at work (on contract) had to show off his beard again, this time from 160' away, while I was speaking with the owner. Later I saw that he placed his lunch next to the two red plastic gerry cans, that are used for diesel fuel. That would be blatantly aiding the Fuckover cause IMHO, given the amount of hijinx over petroleum products that goes on, such as extra noise and gangstalking when fuelling up my vehicle. Maybe oil spills are part of the perp agenda as well, though it depends on how far one wants to go down the road of a controlled world.

No tanning allowed today on the vineyard; high cloud, and then later some lower cloud as part of the dimming games.

I got screwed this am; somehow, I got out of bed 30 min. later than I thought. Therefore no torso shaving to make up time, and do these shaving area variations ever end?

A Saturday, and normally a day off, but I did some irrigation work for two hours, and then drove back into town. As this was an exceptional event (weekends off usually), the vehicular gangstalking was heavy, at least twice the usual coverage. Then a 3.5 hour nap attack in the afternoon; talk about putting a hole in one's day.

A 30 min. rambling conversation on the phone from my farm work colleague in Victoria. I don't know quite what to make of her; I get "miss you" emails once every few months, but definitely nothing happened between us January 2013. Just an extended tease with the perps adding leading suggestions in mind. Nothing, absolutely nothing goes unscripted or arranged in my circumstances of being a kept TI, and even my daughter isn't allowed to offer much contact. But here is a three year old  acquaintance with someone who has worked at many of the places I have worked, before or after me or while working in farm jobs. Transiting to the last visit to her place in Victoria was quite a spectacle; army vehicles escorting me, helicopters overhead, and an outrageous traffic jam/vehicular gangstalking in mid-day. So who but an operative would be dispatched to keep in contact with this TI (me) for this long? She touches on all the perp subjects; e.g. employment, work, money, running a business and then talking about her sex life too, but never shows any interest in my harassment/abuse events. I haven't yet figured out if she is a real deal with perp sponsorship, or else a scripted morph-over of a certain well known female that seems to have a role in this harassment/abuse state which I have been cast into. Though, it doesn't really matter; I am not interested, and only a TI would offer something genuine to talk about.

Another work event, this time on a Sunday, and only for two hours or so. As usual, the vineyard noise was arranged, and the heavy vehicular gangstalking, especially when I returned at 0900h.

Two skunked/obstructed events today; the secluded beach parking was all taken up at 1045h when I got there. I see they changed the parking lot from last year and permit substantially less vehicles. Then to try a local hiking trail; it is always a pain to find the trail head for the first time as the directions are usually garbled. After some false starts I did locate the trail head. And lo, if it hadn't been sprayed with 2-4D three weeks ago (a power line trail) and was still off-gassing; Nix on that, as there seemed to be a fair distance to hike (2km). As usual, all the "pop outs", those vehicles that emanate from driveways and side streets, were ready for me as I returned from the last skunk event (power line trail).

I had my lunch at my residence, which had been packed for a hike. Again, more variations on what I do where and how are arranged for whatever energetic decomposition games that are important to the perps. Then tanning outside on the lawn, replete with extra road traffic noise (hot rod mufflers and HD motorcycles), aircraft noise and the like. Then a cloud got pulled over the sun and that was the end of tanning. The perps are so strange about how events are terminated; they have to tell me that they are in charge, as they could of inserted some restless behavioral "need" and had me go inside all the same.

Onto posting this for the week.


Anonymous said...

I have come to the Conclusion that I would no longer have the ability to emotionally or socially connect with a "girlfriend". My view on the depth of society's Brainwashing by TPTB, the powers that be, would make me feel as if I was taking advantage of a Drunk Girl if I did not try to explain the Targeted individuals and the "Psychological grooming and manipulations" by the Perps and Handlers and their Bosses.
I seem to be an outcast.

I haven't yet figured out if she is a real deal with perp sponsorship, or else a scripted morph-over of a certain well known female that seems to have a role in this harassment/abuse state which I have been cast into. Though, it doesn't really matter; I am not interested, and only a TI would offer something genuine to talk about.

AJH said...

Answer to: I have come to the....

That a reasonable perspective that I share in this Outcast State that TI's are kept in. How does that Dylan song go; "always on the outside of every side there was". Though in my experience, the perps would not let me take advantage of anyone, as they seem to want me to take the virtuous path in dealing with others. They would never afford me the advantage of keeping all this under my hat in any prospective dating situation. Thanks for the comments.