Sunday, August 11, 2013

Snow Birds Overhead

 A Monday on a Tuesday effectively, as Monday was a statutory holiday here. And the perps arranged a near sleepless night for me to carry the day-off results to Tuesday, instead of the usual Monday. (As usual, no later tiredness issues). And too, they started up the toilet games by blocking it, arranging me first to eat 200g of chocolate with my tea in advance. And the timing was in keeping with screwing me over with all things related to employment, interrupting my resume re-write as I see some interesting jobs in the wine industry.

And while at the vineyard, the Snowbirds came and did a two aircraft fly-about for me to see me it would seem, as they are to give a show tomorrow.

The freaks were on at the LD store again, and even the regular fat girl at the checkout was in garish red lipstick, flyblown hair and new glasses. Dressing up a pig maybe? Though she does also hang around in the aisles when I am there, one of those "compleat" gangstalkers, which might mean she could be someone else in morphover, a suggestion the perps dropped into mind a few days ago. I don't know why they do this, and I would of never thought about it until they suggested it. The bottom line is that I don't care if this is someone else I might know, nor do I care to continue to contemplate that is a certain notorious woman of public renown.

As I write this the Canadian Snowbirds are tearing up the sky with their aerobatic show, ensuring I get a blast of noise every so often. A scheduled part of Peach Fest in this Okanagan Valley town. Bad enough being on the N flight path of the airport and the grinding noise of single engine aircraft, as was the case two days ago on the Monday holiday, and that followed me while hiking 30km away.

A "suck truck", as in carpet cleaning and vacuuming it up came to the vineyard. The thuggy dude carpet cleaner put on this extra loud "how are you" for some reason, as he didn't need to say anything as he was lugging carpet sections to dry outside, and I was seated having my lunch 10' away. Later I helped move furniture over the dry carpet, so I suppose it was all about the "torsional energies" and whatever advantage vacuuming conveys for the perps.

The oncoming lane driving games continue; 2' lane encroachment at least once per route per day. And the driver in front of me is usually straddling the shoulder line for no reason. Even the police force gets into oncoming lane encroachment; no emergency or sirens, he just drifts over the centerline to get my attention.

Much commotion in the afternoon, after vine thinning, as I had to supply the optician with my glasses for new lenses. And  wearing my old ones, which are not progressive lenses and do not help me in seeing close. He will be working on my lenses/glasses for a few hours, and it seems I will get them back in 24hr. I am sure the perps will also "visit them" too, though in what capacity I have no idea. That the glasses are NEVER straight on my face and there is no reason for this is likely part of the perps' obsession over eyewear, as it is what I see through. Very often they will arrange a Fuckwit/Criminal stalker to pose/be seen directly, and a in few minutes from behind glass, then a reflection. And glass of all kinds; mirrosrs, automotive windshields have a plastic laminate in the middle and tempered glass has different properties (to them) from window glass. And in one hovel they put me in, they even had a plexiglass window, which was most curious as they are much more expensive. Add in camera glass, LCD glass and whatever else, and the perps have their hands full on this one alone.

And not forgetting when I first put my above mentioned progressive glasses on in 2010 at the optician's shop, why, two same aged males in business dress and 1950's style fedoras entered the premises as I was about to leave. It was like it was from a bad movie, both dressed similarly and arriving to get through the door ahead of me. One has to find some humor in this, rare as it is.

And as always, one looks to see if there is any temporal correlative perp games going on, apart from doubling the vehicular gangstalking operation. As one example, I had three vehicles around me on the move in the parking lot where I picked up my parcel, which was a new knife. I went to the post office, with no delays or obstruction stunts apart from some dumbshit kid backing his ass into the exit aisle, and it was incumbent on me to ask him what he was doing. I got the usual pathetic "sorry" bullshit again, to which I don't reply and stare at the Fuckwit as if he is totally deranged, which he seemingly is as there is no rational explanation forthcoming as to why the Fuckwit was behaving like this.

Getting back to the parking lot; a big pickup had arrived beside me in my absence and had the driver at the door of the cab for whatever reason, then he gets in to back it out. I was only gone 3 minutes, so how could it be possible that someone arrived beside me, parked the vehicle and then wanted to get out ahead of me? Then another pickup in the row behind me was backing out to block me from turning E, the shortest route to the exit. And as I was backing out, needing to take two passes to get clear of any vehicles, why, a Ford Escape from the opposite side of the two ranked parking comes through and occupies my former location within 10 seconds of it being vacated. And have I not mentioned the perps like to walk or drive over where I have been with minimal time lag? And this silver-grey Ford Escape had the headlights on, and pointed at me, and the woman driver making some kind of head tossing motion, which I took to be faux friendly. So, I take the W route out, driving over where I had walked in part, an extra 60', and then another 60' to turn 180 degrees E, and there was another vehicular cluster fuck, both white colored vehicles, at this turn point. I make it to the exit, and by gosh, the silver-grey Ford Escape had somehow got ahead of me by 40' or so. And how was that accomplished when the driver turned W where there was two pickups attempting to back into each other? By cooperating drivers of course, who let the Ford Escape through between them, and knew to do it in advance and at the same time (ie. was choreographed). Either that, or else teleportational games, and I seen vehicles arrive from nowhere on occasion, though not often.

I drive to the optician to provide my glasses and put my old ones on for the first time in three years. No Fuckwits or wackos in the store, which did surprise me. I got fat girls to see and get in the way as ambulatory stalkers prior to parking. Though the traffic was just intense for each driven leg, but it is Peach Fest here this week, and that might serve as an excuse.

When I got home, I had two parcels to open; the knife to replace the ones that were stolen at least three decades ago, and the other being rollerskate knee pads which are the best for farming work. (Having a cuff around the leg stops soil and debris from getting in behind them). The kneepads acquisition has been at least a two year quest, now requited, as past designs didn't work out, and the last ones with gel inserts leaked. What is the perp obsession over kneepads, both having me use different ones and their stalkers doing the same?

Yoga, and lo, if the new lenses didn't both get smeared in the class, providing some localized "dimming". And it wasn't the scenery or the instructor (male, pot-bellied, skinhead = 3 Unfavoreds), it is just what the perps want to do, smear my vision in my new lenses, like most yoga classes. But as there is much haze in the air these days, from forest fires, one can assume reducing daytime light intensity during summer is what it is about. And I see in yoga class that the one star practitioner is getting very brown from tanning. More than the native Indian woman next to her who came for the first time, so I would imagine this is more "browning around" games.

A Saturday, and a formal parade for the Peach Fest, which was the excuse for laying on a considerable vehicular gangstalking force getting to the laundromat and back, 3 trips, as I air dry synthetic fabrics and use the dryers for sheets, towels and the like. My regular stalker was there, though in a black ball cap with red trim. Recall that he was there for past visits with his yellow hat exactly matching the yellow color of the A+H detergent jug. And in keeping with the routine, the washing machine ripped me off for $2 before it began to return coins. So... I got to move my laundry to the next machine, leaving an empty one between the sheets-cotton load that had already started. And I got screwed into loading the liquid detergent in advance, making it unrecoverable.

And they put on a new negro on stand-there duty as I entered the laundromat, forcing me to walk between this Fuckwit and his tumbling laundry in the dryer immediately opposite. Like WTF; why are so many rude assholes constricting public egress in aisle spaces, also augmented by aisle displays and stocker/stalker carts?

Then when I return to get the dryer load on on, why, the dryer ripped me off for $1 as well. Same coin box design, the putative cause, though why does this keep happening to me? All my life I had about a 50:50 chance of a coin machine working correctly, and here we are after 11 years of this insane psychopathic abuse delivered full time.

And one of my early am commute vehicular gangstalkers also "happened" to be at the laundromat. A 1962 (or so) Ford Meteor in pastel green is quite rare in these here parts, and the presumed driver was also doing his laundry today. And a unsightly lug he was too; large gut, tattoos down his arm, waddling gait and ball cap. That would be five Unfavored features, as being male and over 20 counts as one. He and the above mentioned regular laundromat stalker just "happened" to know each other too, having a confab in the parking lot while sitting on deck chairs outside the latter's camper trailer. Recall that this regular laundromat stalker was also at my last motel residence (01 to 06 2013), without camper or trailer. So one purports to be transient with camper and truck (camped/parked on the side of a city road as seen on some weekday mornings), and the other purports to be a regular weekday morning time commuter (0630h or so) from 10 or more kilometers away. It just doesn't add up, especially when they weren't speaking or engaging with each other when I first arrived at the laundromat, but by the second visit, why, they are sit around-the-parking-lot pals. And they adroitly timed their re-entry to the laundromat just ahead of me leaving and at a constriction point between the coin machine and wall. Talk about telltale gangstalker moves, especially after sitting on an asphalt surface.

Yesterday's shenanigans over getting new lenses for my glasses has yet to be played out, even if I did pick them up. As it "happened", the optician broke the soldered join between the cable temple and the temple piece, and put a plastic sleeve to temporarily join them. That lasted until this morning and I had to put them together with white adhesive tape. But as it also "happens", the optician is taking a week off, so nothing will get done until he gets back. And on further examination (later of course), I find that the optician added a bevel to the edge of the lenses that is not polished, so the lens' edges are more conspicuous. Again, as he is gone for a week, I don't get to sort that one out either. Recall three years ago when these progressive lenses were first purchased; they weren't edge polished when they were to be, so I had to take them back. The addition of cable temples were the only solution as the stock temples kept sliding off my ears. Then the lab fucked them up by attaching the cable temples exactly one inch short of where specified, so they had to be taken back again, and new stock temples had to be ordered in. So why are the perps so fucking berserk over sabotaging my eyeglasses when they were the likely cause of me having to wear them in the first place (since 1970)?

I got hit with a 2.5 hour nap attack this afternoon, which includes 30 min. of attempting to get up but being physically incapable. All the while they played the concept of Minkowski space, a concept I came to know of when reading "The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III", by Peter Byrne. This relates to a Quantum Mechanics physicist who debunked the present day concepts of 1957 (The Copenhagen Interpretation), and whose theories are gaining traction in the arcane world of theoretical physics. Later I look in the book's glossary for a description, and lo, the term is absent, a rare exception to a fine biography on a very complex topic and thinker.

 If you subscribe to the premise that my existence is totally governed and arranged, then it would seem that the perps want me to know about the "many worlds" interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, and such esoteric concepts as the observer problem, as seemingly, an observer would be part of the measurement (or interaction) in any quantum environment. And it might be the fundamental reason why the perps continue to harass the living hell out of me and all other TI's, as they can pretend that they aren't observing when they have never declared themselves by dint of some QM trickery. Also part of the Everettian Quantum Mechanics world is the "measurement problem" and the Universal Wave Function. An interesting read to be sure, though at times I do find the concepts beyond me, which is just fine from the perp managed FUD games they like to invoke.

An extra mellow day and aided by a thunderstorm warning, seeming to keep me from going hiking. Onto posting this for another week.


Anonymous said...

two same aged males in business dress and 1950's style fedoras entered the premises as I was about to leave.

AJH said...

Answer to: two same aged males...

Thanks. I don't get to do movies much; they took out my DVD player in 01-2013. But they like me to purchase DVD's for whatever reason.