Saturday, January 05, 2013

Email Chase

What is with the non-response, or incommunicado games of late? On Dec. 20 (2012) I sent my boss an email, as I am at the First Feral Family house in another city and won't be at work until Jan. 08. All I wanted was some measurements off a flask so I can get the right sized bung for it while in this gangstalk city. No response, and today I was about to send him an email and he sends me one on another topic. I reply and mention I am also looking for the two measurements, per last email. That was this morning, and with no response in the early evening I phone him and leave a message on his answering machine. Still no response. Like WTF; why is it that certain persons go into a state of non-response all of a sudden?

Two other entities to whom I sent emails about a week before Christmas also didn't reply, though one did say that they were shut down for the holidays. Another outfit from whom I ordered an item, confirmed the order but haven't shipped it for whatever reason, now two weeks later. I suppose the "holiday season" is a great excuse for the perps to disrupt all communications, especially if they have anything to do with online ordering and parcel delivery.

The ear ringing noise seems to have been increased today for whatever reason; I have had it all my life, but when the perps went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002 it suddenly increased in volume and has stayed there ever since. In the pre-berserk/overt years I wondered why I would get this change of ear ringing pitch, maybe 4x/year, and now I know; targeted abuse, For My Brain Only.

Per above, another email from my boss unrelated to the threads/themes that are topical. Either he is not getting my emails and phone messages or is just plain ignoring me for whatever reason. Will phone tomorrow and see if there is another reason.

More First Feral Family backyard digging up weeds with the neighborhood noise ramping up; hotrod muffler noise, diesel engine noise, and the STRATCOM B-52 noise overhead. No yapping dogs or neighbor powersaw noise strangely, two of their favorites of late.

Then to the local LD store with the Fuckwits in all the aisle posted as faux shoppers. One blonde woman was texting another 3' away, per their discussion just ahead of me in one aisle. They put on a negro at the computer section, just where I needed to go and get a USB stick since making a DVD disk has become a fraught and consecrated hassle. (Like 90% of the time I copy data to a disk, CD or DVD). Funny, the USB stick worked just fine, no problems. As this was the dusk onset time, 1630h at this time of year, it was no surprise the red vehicles were out in numbers, in the parkade and outside on the street. Plus at least four of them crossing my path as I emerged from the downstairs parkade.

Then there is the keep-it-unavailible games that are in progress. The perps wore a hole in my hiking/working boots about two months ago and as they are 22 y.o. and have "somehow" stretched to fit sloppily, it is time for new ones. A certain discount website, STP for now, has them on for $100 less, and keeps sending me email flyers for substantially more discounts. But "for some reason" men's goretex and a number of other products are exempt from further discounting. Like WTF; I know that gortex is proprietary, but it is ubiquitous, and why just for men? And as so many hiking boots have goretex in them it effectively limits my choices. Shipping will cost me $40 and the border/duty/tax gouge will cost me a further $70, so I am no further ahead. And can I find anywhere that sells them retail? No to that. Anyhow, this freaking nonsense over where and how and at what price/discount is playing out big time as it has been going on for six weeks of perusing STP "deals" and other sources. STP sent me an email on how their service was, and I explained that the email discount "deals" had items in them that weren't discounted (a new development) which was impugning their credibility as to the worth of their statements. I never did hear back, -to no surprise.

And as the perps like to use goretex coated gangstalkers it occurred to me that this product, a form of teflon, must have some perp-aiding properties. All that flexing plastic must kick off some kind of EMF (or other) emanations. But as the perps have blithely allowed, if not actively encouraged, us mortals to pollute the earth with teflon manufacturing products called PFOA's, I can only assume this was their plan. Though, the perps do tell me that it was a fuck-up, as the ingested PFOA's, detectable in polar bears for crissakes, interferes with one's EMF signature, especially in brain regions under study. Not my problem, and while it might be believable, I don't give a shit and want to be left alone. Which includes this year's 10kg weight gain that no one has mentioned to me.

A morning of doing backyard landscape maintenance with the noise parade; hot-rod muffler noise, yappy dogs, neighbor throat clearing and a few assorted others. At least a semblance of normality on this statutory holiday.
Though one wouldn't know it from the gangstalking vehicle cavalcade once I went driving to visit my farm colleague for the afternoon. They even put on a HD motorcycle, with the rider making a turn with an unlit cigarette hanging from his chops. Hilarious. I also got a Japanese motorcycle escort for much the 25 min. cross town journey, and a doddering slow driver ahead of me to keep my speed to where they wanted it. The farm worker friend gave me a turquoise blue and grey jacket because it was spare from a find in a thrift store (apparently), perfect perp colors of course.

I took my perp abetting mother's Ipad along to attempt to learn how to use this impossible device. I have been messing with computers since 1974 and have yet to find a computer so fucking useless; they have pared it down to being totally dysfunctional. Even my colleague agreed, and she has had one for a year or so. All that Apple love and hubris and here it is live; the Ipad, (as far as I know, using the blunder-upon learning model), is the most ridiculous excuse for enraging humans, save those jumping into the whole Apple fold. And it won't pick up my music files, in FLAC format. I cannot get photos on it from Windows Picasa via ITunes, sometimes a connection app, sometimes a music app.

Lots of viewing the Ipad, hers, my mother's, passing them back and forth, then onto 4G cell phones and a ruse to have me get mine from my jacket pocket to show off the Ballistic case as well. Then onto viewing a doc on her 24" LCD screen via Netflix. All those comparisons of the various LCD devices (five in all) is just so exciting for the perps to calibrate me to the colors and whatever other noxious emanations are coming off them. The road to human enslavement is through the display devices each one of us uses, especially if they are in color and are mobile.

While driving there, a way fugly light colored yellow vehicle tailed me, and lo, if it wasn't the same yellow as the background of an old viticulture document I had been reading online, only minutes ago before setting off. 

We watched a doc on Netflix about the life of bees and their current plight as to Colony Collapse Disorder, and it was padded with plenty of batty beekeepers and their delusional comparative conflations. This doc instead of another that I had in mind, mentioned to my friend in a prior email which she forgot (she said).

I finally got in touch by phone with my vineyard/winery owner boss; he apparently did get my two emails and single phone message, and explained his non-replies by saying he didn't want to be nagged. How about an acknowledgement that the communication had been received? And the 4 minute task that I requested hasn't been done because he hasn't got around to it, ten days later. I knew he was slack about emails, but as I would see him every day or two it wasn't a big deal. But now that I am hundreds of miles away and in a city where I can get the part I need, why not get this over with? Beats me.

Much perp dithering to have me to "forget" and to send me back to retrace my steps; some 4x at breakfast when it is the same dog simple food I eat. Then the "stand there" games to have me stand at the open fridge door having been mindfucked out of knowing the one thing I went there for.

All manner of jerkarounds yesterday, cranking up the vexation prior to visiting the ex and daughter at their new residence, they having moved some two months ago. As mentioned many times, there is a geographic component to this insane harassment, and with me visiting those I know at a new residence location is a HUGE deal for the assholes. Maybe that was the main reason they cranked up the annoyance and the constant ear-ringing yesterday.

And back to the blood letting games too; at least 7 shaving "nicks", which aren't from the safety razor at all, these ovoid skin removals that appear just after the razor has passed over the designated location and suddenly erupt and go at least three rounds of steptic pen application before they are staunched. And it really doesn't matter if the razor is just new, or a week old, it has no true causation from anything that I am doing. And extra red colored vehicle gangstalking to accomodate, or somehow resonate with their blood letting games. As predictable as it is tiresome.

Much leaf raking yesterday, the E neighbor of the First Feral Family house continuing his new habit of not raking his leaves so they can run riot in the wind and yet again land upon where I had raked earlier. This is the second year in succession where he suddenly started this new irresponsible habit, so I can only assume he was asked to do it.

Three errands this morning, and all were fulfilled as planned, a very rare event as normally they will fuck me over so at least one was foiled. The parking was plenty gangstalked, and the one store visitation's aisles were fraught with dithering dipshits that made a point of stepping into my planned route just ahead of me. The boom trucks were out too, in keeping with this particular gangstalking need to have me pass by this particular vehicle mass, usually painted yellow.

More eruptions of errant driving now; drive-down-the-wrong-side-of-the-road games have ramped up, at least in the First Feral Family subdivision neighborhood of Gordon Head. The ostensible rationale is that they are going wide to accomodate a cyclist but in fact they pull so wide that they are in the opposite lane and there is at least a car width between them and the cyclist. If that stupid act wasn't enough, they then tarry in the opposite lane for at least 40' past the cyclist, still in the opposing lane. All the one-way alternating traffic roadworks to date, and there has been a considerable amount, still hasn't been enough.

This over-polite allowance for cyclists is then matched with blowing through 4-way stops, twice in one trip, same intersection, there and back. And add up the ten year long skein of belligerent late-yellow and early-red traffic light blow-throughs (at full speed, not looking for a potential collision, -even bus drivers and cyclists) and one can discern that this entire choreography of vehicular gangstalking is arranged to the microsecond.

The mud splattered vehicle games have also ramped up; they cannot get enough of having road grime plastered on vehicles in my proximity. The vehicle color seems to be an important part of this particular nonsense. Yesterday, a 2" diam. patch of garden dirt arrived by itself in the hallway from the kitchen and entrance. I walked over or past it a number of times, but just prior to heading out to dinner I got "motivated" to clean it up with a broom and dustpan, and that was the very instant my perp-abetting mother arrived to stand and wait for me to finish cleaning  up the dirt that arrived by no conventional means. And of course the adjacent garbage can wasn't lined with a plastic bag so I had to dump it in a kitchen counter garbage pail some 8' away, just to make this in-house soil removal exercise a bigger hassle than it already was.

A visit to the LVT tool store today with not only a gangstalker infestation, but one wacko stunt; an olive green dressed male looking as if he came off a landscape job in muddy gumboots with a soil mucked shovel in hand. This Fuckwit was holding the shovel vertically, spade end to the floor. First he was posing at my first stop in the store, then I moved by the other obstructing Fuckwits to a second part, and lo, if he hadn't moved again to "be with me", some 10' away again. At no time was I in or near the garden section which would of provided a semblance of a cover story for this dumbshit act, and he was standing stock still both times and not even pretending to be shopping. Totally absurd, and yet again, a seeming emulation of many of my activities of the past three weeks, shovelling soil and digging weeds. He gets an all-time dumbshit label for this heroic stupidity.

After that, I decided to get to the express pickup and get out. And lo, if they didn't place a god-awful dreadlocks woman with two children at the pickup desk. I decided I couldn't look at this freak. She departed after a minute or so, and then this chinless dude in an orange shirt and a red and white checkered jacket comes along from a second entry way. He files in behind me, and in short order I finish up. I go the parking lot, and am about to start the vehicle, and this same chinless Fuckwit comes from the building, taking the longer route through this side door I hadn't noticed before. As he was walking in the parking lot he stares at me for about five seconds while headed to his vehicle. Like WTF; this awful color combination dressed Fuckwit takes the long route both in and out, (and partically crossing my route) and then somehow knows where I am and then casts a stare. If his view of the world is like mine, there is no way he could of picked me out as glass, and vehicle glass in particular, has so many extra reflections off of it that it makes seeing into any vehicle most problematic. I suppose the perps thought his chinlessness in side profile wasn't enough, so I was obliged to see the Fuckwit's face in full, sans chin. And have I mentioned how much I loathe the sight of chinless males, not to mention the dreaded dreads? At least once/month.

A major tail-me job on the way to the auto glass shop as my mother's vehicle got a cracked windshield from last week's road trip. Then the story changes; it takes 3 to 4 hours instead of 2 to 3 hours, this from the same person, though the first time was on the phone. Sometimes I wonder if the regular folk abettors, unlike the operatives, are stressed from telling lies on behalf of the Psychopathic Confederacy. No sorry or anything like that, no-sir, not allowed, and it was the same person.

A major tail-me and gangstalking scene once I got into my mother's vehicle at the auto glass shop. Though, I had travelled there in a Yellow Cab, and the perps have never let me ride in a yellow colored vehicle in the ten years of this insane abuse until today. Yellow colors are selectively added into the gangstalking mix, usually after a "warm up" of white, silver-grey, grey and black colors, usually vehicles. Not only was there a white fabric paneled 5 ton commercial delivery truck parked in the bays and keeping me from going anywhere for the first minute or so, but they also put on a major human gangstalk at my first stop, only a minute away in the next block. The store had hiking boots, among many other outdoor themed products, and the boot section was so plugged up with stocking/stalking carts, apparent store personnel and faux shoppers/obstructors that I gave up and never tried a single boot on. Some three weeks ago, when checking out boots at a different store, there was rampant surges of gangstalkers making every effort to stand over me before I gave it up. The boot aquisition fuckery is still on full; blocking or obstructing in retail stores and web site manipulations for deterring any online transactions. That the perps are totally nuts about footwear, mine, and wherever I stand, is an understatement, but I don't know why they are so fucking nuts over me getting new hiking boots.

And seeing through a new pane of autoglass (windshield) is also a major new event for the perps. One design feature of windshields is that they have a layer of plastic in it to keep the pieces together should it break. And this seems to be a very big deal for them. Not only do they likely have the old glass in their possession, but they get to monitor me viewing through new glass, and the type of glass or transparent pane is of intense interest too. And they ensured my perp-abetting mother was out of the house when I came back from the autoglass shop, and had me hang around for two hours in the FFF house before picking my mother up at friend's place some 10 min. away. All these choreographed entrances and exits, akin to a farce, though protracted, grievous and abusive and well as in full. No walking out of a theatre on this gig.

The morning was spent on landscape work, re-potting some 8 pots, and usually splitting the potted ornamental grasses into two, and then re-potting one, and out-planting the other half in a permanent bed. No end of accompanying neighborhood noise; hot-rod noise, table saw noise, yapping dogs and even street yappers that would come on just when extracting the plant, touching and splitting the root bunches. No aircraft circling for four passes like two days ago. Exciting advances in perp-land indeed.

Some outside time this morning; Home Depot should be renamed Gangstalk Depot, or if not, Hopeless Depot. They are getting close to be the same as a Canadian store chain, CT, where I get skunked some 95% of my visits. As in not finding what I was looking for. Never mind the staff gangstalking in all those red shirts.

This town, the Gangstalk Capital of Canada (Victoria, BC) is even getting worse for running late yellow and early red traffic lights than a year ago when I last lived here, and the three prior visitations I made. No hesitation, no looking around, they come barreling through at 35mph as if the light were green. Perhaps the perps are going to treat me to a crash sometime, though they haven't since the abusive insanity began its berserk/overt phase in 04-2002. I did see a vehicle leave the I-5 at 60mph in 2001, surely something they arranged for me, as it seems my entire existence has been scripted and choreographed with unerring precision.

Then in-town brother arrived for dinner, sans sort-of girlfriend. She is a Thai woman, and no one can figure out what is going on, as they live in separate parts of his house and she stays up late and sleeps much of the day and doesn't work. I suppose she would be part of the brown games, as each brother has a brown skinned girlfriend, and the perps are absolutely berserk over introducing brown colors into my existence, usually after a run of other colors, e.g. vehicles.

Another gangstalking set-up; having me stand in front of the cathode ray TV, formerly of the living room until a week ago, and then my perp abetting mother and brother fuss and putz to get it going, "happening" to stand over where I was standing a minute before hand. Both of them are getting worse as technical retards, or else are putting on this act. Given the countless dumbshit acts the perps like to hound me with, all to raise more angst, ire and repetition of instructions, it is a central theme in their fuckery. Sandbag me with dolts, idiots, boneheads and create a situation where their input may become germane, all to crank me up and sabotage my efforts to have the impending disaster averted. Such was life with the ex, someone who was decidedly part of this insane fuckery.

The in-town brother takes four servings of turkey meat and then goes into long soliloquies about his garage sale exploits. All to protract his dining time while my mother and me wait on and on.

Said brother brings over 8 five gallon buckets for me to transfer the garden waste from this First Feral Family house when he had turned down my assistance to remove the same garden waste in larger bins. No mention why he couldn't of made it here earlier to get the same help today.

The perps slopped a tablespoon of red wine onto my lap during dinner, the wine magically launched itself out of the glass while it was in transit, skipping over my hand and somehow going straight down on my pants. Past FFF events have had the quisling father in his supposed dementia state, when he resided here, somehow send a full wine glass 6' up the wall, 3' behind him. No one actually saw it happen, and only knew about it when he started to apologize.

And other teleportational ructions earlier today. I went outside to harvest sage and rosemary and after bringing it in the kitchen, and was cutting off the leaves of the rosemary while my mother attended to the sage, why, somehow, the remaining rosemary spring ended up in my mother's hand and it was replaced with a sprig of sage. Like WTF; we were 5' apart, each attending to a different and discrete portion, and somehow, when my vision was diverted, a sprig of sage arrived in place of the rosemary. My mother was ditzing around just then, and that is when I saw the rosemary sprig that had disappeared from being 4" away from where I was cutting up the first rosemary sprig. She made out that she didn't know she had it, so I had to retrieve it from her hand. Fucking hilarious. A minute later, she gave up cutting the sage and I had to finish the job. And how many times have I mentioned that the perps love to gangstalk me whenever I am cutting meat or vegetation, which has included grass cutting, pruning, food prep, crop harvesting etc?  At least 50 to 100 times per year. And too, I was the one to cut the turkey meat up as well, always a big perp moment and my perp-abetting mother making excuses to close in on me. How about leaving me the fuck alone?

I will post this now, a Saturday, with one last day in the First Feral Family house tomorrow. On Monday, I fly to Kelowna to get back to some sanity (more than here, but not without its lapses- theirs that is), and I should be good for a round of more nonsense, having just flown. The perps have considerable interest in my elevation from the ground, from apartment towers, constant elevator accompaniment and the rest of the senseless perversity and abusive goings on you read here.

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