Sunday, December 30, 2012

Feral Family Visitations

Back from a trip to Kamloops for Christmas, such that I regard these events, as from this perspective they seem to fit perp purposes of new juxtapositions of objects (e.g. trees, holly in the house), and of course, all the packaging in its myriad of colors and materials.

I drove my perp-abetting mother's Ford Escape with the new snow tires, certainly a big perp event given their games over tires, rotational objects, and the very ground I stand or drive over. They organized some drivers to pass, then slow down, and then speed up when I passed them. One vehicle/driver did this four times in 15 minutes, ahead of a long sweeping 90 degree arc into Kamloops. For the most part, the perps cooperated on the weather as I climbed the mountain pass, so no undue manipulations there thankfully.

But it was an all in the family gangstalking, plus a friend of my bother came to stay for two days. He of the boarding house reach, just about planting his armpit onto my Christmas dinner, the fucking asshole. Why I didn't jab the fucker with my fork and do a "sorry" is a tribute to mindfucking. He knew he was going to get away with it in advance.

What was interesting to know was that one of them would tail me down the stairs each night I went to bed. Then in the evening when I was headed downstairs, before bedtime, the 7 yt.o niece was tailing me. I look back, and I get this guilty stupid face and then I got it; the freaking kid is on gangstalking duty now. Some Christmas, everyone in the family plus one, gangstalking me. My brother was in on getting way too close, doing mysterious "stand there" stunts and moving his feet toward mine under the table. The perps had me busy doing audio digitizing on a laptop while there. Then they fucked me in attempting to write the files to a DVD disc, something they  have done at least 40x before in the last ten years of this insane abuse. Somehow, I didn't remember that in advance, and so the files just sit there, of no use to me. The notion of bypassing this fuckery by getting a USB stick somehow didn't "happen" until today, two days after the fact.

As part of the play games there, the WII Fitness measured me at 96kg, some 10kg more than last year when I visited them. And so it would seem that the perps put 22lb onto me over the last year and no one has mentioned a thing. I started farm work earlier this year, in April, and worked outside on farm/viticulture until early November. More physical work activity this year than any other since this insane abuse began in 04-2002, and "somehow" I got puffed up for an extra 22lb. Lucky me, as I was 190lb before, already 15lb overweight to begin with. But as obesity is nearly an North American epidemic, it strikes me that this would be yet another perp movement to study the population large, so to speak.

And for the record, the perps won't let me get in shape; any running or treadmill activity is met with a sudden wall of feeling tired after a few minutes, to to the point of not being able to continue. I never experienced this level of exhaustion in my whole life prior to the perps outing themselves as the master of all my activities and thoughts.

Other bullshit over the First Feral Family get together was an increase in dumbshitting me; playing extra dumb for whatever reason, if nothing else, to annoy me. Why is every one going stupid on me? All to set me up to have someone tell me that I am smart if past history repeats, as it surely will.

A stay-in day mostly; just when I was set to do backyard work, why, the rain started up. Funny how that happens.

Other low-lights from the FFF abetting; my perp abetting mother brings along a 2 liter insulated jug of tap water for the drive from Victoria to Kamloops, (5 hour drive, plus a 1.5 hour ferryh ride). And lo, if the only thing she takes from the vehicle to my brother's house is that same jug, as I did all the other unpacking, she of apparent limited arthritic ability. And she dumps the water down their kitchen sink; we hadn't drunk from it, or used it any way. I never buy her dithering dipshit act, as this kind of perp abetting testing of transported water is straight of the perp testing regimen.

On the second day of the parked and mostly emptied vehicle, my perp-abetting mother goes on about her sweater being in the vehicle and some other items. It is true that I left them in the vehicle, but I didn't see a compelling need for them. But I didn't quite get how she knew those items were in the vehicle in the first place as she hadn't a need for them. Normally, this might of begun as "have you seen my xxx sweater somewhere, as I had it out when in the vehicle". Then I could understand how she came to miss it, and then ask for it. All these little tells to go along with the faux coughing games.

And too, the hot water supply downstairs where we were staying went on the fritz. No shower for the last two days, and the last one with no shaving at all. Straight out of the perp harassment play book.

My perp-abetting mother has cranked up the hindering games now; this unerring knack of being exactly where I want to go, or was, is getting so tired. Not bad for the chronic ditz act.

A full-on freakshow at the grocery store; not too mention the stocking/stalking carts being in each aisle I went to. Then an obstruction stunt at the checkout with my mother doing the extra protracted dither-about stunt after paying. Clearly, the perps are still onto something as to what financial transactions are.

Then leaf raking in the afternoon, the rain coming on just before getting outside and continuing all the time.

Then to visit my in-town brother for dinner, he of the perennial orange colored food; carrots and yams, and the same vegetables each time we visit. His sort-of girlfriend was there for dinner and then retired afterward, doing her incessant TV watching and whatever service for the perps as a brown skinned person of Thai origin.

I got moderate coverage after fueling up my perp-abetting mother's Ford Escape, including one LH drive vehicle circling all the pumps before stopping to fuel up. Why LH drive vehicles are allowed here, or anywhere in North America for that matter, without conversion to RH drive is a tribute to perp machinations IMHO. Then onto the chocolate section of the LD store, the scene of last week's blunder-into-me stunt, I was still accompanied by the faux shoppers, aka dumbstruck gangstalkers. Then back to the First Feral Family house where I got the TV and DVD working together from a single remote control with the new HDMI cable. Truly a major event in perp games.

And I see that in-town brother got himself a TV yesterday, and passing on advice on how to link up the digital converter box. Within a week of my mother getting a new flat-screen TV, he gets a new one when he already had one. He said he was using up a store credit after his PC died twice in succession. Given the ongoing perp inanity over how and where they deliver signals to display devices, and the significant number of laptop packing/viewing gangstalkers, his new TV must be emulating whatever is going on here at the FFF house.

Other pedantic perp-important activities were raking leaves (think brown), digging soil, pulling weeds in the backyard. A third invasive weed in three years has to be pulled. All this in aid of building the compost pile, now 4' tall. As usual, the aircraft and vehicle noise started up, as did the adjacent neighbor yapping dog, and kiddie chatter from next door. The perps had me eat a 100g Milka chocolate bar before heading out, the first one in three weeks, and so it would seem they wanted a brown color signature while I was outside doing landscape upkeep work. And my mother had a red-coated friend come over while I was working the backyard.

I shall post this now, and call this week done.

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