Sunday, January 20, 2013

Email Replies Banned

And still the incomprehensible problems with Yahoo continue; I cannot reply to emails. Either the To; box in Compose gets nullified (doesn't accept text input) or else the Paste command is inoperative even when I just copied something into it and can copy it to Notepad no problem.

Games with where I put the cell phone aerial so to block the only jack for the headphones. The perps take turns in crashing the two front USB ports to have me move the cell phone aerial and thereby block the jack for audio.

I bought my very first high resolution audio files yesterday, and am playing them tonight. Presumably the 96Hz/24bit files have some different effects as detectable by the perps. Not forgetting all those CD's since 1985 or so, had a lesser resolution, 44hz/16 bit AND they cut off the music beyond 20kHz. Beyond 15Hz is inaudible, but there are harmonics we can pick up and detect if missing. I don't know what the perp agenda is over audio files, but I do find it interesting that the lossy (meaning some music has been stripped out for compressed file size), MP3 files are so popular.

Mostly vineyard pruning today, though some morning interaction to determine that the pH meter's probe was inaccurate, and it wasn't the buffer solution.

The perps caused my pruners to disappear just before lunch, as they were in the holster which hasn't lost the pruners to date. As there was 8" of snow on the ground, there was no way I could find them, and so I went in for lunch. I came back with a yellow handled rake to paw though the snow on my limited range where they went missing, and found them. I reckon the exercise was all about getting a yellow handled object to "join me", that is, serve as a color reference. The rake and my red handled oversized lopers were kept near (10') me as I didn't need the latter often and would move them along the row as I pruned the vines. And we have done yellow and red colors together, haven't we?

I could tell it was parcel arrival day this morning; the parking lot of this motel where I am staying over-winter was plugged up with a Fedex van and the driver was making transfers of boxes (think brown) to a silver grey minivan with the owner present. I assume this was some kind of sub-route delivery arrangement, but give me a break; in a motel parking lot to block my egress for five minutes? Given the high strangeness that goes on with the perps and their brown cardboard box-stalking gaves, this one takes the cake. And yes, a UPS parcel did arrive today, and the motel manager kindly put it in my room.

A day of mostly pruning grape vines, though I had to tend to the owner's pet, wood pellet stove and feed the outside wild birds. They departed for a week away, leaving by bus this morning.

The cleaning lady came today and was in the house until about 1300h, timing her departure to when I was inside having my lunch. I left lunch until 1245h and she was still there, as normally she clears out by 1230h. Again, I don't know what the significance of this person is to the whole harassment scenario, but I consider last Wednesday was a "warm up". I was inside and tending to winery activity and she was there and the owner went out for some two hours in the morning to leave us two there in different parts of the house. Then cleaning lady came downstairs, seemingly to scare me as I entered the building from outside, having been temporarily outside to my vehicle. (And have I mentioned how often the perps like gangstalkers and stunts to erupt as I enter or leave buildings?) I was lead to overhear the cleaning lady recounting this tale to the owners for whatever reason when they came back. Why the perps wanted me to hear someone tell someone else about me is another fascinating side story I won't get into for now.

I did my year end accounting tonight and ran a report for 2012; there was close to $1,800 in in the Adjustment category, meaning I have no idea whatsoever as to where this money went. I keep on top of my accounting each month (to great perp harassment) and all my receipts are kept and I still cannot understand why this is "leaking". Mostly in cash of course. And of course it is always in the negative direction, as I have never had an unexpected surplus of cash. It is too big of a number to be forgetful about something.

And I see that I am now getting emails that I should reply to, two tonight, and the first in three weeks. And still the Yahoo email won't let me reply. How long is this bullshit going to go on?

And some 4 weeks after I ordered a tool from a Seattle outfit I still haven't heard, so I phoned them up today. After all the preliminaries of getting my name, address etc., when the phone representative would of had it in hand as I gave him the Order Number first, he puts me on hold for a minute or so. Then he comes back on the phone and says, "it will be shipped today". Fine I say, but why wasn't it shipped earlier. He said it was back-ordered. Like WTF; the day that I phone they suddenly have stock and are going to ship it? Another fine coincidence and one more example of the games that go on for ordering alone, never mind the delivery capers that have been long recounted in this blog.

Finally, online Yahoo help offered something of value; try another browser if one has email send problems. I suspect this started with Firefox 18.0 which was delivered a few weeks ago, though they never tell me when they upgrade. The live support chat for Yahoo wanted $38 to provide a solution to the problem. Go fuck yourself Yahoo; I cannot be the only one with this problem, assuming it is of conventional origin and not by some covert harassment/abuse agency that can remotely read any computer they want anytime.

The ear ringing noise is on high at this 1750h dusk time. The light was dimming strangely at 1530h as I was working in the vineyard. This near-sudden dinginess and if that wasn't enough, they started playing games in making the snow appear green and then yellow as I was walking in for the day.

A tanning salon visit tonight, replete with all those vehicles that have me lined up at every turn, stop, etc. with their headlights aimed at me, aka pitlamping. There are many more vehicles sitting on the roadside parked, and of course, their headlights trained on me. And some dude arrived noiselessly behind me at the tanning salon. I didn't know he was there until I was done with the full cleavage assistant. He was no wher around when I entered and didn't appear to come through the door either, as I would of heard it. Either my hearing was blocked or he teleported in behind me. No difference, just more strange events either way.

Another phone card goes missing; I am two for two in the past year. The $20 card disappeared within days of purchasing it and was never found even after I moved out of the place Mar.-Apr. 2012. This time I took the card on the road and to the First Feral Family house so there is a legitimate case that it was misplaced, but we all knows who looks after that too. Have the victim blame himself seems to be a perp methodology, though that all changed for me back in 04-2002 when they put on a shock and awe show in my apartment after bringing me back from somewhere as I had gone to sleep. The perps rountine script noise and light flashes anytime I assign blame to them as I always do now.

Even making a call on a new phone card had to be sabotaged; next to no pause time between entry of numbers, then the book with the phone number flew out from my grasp, then the phone card flipped out of my hand to mysteriously land under the couch just outside of my finger reach on two sides. I had to get a slender piece of metal to retrieve it. Then adjacent lamp's switch got buggered last night so I had to plug the lamp unit in at the wall to provide sufficient light near the phone. It never fucking ends; endless hassle to do the simplest of things.

Now dude banter has started up next door, to accompany his dog that takes to barking as well. I didn't know that pets were allowed in this motel complex, but hey, the perps make the rules everywhere they need to. I suspect that next door dog barking is to continue that same infernal racket that went on much of the day while I was outside pruning grape vines. The adjacent property seems to be truly perp managed, so I get to overhear the dude banter as it carries some 300', and their dogs have the unerring knack of starting to bark as I make my pruning cuts. And as any kind of vegetative pruning or cutting nearly always gets some kind of perp noise or light flashes, why am I surprised? Just for the record, that is all.

The outside babbling dudes/noise again; aka male banter. I don't know why this is important to the perps, as they often will start with mixed gender banter and then have the females drop out to leave male only banter. And they add in the odd coughing and wheezing too, all these soldiers of the Fourth Reich on this ten+ year long stake out of scripted noise.

I got screwed every which way today. They fucked with the alarm clock in the night so it didn't ring and woke me up three hours later. I didn't need ten hours sleep, seven is perfectly adequate. An abbreviated morning routine, this time no shaving anywhere, but they did have me make coffee which is one function that I could of dropped to save time as I did last week in the same scenario. Then they had me stop in town for a part for my hand pruners, as if I needed to as I am supposed to be hurrying to work, being a Friday of a five day work week. They they had a lead-ahead vehicle packing steel to slow up my trip to the vineyard. As the owners are away, there wasn't work repercussions of being two hours late for work. Or at least, they won't find out until they read the daily check-in log to see my later start time. This has been the third alarm clock sabotage in the past 8 working days and I am getting intensely pissed about this new incursion.

They had me phone the wrong office for the above mentioned pruner part, and then had me "forget" to take my phone to work as I had been faithfully doing. After doing the feeding duties, (cat, inside plants with water, pellet stove, birds outside) they then had my vehicle get stuck in the snow, and that was worth 20 minutes of grief before I got the vehicle unstuck. That made the grape vine pruning work begin at 1100h, so in other words, three hours got shaved off the expected work activity.

The vineyard where I work is bounded on two sides by roads, and it isn't any surprise that hot-rod muffler noise abounds, and is arranged just at the moment when I am pruning a vine. Add in the odd unmarked aircraft flying low, one of my regulars from last year going by the engine sound. Then there is the incessant dog barking noise from the vineyard next door. Though today the male banter of the male workers wasn't to be heard, just the dog barking. It seems they needed to remove the male banter from the noisescape and have dog barking only. I shouldn't of been too surprised to hear yet more dog barking from the adjacent room in this motel where I am staying over the winter.

A Saturday, and a weekend day off. Viticulture is relatively civilized unlike multi-crop farms. I got sacked for a nap attack this afternoon after reading a book, the same one that I got nailed for a three hour nap-attack last weekend. This seems to be a common perp trait of the past year; last summer I got hit with a long nap attack after starting into a book for only 10 minutes or so. Also, the type of book is important to the perps; this one is titled "I Swear by Apollo; Dr. Ewen Cameron and the CIA Brainwashing Experiments" by Don Gilmour. I recommend it if you think you might have been part of it as I might of been. I was 2 to 5 y.o. (1956-60) when in Montreal when he was there. No mention in the book that he was testing children though, per Carol Rutz in A Nation Betrayed. The book is uncertain as to whether Cameron knew he was doing work for the CIA. I found it ironic that Cameron, who was intensely ambitious and trying for a breakthrough in treatment of mental illness was shown up by a contemporary psychiatrist named Heinz Lehmann in nearby Verdun, Quebec, who discovered chlorpromazine for clinical use, the single greatest advance in psychiatric care, dramatically improving the prognosis of patients in psychiatric hospitals worldwide.

Anyhow, more male background banter has been arranged as I type this up, especially when making the links you see in the above paragraph. Yet another perp consistent event they have noisestalked all these 10+ years of abuse. I recall in late 2002 they had me at my work site on a Saturday and noisetalked me with an overhead thump each time I bookmarked a page, as I was heavily into research of the nature of this abuse and all its manifestations. Little did I know then that they had been tailing me, and pre-scripting my existence since birth, and that my entire family was in on it, along with the very antagonistic spouse of the prior 20 years.

The hot-rod muffler noise erupted again just now, and I plugged my ears. And lo, if then the dog barking noise from next door didn't erupt. I hadn't heard the latter noise all evening and then it erupts as soon as I plug my ears.

Sunday, and a shut-in one at that, as yoga has been upped to twice a week, Mon. and Fri. Not without a full-on posse around me, replete with fugly tattoos.

And quiet around here too; no bantering dudes until I started using the diamond hones to sharpen my pruners. Then I replaced the nut that the perps had trashed, and that brought on louder dude banter from outside. As did the next door neighbor who arrived and started up his protracted phone conversation. Imagine that; ten+ years of hounding and harassing an innocent citizen and there they are, showing up with the arranged background male banter as some kind of noise carrier.

I suppose the diamonds on the honing stones, some of which wash down the sink, have some kind of petro-voltaic signature that the perps want to capture, and that means interacting with me in some way. Another way of saying "earth energies". Which means that everyone who wears a ring, metal, stone or both, is in some way a prospective subject as the perps would be looking for petro-voltaic reactions as well. Then add in the component of ring stones having color, and the perps are in experimental heaven. Diamonds are the perps' best friends.

Another aspect to their extreme 2002 life rape antics was to trash my watch which had a stainless steel mesh watchband. The replacement watch also had a metal watchband and that got trashed too within a week. Every since then, a plastic watchband has been their required specification, though metal backed. I suppose I will know that they are near done when they somehow convince me to wear a ring again, heaven forbid.

Enough said for the week, and to post this.

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