Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nix That

This is the second version as the first one accidentally deleted itself and I wasn't allowed to recover. And why are current age computers so edit adverse? I was recovering crashed edit files in 1985 up to the second to last keystroke. The command was; edit filename/recover and it brought the file back and all but the last keystroke when the system crashed. Almost 20 years later this feature is still missing on PC's (in this web-Google environment)

I arrived back from Kelowna today, having seen the liposuction doctor for an assessment. I would make a good candidate he said, but it would be a general anesthetic operation. That means a conventional means to  knock me out and have me wake up as who knows what. Screw that. And too, when I got the quote as the last item at the medical office assistant's desk, why, it was $1k over my expected worst case number, as in $6k. Screw that.

But as the perps have continously pummelled me with this liposuction for at least 8 years, and puffed me up by some 10lb in the past year to aid their ambitions, I would not be surprised if the liposuction theme doesn't resurface. In concert, while at the First Feral Family house over the prior four weeks, my perp-abetting mother was talking up giving me and my two brothers each a significant financial disbursement. No liposuction in the immediate future, but don't be surprised if it resurfaces.

The obvious gimme was after seeing the video at the doctor's office, inserting a blunt suction needle with the suction hole behind the blunt tip and moving it around under the skin. A normal procedure for sure, but as the perps just love to play games with skin lesions, cuts, nicks etc., this too could be right up the perp agenda.

A flight to Kelowna yesterday, and it was held up for two hours due to snow clearing conditions at the destination runway. We were all gathered at Gate 9, and about the time the flight should of arrived, at least 100 disembarking passengers passed by from elsewhere. The announcements repeatedly made reference tio the aircraft being delayed, as in that it hadn't arrived. And when it was time to board 1.25 hours later, we walked through to Gate 10. Like WTF; the aircraft had been sitting there all the time but not within sight. I learned later on the news that an earlier flight out of Kelowna had taxied off the runway, and after two hours of attempting to move the aircraft, the passengers had to disembark and get a later flight or else stay overnight and catch a flight the next day.

An unsolicited phone call from the manager this evening, telling me that the internet was down everywhere and it wasn't just a Wifi problem. I hadn't spoke with her at all, and haven't been here for four weeks, and this comes out of the blue. I had told her back in early December that I had my own cell-phone ISP and didn't need the WifFi.

And yelling outside; some rude tenants, har, har, arrived in my absence. The outside banter and voice noise has been amped up for some reason. Getting back from a flight yesterday, and another town today, is reason enough for the perps.

Tonight I did bookmarking from the links in the emails I sent myself so I could get to them from a different location and into a bookmarks on this PC. This might of been the reason for the amped up outside banter, switching to male only banter after the loud woman had finished her monologue.

And I see that I am not allowed to compose any email; anew or replies -tried another and it wouldn't let me type in the To box.

And what would be a perp welcome home without a toilet being blocked? They pulled it within an hour or so of arriving here, though they did let it self-clear after a few hours. Same yesterday at the motel; They pulled a need to crap and blocked the toilet within one minute of arriving in my room. And no blocked toilets at the FFF house for over four weeks.

First day at work since early December, and I am unpacking boxes (think brown) as a big order went in to get the wine lab side of things wholly functional. Kind of like Christmas, save the items I didn't order, the items that came by mistake, and other ordering glitches like certain stock not available.

I also learned that the vineyard owner's elderly dog died and was buried in a shallow grave, and to be reburied in the spring as they could not dig the frozen ground deep enough. And as it was a Wednesday, the cleaning lady was there,  and it seemed that it was the perp agenda to have the owners depart and leave me there with her in the house, upstairs mostly and running the vacuum cleaner overhead for a time. And at one point she came downstairs to the garage while I "happened" to be out at my vehicle, and as I stepped into the garage/winery she said something. Which scared the shit out of me as there had been no one else around downstairs and she somehow timed her entrance perfectly as I came in the door. Later she was recounting the story to the owners when they came back. And she modified her routine for the event it seemed, cleaning the downstairs first when it was always the last room to do.

And still not allowed to send email; the compose button in yahoo won't work. Online, I had spent many hours looking and looking for a certain plumbing part and finally got through all the online debris and got the part via Amazon. They have an awesome search engine, and I have found it to be the perfect antidote to being mired in info overflow. Though I am sure there are perp machinations behind that.

At work and winemaking; like so often, sucked into thinking that I was going to go outside pruning but the owner was too busy and no going outside in the snow. I am prepared for it with the clothes, boots and gloves. The perps like these dashed expectation games as I call them.

Lots of things go wrong; when unpacking the grocery shopping an apple self erupted outside of the bag when it wasn't open. Other items pulled from my grasp by unconventional means. I also inadvertently stepped on cat's paw while cutting plastic packing off Dremel diamond cutting wheelI had purchased a few days earlier. I didn't know it was behind me and stepped back an inch to get this pained yowl.

I see some mystery use of my internet connection Dec. 28 when I wasn't here, having returned Jan. 08. The log file has a record of it, having looked due to some strange internet access problems tonight.

Another perp stunt has also increased; plenty of door slamming and outside vibrations going through this room these past three days of being back from a flight.

Today, the Compose button wasn't working in Yahoo Email, and after reloading the page, why, it did. I attempt to type an email address and then my keystrokes are blocked. Bizarre.

The babbling dudes were going on outside, background level, akin to the background babble they would inject into my earmuffs over the past nine years. I haven't had much call for wearing the earmuffs inside any more, so I suppose they are transitioning to live dudes in some kind of communal and orchestrated banter. I did specifically overhear them in early December, and one mentioned "roster" a term that certainly connotes organization and an assigned role. Very curious, though it has to be a straight gimme.

After a year of planted "demand", I finally got a multi-oscillating tool, as it "happened"
 to be discounted when I was in the tool store three days ago. Along with it came a DVD, and I went to play it, and there was no response to the menu selections. Back in 2003 I had to give up on CD-ROMs for the same reason, playing them was obstructed and the commands unresponsive. Why is something so trivial as watching an instructional DVD, 20 min. at most, for a power tool so important to a multi-billion dollar annual budget covert agency?

And why is cutting a CD or DVD disc such a consecrated harassment exercise as occured three weeks ago when visiting First Feral Family members in Kamloops? The Fourth Reich obstructed that exercise big time, and then had me "forget" about the USB stick I had in my briefcase. So in other words, they specifically blocked cutting a DVD data disk and didn't want me to have the files as they also blocked me from knowing about the USB stick I had. And why this relentless stupid juvenile insanity and why is it so consistent over ten years of this fucking abuse?

Mostly vineyard work today, pruning the vines. A clear blue sky, maybe 1 or 2C and with the magnificent view, a rare beautiful day.

Back to this hassle/abuse; my digital cell network to the internet suddenly stopped working as I restarted after tea and chocolate break. So... same as the last place, I get to switch ISP providers to a local WiFi and the perps get to play their games as to how my internet supplier can change things or whatever they are doing/testing/researching with different ISP lines, EMF signals.

And I see my log of the cell network connections, mentioned above with the most odd Dec. 28 entry for an internet connection event when I wasn't here, has been cleaned out by someone. I didn't, as I wanted to print it out, but "somehow" I didn't get it done yesterday when every unfettered instinct and knowledge meme about this harassment would of said, "print it now, glitches happen overnight".

Brutal and ugly dreams last night, though I cannot recall the details. The perps DID NOT screw me over my waking up routine like they had the prior two mornings. Jan. 09 they had me "forget" to set the alarm, and I woke up an hour ahead of work time, and had to not do a torso shave or have coffee to save time. Yesterday morning the alarm was set, but some skittered on the bedside table and shut itself off. They got me up a 0700h and planted the notion I had two hours to get ready, and sometime around 0730h they let me know that work starts at 0800 for crissakes. I never get my morning routine muddled up like they pulled on me yesterday. Then to top it off, they wouldn't let me get to sleep for three hours while they played some kind of radio-like male background banter from the next suite.

I got sacked for a 2.75 hour nap after lunch. There was no intrinsic need for the sleep as I had a full 7 hours. I call them "nap attacks", unwarranted naps that strike, usually for extended lengths. My determination is that one's brain is more accessible by external means, using unconventional technologies that is. Another use of nap attacks, especially in the early harassment years, 2002 to 2003, is to get me out of the way while they go and mess with something. And example would be when I got my PC back from the shop, got it set up, but not switched on, and a sudden "need" to nap came on strong just then. I didn't get to run the PC until at least two hours later after the nap ended. My theory on that was they wanted to access the shutdown  PC there and then and didn't want me around it. Given that it happened at the First Feral Family house makes it more suspicious. Later PC invasion activities made in very clear that they didn't want me using the PC unless they had total control of it. I had pulled the side panel off and ran it, then shut it down, put the side panel on again, and within 10 seconds of boot up the PC just flat out stopped. Only the next day did it run OK, and the re-installation of the side panel seemed to be the reason. It had some energetic properties they could not remotely govern, so down in went, never mind making up any technical excuses.

The post lunch nap attack may have been over the fact that I added two new items to my standard quesadilla fare; shallots and mushrooms were cooked ahead of time and then added into the mix between the tortillas. And as the prefered model of perp testing is to take something more complex at first, and then perform later energetic studies on a simpler subset, one can be sure over the next few weeks that I will be using onions/shallots alone and the same for mushrooms, so they can test each dietary component separately Exciting times in perp land.

And it was from 2003 to 2006 that I always had cooked onions in my quesadilla, but suddenly stopped when I moved to a new residence, and haven't had them since, save them once. On the mushroom side, my perp-abetting mother would cook a large mushroom each Sunday night when I would visit, and she stopped this practice at least four years ago.So it would seem that the perps did not want me ingesting either item, no matter what until today. You read that right; a remotely located and undeclared foreign mind-invasive entity did not want me eating onions or mushrooms until today. And to aid in their research, why they pulled a 3 hour long "nap attack"

I had tea and chocolate after getting up from the nap to help me wake up and then made a tanning salon visit, and then a LD store visit for more chocolate. I had the said chocolate in me while tanning, and subsequently when at the LD store which came with a heavy gangstalker presence. That included threesome of Fat Folk who looked totally stunned, arriving noiselessly some 4' away from the chocolate section and then blocking my egress to get out of there.

The Fat Folk threesome then stood over my former location in the aisle and remained there some 5 minutes later when I crossed the store to look at USB cords. And plenty more hinderers along the way while getting in there and out, and as it was dusk onset, (earlier when in the mountains), I shouldn't have been too surprised. Add in the vehicular dipshits in front of me and making every red light on the way there after taking a route that was to be a relief from an unexpected surge of road traffic.

I see that Yahoo still will not let me create an email, the To; box not accepting key-in or copy/paste input. Funny how there has also been a stop in incoming emails needing a response during this email sending obstruction episode. I await an upgrade from Yahoo to "solve" the problem.

And I now see that the very essential and long used add-on to Firefox, Ad-Block Plus, has been spoofed and disabled. I cannot block images now as Ad-Block doesn't come up in the mouse right click list. I routinely disable all manner of wierd or disturbing images or other page components and now this fundamental (to me) browser component has disabled itself.

A 0900h get-up without setting the alarm, and lo, if they didn't screw me out of going to yoga at 0930h as there wasn't sufficient time to get it all together. And after yesterday's near three hour nap in mid-day, I didn't need another nine hours of sleep. But as they like to screw me out of yoga repeatedly over the years, why am I surprised? And in knowing that, why didn't I set the alarm for 0800h?

And more mind-fuck games, this time over laundry, a long running perp obsession. They screwed me out of taking the detergent, something that has never been forgotten before, to force an extra trip the length of this motel complex, say, 120' or so. No in-suite laundry here in these too-tight rooms, but at least the price is right. I walked through to the laundry (twice) at about 1045h and no one was out, and there are at least 35 vehicles parked here in specific color order of course. And as it is cold out, and my shirt proved to be inadequate after the the first outing(s), I changed into a warmer shirt and put on the same jacket (after getting mind-fucked into putting the wrong jacket on first). On my way there and back to transfer the laundry from washing machine to dryer, why at least four Fuckwits had emerged. The stand-around-and-stare dude who was in place twice in the past two days each time I arrived back from work, a red and black jacketed walk-by male, a fat female in a round hat, poncho and a leopard skin collar in a just-stand-there-and-look-stupid role next to the building corner and a blonde on butt-sucking (cigarette smoking) duty. All because I changed my shirt ahead of going outside I reckon. Exciting times indeed in perpville.

Enough details of everything perp directed, and now to post this

[Later this evening; outside hot-rod noise running for ten minutes while I had headphones on. More male background banter, wall bangings, dog barkings and like noise eruptions. They got especially frequent and louder and varied after I had used my diamond honing stones.]

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