Sunday, January 27, 2013

Banter of the Rummies

The background noise of bantering rummies (slang for vagrants, or semi-vagrants in my closeted world) has started up just after finishing tea and chocolate. Post food consumption brings out the extra perp treatment as they deem fit. Not forgetting last week the said rummies were overheard mentioning the word "roster", an indictment that infers organization and that they all work together, and their work assignment is arranged for them. Not often do I get to hear an individual word, just background banter.

The worst yoga class ever in my limited yoga experiences of some 6 years. A balding and fat male instructor , already at three Unfavored strikes, begins power yoga with a breathing exercise for crissakes, and it never got much better than that. Power yoga is meant to be energetic, for the students at least. Though this Fuckwit was energetic, or more like frenetic in his pacing around the classroom, and even circling me at least once. The perps make sure that I cannot stand someone hovering over me or someone acting in a frenetic way (e.g. senseless pacing around). And not only was this Anemic Yoga, but it was conducted with a Frenetic Instructor, who wasn't anything to look at either. As I see it, a new way to screw with my yoga times, which seems of vital importance to the perps, having an instructor I will avoid at all future classes. There is no question the perps need to govern down my yoga or any other kind of fitness endeavors, as the once/week classes got interrupted with instructor no-shows and other like administrative stunts.

The perps forced a nicked finger with the pruners with one plant/vine left to go in the row, at the far end of course. Band-aids are a very popular perp brown color reference applied to skin, Caucasians and negroes alike, including one who had one hanging off his ear on the bus.

Of all the things to "occur", as in pre-scripted harassment, the perps unblocked my toilet sometime today. This evening, I went to do battle with the backflush of Liquid Plumber and the contents, and nothing was there, save some toilet paper they threw in. I still cannot get over as to why they took it upon themselves, in a never-before event, to undo the mess they created. It is simply astounding that I wasn't treated to another adversity like every time nearly.

Maybe that they ran me out of chocolate has something to do with their extremely rare incidence of cleaning up their own mess, thinking about their brown imperative and all that.

 An 0330h awakening to listen to the barking and howling dog next door (suites, in a motel). The perps put me to sleep for two hours and when I awakened the dog was still barking and howling, and carried on for the next 1.5 hours while I had breakfast, showered, shaved and changed.

Said ball-capped dude/dog owner wasn't there in all likelihood. But when coming back this evening, and being reminded of the early dog noise show, said dude and dog were doing the strut in front of my vehicle as I pulled into a parking stall. Why this Fuckwit had to be paraded in front of me after being reminded of his stunning non-performance immediately beforehand is very common with the perp coincidence games. Think it, and lo, if the word or concept or object isn't mentioned by someone in short order or else appears live.

And it should not go unmentioned that I have had a fair bit of daily dog barking while working on pruning in the vineyard this and the past week. The neighboring vineyard's workers bring their dogs to work and lo, if they don't bark when I am out, some 400' away. And too, barking is often arranged at the instant I am cutting a grape vine.

Another follow-on jerkaround was for the perps to inflict some kind of hip joint pain and sensitivity such that I hobble with an uneven gait and cannot stand on my right leg. I wasn't doing anything strange, it just came on as I was walking in this room I live in. And they have laid this pain and disablement on me the entire day, and as I write this. Another one of those hoping-it-will-go-away inflictions, but if it isn't over tomorrow I will have to see a doctor.

Then a double jerkaround at the tanning salon tonight; the first was sending someone into my booked room, after she had done a parading around the room in typical perp style. I objected and said that I had it booked, and fortuneately the gangstalker relented and I got to go in. All for sending someone immediately in front of me for less than a half minute, as she had only taken off her boots.

That wasn't enough though; the perps can now play with ones' perception of time passing, and so they did while under the tanning lights of the sun bed. Eventually they worked this worry into a full blown concern and I got out of the bed about two minutes early.

And as my watch has gone missing for some mysterious reason, I did not have any way to measure time. Convenient, that.

Other abuse today was the same continuance of messing with my ability to grasp, estimate distance, and otherwise interfere with my fine motor coordination involved in pruning grapevines, what I do for a living now (all viticultural activities).

Another piece of wonderful timing was the son-in-law of the owners arriving at 1625h as I was about the leave, the "dinge onset", as in winter sunset, a very favorite perp time to create more hassle. Not only did I get to  help him load his red truck, but also the perps re-bled the finger wound they inflicted on me two days ago. I did not need a band-aid (brown color adhesive sampling) on it in any way today, but lo, and with no provocation, I saw blood on the cider tank where the son-in-law wanted to extract a sample into three brown bottles.I look at my finger and the assholes had re-bled it for absolutely no conventional physical reason. And we have talked about blood samples and that have we not, and that it is very likely many of the massacres and other such current day tragedies just might be perp driven blood-location interaction samples.

A day of pruning grapevines mostly. Subzero (below 0C), maybe -2C or so, nothing too chilly and 8" of snow on the ground, the snowfall was Jan. 8, and with little thawing, the snow remains. Though the perps did pull a half inch snowfall yesterday to slightly mask what was on the ground on the prior 8" of snow.

I get the usual noisestalking, especially at the moment of cutting a vine. And even the odd phone call, the moment I decided which cane to cut of two good choices, my boss phones. The last two days he had the unerring knack of phoning me as I have just left or entered his house. (The vineyard owners are away in Vancouver BC this week, as the perps seemed to want them totally gone while they noisestalk me pruning).

Strangely, the motel manager phoned me to tell me that the water supply was going to be shutdown again. Like WTF; she didn't tell me that it was shutdown
Wednesday, but she tells me it will be Thursday. No matter, I am away at work when it is shutdown, though regular readers will know that the perps routinely interrupt my water supply no matter where I go. It was 2011 when they crimped the copper supply line at the First Feral Family house, as there was an excavation to look at the perimeter drains. About two years before that, my perp-abetting mother had the plumbers come by to do some upgrade work and lo, if they didn't put some PEX (plastic) pipe for the supply to the washing machine. All this dicking around over water supply spells one thing; the perps are a long way from ending this unrelenting abuse.

Friday, end of the work week. I did winemaking until 1100h, then pruning grape vines for the rest of the day. The son-in-law was back to park his red truck 100' away, barely visible through the brown grape vines. All part of the "browning around" games, adding some red into the picture.

The perps screwed me totally when driving home; I had planned two stops in close proximity but that wasn't allowed and I was near the highway before they let me in on this mind-fuckery. Another level of "never before"; that is, such strightforward plans never got this messed up or forgotten with such rapidity. Thanks a lot assholes.

One of the stops was due to my Rx refill getting screwed with. The phone refill system somehow "failed" after the first Rx, and cut me off. So I phoned in the second Rx and it took it, and so I expected them both to be ready. But no, one Rx wasn't filled for crissakes. Both were put into the Rx telephone refill system over two calls and only one got filled. Not only do we have an errant Rx refill system but the staff compounded it by not processing both.

All to keep me at the counter for longer it seemed and give the Rx tech an excuse to vacate the counter to go look at a LCD system 10' away, and then come back. The setup was already in place with a much delayed customer, then two native Indian girls with a young child were ahead of me, and then these adjacent loafing Fuckwits with child decided to get up and tail me in the queue after a fat Fuckwit vacated his spot in the lineup for no apparent reason. In other words, I had child gangstalkers (less than 2 y.o., in strollers) and caregivers either side of me, one native Indian, one Caucasian, even if the latter looked like they came from the Osarks, replete with pacing around behavior with cell phone in hand.

And I see the perps have just polluted yoga again, twice in succession now. Above mentioned male yoga instructor with large gut teaches tonight and Sunday morning when I wanted to go both times. This Fuckwit had never been instructing before, and now he shows up twice more after distinguishing himself as the worst yoga instructor. Not to mention the biggest eyesore as well.

The toilet blocking count these past five working days was three evening in succession and a fourth with no obstruction stunt. This is a huge increase in needing to go, as 2x/week has been the imposed norm for years.

A shut-in day, as a new music management and player software was installed and tested. And after spending some 6 hours fixing metadata, why, 95 Gb of compressed music files just plain disappeared. As in poof, all gone and no Windows backups.

Not entirely without backups as it turned out, as I had made a manual backup in 11-2011, which might seem a long time ago, but as it was the last backup before I left Victoria, I have all the CD's I have ripped since then. A constant perp theme is to do things over again; no wonder wherever I worked there seemed to be inherent organizational problems where re-work was the order of the day.

Though the system mysteries continue; a backup is twice the size of the source files.

The errant wall whacking noise continues, at least 1x/minute, and of no discernible conventional cause. I also get masers at every turn, especially where I am looking, these small circular ones have an unerring habit of appearing just where I am going to look, and then stay there until at least I swear at them or else flick my head or otherwise change my gaze. That is true; looking at anything is a highly governed and interfered with activity, and it only gets worse from there.

I got out to the bank, LD for Rx and a grocery store and to fill up the tank in the vehicle. As in keeping with past practice, gangstalking is much heavier after shut-in days. These Fuckwits at the ATM malingering, and again at the grocery store, who then all lined up behind me, save one who was ahead, at the checkout. The one ahead was in checkout-malingering mode, taking her time to sign a pentition that happened to be there. And they were big on hindering today, having Fuckwits arrive just ahead of where I planned to go.

And plenty of oil spots on the parking lots; these small slicks of yellow, purple and blue coloring dogged my path each location. As mentioned many times, the perps have an obsession/harassment and abuse agenda that includes petroleum and its many products/refinement forms. Which, I suspect, relates to their seeming need to determine "earth energies" and that includes flicking mud onto gangstalking vehicles and public transportation. And it might go back to 29 September 1913 when Rudolph Diesel somehow flipped overboard and drowned on his way to the UK to make contracts with oil seed suppliers.

And I stopped at the yoga center to see if my watch had been turned in. And lo, it had; someone found it in the parking lot, which makes some sense as I recall pulling out of my boot after class. As to how it came off my wrist, that would be another mystery. This watch has gone missing before, and that was a highly improbable find as it was at at the farm where I worked. Given that the perps started in earnest in 04-2002, and one of their first tasks was to sabotage my steel mesh banded watch, I am not too surprised. And too, I have two watchbands to replace the present one, both with some orange detail on the black vinyl watchband. Somehow, (har, har) the parcel went missing and the online dealer supplied another. After I came back from Christmas break, both had been delivered.

I don't know what the deal is about the color orange, but suffice to say it gets plenty of gangstalking and harassment attention. It appears to be an Unfavored color of sufficient impact that the perps had me pull the orange colored zipper out of a black and grey pack they had me purchase. And it was a useless purchase, as I already have a pack of the same size. Even though the recently purchased pack offered more room inside, it really didn't amount to a hill of beans. More perp games; buy the wrong thing, do the wrong thing and everything else associated with human ineptitude and folly, even if instigated by them.

Enough of this week's travails and onto posting this.

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