Saturday, December 22, 2012

Collision in the Chocolate Aisle

The chocolate fuckery at LD this morning, (think brown color games). My mother doing the ditz-around needing to get gifts for service providers, in the chocolate aisle at a different LD store at 1000h. And as always, slowing up or splitting sideways to allow gangstalkers to pass between us or just plain deviating from my presence as she does with unerring frequency. So, while doing the scouting, and while in early shopping hours, for some reason at least five gangstalkers decended within a minute of arriving and did their choreography of rotating in and out and the ass bending faux shopping where projecting their ass into the aisle for maximum obstruction seems to be the real objective.

And while walking behind a standing gangstalker (bag- she was at least 60), who would of seen me, why she steps back with uncanny precision to plant her heel on my toe and I turn around and tell her loudly enough to watch where she is going. She does this atonement thing where she reaches out to me to touch me and I flick her arm off me. Anyhow, this deliberate contact-abusive fuckery has now escalated to a new level; I might have got the odd bump in the past but rarely. Anyhow, in keeping with the game, another gangstalker dressed in the same color, type and fleece fabric as my own vineyard work jacket (not that I was wearing it), comes in to talk to the step-on-me gangstalker as she saw what transpired (she didn't) and then as if to commiserate about my minimal reaction. I have seen this a number of times; one Fuckwit engages me with some stunt, enrages me, and then another gangstalker comes to talk to the offender as in a faux commiseration dialog. Ridiculous theatre. And my perp abetting mother doesn't say a word; conspicuous involvement IMHO, and she would of heard me say something in the store.

Chocolate, the prime brown colored food they have me "need" 3x100g/day normally, somehow isn't "needed" (per remote influencing) now that I have returned to this abuse and gangstalker town, Victoria BC Canada. And it is interesting  that they haven't even let me purchase the 100g addiction bars they have me eat 3x/day for ten years.

So many perp orchestrated feints, dodges, stunts and the above mentioned affront over the last few days to mention in detail. I am never sure how much detail to add, I never seem to get TI's corroborating their experiences. Nor do I know if I am a top abusee, or if there are other TI's that get these second-by-second slings and arrows all day long. No one tells me squat, when they could, or would be moderately curious.

I am doing all the usual perp-needed activities; weeding, pruning, slinging and sieving this year's compost along with my outings downtown. Yesterday it was back to the automotive tire games again, finding out that the BC provincial website has got it wrong, or else I am being FUD-ded again as to what exactly a winter tire is. Even the local TV news has chimed in as to what a freaking "winter tire" is. Does it have a Mud+Snow rating or is it what should be called a "snow tire". Yesterday, the tire shop told me a winter tire is a "snow tire" with the snowflake and mountain logo on the side, not M+S. It isn't my money, but rims and tires are going to be over $1,000.

The tire shop said they would be 45 minutes, so I went to my former nearby tanning salon and got obstructed by a supposed customer ahead of me going through a whole lot of decision making. All for the E. Indian to pop out of a tanning room and walk past me in five minutes or so, over top of where I was standing, me getting out of his way to the door unlike the arranged dipshit door-obstructing gangstalkers I run into at every turn in this town. And what a freaking joke, having a dark E. Indian at a tanning salon for crissakes. Stupider and stupider is how it gets, a mantra that has served me well.

Anyhow, the tire shop hadn't got the tires on in 45 min. so I waited there while the dude parade started up, from the dapper to the shiftless to the uniformed. Then the tire installation dudes did their putzing with the stack of tires outside of the waiting area where I was sitting, said tires were outside the building in fact, plainly visible through the ample window glass. Another tire dude was inside, and was walking past some 15' away, and not even looking at the waiting area (only two of us) calls out "Ford Escape", and I say "yes" and he says they are working on it. I say fine, but no estimate of when it would be ready for crissakes, the minimal informational content one would expect instead of some senseless acknowledgement of the obvious. That might of been at 60 minutes after they started,  now 15 min. of waiting. Meanwhile the dude parade and male voice banter continued, but it is a tire shop though. Finally, after 90 minutes, the owner-manager says they couldn't find the right rims because of the hub size was different than expected and the tires couldn't fit. Like WTF; they would of known this in 5 or 10 minutes, not 90 minutes, as the snow tires were being put on separate rims which they had in stock. They didn't have to take any rims off or dismount the extant M+S tires first. Plus, they got books on all the hub sizes, rims, offsets and the rest of it, never mind having real experience with Ford Escapes as there are so many in this town. (I wonder why?) So, 90 minutes of getting sucked downtown to have a tan and watch the dude parade, never mind the vehicles passing by on the street some 40' away, me in the window. And never mind the above mentioned tire guy calling out "Ford Escape" for even less reason in retrospect. Has the automotive tire industry gone fucking nuts, from the BC provincial government to the local tire shop? Seemingly it has.

I bought 4 Pirelli P4 tires ($600 bill) from the same tire shop in April, and that didn't seem to earn me any respect either. I had come in the morning to find out what a winter tire was from all this FUD-dery (above), and then when I came back in the afternoon to drop $1,000 on snow tires and rims, they pretended they hadn't seen or recalled me from the morning (even after giving them the printed quote a reference I recieved in the morning). So, yes, the tire business, as it is arranged for me, is fucking nuts. All part of the perps and their insane obsession over tires, rotating objects, ashphalt and petroleum products. Go figure.

Winter Solstice today; always a big perp harassment day, though apart from this morning's continued bizarre-ness at the above mentioned tire shop, I was back on gardening duty,- sieving and slinging the last of the compost that formed this year, and getting the pile built for next year. The hot-rod and other noisy muffler noise came on, as did the aircraft noise, and the neighborhood chainsaw started up again, like yesterday. The new neighbor dog, a brown hound of some kind, was give a plastic head thing to prevent it from scratching its purported veterinarian work at its head somewhere. Yessir, having brown dogs come and bark at me each day in the backyard isn't enough; now make them fubly brown coated and then add some plastic at the dog's head. Go figure.

The tire shop became the Tiresome Shop after this morning's bizarreness, extending that described above from two days ago. So instead of being friendly, as it was my third trip there in two three days, I get addressed as Mr. H....s (surname). The bastion of informal guyness, the local neighborhood tire shop, calls me by my surname for crissakes. OK, never mind, are the snow tires mounted on the rims, and they are and will be a half hour to mount. No problem, I repeat the exercise of two days ago, and visit my former neighborhood tanning salon, and notice the negro with a black toque bobbing up and down between the two parked cars outside. I get tanned, after finding my new bought-there tube of tanning intensifier had gone missing before I set off. Nothing new there, someone doesn't want me to use the product I purchased at the same store.

I get back to the tire store and they are backing up the Ford Escape, new snow tires on, and they stop it just outside the desk where I get my reciept from the counter guy who has either been ignoring me, and now has gone formal. I finish up at the desk inside of a minute or so, and lo, if the Ford Escape, only 4' away through the glass is gone. I go outside to look for it and it is nowhere, and lo, if someone doesn't want to drive in just where I am standing looking for the missing vehicle. I go inside and ask the other counter person where the vehicle is, and he doesn't answer me, pretending to be busy at the desk. So I wait in the waiting area, and wait for some real service. A few minutes later a red coat gortex anorak wearing male comes into the shop and says "where is my vehicle?". The first mentioned counter-person also arrives just then and says he will show him, and then waves at me and says "you will want to come too". I get it, from being ignored, to being "Mr." and now "you".

I walk behind my two male posse, the redcoat and the counter-person walking full 8' sidewalk apart a half block to the parking lot of a funeral home and as he gets to the Ford Escape, he says, "damn, I didn't meet the guy with the keys". He explains that he hasn't the keys for it as he thought the person who had them would be met enroute to the off-site parked Ford Escape. He asks me to wait at the vehicle until someone is sent around. The redcoat goes off to his vehicle, and I  waited by putzing with some pics and email on my phone, and after five minutes a tireshop Fuckwit arrives with the keys, and instead of a normal eye exchange, he gives me this leering extended stare. Like WTF; I dropped over $1,000 on tires and rims (and $700 in April this year), the vehicle is taken away within 30 seconds of me getting into it to drive it away, then we go half a block to find the keys aren't there, I stand around in a parking lot next to the vehicle with its new tires on it, and a participating Fuckwit delivers the keys and then stares at me? I get in the vehicle, with the removed M+S set of four tires on original rims in the vehicle, and lo, if the redcoat male Fuckwit doesn't then chose to drive away just then, some four parked vehicles away. He had over five minutes to drive off while I was standing around waiting for the keys to be delivered, and hangs around in his parked vehicle all the while, and then choses to precede me out of the parking lot. So yes, I will affirm that the tire shop and industry is fucking nuts, same as the perps and their ongoing inanity of having rotating, or formerly rotating (removed tire set) in my proximity.

And a few other vehicular hijinx on my two stop trip back, and even a cluster of seven same red colored vehicles arranged ahead of me. I haven't seen one like this in traffic since 2005 or so. Lucky me.

Anyhow, back to the First Feral Family house and compost slinging, weeding, pine needle mulch laydown and the rest of it with the ongoing vehicle muffler noise, aircraft noise etc. Relative bliss compared to the Tiresome Shop antics of this morning.

A sudden surge of strange dudes in the local CT store at 1100h. None of the usual parking lot confusion games, in fact much less than usual, but there they were, one blocking the entrance to take the rude-dude title of the week. some 5' past the turnstile, and this Fuckwit takes it upon himself to read the flyer and obstruct the central aisle entrance to the store. All I wanted was Rain-X, the indispensible item for rain repellant windows on a vehicle as the bottle in my perp-abetting mother's vehicle had somehow almost run out though she never uses it. And I see her other automotive treatments also disappeared; car wax, which I know for sure she would never use. So who took it?

Anyhow, with enough dudes popping out behind every aisle end it was time to get the fuck out of CT, a gangstalk shit-hole almost as bad as Walmart. And a open checkout, but no, a dude steps in ahead of me and then reverses out for no reason. None of the "forgot something" act this time, he just turned around and headed out 4' from the checkout. Whatever, and so with the item paid for, and out the door, why, more dudes arrive from behind the corners of the building. Back at the vehicle and a cluster fuck erupts with some Fuckwit in one of those Fugly, but much perp loved, Chrysler 300 sedans somehow needs to take both lanes to make a R turn into a parking stall. And slowly too, all to occupy the ground over which I am to drive over in short order to make my exit from yet another over-gangstalked store.

Once I start applying the Rain-X to the vehicle back at the First Feral Family house, why, the neighborhood prattle starts up, more dude banter for me to overhear while using this much-loved perp product. And of course, even if I clean the glass twice, somehow a scuff of something sits in the middle of the windshield to obstruct this driver's vision. So.. having used up the old bottle of Rain-X by now, why, the perps needed a re-application of the just-purchased one. Exciting times in perpland and entirely in keeping with much of what gets used up, first noted when toilet rolls needed to be switched in mid-crap with alarming frequency. Now we have it that the windshield has applications from both bottles, the rear window just from the old bottle, and the side windows have Rain-X from the new bottle only. All this is of great excitement for the perps and is nothing new in their insane goings on. One day, if I ever get to find out what they put in this product, it might all make some sense.

And the arrivals of bits of sheet plastic in the compost handling continues; the pile is clean and sieved, I turn my back, return my gaze to where I was working, and lo, if some plastic didn't somehow arrive from nowhere. That, and the continuing street muffler noise and some motorcycles too. Interestingly, no aircraft (low, or noise only) and no sirens. The neighbor dog yapping kept up for over two hours though, but no wind to perturb compost pile building today.  Though, the neighborhood chain saw noise started up again, for the third day in succession, getting more distant each day. Funny how that "happens'.

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