Sunday, December 16, 2012

Flight Time

Yesterday evening, the fourth passenger aircraft trip this year to the Gangstalk Capital of Canada, and as regular readers will know, these are the first in some nine years of being beaten down by the Psychopathic World Order, or "Thems" or Fourth Reich. TI's have their own vocabulary for dealing with an undeclared hostile entity every moment of their existence, though I try not to get too far into TI-speak. But they do like to noisestalk me or otherwise create a disturbance anytime I think or type their name. More often now, they are flashing plasma beams, lights or having the grey fuzzy balls flit about, usually two of the latter in formation. Today, while driving the First Feral Family vehicle, and approaching a green light, and the instant I decided I was going to proceed and not prepare to stop (for a yellow light), they flashed a red plasma light in red, the same size of the green traffic light, displacing it to the R and down at the horizontal level of the bottom of the traffic light.

And it is always a big deal for the perps after I take a aircraft flight, as today they had me in for dental cleaning and doing driving for my mother, as she had coincidental eye treatments such that I drove her to her appointment, did shopping at the regular downtown Victoria supermarket, went to my dental appointment and then drove back to collect my perp-abetting mother. Yes, it is back to visiting the First Feral Family again, always a big moment for the perps, and all the more so that I just visiting the Gangstalk Capital of Canada. So much so, they had another professional screw up my intended appointment time for tomorrow, to have it later this afternoon. Yes, more appointment time screw ups, and too, blanking me out as to recalling my next one what/wherever it is. Another dental appointment in two days, and between them, that should drain me of $500.

And the re-visiting occasion at the downtown supermarket was so special they had the scanner not able to read the bar code, and had a dude do a price check, all to eventually return without the item and he "thought" that it was a "put back" as he called it. I said forget it, and when I came back to pick my mother up, I went to purchase the same item, and lo, if it couldn't be scanned, and another dude was onto price checking. The cashiers wouldn't take my word for it that it was $9.99 each time, but as they didn't know me, I can accept that. This is the same downtown supermarket I frequented some six years, and given the intense attention I get over food purchases, financial transactions, the color of everything and the constant freak show that is arranged around me, one can be sure this was a big deal for the Thems.

I had my teeth cleaning this morning by the dental hygienist; attractive, blonde and hovering over me, my biannual blonde girl contact/thrill. And lots of one sided chatter as I couldn't reply back with my mouth open of course, but that is OK. The perps do like to arrange one sided dialog with me, while I am actively processing the content and attempting to map into a coherent whole. With three new dental products to consider and their new requirements, I was indeed challenged as to how to introduce them into my present regimen. The perps have caused my gums to substantially recede which then incurs more products to deal with exposed root sensitivity and the rest of the dental contingencies.

And a more outrageous blatant example of being gangstalked too; an empty coffee shop except for me and a male mofo Fuckwit comes over to the next table, and places his backpack next to me. Like WTF; a welcome back to the Gangstalking and Abuse Capital of Canada it would seem. I swallowed down my remaining coffee and skedaddled. Which set me up for the dental hygienist visitation, having my teeth just "browned" by coffee, and then 15 minutes later taking X-rays of them. Exciting times in perpland to be sure.

A second dental appointment, building up the inside of my top eye teeth for whatever reason. The dentist sprang it on me earlier this year when normally she tells me the story. But as I had to get another crown chip smoothed, and I was in two days ago for teeth cleaning, so the "need" of plastering dental plastic on two of my teeth must proceed. All $571 worth, another serious budget hit as I am not working this month. And a burst of three dudes, one in the ubiquitous hikey-bikey yellow cycling jacket as I came to the dental office assistant's counter. After that, more stalking culls on my way to the vehicle, one attempting to do the R side pass, coming straight at me. Then to the health food store I once frequently  patronized when living here, and lo, if there weren't more dudes doing loiter-stalking, making out doing deliveries. Then to the local LD, and in a most strange interaction, this ridiculous floppy-walking male, and apparent staff member, comes at me and asks if I am finding what I am looking for. As I don't know the store layout at this one, I asked him where the chocolate was, and after ditzing around he points me to the correct aisle. In the ten+ years of this insane gangstalking and patronizing the LD chain, and observing staff doing their stocking cart stalking, criss-crossing my path and all the rest of the gangstalking choreography, never once have any of them asked me what I was looking for. And today, I get this goof who seemingly picks me at random. I get to the Milka chocolate, and another two dudes are doing the faux shopping thing, walking ahead and looking sideways, (extended bendovers being another signature stalker trait), and lo, if by some unconventional means the chocolate bars don't burst out of my hand by themselves. So, fuck that, and I purchased what I had from elsewhere in the store and went to the checkout. But why are these aimless dudes clustering around and have no seeming day job?

And yesterday's cross town trip in the afternoon, about 1.5 hours after having a single chocolate bar, turned out to be bumper-to-bumber vehicular gangstalking for over 45 min. at 1500h in the afternoon. I had the army on my tail for 35 minutes driving through residential areas, and they even put on an EH-101 helicopter (yellow) from the Coast Guard, also seen earlier in the day flying over the First Feral Family house, and doing extended buzzing around for no seeming purpose. And suddenly at 1700h my farmer colleague needs me to go, and lo, if there wasn't even more vehicular traffic backed up in the just dimmed light. The perps love those dusk onset times, especially to run red vehicles ahead, behind, split apart, and in an astonishing piece of idiotic driving, they put two same red colored side by side vehicles, making a left turn in concentric formation, coming from my left to get in fronty of me, when there was only a single lane. That takes deliberate coordination as I have always seen one driver getting totally freaked out by a tailing vehicle irregularly inserted next to them while moving with no designated lane.

And in about four hours at 1800h, only 30 min. later than yesterday's 1730h run, though in the opposite direction, I get to meet my farmworker colleague again for a soup night with other friends. Why am I put through these gaming events all the time? This is the same dip-shit who told me "at least I will have privacy" in my new residence location in a phone conversation last week. Just leave me the fuck alone and go rape and fuck with your own operatives.

And don't go shooting any more innocents in malls; I haven't been to Clackamas Mall near Portland OR since about 1995 or so, and I would not want to be so aggrandizing as to assume that misfortune and fatalities always follows me, but I find it most odd that a relative unknown with no criminal history or gun ownership, goes into a mall with a white goalie mask (white plastic, hmmm) and a military rifle, announces to someone that he is "the shooter" and shoots three shoppers, two of them dead. Then he runs off and does himself in. And it would of been a lot worse if his stolen AR-15 rifle hadn't jammed, and if there is a perp involvement tip off, that would be it. They routinely fuck with objects by remote means all around me, and I can personally attest that they can remotely jam guns. Way back in 1972 for a summer army reserve employment, they did just that in a training room with us each with an FN-1 in hand during classroom training. With no ammunition, everyone could pull the breech block back except for me as it had somehow stuck;  the corporal starts to ream my ass as I was exerting a whole lot of force on it and then it suddenly released. No one else of 40 of us had any such problem at that time or any other, except for me. Funny how that happens.

An hour of plant pruning before and after lunch today, with the extra-yappy dog starting up again. Said dog had an unerring knack of starting a yap session just as I was cutting the branch with the pruners. Then after the dog finally gave up, the aircraft course overhead in greater numbers, and then the hot-rod muffler noise starts up to finish the session, with the rain coming on.

And I see we have another tragic, even horrific, school shooting incident today in Newtown CT elementary school. It is almost predictable that they "happen" at the beginning and end of terms. I did not know about this until a few minutes ago, and as it occurred 0930h EST, three hours earlier than here, that would of made it 0630h. No radio on at the First Feral Family house, and nothing on all those TV screens at the TV store I visited for 30 minutes at 1430h.

More pruning today on this sunny and warm day, following yesterday afternoon's deluge upon my pruned branches still remaining on the backyard lawn. My gardening activities are getting protracted by way of adverse weather onset or else my perp abetting mother's driving requests.

I was severely pissed yesterday when they pulled a stunt, augmented by my mother's subsequent extra dithering just when urgency was called for, just to make me 30 minutes late two days in succession in visiting the same farmworker colleague. Yesterday it was an evening trip, and sure enough, they had me eat some chocolate before I set off, all to have for the first time in over ten years, a deep brown metallic colored gangstalking vehicle in front of me for some 5 minutes of tail-me time. The perps will go silly in introducing red colored vehicles around me in the dark, but never brown, save for the odd tan metallic finished, a hue very close to their much loved silver-grey tone.

Anyhow, I suddenly had to drive my  mother to a local function, just one way, return back to the First Feral Family house, wolf down a pork chop in tomato sauce with some green kale, and then depart. I had it all timed for me to leave on time and get fed, and the ex called to say she couldn't pick up my mother. And when I get to my farmworker colleague's place it was for soup, and lo, if it wasn't tomato based soup with kale chunks in it. That she also put on her short sleeve shirt to show off the majority of her arm skin covered in red psoriasis lesions surely wasn't a coincidence. And her ponytail-male platonic pal was there, but he seems OK apart from the irregular hairdo.

No helicopters and army vehicles tailing me last night, unlike the daytime before, but instead, the petroleum products tankers out at 1800h (heating fuel) and my erstwhile long-time corporate gasoline products gangstalker/supplier was out at 2200h for crissakes. That same outfit would arrange to be on my route on Sunday evenings nearly every week in the 2003 to 2006 vehicle ownership years before they arranged impoverishment to have the Volvo 245 removed from my possession.

More driving my mother into downtown, and then getting cluster fucked/gangstalked while trying on new hiking boots. It is such a big deal for the perps to put on the intensified idiot gangstalker show while I am removing, or trying new footwear on in public. No wonder they keep teasing me for weeks about a pair of hiking boots that seem to be the right ones at this particular discount web site by putting them in this email deal flyer every other day but don't add the extra discount. I had never seen this site do this before, selectively discounting items in an email flyer when the entire selection is discounted. Absurd; but as I need new hiking boots because the extant ones somehow "stretched" a full size bigger even if custom sized 23 years ago, this has now become a long running game. Thanks a bunch; they fuck me out of needed footwear and then fuck me around with online discount teases that mysteriously violate the years' long prior format of all electronic flyer items being discounted. Not to mention how my feet somehow changed from size 9.5 to 10 over that time span, (maybe that is normal though it would be news to me) and said stretched boots, originally a custom made size 9.5 are now size 11. Go figure. All this intense insanity over my hiking boots, though I use them for all my vineyard and farmwork jobs.

And more shopping skunks; just like six months ago; a small tanning salon I frequented in this gangstalking city prior to moving in 01-2012 has a particular scentless tanning adjunct product that I cannot get where I now live (smaller town) and cannot get online. And lo, if they aren't out of it again even if they sell large volumes. I had my tail arrive the instant I found I was skunked again. The perps pulled this same skunk stunt at this same tanning salon in the summer, after having a meal with above farmworker colleague in an adjacent restaurant.

And what it with this business dressed Fuckwit male, mid-50's to early 60's, hanging around in the TV and video shop, staring at me while I was speaking with the salesman? These grim well dressed males occasionally come to stand around for no apparent purpose, but rarely to the assholes chose to stare at me, a fleeting glance at best. But this Fuckwit has hanging around waiting for the salesmen I was speaking with. If I get any stares it is nearly always some quasi-deranged Fuckwit. Once I recieved the salesman's business card, he turned out to be the owner/manager no less, another occasion of the business owner getting dispatched to engage with me.

And while downtown, Christmas shopping time and all, why were there such a propensity of Fuckwits/shoppers chosing to come right at me when there was plenty of room on the sidewalk. One blonde woman got in closer using this ruse by looking sideways at the critical juncture to ensure no ambulatory street collision. Just plain berserk as it is consistent.

My perp-abetting mother "needed" to do the annual near-futility of getting biscuits, as she calls them, at this particular nationwide department store downtown. Like WTF; she "needs" to do this before Christmas for the past six years at least, and every year this department store has less and less food products. And I have told her where to now go and she keeps insisting on going there. I got the certifiable whacko doing the pacing all around within 20' of the checkout or so, and even standing in one location for a while when this sudden eruption of shoppers queued up in front of us, the second store of two where this line-up formation eruption took place.

And the switcheroo with the cashiers again, with my mother doing the paying and me waiting beside me, and the initial babe cashier somehow needed to go elsewhere while my mother was doing the card fumbling act. I "happened" to be next to this gate to the cashiers area, and lo, if they didn't put on a babe to come through beside me followed my a large Asian male. Said male needed to return in a minute to sweep behind me again on his way to become a cashier further along. Like WTF; if someone is assigned to open a new till, why would they depart the cashier area to return a minute later? This insane relentless fucking commotion arranged around me at every public financial transaction I am party to. Then, the babe cashier somehow took longer to come back, and the much larger plain young woman came to take her place and put the items in the shopping bag. Whatever; swapping cashiers in mid-transaction is nothing new since this abusive imposition began in 04-2002, especially if transitioning from a Favorable (babe) to an Unfavorable (male, or fugly human) is nothing new. Though this time it was more like a Favorable to a less Favorable (Neutral maybe) cashier.

Yesterday while at a small specialty running gear store, they had the male owner course by to show me a few things, and two young women at the cash desk. One was blonde and almost attractive except for her very wide disproportionate mouth, the other might have been attractive save for this awful oversized loose curly wig she had on. It was extra obvious and I even checked the hair again when she wasn't looking and it had the characteristic iridescence of cheap artificial hair, like a stage wig that wasn't meant to be looked at closely. So to summarize the arranged freakishness; one normally Favorable member of the sub-population of young blonde slim women, was given a freakish mouth, and the other young slim brunette was in this ridiculous oversized curly wig. That is, two Favorables given Unfavorable features, and me looking at one to the next and attempting to answer how did I deserve this?

And more garden work this afternoon, always a big deal at the First Feral Family house; pruning again, and the perps went and sabotaged the pruners by having the pivot nut just drop off. Like WTF; I had taken them apart last year, cleaned them up and sharpened them, and somehow the pivot bolt had its threads worn down from no use whatsoever such that the main nut couldn't hold on. I rarely see any steel thread wear down, and to have this happen means near daily use with a sloppy fitting nut. But somehow, this set of pruners, which had not been used at all since mid-2011, had its key bolt thread wear down to the point of not being able to hold the mating nut.

And when I finally found a replacement pair of pruners, black steel handled instead of aluminum, why, the next door neighbors came out and started talking, and he eventually resorted to his long time habit of throat clearing. I have been pruning and plant tending off and on for a week now, and they were never out in their backyard, and within two minutes of me resuming with a different pair of pruners, why, they arrive and do their background talking, and then he and his long time throat clearing act. For a throat that never seems to get better, and he isn't a smoker.

Some 30 minutes after that, the Sikorsky S76 helicopter came over, and then another inside of 10 minutes, the latter with the paint scheme of being the air ambulance, not the commercial passenger flight. I moved to another plant to prune it, and lo, a single engine aircraft came in low (400' up) to then do its turns and climbs with all the attendant noise of course.

After skipping shaving today, a full frontal shave and arms too. This is the three blade razor insert instead of the normal two, and a gree teflon strip as well. No big deal to me, but the shaving interuption stunts have been every other day now, and shaving is always a big deal, especially now that I am visiting this GS town and staying at the FFF house for nearly three weeks.

Every night now, the perps have prevented me from getting sleep for an hour or more, usually two hours. And with this single bed that has subsized sheets that get pulled off me in the night, why, it is just like old times, all these color and fabric combinations they like to mess with as I am in bed.

And of late, these planted wedding and engagement ideations. Another WTF; I have no romantic interests and only an eligible female TI would do. Even my 22 y.o.daughter makes herself scarce and is minimally engaged along with a certain thankfulness about most gifts I give her, birthdays and Christmas. It was last week in the final days of work at the winery/vineyard, and finishing up on discussing the aquistion of test bottles/containers for wine evaluation, that wife of the owning couple mentions containers of a smaller size that could be used for weddings. Whatever, though  she said "for your wedding", which seemed to be a syntactical error really to mean a generic instance, but she turned to look at me as she said it, which then made it in a personal context. I said something to the effect of  "not much call for that" (meaning I wasn't getting married anytime soon, which she would of known anyhow from our 8 month association), and she didn't say anything to alleviate the potential confusion. We were finishing up on this task, and I asked if we were done, with no kind of reaction to what she said, and went off to do something else. Another WTF; why would she make any inference about me and a wedding when she knew that I had no such plans, even remotely? (Not referencing the arranged and orchestrated existence I am kept in). So many WTF's of late, and for what? What is a better term; confounding illogical and irrational statements and behaviors by others (CIAISABBO)? I will stick with WTF moments, even if the first three letters of that acronym might have salience, though I have come to the conclusion that they are really the conventional physical world arm of the Fourth Reich. Wasn't it Jesse Ventura, a former Navy SEAL, early in his term as governor of Minnesota who met some 30 or so individuals organized in the basement of the state capitol building who introduced themselves but none would state what their mission was when asked? They claimed to be from the CIA, a bogus rationale as they aren't to have any domestic US operations. No news or congressional interest or hearing about that of course.

Time to post this on this very dim and windy Sunday afternoon, keeping the weekly or so format going.

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Aircraft Fly overs
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