Sunday, December 02, 2012

Its the Beets

All that red food last night, the beets in particular, though the tomato soup was part of it, might be why the perps are going silly with red dressed or red vehicle gangstalking. Then they did the irritable bowel thing again at work, relieved by taking a crap, and lo, if they didn't block the toilet yet again. I think I have at least ten such events since May. And here we are; 10.5 years since they invaded my apartment and blocked my crapper, and they are still hounding me over taking a crap with all the obstruction games and other related stunts I won't get into for now.

 And at least ten minutes this morning spent on cleaning up perp mess; they bled me big time when shaving my torso and the stepic pencil was ineffectual for some strange reason. In fact it was so bad that I put the mop-up towel in the bathtub to soak all day until I got back to get it laundered.

The boss got into his Monday adversity act again, though he kept it shorter. One has to wonder why he hasn't twigged to the fact that conflicting statements are coming at me every week or less. It was all about support and sanction for my "creative winemaking" two weeks ago, and now he want to clear out a wine vessel to make room for the next project in the winery cum garage. Except that what he wants to bring is something that he acknowledges should be outside for its cool temperature ferment. Cutting off a malolactic ferment, which reduces acidity, for a wine that is too acid, to gain unneeded room strikes me as either interfering or poor winemaking. Give it a week and it will change, possibly. I don't know what to make of his expeditious rationalizations at times, but I will come back at him to say the wine needs to continue its malolatic fermentation. Though to be fair, putting wine outside in cold temperatures will also cause a different acid to drop out, which maybe the right solution. Enough pondering this small universe.

I always thought the contrails were white, but here they put on some dark ones for me as I finished up work at 1600h, past sundown in these mountains.

You will need to zoom in to see all of them, as the bottom pic has a short squiggly contrail over one of the center hills. I thought it was just absurd that they blew their own cover as to these being legit contrails. Or, is there something I don't understand about contrails and how they are conventionally formed?

And why is it they gave me a head cold today? It will be a two week dose up of vitamin C, ColdFX and echinacea. We did this head cold stunt earlier this year when in viticulture class, and they sent it around to nearly all the class members, one by one.

A futile work day, almost floaty, then a nap attack for 45 min after I got in.

This evening a male visitor to the two ladies who own this property and live here upstairs. And so, the male voice yapping started up for me to overhear in tonal form. From the perps' perspective, where nearly every event that is deemed useful is played at each location, in an attempt to separate geo-locational energy fields from my own.

I decide to go out to go tanning tonight, and lo, if his red vehicle isn't in the driveway in front of my vehicle. Like WTF; what moron does that to someone he doesn't know? If visiting the two ladies, and has a good idea that they will be in, then park behind them for crissakes. Said dude starts his car up, turns on the headlights in my face, and then goes through this wrong-side-of-street turnaround performance, drives away half an block and then returns within 15' of where he was parked in the first place. He could of backed into the second parking location from the first one inside of 30 seconds without the performance part. But as the vehicle was red, and was parked in the dark evening light, and as the perps love to hound me with red colored vehicles judiciously injected with supporting white, silver and other grey-scale colored vehicles, the above parking ridiculousness was planned all the way. And another perp bonus, was that I was driving through a location where a red vehicle was parked, and they cannot get enough of that either.

Yesterday's gangstalking vehicle tail that covered 95% of my route after work was also red, and they do like to put on red especially at dusk onset and night time. I am told it has to do with the receptor cells in the eyes, the rods and cones.

And so, off to tanning in the lie-down bed as it "happens" that the stand-up tanning booths were initially promising then got dialed down in terms of effectiveness. The use of the booths began two months ago when the lie-down bed had all its bulbs changed out for new ones. Such is life in this Unconventionally Mutable World I am contained in.

A cute stunt they haven't pulled since 2008; the Fuckover Force screwed me out of setting the alarm last night, even if I had the alarm clock in hand to set the alarm time earlier than it was. And "somehow" the alarm didn't get set. In my entire life I have had no problem about setting the alarm and here the assholes pull this forced forget with the clock in hand. And no doubt arranged it that way, making sure I am roundly pissed at their intervention instead of just plain pissed. And a 9.5 hour sleep too, and only needing 8 hours. No doubt this was in aid of their games at my place of employment when the cleaning lady comes at about the same time as I do on Wednesdays. So it would seem the perps wanted the cleaning lady to have a 1.5 hour lead on me starting work in the same house. Exciting developments in Perpville.

Another clogged and fogged day, getting some things done, but more like getting interrupted before finishing another thing. The perps just love this game, conflicting task completion.

And speaking of which, why do they like to have professional (medical) office staff screw up appointment dates so after writing an appointment in my book, why, I find out they made a "mistake" and I am obliged to arrange a new date. All the more fun for the perps when it is over the span of two calendar years. And likely has something to do with having me enter an appointment at the wrong day other times. Again, I never had any problem reading an appointment book, and now there is about a 30% chance of screwing it up.

Another sort-of stunt; I got a package from the winery supplies business via the bus freight service in town, and took the package to a wine test lab business to give them a small portion of the contents of one of the packages to include in their testing (bentonite for wine fining). It is the biggest deal for the perps to have me open packages, and now they set up circumstances to have me do this at a new location, one that I don't frequent much. Just another hilarious hoop for the victim to be put through. Never mind these weird hoodie dudes hanging around the bus station, be it the passenger area or the freight office. Someone decided that bus stations must have semi-vagrant dudes lounging around each time I visit there. I don't get it, save that the perps are deranged beyond compare, individually and collectively. Never mind being the Uber-Quislings, working for the aliens if you buy into the oft witnessed associations of them and earthlings and their organizations.

Moving day today, and damn if the landlady didn't engage me for 40 minutes with some more possible arrangements that might be 3 months out. That someone mind fucked me into agreeing with her request to have me scrape her driveway clear of snow, should it come down overnight, means a whole lot more driving there than I wanted. Plus all the snow conditions, and the extra time it will take. How stupid of someone to have me make any further arrangements with this woman who surely must be an operative to lay on this BS so smoothly. She is a borderline crazy, one cannot detect this at first until a more involved engagement occurs, and I don't need any more of this personality type in my existence, the ex (20 years worth) being another one.

And the odd placement of Fuckwits was in full flush when I was packing or unpacking the vehicle, a whole three trips. The young woman seated outside with a laptop 20' from the stairwell I ascended and descended countless times in my moving efforts was a signature perp prop. Then the dude who sat down 4' from her was another; how absurd, they are either together and closer or don't know each other and are too close. Said dude was seated in the lean-forward crapping pose, another long-time perp posture giveaway.

And after a near screaming rage show on getting this PC connected, when normally I don't have any problems would be another perp mind-fuck stunt. That and the passing dudes who made a sudden throat clearing noise when unpacking the vehicle earlier. Then there was the plasma splotches of bright colored light that would stay in my vision in approximately the same location as I moved from inside the old suite, to the intermediate utility room to my vehicle parked temporarily in the carport today as the landlady was kind enough to give up her parking space for convenient vehicle loading today. I get more of these bright plasma spots that erupt as I am about to move from inside, to partial cover, then fully outside, especially if abetted by a delaying conspirator.

This suite is a motel unit, as it is common for motels to rent a low wintertime rates, the same arrangement I had from Jan. to May this year 2012). I have about half the space I had at the old suite, but no one clunking and exercising the squeaky floorboards overhead. (Now, as of a few hours of residence, someone clunking a door or like from below). And just when I thought I heard the last infernal hot rod muffler noise at at the last place. why, someone came by and put a hot rod muffler noise just for me while outside packing boxes.

And each place I live at has to be initiated with a brown box parcel in addition to all those I packed in. This time it is UPS and a delivery I didn't expect until next week, and lo, if there weren't already two attempts in two days in my absence. (Two notices on my door when I first arrived, putting on the yellow and brown too). And of course the driver could of checked with the front desk to see if I was here, and phoned me for a check for the custom duties and taxes, but for some strange reason the driver didn't appear to have any discussion with the front desk. And have I not complained about strange parcel delivery service before, and that it appears to be from every courier? Many times, and it is all too common to be a coincidence.

Another moving/relocation jerkaround was to have me temporarily set up in unit #36, when it was #37 that was originally arranged. Some excuses were cooked up to be sure, and in three days or so I get to move next door into a much bigger unit. Funny how these snafus just keep coming.

Another move-in quirk, and in keeping with what happens at other residence locations, including the last two, is to have the internet connection on the fritz and have me use a cellphone aerial instead. The motel wi-fi was to to be working, but lo, if they aren't still having problems, a whole month's worth now.

A Dashed Expectations and Yoga Obstruction stunt for my very first morning here in my new motel residence, having moved here yesterday. There was to be volunteer grape picking at a nearby vineyard, so having recieved an invite, I responded to the email that I could come Sunday, and not Saturday, and didn't hear back, even less than an a half hour before I set off. And so it "happened" at the same time as yoga, so I decided to skip that gangstalk crush, and drove 15 min. up the highway to the vineyard. And as it "happened" they finished the picking yesterday and the owner was too busy to email me back. He gave me a bottle of wine for my troubles and I drove back.

Now that I am now residing some two blocks from the yoga studio, and all my gangstalking pals are stretching their spines in class, even as I write this (1005h), why, it would seem that the perps wanted me neaby but not attending the class, and too, sending me out of town for a short sortie was just the thing to do to the non-stop victim of over ten years, as a new residence is a prime Fuckover Event. I recall that I learned of Princess Diana's demise was only two weeks after moving house, and similar for John Lennon, as it was within a few days then. Not all premature celeb deaths are coordinated around my moving thank goodness (for them or me), but perp timing around my residence moving is when they get busy. Stay tuned.

Other related perp directed activity was doing more online shopping before I set off, and returning to the same website once I got back, all to find that the hiking boots I am most interested in were not at the deep discount as most everything else was on the page for email deals. Such is how it goes, Bait And Switch being very much part of perp arranged scenarios.

And a nobody-there stunt at the front desk when I wanted to drop off my UPS delivery reciept with a check, so I was obliged to take it with me on my short shopping trip to LD. The parking lot at 1130h was jammed full, and I had two same red vehicles parked around me when I pulled in. When I got back, why, a third red vehicle also in the identical red tone. And my red hoodied elder-stalker tailed me in and then went elsewhere, but lo, if he wasn't 6' away in the next aisle in the LD store while I was pondering the cough medications for 5 minutes or so. Then the female stalker that needed to put her cell phone next to the USB cabling to take a picture was still obstructing that section 6 min. later when I came back. There were plenty of other freaks and Unfavoreds, especially while picking up more chocolate. My dude force needs to move at the moment I touch anything brown. It looks to be a shut-in day for the rest of it, the weather is quite variable today; dark clouds, some blue sky and sprinklings of showers every so often.

Late PM and time to call this a wrap for another week in Psychopathic Abuse Land. I now get to see television again when staying here, and it is something the perps like to meter. And on 60 Minutes tonight, a N. Korean escapee from a generational prison camp who was born there on the camp, and only learned of the outside world from a new prisoner. His parents only got to be together after they worked extra hard. And starvation level food all the time. Hmmm; born into captivity, but in a prison camp instead of this Freedom Illusion we live in, by extension of my covert abuse and remote behavior influencing abuses.

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