Saturday, August 25, 2012

Which Creme Where?

Sunday, and nine hours sleep after yesterday's five hour mega-nap attack. Off to yoga with a very different instructor this time; 50's y.o., and a big belly and ass. She was more like a poet-schoolteacher, inflecting certain words with more tone than others, as if reading a poem or fiction out loud. Her significant bulges were too much to look at for the most part. but she was quite verbal and gave good instructions. A break from the younger female instructors at the yoga center, though some of them were quite beefy too.

Only five other students in the yoga class, the most obvious was the 220lb 50's balding male in a red shirt and black capri short/pants (whatever they are, to mid calf). That the capris were baggy at the mid-calf made him look all the more ridiculous, and he wasn't planted there for his yoga skills, as he couldn't do many poses. And the perps backed off on the tattooed freaks as well, I was getting at least two per class and today there were none.

I got plenty of sideways pushes from the perps when doing balance (one one leg) poses. They had backed off after five years of these particular harassment methods, but only for a class or two, and now they are back at it, wobbling me over on every balance pose. It is just fucking insane that I am not allowed to do a yogs balance pose for over five years because of insane and relentless intrusion by deranged juveniles of the Fourth Reich. Whoever thought the Hitler Youth were disbanded?

And I got screwed around for a later start to go hiking, as I tried to get a map offline and lo, if the site was unavailable, and no other web sites seemed to have one. And lo, if they didn't screw me out of going to the tourist bureau not far away, as these planted "forgets" are becoming more frequent of late.  So, with trails all over the place navigating Skaha Bluffs Park was more dubious, all in keeping the FUD going it seems.

And so, like last week, I find a rock surface to tan on, and I apply tan intensifier to the front of my legs, and sunblock to my face. Tanning while working at a vineyard means that the back of one gets tanned, while the front, facing the vines, gets limited tanning. The idea for today's tanning was to even up the tanning. And after ten minutes or so, the perps placed a cloud in front of the sun, and it grew larger, meaning that tanning time was over. The whole objective from the perp perspective would seem to be to have me freshly cremed up, as mentioned above, and then to get me hiking again, and passing by the four or more parties that "happened" to be enroute. The perps get no end of harassment-research mileage over me using cremes, lotions and the like, and it would seem this is a rare example of two cremes that were applied one after the other. Normally, they like to space creme applications out by hours. And I have no idea why they needed to sent me to a local forested park to do this instead of at the beach.

Pruning out selected fruit that has powery mildew on the vineyard. My entire day, and the last week or more have been spent on this diversion. No one can do mold and fungi infestations better than the perps, so who knows what really happened.

And the helicopter treatment at lunch time; at least six flybys of one that had pontoons on and made a 180 degree turn opposite the vineyard, all to do it again and again. And too, it first erupted when I was in the vineyard, then sitting at lunch, and then when taking the Kubota RTV to pick up buckets of infected fruit  that were remaining from last week.

Plus another helicopter pass when I stopped the RTV and picked a peach from the peach tree; it is getting ripe and no one is picking it. Ditto for the apples, and the cherries a month ago. I suppose it is great for perp research purposes; from the tree into me, not going through any picker, equipment, handling, packaging and bagging. High moments in perp research indeed. And I am sure they know where the water sources came from; rain, the storage tank, creek or lake. All important variables for the perps I have come to know firsthand. Just to think, I have had fresh tree fruit from many properties all my life, as have orchardists consuming their own fruit over the millenia, and here we are, still putzing with these variables while relentlessly life-raping this victim over their monolithic research topic (effects of water source on food energetics, and then victim energetics). They still won't let me eat eggs, now a near ten year dietary restriction, but they will let me eat the odd peach. Lucky me.

I sharpened my Felco pruners with diamond hones yesterday, another all-important perp research topic; methods and sources of sharpening edges and its effects on the plant energetics. Like I care; they are sharp and therefore work. Last week they had me doing carpentry jobs and plant transplanting while my just-hone pruners were unused for the day. More excitement on the perp research front. As in yawn.

More helicopter coverage at dinner time, just as I stepped outside onto the deck. Only 200' above ground, and 300' away, two EC-120 fantails in formation, one white and red, the other white and green, same model of helicopter. Presumably both coming into land at the airport. That makes at least five of this model that have "passed by" since April. Two black colored ones in formation one day, and then a third black one that this a toy for a recent ex-vineyard owner. They are very distictive, though I have not seen one up close.

Another fine day for helicopter coverage. They put the Bell 429 on today, then a Bell 206 and the white and green EC-120 on when driving back. Not as hot today, and the sun coming on just before lunch to draw me into changing into my shorts. And then drawing me into applying sunblock on my face and tan intensifier on the back of my thighs (calves are very brown) and have me do more leaf removal work. The sun felt nice and seemed to be tanning me in the right places for all of 20 minutes, and then the clouds rolled in, and stayed to obscure the direct sunlight for the remainder of the afternoon. I was also shirtless, but as it was warm, I didn't need to change into anything.

One can tell that the perps seem to be on a creme application and skin reaction-to-direct sunlight research quest, and like to limit the time of exposure to relatively small durations, today, and the 08-19-2012 posting above. Whether it is the plastic tubes that these products come in, and of course their respective color, or skin to sunlight reaction or what, I cannot tell. Notice that sunblock and tan intensifier are effective opposites; one blocks UV rays, the intensifier allows the sun to "wake up" the skin cells sooner and make melatonin. Ten years of sustained and relentless abuse at the hands of the undeclared heirs of the Third Reich, and here we are putzing around with skin creme and sunlight exposure effects and the net outcome as it affects skin and melatonin production. And likely Vitamin D production too. I think this abuse/research prerogative has another ten years to go.

A thunderstorm is brewing as I write this; the perps had me "forget" my cell phone at the vineyard, and it was charging after they screwed me out of charging it last night due to an unusual battery depletion. They cannot leave any habit, e.g. charging the cell phone each night, unfucked or undisrupted. They must screw me out of every sensible habit I have.

More helicopter coverage at prime perp research moments: a Bell 206 came over as the first direct sunshine falls on me at about 0730h while in the vineyard, thining out bad fruit. Later in the morning, about 1000h, the same helicopter was headed in the opposite direction while I was taking my shirt off for some tanning time. As regular readers will know, the colors of my clothing (an of others'), and their placement or removal, are under intense investigation, and noisestalking me with helicopters at these key moments is just the latest in the perp noise-object stalking in my kept state.

And I got shitted again while working in the vineyard, that greasy sensation in my ass slowly that creeps up. I go to take my break and to change into shorts, and lo, if they didn't plaster shit on my underwear and my pants. Then a sudden need to take a crap, and of course they block the toilet too. There was no one else in the house or on the property, so I got to clean up by taking a shower. But as it "happened" they also flicked shit on the floor and garbage can (vertical surface) and that had to be cleaned up too. I change into the shorts (no option) and go upstairs to get a plastic bag for the, ahem, soiled items. Then I get the One-Second Plumber gas and seal and apply it to the toilet. But lo, if it isn't out of gas, so I have to install a new cartridge to the seal and handle, and apply it to to then unblock the toilet. I work for the rest of the day in shorts, and also wear them home, something I don't ordinarily do.

The owners arrived back soon after the shit event, something I predicted. And as it was a Thursday payday too, I wore my shorts to the ATM to deposit my pay after work. And as regular readers will know, financial transactions are a HUGE stalking/harassment event, so wearing shorts was also a big deal in these circumstances. I also took some cash out, and too, regular readers will know that the color and material contents of my wallet is also of intense perp interest. 

Later in the evening, by invitation, I joined the vineyard owners and three of their friends for dinner at a nearby restaurant. I suppose getting me shitted in advance was part of the perps' food-color testing/research, but I digress.

I was treated to a bowel movement onset first thing after breakfast, so off to the local donut franchise for a no-hassle dump. But they were ready for me; a petroleum tanker with pup trailer, and a logging truck with a full load lined up, almost parked in file outside the shop. An ambulance outside too, when their station is a half block away. A dude swarm to hold me up from exiting the building momentarily. And lo, if I don't get extra brown gangstalking vehicles on my way to the vineyard.

No tanning allowed today on the vineyard, they even pulled a rain for 20 min. and at the right time to be my morning-time break so to cause me to get my raincoat from the vehicle. I put a sweater on for the rest of the morning. And lo, if it didn't stop raining when my break was done, so the raincoat went unworn, and sat outside on the bench for the rest of the day. Not forgetting that goretex (raincoat) is a teflon based fabric and that PFOA's, one of the most prevalent pollutants in making teflon, seems to present a particular problem for the perps. What they tell me is that these ubiquitous pollutants have unusual properties at the quantum level and that they cannot predict their energetic behaviour by remote means. Not my doing, or my problem, so why am I in the center of the most deranged and abusive campaign in human history, short of war or murder? Even some TI's seem to be involved if I read the body language right from two years ago when there was a local TI get-together.

Saturday, and the perps made sure I "forgot" this morning, causing me to think they screwed me out of setting the alarm for a work day when I awoke an hour later than normal. That panic lasted a minute or so before they let me in on the fact it was a Saturday, there was no work today, and that I had deliberately not set the alarm before going to bed. All part of the FUD-world that I am kept in.

And lo, if roomie stalker wasn't quietly residing in the bathroom when I got up and went to the kitchen. I started the kettle up, and that is when I heard her in the adjacent bathroom. All part of the concurrent water-use stalking that has been so rampant. She went back to bed and that is all I heard until she emerged again when I had temporarily vacated the kitchen due to a forced pee. My turn in the bathroom, and her turn in the kitchen, simultaneously using water again. And I got screwed into "forgetting" to get the tortillas out from the freezer, so I had to put the newly opened stack in the oven to thaw the first one off to use for breakfast. And when I re-entered the kitchen, why, there she was in front of the stove with its open oven door (obviously in use), for no seeming reason. As in hovering over top of where I was to go, aka, lead-ahead stalking. I attend to the particulars of applying coconut butter to the tortilla, adding some pink jam on top. (Did I ever mention the perps just love to have gangstalking and noisestalking going while I view color changes, e.g. steeping tea? At least 3x/week, not including traffic lights). Anyhow, she does her coffee-making in the Melita filter funnel (aka coffee-stalking), and lo, if she isn't back to the habit of leaving it in the sink and departing to her room, knowing I will be using the sink in a few minutes to do the dishes.  Two days ago she actually put the Melita filter funnel on a plate on the counter, but then resorted to the default beligerent practice of putting it the sink again. Which of course, what I am obliged to do, as it is in the way of cleaning the dishes. Imagine that, she took a month to figure out that there was a cooperative way to deal with her interim dishes, and then reverts to the beligerent state.

And as she doesn't have a day job, why is it she so successfully changes her get-up time to when I get up and am in the kitchen? My morning breakfast routine is 1.5 hours later than a weekday today, and lo, if she doesn't time her arrival to mine. So did the former roomie dude/stalker.

Sat. evening;
I spent most of the day with the Ironman entrant brother and his wife and child. The usual dissonant family gangstalking nonsense; walking single file, errant child gets admonished, extra loud ear-ringing noise, and the crowds doing their consistent wierdness; stepping into my path, the freakshow (aka, Unfavored -male bald heads are big today), and the arranged clothing and vehicle colors, (reds are big today).  A high gluten dinner with them, all to serve as a foil to blame foggy and groggy sensations tomorrow. And to keep the ear-ringing din up as well. My brother will be starting at 0700h, and does the course in 13 hours or so. A far cry from the 8 hour men champions, or the 9 hour women's leaders.

Other wierdness back at this shared house, with a pickup truck parked in mid-backyard, 10' from my laundry on the clothesline. One laundry item, a singlet, was on the door knob, and the landlady told me she picked it off the ground. Like WTF; someone shook the clothesline and had it jump off and then fucking left it there. Or else the perps jumped it off. The singlet had a grey stain that arrived on the back of it while it was being laundered yesterday. So I dump Shout on it and relaundered it today, and still the stain persisted. As regular readers will know, the perps are also obsessed over my laundry, and invariably in a single load, something needs to be re-laundered and specially cleaned.

Yesterday's laundry had three shirts on hangers, one being the above singlet, and I put clothespins on the line to stop them sliding together, keeping them spaced apart by 12" or so. So when I came by to gather the clothes off the clothes line, the three shirts were all together, with the separating clothespins still in place. So how did the three shirts end up crammed together on a clothesline which were separated by 12" with clothespins that did not move? I could see them getting crammed together if the separating clothespins slid along the line, and the garments ended up together, but that did not happen. So it would seem that some asshole moved my laundry along the clothesline, by either conventional means, or unconventional means. I don't care which, but just leave my fucking laundry alone.

Enough grumping over sabotage by the Juveniles of the Fourth Reich, and onto posting this.


Anonymous said...

That sounds familiar. It seems like they can control one's bowel movements, too. Like, many times I have been out somewhere, and when I get to a very specific location, all of a sudden, I feel the sudden, urgent need to take a dump. I know they are doing this somehow with electromagnetic weapons. Bowels have a large water content, and by directing their beams at the bowels, they can make the water swell, hence imposing the urgent need to take an immediate bathroom break.

Also, they do this with pee. I normally sit, but somehow, pee makes its way onto one of my ankles, necessitating a trip to the shower to get it washed off. And I don't see how it's possible: I'm sitting there, aimed my member 90 degrees downward, and somehow, a splash of pee still makes its way into my ankle, or somewhere else. I can't explain it. I think they just may need us to take a sudden mini-shower, and bathroom breaks provide the perfect excuse.

Anonymous said...

Same here. It seems they like to have people touching clothes that are hanging out on the line or freshly laundered. Many times I have gone downstairs, and saw my clothes inexplicably bunched up close together on the line, when I had them spread apart when I hung them. And there is no explanation for this, other than someone was downstairs, trying to get at something behind the line. But it invites the questioning as to why they didn't restore the clothes back to their original position when they were done getting something they needed.

Also, I have dreams about doing laundry. They might deal with hanging clothes up, or just filling the washer. And this probably allows them to vary the script, and insert sabotage themes into my dreams instead of doing it in real life. Most of the time, things are going wrong with the washing machine in my dream, or the laundry is being messed with somehow.

And today, I was taking out towels from the dryer. I was checking out one towel, which had a hair in it, and I was in the process of picking out the hair. And then I see this spider allow of a sudden appearing on the floor. The supposed "cause" is that it fell out of the towel when I was trying to remove the hair. But then how would it be possible for a spider to wind up inside the dryer? I was pondering that. Either the spider "erupted" on the floor, making it look like it came from the towel, or it ran in from somewhere as I was checking out the towel. It's unlikely it survived a cycle, which would've killed it. And the door has a rubber seal around it. I think the perps were up to their teleporting games, making it appear just as I was shaking the towel, to have me wonder where it came from.

AJH said...

Answer to: That sounds familiar...

The bowel and pee games are endless for me. Toilet blocking is routine, and they even backed off for a few months, had me get my ass waxed, and the toilet-shit games suddenly restarted. Go figure.

I have had a microdroplet of pee leap 4.5 ' high, to eye height, and then fall in the same perfectly vertical trajectory path it took on the way up. No end of pee droplets somehow fly out of the toilet taking unusual trajectories to land on my bare feet. Anytime they can force the victim to wash part of them off, not all of them, is a total bonus for the perps. Differing water sources also get applied-rsearched, say, one water source for the morning shower, and a different one elsewhere, say, at work. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Same here. It seems...

Teleporting insects near the victim is quite common for my harassment. They can materialize or dematerilize any lifeform at will. I have seen birds suddenly appear in mid-air.

I don't know why they don't put the laundry back to its origninal position; though, they probably tested combining them and many other scenarios in your absence, and then just need a test of you discovering the moved laundry. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Ah, that explains it. I've gotten a lot of birds smacking into the window over the years, and it seems like it started happening more often when they went overt on me. I know that loud startling "THUMP!" on the window serves to jolt the senses, and it seems the perps want to jolt our senses at times. Another way they've done this is to have me wake up, and then scare me with a brief but yet intense vision of some sort. And it really jolts the senses. The vision usually is something like an image of a live person, real or imaginary.

I think the moving of the laundry serves to have me pondering what happened, specifically, to have me run through all possible scenarios and whether or not the scenarios make sense.

Also, I'm sure you get a lot of coughing and throat clearing from in person operatives. I get no end of these, and I was too annoyed at the time to really pay attention to what they're doing. And another one: having the person with their vehicle doors open, preferably with the operative inside, with their legs showing. It's important that I see their shorts-exposed legs and other "attributes".

And tonight, got another operative carrying a backpack. What is it about backpacks, I wonder? I think it's to stimulate my past memories of me carrying one when I was at the university. And the theme of going back to graduate school figures prominently. I get countless ideations and hinting that I should go back to grad school to get a Ph D. My response is that it takes money to do so, and since they have me near employed, how is it possible, then, to go back to school to get a Ph D? Over here in the US, every university requires at the minimum that the applicant take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination), which I believe is a fraud. I don't see how an expensive standardized test really measures aptitude, other than it places an unfair advantage on those who are simply good at taking such tests. Then there is the subject test that is sometimes required. I've seen that universities in Canada usually don't require the applicant to take the GRE. Probably the test serves as profiling for the perps, not necessarily the universities. Also, I've been turned down for an assistantship on the basis that my GRE scores weren't as high as they would've liked. And I believe that is just an extension of their employment games, to have the TI refused an assistantship as a means of regulating the TI's income and ability to pay for the graduate education.

AJH said...

Answer to; Ah, that explains it...

That is one explanation of course, as laundry harassment games are considerable in my case. Another is to cause you to be alerted, a very common perp ruse. When one's immediate attention is alerted the amygdala part of the brain (among some other regions and pathways)is active, again, a region of intense perp interest, likely where psychic abilities lie.

"Cough stalking" is very common for me, often when undertaking new activities, changing travel direction, accepting planted ideations (words, phrases, concepts), and after the conversational dropouts, where a one-to-one (usually) dialog suddenly ceases due to no apparent reasons. (That is, the information and syntax I conveyed was relevant and contributive, and the person(s) just go blank or stop conversing for no seeming reason.)

Open vehicle doors, often with the gangstalkers sitting or leaning in, and ditto for trunks too, as I pass by. Or as arranged, e.g. firetrucks come to visit the past residence building (tower) in Victoria with far too many false alarms. But too, for males, a pair of female legs on display will get their attention everytime, and we know how the perps like to get the TI's attention, both for Favored (e.g. young female legs) or Unfavored (e.g. multiple adult males (3 or more) closing in on me in a public area- for me at least).

The backpacks are ubiquitous props/adjuncts to the gangstalking scene in this hikey-bikey region of North America (PNW). Which begs the question as to what is in them; more color-object props, electronic or magnetic devices to momentarily spike the proximate EMF (or ether) field, or to just serve as a color adjunct to the gangstalkers clothe sand-or spine region.

And those planted career and education ideations can go on for years and be totally unrealizable. Though, in my case, after some six years of planted notions, though not heavily, I am working in a vineyard as predicted/suggested/planted. To be fair, the perps had me doing farmwork for four years, so upgrading to viticulture isn't too much of a stretch after a three month training program my perp-abetting mother was willing to finance.

As for the ongoing oil and gas industry laborer positions they keep pummelling me with now and again, I find that getting intensely annoyed with it, loudly if no neighbors about, will have the perps back off for a while. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Right now, they have me cut down to one day per week working. I know the perps planned this, and they definitely have my employer involved with their schemes. I'm thinking they factored in the stress level they have me under... they seem to have my stress level, even when spending the entire summer not working, elevated. So maybe they have everything regulated, i.e., the number of hours and days per week figured out along with their "other plans".

They pulled this stunt back in Spring of 2010, having me work just one long day per week and the rest of the week I had off. And now they are at it again. Honestly, I don't know if I could manage more than that; I get a steady stream of harassment and other BS which makes it hard to function in a full-time position. I'm sure glad I didn't waste my time and money attempting to get a Ph. D. I keep getting mentions that I should go back to school to obtain a doctorate, which is ridiculous, as they have my employment regulated and cut way down and hence have no way of funding it.

Knowing the perps, they had this whole scheme planned out a long time, so if there is a Ph. D. or another masters' in my future, I'm sure they had it figured out already. Or it could be more false notions planted to keep me stressed.

AJH said...

Answer to; Right now...

The time expended at a paying job is of intense interest to the perp script writers. Not only for income control, freedom contraints, but also their games over assaying the TI victim at each site, work and home. They just love to script work disruptive events for TI's, changing the amount of respective time at each work-home location.

The perp's planted education ideations are familiar to me, as I get something similar for future work (oil and gas industry laborer up North). These obvious ideations are sometimes long term obsessive nonsense they like to pump the TI with. As for why, I don't know, but try to ignore them or dismiss them out of hand if you are not blocked on it. You can be sure these long term persistent ideations are planted as who else would be so wrapped up in something so unrealistic, other than the perps? No sane person, and above all, TI's are sane, a seeming requirement of theirs. And you correctly point out the long term planning of this nonsense, though the reasons elude me as to why this mind of mind pummeling is so important to them. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

They also seem to have the space-time continuum figured out or at least, it's an ongoing topic for their research. I've noticed that they present me with images of things/people/events I'm going to be encountering at a near future time.

I have some theories as to how this works. I've been thinking that our conscious minds can only perceive the concept of "time" linearly, when in reality, there are many dimensions to time that exist. So this opens up the door to the possibilities that as humans, we've actually already lived and died, but our conscious perception of reality is stuck playing "grooves" in space-time at a much earlier time. Hence, we perceive that we are in the year 2012, and moving forward as a standard sequence of events as our perception of "time". Yet, it could actually be many years in the future. In fact, time could actually have ended, and we are stuck in a past time, perceiving that we are moving forward. We perceive that we are in the "present", but that could just be a limitation of our conscious minds. And Einstein opened the door for this with his Theory of Relativity. I was also thinking that what we consider "another place and time" is merely "another place" in a multidimensional space time which supposedly exists. This could be why they have so many forms of "flames" around TI's, as JK Harms states it acts like a space-time ripper. They could be trying to open a little "hole" and see those other "places and times" in space-time.

I believe that's another reason I was targeted: to harvest and monitor what I know about these kinds of things. But it's just a theory, because we have no definite way of going to "another place and time", unless the perps have such a contraption they are keeping secret.

AJH said...

Answer to: They also seem to have the...

I don't know what the perps are after when it comes to the space-time continuum. They like to duplicate, (aka "copycat") me when changing lanes (ahead or behind), ditto for turning etc. They like to arrange coincidences; e.g. when I mention a person's name they come through the door just then. The dimension aspects leave me boggled as to what it might mean, so I don't get into it much. It is said by alien abductees that the aliens have a method of arriving here from lightyears away in 15 minutes due to their capability to create "time compression wormholes". Whatever the perps are after, and it could be space-time-dimension related, is probably another order of magnitude more complex that that. Way beyond capability of us "eaters" to imagine what it is. I am suggesting the perps want all energetic means for control by remote means of all psychic energies of all lifeforms, though that is unlikely the whole story either, just what they let me ponder. They like me to know about subatomic particle (photons and electrons) entanglement, and how perturbing one of the particle pair can cause the other to also react up to 25km away (so far, for us "eaters" particle physics research). Just think if it was lightyears distance apart, instead of 25 kilometers, and remotely detectable and/or actionable at a distance. There is no doubt in my mind that the perp and the alien agenda are one and the same. Thanks for the comments.