Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Triathalon Tour

Yesterday, I spent time with my niece and sister-in-law as my brother was partaking in the Penticton Ironman Trialtalon. He did the course in 14 hours, a little slow for him. Their motel was on the final 500m of the marathon, so I got to see the near-spent athletes chugging in. In some ways, it was heroic effort, but I also wonder what is in it for the perps. All these exhausted athletes wandering about among the ones that are just finishing. Last year, as part the First Feral Family games, my perp-abetting mother, daughter and ex came to cheer on my brother in his athletic glory. Anyhow, the perps decided to have me as part of the supporting family this year, as this is where I now live.

And I see the LCD-stalking, arranging a LCD device around me, (phones, laptops, Nitendo etc.) has gone one more beserk level in this shared house. I had just entered the kitchen after 30 min. of LCD viewing time on this here blog, when I saw the roomie-stalker with her laptop in the kitchen and running while she is dealing with greens in the kitchen. I thought it was bad enough she would be in the adjacent dining room with it on, and eating food with the headphones on and listening to her laptop, but taking it to the kitchen and then moving it closer to where I was is fucking ridiculous. Only two more days in this shared house if all goes according to plan. I moved some boxes to the new place, and the new landlady couldn't stop talking.

Plenty of vehicles in the gangstalking parade when I had the boxes loaded in the vehicle. All part of their brown box stalking games. And the new landlady is so helpful in taking my belongings inside the house from my vehicle. She seems a little grim, but did say she had insommia. She is revolting to look at, her gut being so prominent and much bigger forearms than I have.

A busy time after work each day; packing and humpfing boxes to the new suite, though still not permitted to move as the carpets are drying. And because of this, it looks to be a move two days away.

The perps cooperated with my moving of boxes by throwing a thunderstorm, and all manner of lurid colors in the sky; from deep grey, to yellow lit trees, to sunbeams radiating from behind a cloud. They like to arrange extra high contrast sky colors, and all the better with some intermittent rain. The heavy rain only came on once I got back to this shared house. But two evenings in succession, the assholes have made me "forget" my cell phone in the vehicle, though tonight, it will be wet outside.

And I see my latest internet order for a 24" LCD panel is getting screwed with; the credit card company hasn't put the address change through, and that messed up the supplier, and now the supplier has sent me someone else's email by mistake, so it should be a week before it gets shipped I reckon. Just when they set me up to "think"  (read, planted ideation) that it would get here this week, and I would not need to set up this one there. This LCD that I am using now has a horizontal line across it, some 4" below the top bezel, and you wouldn't believe how often the critical information "happens" to be under the imposed dead pixel line the perps have arranged. Though to be fair, this is a 2008 LCD, that didn't quite make it to its fourth year. Why are these newer LCD panels not lasting as long as the old ones?

And it "happens" that the new LCD panel is an IPS type, the same as my new phone of two months ago. So it would seem that the type of LCD is important to whatever nasty things they are pumping through our display devices. Which might be why the Samsung Galaxy Note of April 2012 was taken out in by the perps inside of two weeks, as it had an OLED display. It was working fine, and then it started having problems with freezing up and draining the battery.

Yesterday's evening was busier; re-sorting just-picked peaches, making dinner, loading boxes and moving them, and visiting my brother and family at their motel suite, taking them the haul of peaches I was permitted to take from the vineyard, as the owners said I could, and the fruit is going to waste. No one is picking it, same as back in July with the cherries. They have apples, plums, peaches and pears all ripening and no one at the house is inclined to pick them.

Another shit game at the vineyard; less messy, but still the forced shower due to the fact they blocked the toilet again and multiple attempts to unblock it with One Second Plumber somehow "failed". Then the metal-head son came back early, so he gets to unblock it. Somehow, the perps didn't want me to succeed this time, no matter how small the volume was, and have someone else unblock it. Been there, done that; the son's father had the honors about six weeks ago, and I have unblocked the remainder, about four times. I am getting yawned upon, so to call it an evening.

Moving to a self-contained suite; begining with a  cell phone takedown that complicated matters. Plus, the landlady's phone number isn't showing up for me to return calls. And as she made a vague promise to come back in the evening, I had to drive there to find out if she had returned.

With only two boxes remaining to extract from my vehicle, the perps began the sensations of needing to take a crap. I got them out and in the suite, and onto the toilet. And lo, if they didn't block the toilet bigtime.

No useful help at the phone store; one said return it and I went to the store where I purchased it to meet the Big Cleavage Blonde for the third time. She said, "a cellphone is like a computer and so one has to do a battery pull to restart it". And of course I know about this "trick", but somehow I forgot. This time, instead of hunkering down in front of me at the counter so I could see down to her navel, she had her breasts pushed up by some means, and instead of across the counter from each other, she was at the display, so I was  besider her. What I don't get is why they keep sending me to this woman who is so utterly useless in resolving cell phone problems, except "do a battery pull".

Another forced "forgot"; a single plate of the regular food at old place. And the woman in the next room had already moved into my old room. I suppose the perps wanted me to see this in person.

A Dell Ultrasharp 2412M monitor now, an IPS type of display, powered with LED lighting instead of florsescent bulbs, and lo, if the light images don't suddenly project off the screen like traffic lights and city transit bus lights (back end, brake, and turn signal lights), nice and bright and crisp and the usual delivery strangeness, 24" diagonally instead of 22", a minor upgrade for the perp games.

The new landlady didn't mention the parcel until I discovered she left me an email after going around the garden with her for an hour. This classic missed communication stunt caused me to connect the old display first, for a short session, and then to put the new Dell display in its place. It seems that the perps wanted a direct serial comparison between the two displays/

And so many visual abberations with masers floating around, plasma images ghosting in and out of view, and the overall speckled vibratory look of everything if I just sit and look at one thing, and so it goes, living in a containment-verse, as opposed to a universe.

The Firefox browser locked up when visiting a frequent TI blogger; reboot the browser, and lo, if all my opens tabs didn't get wiped. Welcome to your new place.

The house owners took off for a four week vacation. Which usually means trouble harassment-wise, as they like to get me to yell when there is no one else in the house. The provocations have increased for sure, as they normally do for at least the first week of moving into a new place. Fruit fly bombardment is a big deal now, and they materialized from nowhere and run into my face, and if I attempt to snatch them in in mid-flight, why, a blackish maser of about the same size and flight pattern erupts in mid-air and simulates said fruit fly as if it escaped from my hand.

Sunday, a day off from the regular vineyard gig, but I was busy on the many fronts that I am entangled with. The move in to this place is still in progress, the toilet is on its second major obstruction/blockage stunt, more storage things need to be acquired to get things organized, and there was yoga after last week's class was cancelled, and then onto suburban yard duties

A near collision in Walmart with a female Fuckwit-operative who nearly ran into me, seeming to be testing my peripherial vision for threats and did a good job, coming within 12" of me before I noticed as I was engrossed in merchandise evaluation, close to the shelves. There were no other aisle obstacles or personnel that would of caused her to be on a collision course, as sometimes the assholes will "wrong foot" me, and have me off balance in dodging the choreographed clusterfuck. No such excuse for her, and I was close to the shelves and not standing stunned in mid-aisle like the Fuckwits are and their Nonstop Public Rudeness Tour. This was all about testing my peripherial vision and all the better that it was a dye-job redhead, about 5'4" or so, and when she first appeared in p.v. I was looking down on the top of her red dyed (hair) head. I said, "what are you doing?" and she says "sorry" and proceeds onward down the aisle. And in a red smock for crissakes, as the regular Walmart staff blue color wasn't provocative or threatening enough. Just plain bizarre, just like the Fuckwits who do 360 degree spins in front of me on the sidewalk for no apparent reason and then stare at me afterward.

Still at Walmart, another choroegraphed cluster fuck on the way to the checkout while following babe bait, she doing her second reprise gangstalking. Then another one cutting through the checkout I was at while engaged in paying for the merchandise, who reprised in the parking lot near my vehicle. My vehicle was parked next to silver grey Mercedes E class, and who in this above $100G vehicle would be seen in a Walmart parking lot for crissakes. These  are rare as hens teeth in this town, and here it was at a Walmart pl.

Yoga was relatively calm, only about seven other class members, all women. The dude crush of past yoga classes might be over for good. But they did bring back the woman with the grotesque tattoos; down her left arm to her wrist and joined with those on her left shoulder to her left chest. Fugly to say the least, but she did place herself to my back, 10' away, and slightly to my right, so there were much less opportunities to see this disgusting disfigurement (IMHO).

No web access last night, my ISP cell phone connection just didn't connect. So I attempted to catch up on my yard duties, per the hand written notes I had taken on the walkabout with the landlady before she took off for a four week vaction with her elderly mother.

Vineyard duties are getting mundane, and so I could listen to my phone/player. The perps like to put on throbbing two-cycle engine noise concurrently, but if it gets too loud I take the headphones off and don't listen to music. much of this music hasn't been listened to in over ten years, since they went overt-beserk on me, starting out with the plasmic home invasion of significant proportions in 04-2012.

I will get this launched (aka posted) so to not carry this one on for another week.


Anonymous said...

Well, it looks they were at it again. I was sitting in the Sun room watching a show, with the surround sound on, and I was sitting near my mom near the surround speakers. And normally, you can't really hear anything coming from the surround speakers, but all of a sudden, the "character" says "you tried to kill me" and it came very clearly from the surround speakers. And then there is nothing discernible from the surround speakers throughout the remainder of the episode I was watching.

Normally I don't hear much from those speakers. It's obvious, the writers of most if not all shows are working closely with the perps. And they know that we sit close to the surround speakers. So of course, they worked in that little "surprise" tidbit into the script (the show script).

I've found the perps love to put me on a guilt trip with certain things. The "you tried to kill me!" line is a good example of this. And of course, many times, I have visualized in my mind me going on a chimpanzee-like rage, and just beating the crap out of certain perps that taunt me and pissed me off in the past. Of course, it's always good to do things like this in your mind and not reality, because beating the perps to death in real life is not very practical, LOL.

Another possible meaning is: I was making a dedicated effort to researching the perps and trying to figure out who they are and how they operate, in order to get them to stop their bullshit. But I have seen evidence that the perps have been around hundreds of years. Someone pointed out that stalking and harassment was going on in Vienna at the time Haydn was alive. And Beethoven speaking of this invisible, well-organized plot to hinder him is suspicious. He actually rants about this "plot" in letters from time to time. And he has notable episodes of forgetfulness from time to time, which is a hallmark of perp fuckery. One time, he forgot to put clothes on after getting out of bed, and was being laughed at people gathered outside his window. Another time, he was writing in a tavern, and after he was finished, went up to pay for his meal, and forgot that he never ordered anything.

There are accounts that he was harassed on the streets by "street urchins", who were yelling at him. If this is perp doings, well he was practically deaf, and of course, the yelling could be a test of his hearing, or if he could hear by "feeling sound vibrations".

But that's all conjecture. It's really creepy that he spoke about a "well organized plot in Vienna to hinder" him, though, and numerous times. One piece of evidence was money was turning up missing. and he was getting turned down for regular employment as a composer in residence, despite being more than adequately qualified. He also said "the elite" didn't like him.

AJH said...

Answer to: Well, it looks they were at it again....

I don't get to watch shows, so I haven't had this kind of perp harassment yet. In fact, they have been actively blocking me getting speakers for this PC for at least six years. I get by with headphones, the crummy ones they had me get, as they took out my nice Grados twice (wrecked the gimbel mount, then only one side is allowed to work).

I get minor guild trips, typically injecting the notion after a staged event, often conversation, that I could of said ... better (e.g lucid and more descriptive or provided an example (which somehow didn't come to mind)).

The book, the "Air Loom Gang" is very clear about organized stalking and remotely applied energies (e.g. smells) by consistent personnel. James Tilley Matthews was the TI (born same year as Lv Beethoven) and kept in Bedlam hospital in 1797 and died there 1815. Link here, with the ridiculous psychiatric nonsense, as he was perfectly sane, and was a tea merchant and was committed at age 27. It is highly unusual for the deemed to condition to occur at that age for the first time. And LOL, I see from the link that medical students study this case from the detailed notes at the time. What a perfect setup to nail TIs with clinical mumbo-jumbo!
Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Tilly_Matthews

I suspect Beethoven's experiences of organized stalking were for real, and not clinical. The word "hindering" is perfect to describe what they do in public places. Total mind blanks as to putting clothes on is a classic perp jerkaround, and something similar "happened" to me once.

The perps have been around for a long time, though I don't know of others, as most historical notes are likely to be biased to the "crazy" angle/lie. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

And also, I was thinking about the slow degradation of Beethoven's healthy brought on by his heavy intake of alcohol. From what I gather, he started at age 40 or so, drinking at minimum one bottle of wine per day. He drank extremely heavily the last year of his live, and finally succumbed to alcoholic liver cirrhosis at at 56 1/2. And this drinking problem of his starts shortly after he talks about this "plot to hinder" him and his career. That "revelation" came at the beginning of 1809, and his drinking ironically started around that time. I feel that the perps want some TI's to develop a large consistent daily alcohol intake, and I can imagine his death at age 56 may have been planned. E.g., the start of his alcohol consumption was part of the plan to have him pass away a predetermined number of years later. It's been made a big deal of by certain people that he loved red wine in particular, and also red meats.

And of course, the hindrance I get is similar. For example, if I'm getting a drink, a gangstalker will step back right into my "escape path", blocking me between the restroom door and himself. I waited for 5 seconds, and he moved forward, allowing me to proceed. I could get this "feeling" that the perps wanted me trapped there for a certain number of seconds, and then let me "go".

AJH said...

Answer to: And also, I was thinking about...

No question that the perps have a HUGE human (and animal) physiology research imperative. I suspect that most major diseases and conditions are aligned for what they want to research, e.g. alcoholism, addictions, neurological diseases (MS, Parkinsons, ALS), and cancers to name only a few. The immune system too, and in my case it is clear that they are researching the intake of fatty acids and how they are taken up by the body.

As for the gangstalker doing the pretend-to-not-notice he is blocking public egress; they like to slow down TI's at certain junctures, and have them wait. Similarly, though rarely (twice in 10 years) they will have a Fuckwit stand stock still in a pose, usually a lunge with legs apart, and hold for some 10 seconds or so. As Fuckwit operatives no doubt submit to all manner of prior testing, they would be testing their known body energetics in a new location and need a longer remote energetics interaction time, especially if the TI is nearby and not going anywhere (e.g. at a checkout, relaxed (sort of) at a summertime picnic table). Or, at least that is my theory based on reading and observations. Thanks for the comments.