Sunday, August 12, 2012

Leaf Plucking

Leaf plucking is yet another technique to drive more flavor into grapes before harvest, and it also helps air flow through the canopy to keep the fungal diseases down, and conversely, permitting tractor borne spraying, a vital neccessity for grape growing, even for organic farms. So.. the E. Indian contract crew of three began this task as I left for five days for a First Feral Family visit on Aug. 01. And only the tall turbaned long bearded male E. Indian remains working the vineyard, as I am doing the same. The leaves from the most shaded side are pulled off in the grape leaf canopy in the fruiting zone. The exposed grape clusters get more airflow, and we can now see them developing. The ardent hope is that the birds don't discover them too. And plenty of propane cannon firings throughout the day from adjacent farms, and timed to me listening to music from my Android phone, often when I listen to a passage I haven't heard in over ten years. Or else when there is a some sabotage going on and they mash the music just a little to get my attention. Much of the harassment themes of late are to get my momentary attention while other voices are heard, or even when someone is speaking with me.

And the perps pulled a light rain this morning for some 20 min., but timed for my arrival in the vineyard and causing me to wear rain gear for the first hour or so. And as it "happens", this was laundered separately from all other clothing with a special detergent for goretex after it got drycleaned due to the grease from the trellis wire installation in the wet June. Regular readers will know how beserk the perps are about my laundry, the detergent, drying methods and what washing machine was used, along with the color of the inner tub and whatever else goes into it. And yes, way back when in a bush camp, I did laundering myself and hung the garments to dry. All these millenia of humans doing laundry, and here they are hounding my ass over all the particulars. Never mind the freaking stunts they pull like tissue paper blow-outs and other pocket contents that make a mess. I can always count on the First Feral Family house to have a kleenex blow-out in the washing machine, and true enough my mother came through by leaving something in her pockets. Some clothes were re-laundered, others were dried in the dryer, and some on the clothesline. Always a big deal for perp research in laundry. And my brother owns a commercial laundromat no less, and integrated a drycleaning and regular laundry operation under one roof.

The wretched roomie-stalker got up before I did at 0450h, boiled the kettle and made coffee in the Melita filter funnel. Read coffee-stalking yet again. And to add insult to injury, she leaves it in the sink with the spoon she used and then wanders off to her bedroom. Yet again, this totally rude stunt of placing an item in the sink and then going absent in full knowledge that I will deal with it in some way as I am going to be making breakfast and cleaning my dishes afterward. On top of that, she leaves no hot water in the kettle just to keep her asshole cred up. She knows I boil the kettle every weekday morning, and makes a point of getting up before me, which she rarely does, and then fills the kettle for her own large mug sized need, leaving none for me. Another go fuck yourself; I thought males were "naturally" rude like this, but as gangstalkers, females are just as rude.

Four sunny days in succession, with the high cloud coming over at noon, and limited sunshine while I wear my shorts after lunch. They want me to be tanning my back in the morning, but don't want much leg tanning it seems. If left unfettered or unfucked with, I would wear my shorts first thing, but somehow, such great evasions never come to mind at the time. By mid-afternoon I switched to the E-W rows, having finished up on the N-S rows, and then the sun came on, but it was filtered through the vine canopy as I was on the N. side of the row. This is a N side leaf plucking for the E-W rows, and a E side leaf plucking for the N-S rows. the leaves are left on the sunnier side to avoid sun scalding. It would seem that the perps want me to be highly tanned on my back. limited tanning on the back of my legs, and then limited tanning on my torso front. Go figure.

The bearded and turban E. Indian male was there again today, and he "happened" to find me as he was about to leave. Not that he has done in the past, and our respective positions were at least 80' apart and I wasn't making any noise either. But somehow, he found me about to start on my new E-W row at the opposite end to him. He doesn't know much English, but conveyed that he was leaving shortly as it was 1400h. Why he needed to tell me this is also a mystery. But as beards, turbans and strange pyjama clothing are all highly Unfavored sights, he must of been directed by someone to get more facetime in.

The E. Indian distinguished himself yesterday as being yet another rude asshole. He "happened" to be at the lunch table when I arrived at 1230h and so I had to go inside the house to the bathroom to change into my shorts. I had my boots off and was in my socks and had to step over his drinks or other liquids he flicked onto the ground in my path. Bad enough, but he had no idea I was to walk over it, right? And so when I retrace my steps after changing, why, the E. Indian had flicked yet more lunch liquids on the ground for me to walk over. Like WTF; we don't need any translation, and we have no cultural basis for being so fucking rude, but here it was. A totally beligerent act. And as the perps are so fucking beserk over drinking vessels, I would not be too surprised to have him try two or more out for their vessel energetics as well as vessel and liquid contents. And so yet another semi-regular person joins the pantheon of the Rude-Stalkers.

And what is with the lastest trend in these orchestrated circumstances of drinking out of a Mason jar? Something to do with the energetics of that particular glass source maybe? And by logical extension, separating the energetics of the glass from the drinking water compared to the population at large who would eat food from Mason jars.

Another day of leaf plucking, though I had to guide the E. Indian as to where to work, a baby-step in directing personnel, if that was what it was about. Then at day's end, the ominous sensations of needing to take a crap, so I stopped off at the mall with my crapping-stalkers around me. A cubicle each side of me became occupied in short order, and a buzz of traffic back and forth. My ambulatory stalkers, pre and post crap were out in force, especially oncomers attempting to make R. side passes. Then off to the ATM, and another cluster fuck there, as all financial transactions are stalked bigtime. A higher emphasis, maybe 10%, on brown colored vehicles around me, fore and aft when driving from the vineyard to the mall (pre-crap brownstalking in other words). And lo, if a Fedex delivery truck didn't pull in behind me too, and they being the couriers of brown colored boxes and packages. And so, another shit-stalking ends, still being a "shit-refugee", and having to go elsewhere due to concerted toilet blocking stunts at the vineyard (where I work) and where I live in a shared house. I am looking for my own place, but lo, if the rents didn't go up (it seems).

And more obvious vehicular gangstalking is making itself apparent. Yesterday, an oncoming vehicle (ubiquitous large pickup truck) pulls over, backs into a driveway, waits for me to pass by, and then pulls out behind me to tail me to my turn off (2KM of tailing). The joys of being at the crux of Gangstalk & Abuse Central.

A Saturday off, and leg and back waxing were first. Though, they did have a parade scheduled outside the spa college starting shortly after. On the way to the spa school the parade organizers somehow "forgot" to barricade the turn I took to end up on this emptied main street. But, the erstwhile traffic attendant came out on their motorcycle in my lane, coming at me, and then stopped to tell me I shouldn't be on the road and how to get off

Per "usual", there were problems at the cashier; the debit card failed and so I paid cash, while the person at the till kept looking at the parade outside, a useful diversion so that the  "lookaway" behavior wasn't as deranged seeming as it would of been otherwise.

Then back to the roomie house to have lunch, while studying an email from a too-good-to-be-true deal on an apartment rental. It was written in almost pidgin English, and then the notion that it was a scam floated (read, planted) into mind. After some consideration I thought that it was most likely, and then came on a need to sleep, and lo, if they didn't hit me with a 3.5 hour nap attack. And to get this clear, at no time the day before or at anytime in the previous week was I running a sleep deficit. There is no conventional reason to explain why a 3.5 hour nap "happened" on the middle of a Saturday afternoon.Also of related  interest, was that the sheets were off the bed, and drying on the clothesline, and so it would seem that someone wanted to test me sleeping without sheets or blanket.

Once recovered from the nap attack, the perps kept me in a bleary and annoyed state for the next few hours, attending to yet another "shit refugee" event at the mall. And it was no coincidence that there were brown cardboard box bearing gangstalkers circulating near me on the way in, and one of them reprised for my exit. And haven't we had brown featured people and/or their carried objects in the past for these refugee trips? Yes, almost everytime.

 Then onto getting the car cleaned, and lo, if the spot removal rinse wasn't working, or else they dithered me out of running a pressure washer nozzle (as in, press the trigger). Then the vacuum cleaner, the same one I have used in the past, was significantly deficient in sucking power, and we also note that vacuum cleaners seem to be a major perp prop.

Then after the car was cleaned, and still carrying water beads on it, a pickup truck in the lane beside me just plain moved into my lane and encroaching on my vehicle. I'm not sure how we didn't collide, as I wasn't about to cede my place, having been through a number of these stunts in the past. And the reason the pickup truck "needed" to change lanes was a broken down limo in the lane with a wedding party standing at the curbside. Too cute to be for real, as in not orchestrated.

There was orange kitchen mess when I came back, the ever-stalking roomie was at it again, leaving mess in the kitchen and then taking off. Said mess included leaving the cleanup sponge splattered in orange mess too. It got cleaned up after I waited an hour to make dinner. Some orange flecks remained, and lo, if there wasn't some orange (paprika) on my cooked chicken meat I had to cut, along with the new jar of tapenade being orange colored. Placing orange fleck here and there has been a constant harassment theme, and if they need more, why, orange plasma flashes can momentarily appear on objects to increase the annoyance level.

The yoga instructor is behaving a little more friendly, this being at least my 6th time. At first she looked totally shell-shocked, but manages to smile and be friendly. Which includes after the class, as she was very avoidant until today. I suppose she represents the size and proportions of someone who is borderline obese, as in close to Unfavored corpulence (fatness). From some angles she has a massive ass, though from at least one angle it doesn't look so bad. I figure Ms. C of the story was arranged for the same reasons as they are both the same size and height. Ms. C was the sort-of girlfriend who stayed on through the initial harassment onset, appearing to help me out at times, and obviously abetting at others. On our last face-to-face encounter in Everett WA, June 2003, she gives me this big long "love me" speech which I thought was way over the top as our relationship was fraught to say the least. After that, the US Border Patrol wouldn't let me into the US to clear out my belongings from my apartment, and so visiting Ms. C wasnt doable. She said she would come up and visit, but reneged in the last week, and lo, if the perps didnt plan a Christmastime family get-together then. In otherwords, Ms. Cs commitment to visit was bogus if you accept that my life is arranged and scripted to the nanosecond as it seems to be (worse now than then, as their mind control methods werent as refined). (Note; apostrophes are missing because this keyboard just got messed with).

After yoga to get some grocery shopping done, and lo, if the one thing I went to this particular store for wasnt there. So off to the alternate store to then finish up on grocery shopping. Lunch, and then off to hike in a nearby natural park that has plenty of rock walls for climbers. It has gneiss rock which is very firm to grab and tie to the park description says. (I dont do rock climbing, especially in these managed circumstances). I got some tanning time on my front which gets much less sun on vineyard work. The trails were rugged, with having plenty of smaller rock pieces. And again, the first time on a trail, and the perps have me wear my trail runners which offer no ankle support, same as the last trail I did a few weeks ago. And again, I wore my yoga shorts and tank top. The perps seem to like me wearing these same clothes to go hiking in. At least 12 -15 overflights from aircraft, from single engine fixed wing to four engine fixed wing. No helicopters though, most strange. But they will put on a helicopter at 0520h in the morning when I step out to dump the coffee grounds in the compost bucket on the deck. Amazing timing, and maybe 300ft high, and flying slowly.

Enough banterring and to get this posted to end the week.


VIP in town said...

Just wanted to see how you were doing and get you some assurance that you are not alone
check it out or not its up to you
stay safe

AJH said...

Answer to: Just wanted to see how you were doing...

I am pushing a figurative rope all the time, aka perp administered constant adversity.

They are still keeping me in the agricultural sector, and associated water supplies. They like to put on tractors and their sprayers, and of course, working on a vineyard means that I am relatively close to both the crop (to be) and the equipment and water supplies used to grow, maintain and harvest it. Plus, their games with shade and sunlight, and transitioning from one to the other, and back again, depending on the task, is at the root of much of their stunts. Other themes are what foods I eat, their color, and when, along with color mixing now that they forced me to use a red colored cordial to add to my yogurt instead of the colorless ones before. And so it goes, this town having the identical and same beserk driving habits as the last, where I lived for almost 10 years. Thanks for the comment.