Saturday, August 18, 2012

Popcorn Stalking

What is it about popcorn making, apart from the odious smell, that is so vital to the perp research quest? I was about to head to the kitchen and make tea, and lo, if the roomie-stalker didn't get in there ahead of me and make popcorn. This goes on at least three times/week and stinks the house up for a day or so. The ex, in the pre-overt abuse days, and a full abettor in the covert goings on, was also a popcorn maker, maybe two times per week. All that etheric perturbance maybe, as the corn pops and zings around in the machine before being dumped into the chute to the bowl. And the roomie-stalker is a foodie no less; top quality juicer and a blender, and once a raw foodist. So to add popcorn into the diet should be a total anathema. But who knows, she may not even eat it when it it taken to her room for consumption.

Not to mention the vile chemicals (plus another) in microwave popcorn that can cause lung damage. And lungs and breathing are also a major part of the perp research/abuse quest.

A busy day on the vineyard, except that I was detailed for landscape plant moving, deck teardown, rock placement, tractor cleaning etc. That is OK by me, varied jobs are fine, not to mention conversational company, something I don't normally get.

The Men From SMIRK (or should that be SMERK as take-off from SMERSH?), said "hello" (while wearing a smirk) to me while they were driving by at 0630h this morning. I had just left the curb to cross the road and their big black tinted glass GMC 4x4 Suburban started toward me from 200' away. I had my new Cover King sun shade in hand (highly reflective mylar finish to an insulating foam) as well as my pack and carry bag. I had crossed this suburban street with a 40' wide median in the middle to get to my vehicle parked under an adjacent tree. The sight of this vehicle, which has been seen at unusual times before, had me grumble to myself about the Gestapo, and that is exactly when the driver leaned out of the open window and said "hello". I said "hello" back, and he proceeded onward for 200' and then stopped in mid-street for no apparent reason, still visible by me getting into my vehicle. 

The perps are more "buzzy" today, perhaps the same meaning as "busy", except with me at center stage without my permission. Plenty of red shirts, baggy male shorts, legs and feet as viewed from the crapper cubicle. Three silver grey vehicle parked around mine at the mall, and more shiftless louts at the ATM, and a ponytail-male doing back and forths in the parking lot the whole time.

Just when I thought the shit games were over at work, after the two toilet blocking games of two weeks ago, the perps struck again. The "loose stool" stunt, and a forced shit to relieve it, and lo, if they didn't block the toilet too. None of the family was home, so I took a shower to clean up. And it was a mess, they even took out my shorts in addition to my underwear. Once cleaned up and wearing my pants, I had to unblock the toilet, and with added adversity as it didn't work the first time.

A concert last night, getting a good seat with a guy with a ponytail. We had lots of conversation about music, as he once played in a band. He drove all the way from Edmonton to here, Pentiction to catch Rory Block (956km, 12 hours of driving). And it was a good show, and worth catching up on a blues singer I didn't know much about. The perps had planted ideations about purchasing some of her CD's, but as it "happened" she had run out of them because of a bus mechanical problem. And what is it about Edmonton that the perps like to push onto me so often? Yes, I visited there a few times, but the city doesn't excite me, and I have no hankering to return. The esthetician of last week's leg waxing was from there as it "happened".

Another shit show at work; this time nowhere severe as yesterday, and with a stop at the mall to unload instead of yesterday's toilet blocking stunt at work. And the same post-work activity; meet the land-lady-to-be after work while my clothes are in the washing machine. The roomie stalker was ready for my arrival, sitting in her vehicle with the engine running and headlights on (me) while I pulled up ahead at the curb, and then staying there for about three minutes before following me in. Like WTF; who sits in their vehicle with the engine running for three minutes before they go inside the house? Only in Perpland.

08-17-2012, Friday
A day of picking diseased fruit from the grape vines, this week's work, and next week too. No shit games thankfully, and no need to stop at the mall.

Though the sickos did mess with my Android phone when playing music, and stopping it altogether so they could then stop me from what I was doing and fix it. The touch screen interface is a total sabotage bonanza as they will mess with it anytime. Yesterday, they had two songs playing at once on the Android player, which takes talent as the screen selection won't let one do this.

What is with the increase in vehicular road traffic lane encroachment games? I take a secondary highway to work, and about 20% of the vehicles are with their tires on the centerline, if not moreso. As in oncoming traffic in my lane. I always had 1% or so of oncoming road traffic pulling this stunt, but sudden increase in public driving behavior tells me that someone must of arranged this.

A Saturday, a day off from vineyard work, and the roomie water-use stalking; she in the bathroom concurrently while I was at the sink doing a pre-rinse, and again serially (jumping in ahead by request)  in the kitchen to fill a water bottle when I was about to clean the dishes. She could of filled the freaking transparent lime green water bottle at the bathroom, but no, had to disrupt me at the kitchen sink instead. The perps devote a huge amount of effort as to my water supply, and the various outlets like differing faucets and the disposition of the water; dishes cleaning, drinking, kettle use etc.

A concert last night; I got a free ticket but spent $30 on food and beer. A banjo player of considerable talent as well as an extremely verasitile player of multiple genres. Only one bluegrass song in his two set performance. Same deal on the CD's; they had run out of them from their previous performances on this road trip.

Just like Tuesday (08-14-2012, above, they seeded in fat folk around me, and then they had them access their smart phones too. It would seem that any LCD screen on any device offers some kind of color and/or energetics calibration measurement capabilities, as it is so consistently part of the perps' plan.

And the stinking popcorn smell in this place when I got back at 2230h last night after the show. And a two tone brown motorhome vehicle stalked me three times while driving a whole kilometer back last night.

And this morning I discover I didn't shave my mustache yesterday, which is exactly what "happened" the Tuesday (08-14-2012, above) when I went to the Rory Block concert. Or else, the mustache grew disproportionately to all the other facial hair, which is something the perps can do I came to know many years ago. They can grow, or place, a single 1/2" long hair exactly where one shaved just an hour beforehand. No facial or neck hairs ever get that long, and yet, there it was, discovered before I was headed out the door to an appointment. But as the perps keep me in FUD-land, I cannot recall exactly where I shaved on my face the day before. The odd time they make sure I recall to then demonstrate their Fuckover capabilities.

More toilet games, at a local business that opens early. I will spare the details, but it wasn't pretty. I am still a "shit refugee", and use public toilets wherever I can. The perps still block the one here at this shared house after the first week I moved in, and they block the one at work too. In the latter case they still enforce shit games by making the situation critical. Who knew I would be hounded over taking a crap for over ten years, with toilet blocking a 95% probability? A lot of folk must of known, including family, as they were party to the covert goings on until the perps went overt/beserk in 04-2002.

Above visit to the store was combined with a skunk or finding an item at the same store. The flyer indicated it would be there, and lo, after getting some help from the counter babe, they don't carry that line of closet organizers. So... a big toilet stunt and then a jerkaround stunt in not finding what I was looking for, aka, dashed expectations. And that is a huge deal for the perps, arranging needs and notions to acquire something, and then have me going to the store and not finding it. Usually replete with ambulatory gangstalkers milling about, some in the frozen pose position too.

On the dashed expectations over aquisition front, it was last month when visiting Victoria, and having a dinner with my farmer colleague (read, perp planted operative) for an hour or so, and then going next door to get scent-free tanning intensifier at my once regular tanning salon, and lo, if they didn't have it. (My farmer colleague was with me, and we went on to shop for clothes some blocks away afterward). On the last visit to Victoria I went to the same tanning salon and bought the intensifier, as it is hard to find and unavailible online in Canada. Funny how that "happens", and now makes things unavailible by country when they once championed themselves as border-free shopping.

A hair cut at 0915h; this is at a hair cutting school, so I get the student and then the instructor fussing around me. The chair was next to the window onto the street, and lo, if there wasn't a big dude with legs spread wide and bald head just sitting there on the brick ledge. He was gone once I came back from the hair washing station, almost as if the perps want me to see these mofo's as much as possible.

I move to a self contained suite in two weeks, and end this roomie-stalker scenario thankfully. It has got to the point of expecting the roomie stalker on top of me each time I use the kitchen or have dishes remaining in it while eating my food. The roomie-stalker has the unerring knack of inconveniently arriving just as I am eating my meal. Yesterday, they even arranged a stucco repair dude to stand over the location I normally would of sat at if he hadn;t nbeen hogging the space where I usually sit on the verandah. All to force me to eat dinner inside when I had regularly been eating outside for weeks. Said dude got to circumnavigate the house while I was having my dinner. HIgh times in Perpland, sending in the longaired dude to encircle me outside while I was dining inside.

A good thing I didn't have any plans today. I got fucked into a five hour nap starting at 1130h. This is the longest forced nap I have had to date, and there was no conventional reason for it. I never start naps before noon, and I am not sleep deprived. Someone didn't want me out and about on this hot, (32C) day it would seem. They figure I see enough sunshine in the week that they have to keep me inside for at least one day.

I move out of this shared house in two weeks, and of course I wasn't allowed to check out the toilet to see if was the low-flow, high-obstruction design that the perps so often like. And so it goes, keeping the FUD games going until I get to use it.

I will end this posting here, even if one more day of the weekend remains, as there has been plenty to report on.


Anonymous said...

Interesting those prolonged marathon naps. I find myself having those, also, on the days I don't have to work. Again, they cut me down to working just one day per week. Some days, I can wake up from a pretty decent amount of sleep, like 7 hours, say, and then a couple of hours later, I find myself "needing" to take a nap. And too, just like you, I wasn't even tired, yet I find myself taking an extended nap.

My guess is that they find dream watching/invasions interesting. And also, you mentioned that sleep puts one in a psychically accessible state, and I think that's the reason they want us to go to sleep.

And I find that people I am talking to have this need to tell me that they are tired, and it's so consistent, and recurring. They've been pulling this one since 2003 or so: have the operative mention they are tired, and nothing else. Odd that they don't mention being sleep deprived; nor do they look tired at all. Yet, the perps have them scripted to tell me they're "tired". A variant of this is having the operatives tell me they can't wait to go to bed. And these games escalate every time I oversleep before talking to these people.

Anonymous said...

The employment games are starting up again. I was contacted about a possible research-related position at my alma mater. I was excited as hell about this, and the guy asked me if he could call me "next week sometime". The next week, I never received a phone call from the guy. I suspect he will be calling at some point, but now 2 or 3 weeks have passed with no contact.

That's one game I find that they like to play: baiting me with a nice job opportunity, and then have the people offering it mess around indefinitely with not contact as promised, leaving me hanging. I've had a couple other incidents like this in the past 2 years.

And they (the place where I currently teach, a different school) did this recently, making a verbal promise that they will be giving me a lecture type class to teach, and then short-changing me by sticking me with a one day per week laboratory type class which pays only enough to make my car payments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Interesting those prolonged marathon naps...

The naps totally change up the day; not only the lost time, but feeling groggy for the remainder of the day. My perp abetting mother often takes naps when I am in the backyard doing weeding, watering or other plant maintenance.
That is, making herself more psychically accessible while I am engaging with plant material. And of course, the perps are constantly chasing me with landscape vehicles with plant material in them, as well as having me now work in agriculture (viticulture specialty now).

At the other end of the sleep spectrum, in the high harassment-abuse days of 2002, they would run me for over three days without sleep and I would go to work each day (office job then) and not feel a bit tired. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: The employment games...

There is no end of baiting, feints and gaming when it comes to employment offers, or facsimilies thereof. The lastmost major stunt was in 2011 when an IT recruiter was suggesting an overseas job in Nigeria with a French oil company for nearly $100 per hour. Too good to be true as it turned out, and he never had me in for an interview even if he was in the same town and knew both my IT references. The upshot was that I got my passport anyway, another perp interest. Thanks for the comments.