Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Flight Week

Monday, and the vineyard owners are to return and see the over-thining my co-worker did three days ago. They won't be pleased, and I get to do all the explaining as it was her last working day. Too cute, as in too  convenient.

They are away on a family emergency, which does make me wonder as to how these are arranged in concert with more dull things going wrong, per above. As in being the only one working there for three days in succession, kind of a perp signature move. If one is to cooperate with the perps, do they sign up for a non-injury car crash, or hospitalization or what? Some of the things that happened to my long past co-workers or colleagues were borderline tragic, so it does make me wonder if they sign up for a certain level of personal injury? And I am talking about months, six or more, of rehabilitation.

This is the week I fly (Aug. 01, Wednesday), for the third time since Mar. 30, 2012, to Victoria, BC, the Gangstalking Capital of Canada for a First Feral Family function. The perps hadn't let me fly anywhere since late 2002, and now three times in four months. Maybe it is to have me expose my vineyard worker  tan to family, as they are all cooperating and abetting. And of course, the brown skin color is so vital to the perps' objectives, this might be the real reason. Yesterday, while at the mall for my crap refugee routine, a Caucasian woman with a very dark brown tan on her back, and no straplines either, lead ahead of me in gangstalking mode from outside in the parking lot to the food court. Only afterward was I allowed to ruminate on this and its possible perp activity connections.

A white colored twin enging prop aircraft made 30 passes overhead while listening to Capercaillie on my headphones while in the vineyard. And of course, getting the engine noise through the headphones. I haven't listened to their records for at least 15 years, save the odd YouTube look/listen.

I learned that the family emergency of the vineyard owners was due to their son getting a staph infection in his blood. Extensive surgery was undertaken and subsequent monitoring are in order. They were fortunate that he survived, as it was a 50-50 chance going into surgery which was moved ahead a day, another fortuituous decision.

And yet again, with headphones on and listening to Capercaillie while triming vine shoots nearby noise starts up and runs for at least four hours. This was the senseless over-revving gasoline powered string trimmer act again, another vineyard across the street. End of music listening then and there with that racket getting through the headphones.

And no Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) yesterday and today; perhaps that two blocked toilets stunt was their swansong in terms of bowel harassment. We shall see, as they don't like me to become complacent, aka, keeping the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) going, an ever continuing need of the perps.

Five days away on a First Feral Family visit. All three brothers, their spouses and my ex, my father (senile, wheelchair bound), my mother, my niece (8 yo.)and my daughter (22 yo.). And I am talking about the in-town brother and his Thai girlfriend and her brown skin, and out-of-town brother's E. Indian wife, both part of the continuing brown skin comparison/harassment show. And too, my brown skin from tanning, with various changes in color as I get tanned much more on the back of my legs and back than on my front due to the nature of the vineyard work. That is, standing up with the trellis at arm's length to do work on shoots, leaves etc.

A family get-together at the Buchart Gardens dining room, and a very cute and friendly Mexican woman as the waitress, just a little brown she was. From the window, we could see a courtyard below with the tourists passing by on show; major gut struts and the orange and red (both highly Unfavored) T-shirt gang were out in force/on parade. Then a one hour family gangstalking while touring the gardens, with plenty of Asian tourists and some 5 different negroes also hounding me in multiple places. The sirens were heard, but as this is so common now, I am resigned to it being either noise or for real. It was the latter, as a tour bus, some half mile away, and full of Asian tourists, caught fire and the bus had to be evacuated as it burned to a crisp in mid-intersection, the last one before the Buchart Gardens. Another case of burning fire where a party of Asians had been sitting; and it won't be the last time. They all got off safely thankfully, but one has to wonder just how this "happened", and what the perp agenda was. No doubt there was some distant dependent energy interaction as part of this, though again, I have no idea why the perps pulled this one.

I am compressing five days into one single headline, so this won't cover all the feints and fuckarounds courtesy of the First Feral Family. One was a visit to the specialty tool shop with the out-of-town brother; we had done this same trip last year. This time, on the way back, he got an involved cell phone call and pulled over and had me drive his late model Honda Pilot the remainder of the trip, of some 15 min. duration. I had never driven this before, and it is a light tan brown color with a darker shade of brown (caramel) interior. And as it was a USA import model, the speedometer was in MPH, something I "somehow" forgot, and I was wondering why I was travelling past everyone at 60 MPH when I thought it was KPH (kilometers per hour). Not that my brother said anything of course, he on the cell phone the entire time. That is, read, local EMF signals in my proximity while mobile in a vehicle.

And at the specialty tool company, at least two gangstalking skits involved two or three males converging on me from 7' away, and I ducked down another aisle. LIke WTF; if I have abreactions from abusers (males in all likelihood) converging on me it is not my problem. Go fuck yourself and figure it out on your own. This followed seeing lots of older male musicians on the documentary on the Sun Records label the evening before.

I also met up with my farmworker friend, who was excessively friendly and gregarious for some reason. LIke she was stoned or something, but she doesn't do these kinds of medications. And she really wanted to compare tans, and I said I wasn't about to take off my shirt on the street. So when we were seated, I had my jacket off, she put her arm next to my L. arm in a touchingside-by-side comparison of our tans. I was way ahead as she has a skin conditon (psoriasis) and cannot tan in long spells. Call it another brown skin color test. this one touching, which has to be the perps finest browntalking move ever, given the limited touches I get from cashiers and the like. Nothing too new on the farmworker gossip front, as she is working at the farm I worked at for the last two years.

Another obvious First Feral Family gangstalking was the in-town brother coming over, and then standing in my way when I was to return to my seat in the living room. The fucker didn't move, and some mock blows were exchanged. I told him the second that this insane abuse stops that I would remove the smirk from his face, but he wasn't too surprised about this, nor did it have any registry as to invoking any discussion on the abuse topic. They don't want to know, nor discuss it, especially in 2002 when the out-of-town brother switched from helpful to no help once I knew he was in on it, like the rest of First Feral Family, aka Quisling Fuckwits of the First Order. Said in-town brother did other stupid stuff like lying down on the carpeted floor instead of getting a seat, which was availible. While there he also cuddled up to the green suitcase that was there, the source of the items that we were dividing up, as it was the last of the family posessions from my mother's house in the UK. My mother and my out-of-town brother went to the UK in 10-2011, and lo, if they didn't happen to chance upon the last days of my mother's family house before being transfered to new owners. There was old notes, photographs, some trays made of marquetry, and some other items to divide up. Not much, and it was apparent that my uncle, my mother's brother, had combed the house and these were the last of the things he was going to deal with, even throw them out in the trash. What amazing timing they had, as their UK trip was not timed for the last days of family home  possession.

I got nailed for a four hour nap the afternoon and evening I returned from my flight and drove back to Pentiction. I had time to unpack and put everything away, as well as attend to grocery shopping and bank deposits. And gangstalking was rife; some five Asians all wearing the same green T-shirts converged on me at the grocery store checkout, and two of them got way too close that I cancelled my debit card transaction and paid cash. How fucking rude that one cannot enter one's debit card password privately.

And then at the ATM, more convergence, this time vehicles coursing around and stopping at the ATM while I was depositing a check and getting cash. The perps seem to be indulging in more variability as to how much cash I have in my wallet and where I use it. Again, ask me if I care what they are fucking about for when they could ask me in person. But after ten years of insane relentless hounding and abuse, they are still at it, the Closet Keepers.                 

Plucking leaves on the vineyard all day long, perfect for listening to music from my Android phone. Like yesterday, a hot day with full on sun, and then the high clouds slipped in to shade me down some. It was 29C instead of 36C on 08-05-2012  when I flew back into Kelowna and drove to Penticton where I reside. I resume work, and lo, if the sun doesn't get clouded over at noon time, two days in succession.

I figure I will work on this blog, the above First Feral Family visitation, and then post this. The usual post-weekend posting got messed up with the four hour nap attack on Sunday.

And as I am about to post this, why, the hot-rod muffler noise has started up outside, so I will wait until the noise ends before posting this.


Anonymous said...

I guess I should have expect some adversity on my walks. Recently, they have a group of high school aged kids coming into the place in town here where I eat. One night, it was girls. When they left, they were placed to the right on the sidewalk, as soon as you got to the sidewalk from the parking lot. They were all sitting there eating their food. Maybe that is a research topic right there: studying the TI as he or she walks past a group of people eating. Maybe the fact they are sitting on asphalt while consuming food?

But I tried to avoid the three girls, as they were doing unfavored things (like acting obnoxious, laughing, trying to intimidate me a little). But then they had a very strongly unfavored dude, down the sidewalk, if I turned left to avoid the girls. So I decided to avoid the dude and walk past the girls.

It wasn't easy. They were doing the laughing thing, and it gave me an uneasy feeling. It just felt like bullying. But when I stopped and looked at them (because they pissed me off), the one girl said "hi". She seemed nice, but I do not trust anyone involved in gangstalking. I'm not sure what that was about, but it seemed like psych. testing: being presented with two uneasy choices, which one do I make? Well, it's hard to describe it here, but they were young yet in the favored category, yet doing unfavored things, like acting kind of obnoxious. I'm not sure how old the girls were, but they must have been old enough to drive, as I thought I saw them driving down the road prior to this theater, doing the smiling, not smirking, thing. This is favored, but my walks are always fraught with frustration because of the gangstalking bullshit. So I did not smile back. They had a similar theater tonight with 3 teenage girls again, but this time they had a young boy with them, who kept screaming intermittently. I believe the screaming is one part of their agenda, as I keep getting it. That would be kids screaming. There has to be something about screaming that they are trying to measure with the TI. Of course, it would look suspicious if adults were doing the screaming, so it looks more natural if they have kids do the screaming, as that is what kids do anyways.

I always thought the laughing was supposed to be intimidating, but maybe it's for one of their objectives as well as getting me pissed off/excited in a negative way. This experimentation they do is real interesting, yet don't like some of the things that happen, like having something that should be so easy and relaxing, like taking walks, fraught with all kinds of obstacles and harassment. But they aren't into making life easy for the target, and it seems this is one of their key objectives: making the TI's life fraught with all kinds of frustrations. I'm certain that if this happened to any "normal" person who wasn't used to it, they'd go crazy and do something drastic. I think one objective of this "research" is furthering the Nazi objective of trying to create supermen. I mean no ordinary person would be able to handle what a typical TI goes through. It's just so frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Motorcycle noises figure prominently in my campaign also. Especially the loud Harley type noises, and they do loud engine revs at certain times. No other motorcycle other than a loud-as-hell Harley will do for the perps. They always have live riders do this for me, it seems. Like I'd be in my place I'm staying, and out of the blue, I'd hear a loud Harley rumbling down the street. And they like them to drive fairly slow, so that way, the duration of the noise is longer. Mostly I don't check to see the motorcycle, but I can hear it rumbling down the street from any room inside the house here. And to top it off, sometimes they have an unfavored male as the rider. Not always, though. Sometimes, they'll pair up a dude and a biker babe, riding the same Harley. I've noticed they always use Harleys, or it seems that way. I almost never see something like Hondas or Kawasakis or Yamahas, though they do like to throw in the high-revving buzzy crotch-rockets, with the rider in a nearly horizontal position.

I'm not sure why I just thought of this. I have been getting these types of motorcycles since the start of the campaign.

And at the beginning of the campaign, they used to through in a high-speed chase compleat with cops chasing the "villain" down the main street, at really high rates of speed. They do like to feature speeders driving at high speeds now and then, but they don't do it because of legality and safety concerns. That's where ambulances of various shapes and sizes come in. Every once in a while, I'll see an ambulance flying down the road at a high speed, complete with lights flashing and sirens blaring.

AJH said...

Answer to: I guess I should have

The perps have an intense interest between asphalt and concrete road and curbs, and the junction of the two. They will even have their shills sit on the concrete (usually) curb and rest their feet out on the ashphalt road surface to then be in contact and-or exposed to both types of materials at once.

Sometimes the shills and gangstalkers say Hi, and I respond back in the same way, and smile a little. No big deal to me.

But having a male hanging out with a group of similar aged females, generally younger ones, is common with me. I surmise that the females (Favored) are not deemed a threat, where a male is, and the perps want to evaluate the TIs reaction between the females and then the male.

I have had the odd child, about 5 y.o, go into full blown screaming for no reason but for me passing by, though this has been the oldest such occurence. Non-verbal eople noises, from screaming to crying and the like, are processed by the brain differently as there is no decoding of word meaning, but a direct evaluation of the emotional content by the amygdala part of the brain where it is said that our psychic abilities are.

As a TI, one must acclimate to the concept of no privacy, and being in the centre of a gangstalk campaign. AS a TI, one cannot go for a walk and expect solitude; it is just not allowed under these circumstances in the eyes of the perps. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Motorcycle noises...

Yep, the HD (Harley Davidson) motorcycle noise is one of my most loathed noises of all. And the perps know this, and continue to parade these noise machines around me all day long. I have had an instance when one as teleported in moving traffic right behind me in the next lane. In this particular incident, I was about to make a lane change and this very loud HD came barreling up in the lane I wanted to change into. There is absolutely no way I would of missed hearing this characteristic and loathed noise from afar, and yet somehow it erupted beside me at full volume. The perps also hound me with biker dressed gangstalker personnel, and so it would seem that both are part of the current harassment campaign designed to elicit abreactions from the days they applied some kind of related abuse and then wiped my recall, aged 2 to 5. On this suburban street where I now live, there were no motorcycles when I moved in two months ago, and now six houses have them. One house just has an HD sitting on the front lawn. Do you have any missing time in your youth (since 2 y.o.) that you cannot account for. (Pardon the lack of grammatical symbols, this keyboard is hacked for this session). Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Ages 2 to 5. Hmm. Yeah, for a while, I couldn't recall a whole lot. Since about 2006 to last year, I was at a loss to "place" the memories I had as a child, particularly 2-5 years of age, to what era they occurred. Recently, the past 6 months, I have been able to see clearly a lot of things that happened from 2-5 years of age. The perps themselves are the ones who helped get those memories back. There are things, like all of a sudden, I can remember my dad placing me in the crib, on my back, and I can remember him tucking my hands under the blanket. I remember there wasn't a pillow.

It helped when I got out a spreadsheet, in Open Office, and I put the years in there, as well as what grade I was in from those years. I always thought that kindergargen for me was from 1974-1975 for the longest time. It seems that ages 4-5, there was a jumble of memories that were misplaced. It turns out that I entered kindergarten at age 4, in fall of 1973. I have been working at getting those memories back. It also helps because I was very into music from a young age, and I don't even recall what age it was. Around 2 yo? And I can look up the years on the records I have owned since ages 2-5, and then I can use the song to locate the memories by association.

The odd thing is, I have memories of the old apartment where we lived before our house was built. But I was like 5 months or so. Yet, I could picture certain things about the apartment. But certain things are vague or non-existent around 2-3 years of age. At age 3, I was in my uncle's wedding. I was the little boy carrying the rings. I didn't really even know the year, until I did some research and asking my mom about it. I can remember being in the church (vaguely) the night before doing "rehearsels". But I can remember nothing about my procession from the back of the church, down the aisle, carrying the rings. I don't know what it is about that event, if it was my emotional state or what.

My mom has this picture of me standing in front of a big tree, after the wedding ceremony, taken by a professional photographer. I look like a combination of tired, lonely, sad. Operatives have referred to that picture, and told me "wow, your picture... is a picture of yourself". In other words, that picture of me conveys how I feel as an adult now, 43 years of age, as a target. I have been looking at the picture, trying to remember about the summer of 1972. I can remember standing in front of the tree, vaguely, and what I was thinking. But I draw a zero when it comes to the wedding ceremony which preceded the photo. My mom has a picture of me and the wedding party in front of the tree, but I don't remember posing with the wedding party either. I just remember standing in front of the big tree, and that I was feeling not very good emotionally. The rest is a blank. I really don't remember being in the church at all. Well, I do remember the ring was on a pillow-like object, and I was holding it up so the priest or whomever does the placing the ring on the groom or bride. I don't even remember if it was two rings or one, or if anyone else was carrying the rings. It's really like trying to find your way in a dark room, trying to recall this memory. But me standing by the tree, I sure remember that one.

Anonymous said...

I think the missing time from your youth, in this case, ages 2-5 are the result of trauma blocking. There are some incidences I don't recall, like the uncle's wedding I wrote about previously. I don't recall much of anything, other than that the event did occur. I do recall my emotional state, which was that of stress and being scared (strong emotional duress). Those emotions suppressed the memories of that event somehow. I'm thinking an alternate personality was created, which still exists, under certain situations of duress. And the personality "owns" the memories. And there is no way for the "main" personality to recall them. It's like running Windows, and trying to read files off of a Linux partition. So a "reboot" into the alternate personality would be required to access the memory.

I'm not sure how the trauma-blocking works. But the perps are probably experts in this field. Either the memories are there and can't be accessed, or they weren't stored because of the emotional duress I was under.

I'm crossing over into territory that is unfamiliar to me. I wanted to study pychology at the university where I attended, but those plans got thwarted, and I was stuck with a shitty philosophy class called "Science and Technological society studies" or something like that.The psychology class would have helped me, but I was diverted into taking the shitty STS class instead.

One interesting thing I've noticed, or maybe it's just natural occurrence. There seems to be little girls showing up who resemble me at ages 3 to 5. They are older than this, though. Like the one girl who seems to be a planted operative, who looks to be early to mid teens. She has blonde hair, that resembles mine at age 4 to 5, and she seems like a big version of "me" at those ages. And she has a gut, too. But I think the idea is that she is supposed to be "me" at those ages, but scaled up in size, and a female instead of a male. So she's a bigger female version of me at age 4 or 5.

Then, I looked out, and I see some dude who resembles my dad, and he is bike riding with his young daughter. The young daughter has blonde hair, and just like the other operative, resembles me at age 4 or 5. Like she has blonde hair, about the same length, etc. But she is smaller and younger than the other operative. And the little girl turns around just as she gets past our house. Two things: first, the road doesn't end until 3 or 4 more houses. Second, it begs the question of why those two decided to ride past my house, when they had more room if they rode down the street and had more road to travel. Oh, it's another harassment skit via the perps! Silly me. Why, the perps can't leave me or any other TI's alone in peace.

I'm not sure if they are trying to correlate images of them to my long-ago memories of me and my dad, but it could also be a mind-fuck on their part to keep me mesmerized. And it's interesting that they are using females instead of males to "portray" me. I'm thinking they are trying to do some cross-sex "mirroring" of me as a little boy. Or maybe using a different sex operative to portray a person of a particular sex is used as a psychological tool of oppression.

Anonymous said...

The non-verbal people noises, i.e. screaming and crying, is interesting. When we are newborn infants, up to a certain age, like say, 2 years of age, we tend to relate to screaming and crying noises, as well as laughing. Just non-verbal, primitive stuff. Hearing those sounds, it could be an attempt to "activate" our very early memories, like newborn infant to age 1 or 2, and then read them. Also, up to age 2 to 2.5, there aren't enough "learned concepts" to properly anchor memories to. And maybe lack of brain development until age 1 or 2 has something to do with it. But my latest theories deal with the idea that memories are there from very early times in our lives, like 5 months to 1.5 years of age, but we haven't learned concepts to "anchor" those memories to. In order to recall something, we have to do it by associating it with another memory or concepts. And the language hasn't been formed yet until say 2, so all we can relate to are more primitive sounds, like screaming or crying.

I just got the notion that this could be an attempt to regress the TI to an earlier stage.

So I'd when I've been walking, I sometimes walked past the apartment where we lived until I was a couple months short of 1 year of age. I can see inside briefly, and I like to think that I can recall what it looked like in there. That was in 1969, so of course, it wouldn't help much unless I went inside the apartment. It was a duplex. My mom said there was a rat infestation in that duplex, and she said that I'd be in my crib, and she could hear rats clawing at the walls when my dad was gone. I was thinking how fitting. My early life consisted of being surrounded by rats, which is interesting. Later in later in life, I'd be surrounded by all kinds of gangstalking operatives and shills, which in a sense could be just like the rats clawing at the walls when I was an infant. I'm sure the rats were aiding the perps, too, as they like to have animals surrounding the TI. Rats are used in experimentation, so it's fitting there would be rats around me as an infant, and plenty of them. I don't think that was planned by the perps (apartment filled with rats). But then again, knowing what I know about them, that they like to get on TI's from the time they are newborn. The rats were in the basement, but I believe they were crawling inside the walls, too. Any normal person would be freaked out. But since I am always surrounded by perps and shills, I have to get used to them, just like with the rat-infested duplex which was my early home.

AJH said...

Answer to: Ages 2 to 5. Hmm...

I have no knowledge of where I lived from age 2 to 5, when is should of been exceptionally vivid at age 4. My father returned to McGill (in Montreal) for the 1958-59 academic year to finish his PhD. This was my second stay in Montreal as the first was aged 2. I do recall the snow, where we lived, that I was a single child then, and some of the sights and sounds of that first year, 1956-58 academic year. But I have absolutely no recollection of the second stay two years later, and with a baby brother (he looks about 14 months, and he was born in 10-1957). The perps (or my mother) put out a photograph that I "happened" to find which shows an unmistakeable winter-time Montreal background (street side ice sculptures) and my brother, at the above mentioned age.

It is my contention the perps are wiping out certain memories of me, and likely all TI's to varying degrees.

Your experiences at the wedding you describe seem strange to me in conventional terms, but everyone's memory recalls things differently, and this maybe normal for you to have only a portion recallable. Though, if there is an emotional reaction of tiredness or being overwhelmed, it would seem that there would be more recall as it would of had more emotional valence.

I should also mention that my recall has also been messed with in later years, age 7 to 8. I have suspected this was the situation, but only last week my in-town brother asked me if I recall playing games in the hospital when visiting the youngest brother who was recuperating from a lost eye. (Not an accident in retrospect as I get plenty of single eye buggering/blinding stunts as part of this ongoing harassment). I replied to my brother I had no recollection of such games, though I would not be surprised that such games took place. I do recall when my brother first had his eye injury, but I am mystified as to why I don't recall the follow-on events. I can only assume the perps were blotting out more memories for whatever reasons they have. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I think the missing time from your youth...

I argue that any and all traumatizing events are recorded by the brain and held as subconscious associations, aka "abreactions". I cannot say for sure if it was trauma blocking, or it was externally deleted. I find it surprising that a whole year (aged 4) is totally missing, and that it could only be from trauma blocking.

It is these subconscious traumatization associations that the perps replay, aka Unfavored persons, person features, colors, stunts and situations. The conscious memories were deleted IMHO. I have no alternate personalities or "alter" characteristics, either because traumatization occured later, aged 2 to 5, or because of my own personal neurological makeup.

Doppelganger children are not too common for me, though I notice the perps do like to have cross gender set-ups, say a woman at the counter of a regular store visitation when it was only males, eg. a auto parts or like store. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: The non-verbal people noises...

I get a significant amount of ganstalkers with infants , so it does make me wonder if the infants register what they see/hear with a more primitive (aka different) emotional label/anchor as you suggest.

One persistent perp planted notion is that there is even subconscious recall when one is in the womb. Hence their noise-stalking me with female orgasmic sounds.

Any insect or mammal infestion is fun and games for the perps, and I suppose they use these as biofield detectors as they do with human gangstalkers. Interesting that they pulled it when you were one year old. Too early for recall, but as a developed and, I presume, settled child. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

And also, perhaps the rats provided the "Brown color reference" that you've spoken about many times. I just remembered that the rat infestation happened around the time I was born, which is an interesting coincidence. Maybe once I was born and outside the womb, the perps herded the rats somehow or even placed them there, as a means of biofield sensing, as you've said.

I just thought of mentioning this, because the perps planted the notion just last evening that the rats were brown in color, not white as I assumed. And I immediately thought of the brown color reference. Makes sense. Then they could've served multiple purposes. They wouldn't have gone through the trouble of placing them there if they couldn't get 2 or more uses out of them.

AJH said...

Answer to: And also, perhaps the rats provided....

Rats are also grey in color, though I suppose the perps have their own specific reasons for selecting the predominant hair color of their invasive "biofield vermin" at early stages of human development. And you correctly (in my experience) indicate multiple purposes of perp intention on most incursions, be they vermin, insects, gangsalkers, plasma bursts etc. I get bombarded by a lot of insects (flys usually) of late when outside, sometimes flying between me and my food as I am about to raise it to my mouth. Put two or more of these unerring and adroitly timed "fly-bys" per outside mealtime and one can draw the obvious conclusions. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. It seems rats do come in different colors. And as for the grey colors, sometimes the perps like to test me out on gray haired operatives, too. The perps like to harass me by putting on a display of stalkers with gray hair. It doesn't have to be in person; they might use other forms of media out there, like web news sites, newspapers, etc. I've theorized that they control all forms of media out there, so as to be able to "cover" the TI with their experimentation, and they don't always have to be in person to do it.

They carry it out as the "theme of the day". I.e., some days, gray haired, some days, horrid dye jobs (mainly red or black), or having operatives try a blonde dye job when they are actually brown-haired. I'm sure testing the TI on the detection of the underlying hair color with an overlying dye is one of their goals.

AJH said...

Answer to: Interesting. It seems...

The perps like to cover greyscale tones all the time, and I include the silver-grey (metal flake) color too as it is ubiquitous for a vehicle color of the gangstalking legions. (Plus, I owned a sliver grey Volvo until 2006. Now, I own a mid-grey toyota Camry). They like to compare other colors to the greyscale colors nearby it seems.

The red dye jobs are horrid, and they do like to put them on me, and have the sun cause the hairs to be iridescent at the optimum angle. The realm of hair color, hair dyeing and location of body hairs is a major perp research sub-project it seems. As an example, it was after I had my ass hairs waxed (removed) for the first time ever in late 2011, that they re-started the toilet blocking games (post-crap) again, and haven't let up very much since. And they still are working on my ass hairs, causing them to grow way too fast. Thanks for the comments.