Friday, June 01, 2012

Yoga With Heavy Breather

A morning yoga class, with the instructor looking totally scared the whole time, or else looking up for some curious reason and not at the class members. Whatever, I have seen both many times, and I could never figure out the scared shitless look of others for all those years until the assholes went overt on me in 2002. I had done nothing to engender such a "response", and indeed, it was more like them being scared shitless at their first look at me, not exactly a response to me directly. A plump younger instructor with plenty of cleavage on show, and always an interesting diversion.

The prominent gangstalker cum Fuckwit of the yoga class was a too-large dude with a skinhead with a half inch of gray fuzz on it, a red headband and the de rigueur (for males), baggy shorts to the knee. That wasn't the half of it, as he breathed so heavy for all of the class duration, even if he was a competant yoga practicioner. If I had a aspirator (for asthmatics) I would of given it to him. It was noise-invasive and way too overdone for a moderate level class, and for all the strenuous exercise classes I have taken, I have never encountered someone who made such a loud show as to their constant breathing. Not only that, he stank of BO, and I was sure to get a whiff of it every few minutes. That he set up next to me and ahead by 2' made it easy for the instructor to hide behind him at times for further spatial juxtaposition games they like to play. And as the final coup, he departs the class early by not cleaning his mat, and then sits on the couch in the waiting area, arm extended across the back in typical perp seat aggrandizement mode. I have seen it on so many bus trips, and this sudden public behavior change cannot be anything but orchestrated.

LIke the dude in yesterday's class, the above yoga male slithered in at the last minute, a space beside me left by four other yoga class members. This brings back memories of the past yoga classes and this ridiculous seating arrangement games that would go on.

And I see the perps locked up my email again, shutting down a sending an email and then shutting me down from viewing the Sent box to see if it went or not. These arranged "glitches" on sending emails have been more frequent of late, and obviously it is something that intrigues the perps. Said email would not of been needed to be sent if the recipient had the normal and expectable decency to sent me an email to acknowledge the fax I sent him four days ago. More FUD-ing around again.

And the perps locked up this PC again, and wiped out my two paragraphs of blogging even if it was saved only a minute before the abend. And they even shutdown the Ctrl-Alt-Del function to bring up the Task Manager, so I was obliged to give it the one finger salute, power this PC down and restart.

I was mentioning the weather today, and the promise of another good day of tanning on the beach. It only lasted a half hour and a major cloud came over and that was the end of tanning outside. I should not be too surprised, as they pulled this two weeks ago, having me tan on the beach for two hours (before a cloud came over), and no tanning weather of any expectable duration since until yesterday. Today was to be better according to the forecast, and the weather looked promising, but not for long once I got to the beach. They wouldn't of sent me to the sunny Okanagan unless to get more sun exposure, but it seems that they are still "tuning me", giving me short sun exposures and then cutting down on the available direct sunlight for two week durations. This is what "happened" two weeks ago; tanning on the beach for about two hours, then clouded over to end the tanning, and no decent tanning weather until yesterday. So it would seem they want to curtail outside tanning exposures, even if they have me alternate between salon tanning and outside tanning.

I thought they were going to take me out earlier today, with a red light running vehicle coming straight at me while I was making a L turn on a green light. No green-to-yellow-to-red traffic light transitions were involved. I proceeded W bound to make a L turn to go S bound, and the N and S bound lanes were all stopped at the red traffic control. Though, for the three lanes of the N bound traffic only the E and W lanes were populated with vehicles, and the centre lane was empty. So this mini-van comes barreling along between the two stopped lanes of traffic (should be a significant clue to stop in and of itself, never mind the red light) and is aimed straight at me, less than 20' away at at least 50kph (30mph). Had she not applied her brakes I would have been mush. I got out of the way to make my turn faster than I normally would of, and there were no impeding oncoming vehicles, i.e. E bound vehicles. In hindsight, it seemed like a total fix, and nothing accidental about it, as the driver of the offending vehicle must of had me lined up for longer than I was aware of her coming at me. And here she was in the middle of the intersection after running the red light, and then proceeded straight through, no other E-W traffic was present for any secondary collisions. Normally they have me covered with vehicles at intersections and causing me to wait in mid-intersection to make almost all L-hand turns. This was odd at the outset due to the fact there were no vehicles but mine going E-W or W-E and having the middle S lane open for someone to come straight at me. The mini-van driver didn't seem too fussed that she came close to killing me, and I can only assume that the perps worked this all out and the offending driver had sufficient practice and assurances there would not be a collision.

And constant HD motorcycle noise while I typed up the above paragragh, getting through my hearing protection earmuffs no problem at all. It was when typing the above the first time the perps shut down this PC and locked everything up. Now, they just shook this suite "from" a nearby door, though one not directly connected. Go figure.

And a Chicken Run trip to the grocery store that will go by the abbreviation of SOF. Regular readers will know that the act of purchasing my nearly only meat source once every two or three weeks, a cooked rotisserie chicken is a BIG harassment event. And too, I dutifully took my application and my new membership card (with magnetic stripe, note) and was directed to customer service where a disgusting skinheaded male (very Unfavored) was in charge. And it turned out I didn't need to go there he said. Onto the deli counter to get the chicken, and lo, if I wasn't getting the "blithe wandering Fuckwit act", the gangstalkers that "happen" to get in my way in the aisle by pretending not to notice they are getting in my way. Finally, I get near the counter and they put on a male with a prosthetic device on one leg, seen because the Fuckwit was wearing shorts for crissakes. He paralleled me at the deli counter with at least two women associated with him taking turns to walk past me, too close and fucking rude it was too.

Anyhow, a big deal for the tired deli counter assistant to perfunctorily cut a cooked chicken in two and avoid looking at me. Onto the chocolate section after that, and more Fuckwits milling around me at the checkouts which were near obstruction level. The elder-couple in front of me bailed out for no sane reason, going to the next checkout which made their wait plainly longer. I am getting so many male gangstalkers in shorts these days, and the more ridiculous kind. That is, elder males with spindly white legs in baggy carmine red shorts, and all the way to the young dudes in baggy shorts to below their knees. The elder-males are nearly always sporting a tummy, or worse, a profound slab of flab up front, the most obvious case being this 60-ish male in nice black slacks and a mid-blue dress shirt, though no tie or jacket. I pass him standing on the sidewalk leaning against a pole that held up a steel mesh fence that bounded an empty lot. That was stupid enough, but when I drive by W bound he is still there, but instead of leaning against the fence facing the street, he faces 90 degree, still standing for me to see him in profile and sporting a mild gut. Like WTF; here he was in near Sunday best, and standing around in an obvious staged show, and he times his presentation (orientation) for me to see him face on, and then in profile with a small gut hanging over his belt. Absurd as it is plainly orchestrated IMHO, and what on earth is such blatant stupidity all about?

Continued HD motorcycle noise all today (3-5/min.), and even a motorcycle escort when I took my vehicle on the highway to run off the water beads on it, as I had rinsed with a pressure washer at a vehicle cleaning station. My cavalcade of vehicles in both directions was ready for me, and when N. bound (returning) they even put the motorcyclist in front of a metallic red vehicle as a colored mobile backdrop and had the motorcyclist change his lane position L to R and back many times.

I got some packing done this evening and to no surprise, with accompanying increased HD motorcycle noise. They also pounded the place to make a noise and shake it and me at the same time. Moving one's belongings is a total perp intrusion event.

A day of work on the vineyard; getting wet while fixing the irrigation system was first. Then attending to crossed trellis wires and then shoot tucking, where one ensures the shoots are kept inside the trellis wires, a post width apart. Then back to planting vines, always of extra perp interest. I even got to take my shirt off for a half hour before lunch, and on during lunch. Then after lunch, I was expecting to get a few hours of tanning on my back while planting vines, but no, the perps pulled a cloud-job and blocked it off after 20 minutes. A familiar tale it seems, and sunlight has a whole lot to do with the perp agenda.

Two PC crashes, and a throat clearing from the N. neighbor as I write this up. Now, outside pounding and vibration. One PC crash was timed so to have a "need" to take a crap immediately afterwards. Yes, we are now at tactical timing of taking a crap, graduating from tactical timing of taking a piss for the last 10 years. Woohoo, the signs of perp progress.

One of the perp's favorite online jerkarounds is to defeat data entry of name and passwords. The wipe my attention keeping abilities, have me thinking that I am typing in my User ID or Password in the dialog box online, and when I get to look, why, it isn't there. They fucked with the application, and fucked with me monitoring my typing (which I would do ordinarily as I am under constant harassment of keystroke sabotage), and then have me scream at them for jerking me around as it never was entered in the dialog box. Then I do it over again, this time using the mouse to reset the keying start location. Just hilarious, and all the more that it goes on at least 2x/day. This is primetime to be pulling that particular stunt as I am entering in my change of address online many times per day. Moving in two days to a shared house. Very concerning this move, as they haven't allowed me to live with any others since 06-1999.

Parcel delivery games again; not only did I get forced to accept the quote to ship it to this location I am about to move from because the alternate shipping quote attachment wouldn't open, but purportedly the courier pulled another perp stunt. The attempted to deliver the parcel to this motel suite and of course I wasn't in, and they didn't bother to deliver it to the front office which was open all day long. I get a notice that they will re-attempt another delivery the next day, and then they don't. Finally (there is no such thing in this existence) I go online and they say they will deliver it tomorrow. But why were they so fucking boneheaded about delivering to a suite when there was a closer and better alternative? Regular readers will know that UPS(2) and Canada Post(1) pulled this same stunt a few months ago, so now it is Loomis' turn to act stupid.

And on the bizarre escalation games, following that near T-bone collision they pulled on me two days ago, (and arranging the intersection to accomodate the near escape and secondary collisions), the perps pulled a traffic light stunt of some interest. I was not at this intersection, it was a half block away, and I was making a L onto a arterial from a residential road. I had to look R. of course to make sure no traffic was coming from that direction, and the lights were green for two lanes S bound and two lanes N bound to proceed, but they weren't moving, all still stopped. I had to look L to make my L turn, and then I looked R, and still four lanes of N-S traffic was still stopped at a green light. But even more bizarre was that two vehicles in file from the E-W road entered into the intersection, presumably on a red light, and crossed in front of the stopped traffic. Like WTF; a four lanes of vehicles stay stopped at a green light and two crossing vehicles (in file) proceed against a red light while everyone else is remaining stopped at a green light. Only in TI World is such bizarre public behavior orchestrated as a matter of course. And I did look twice, the first time thinking that the two vehicles ran a just-red light, which is very common wherever I go, and when I looked again, the four N-S lanes were still stopped.

The continuing saga of the parcel delivery jerkaround/follies continues. No delivery yesterday as stated on the form, so I logged in and supplied the number of the form they left, went through the dialog and they said the next delivery date will be 05-30-2012 (today). I get home, and the notice is still there. I check with the motel front desk and no parcel. Like WTF; a re-delivery attempt was stated twice, and they haven't delivered in either case (two days). It is just plain fucking bizarre that this consistently goes on with every parcel carrier. Not forgetting they could of saved all this bullshit by delivering to the motel office in the first place on Monday.

Another day of planting Pinot Noir PN 193 seedlings (?) plants. I was digging in gravel soil today so my production was down. And we do different planting styles/aids; grow tubes, carton, and one of two variants of these modified bucket resevoir that feeds the plant extra water which it needs compared to the 25 year old vines.

More of this insane parcel delivery obstruction, and I was finally allowed to blow off steam and send a complaint. As mentioned, all the couriers have pulled this on me within the last year, but the the Most Audacious Malfeasance by a Courier award now belongs to Loomis:

I just don't get it. I live in suite 241 of a motel at 80 Riverside Dr., Penticton BC. 
  • Non-Delivery #1; on May 28 I got a notice on the floor that delivery was attempted. The motel office was open, so why wasn't it delivered there instead, as they always accept them?
  • Non-Delivery #2; the notice says a delivery re-attempt for May 29, and so I put the notice on the door to say deliver at the motel office- no apparent delivery attempt to my door or the motel office.
  • Non-Delivery #3; on the evening of May 29 I go online and arrange for a delivery May 30, and that is what the application indicated, and I also put the notice on the door- but no apparent delivery attempt today at my suite or motel office.
So, can you tell me what is so difficult about delivering a parcel three days in a row, and no delivery, and no delivery re-attempts despite following the instructions on your forms and website?

Just another day`s jerkaround for the perps. And as I pasted the above, and fixed up the format, why, the N. neighbor water noise starts up, more motorcycle noise outside and so it goes. Plasma and maser flashes too.

As one organization sage said; ``if you find yourself being jerked around, the person is either a jerk or else the boss pulling his strings is a jerk``.  In my case, it is always the latter in my perp orchestrated existence, but every so often a person, or organization, distinguishes themselves such that it may be a case of BOTH the string puller and the jerk of first contact are equally culpable. And Loomis, you have just distinguished yourselves to be as culpable as the insane, psychopathic and abusive depravees that run (and ruin) my wretched existence and that of all other TI`s. And who arranged the coughing dudes outside my room as I write this.

And I see my Contacts got fucked with on my cell phone, but Gmail seems to be OK. Since Gmail is the parent application, why aren't they in sync when it says that it what it is doing? Assembling the Contacts list last week was a mighty noise barrage and harassment event, and so it would seem the perps are back at it, they aren'g going to leave this one alone. The assholes would fuck with the group assignments under the guise of data transfers in the Sony Clie PDA days, but this is unabashed blatant sabotage with their name written on it.

And I see the perps stole my $10 long distance card, the second such theft in 5 months. This forces me to use my cell phone, which is ordinarily a second choice.

A residence move tomorrow, and I partially moved tonight, all to find an extra resident in the house. And no lock on my door, something I wasn't allowed to notice before. This of course, opens up the opportunity for the perps to go nutzo and steal all manner of things under the guise of a light-fingered resident. Though, based on past experience, I dont know why they bother with cover stories anymore, as they have blatantly teleported things in and out of my suite. And while digging planting holes for vines, they frequently introduce (teleport) rocks, insects and debris into the hole to cause more work.

I moved house yesterday, and into much smaller quarters, with three others on this floor. A too small kitichen and bathroom makes for more sharing hassles. I cannot find room for my daily standby coffee pot, teapot, 12" frypan, re-sharpened grater and extra long spatula. The latter three for my nearly every day food that I now seem to not mind being the same. Anyhow, the closet is full of boxes, and I had to have some furniture removed so to make spacer for a stack of three boxes of books to be placed. A serious downsizing in availible room size, maybe down to 100 sq. ft. plus access to the above areas mentioned.

The perps put on some HD motorcycle noise down this very suburban street yesterday just to make sure I knew that I wasn't being left alone for this particular and most offensive and loathed noise. Nossir... we cannot have the victim think he will be HD motorcycle noise-free just because he moved to a residential area.

The all-week pissing match with the courier finally ended with a phone call to find out that they used the wrong tracking number and the location of their physical office. Add an additional day to the above non-delivery hijnx for yesterday's nondelivery bullshit. I was on hold for 20 minutes or so, and all that time with an EMF emitting device at my ear is made-for-perp remote harassment and energetic assessment.

And lo, if they didn't send the wrong size of bearing for this ill-fated (as in managed for maximal adversity) wheelbarrow tire. I ordered a 5/8" shaft and got a 3/4" shaft bearing. So.. the wheelbarrow tire saga continues, and it was at least a year ago that I was looking to deal with the perennially flat tire of the wheelbarrow that the garage-sale scrounging in-town brother "fiound" and supplied to my mother. The pointless and senseless protraction of FUD over this ridiculous wheelbarrow tire continues next week. Just hilarious it must be for the sick assholes who can, and often, turn the most upright business into a den of constant and relentess ineptitude.

And also a big day for perp fuckery, as I slept on a different bed, and that surely is one of the perp's most significant harassment issues. Extra Fuckwits were out at 0730h as I was headed for my vineyard job; the ridiculous baggy-to-the-knee men's shorts (in plaid), the gut-strut and he hodes of layabout and dawdling twits plus a few doing the high arm-fling walk, as in the pseudo-marching nonsense that erupted since 2002 and hasn't quit.;

I am tired, likely prematurely, to protract the move-in and box placement, the closet being at near overload capacity. Soo... I shall close out this blog for this week, and start anew in a few days.

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