Saturday, June 09, 2012

Getting the Red Out

The perps have been going heavy on the red of late; red shirted Fuckwits at every glance, three to six red vehicles at an intersection, and today's crowning touch, having me clean the outside of my vehicle at a vehicle cleaning bay with red-pink foam coming out of the brush. Then they went nuts with extra red after that. They were pulling this same stunt back in 2004 to 2006, having me use a red foaming brush at the commercial cleaning bays, and then going beserk with extra thousands of gangstalking vehicles (some red ones) on the highway route back into downtown Victoria. They tried it once and then backed off to colorless soap for a white foaming brush. So here we are, full circle; they let me own a vehicle as of two months ago (April 15) and keep up the airborne mess to stick to my vehicle with the odd "overspray" of Nova on it too, a vineyard application.

Then they have me dry the vehicle off by doing a 10 min. highway drive and were all over me with obstructing side-by-side vehicle pairs, and bringing on platoons of oncoming vehicles, the red ones ensconced by a consort of greyscale colored vehicles; white, silver-grey, mid-grey and black.

And now that I am sized down, as in now living in a 10'x10' room, plus kitchen and bathroom sharing, I can expect more perp games. They were up to sabotaging me taking a shit in a new way; they split a hole in the toilet paper I was holding when cleaning up after a crap. And did it twice in succession just to make sure I knew it was them. Here we are after ten years of intense insane abuse, and they come up with a new way to piss me off while taking a shit. Expect this blog to run for at least ten more years after that new and lower level of juvenile abuse has been arranged by the Abuser-General of the Thems.

And too, this household is heavy on red wallcoverings, paint and even a dishes cleaning rag is dark red. Also, the tray for all the cutlery is dark red wood. My new-to-me bed cover is white with red quilted patches and the sheet is a denim blue with a purple blanket between the cover and sheet. This too is of intense perp focus, my bedding fabric colors, as one spends eight hours of sleeping on or under them. No more grotesque brown purple bedsheets like the last place.

And a tanning salon visitation just before the car washing this morning; a new "need" to tan those regions that are relatively untanned in normal beach and outdoor work activity. No skyclad tanning allowed at this new city it would seem. Though to be fair, I don't know what the region has to offer as I am kept on a short leash as to getting new information.

Living in a shared house means also sharing the ceramic crockery, a long-time focus of the perps to the level of the Fuckwits packing ceramic plate with them in public, button-down suited Fuckwits with a dinner plate in hand for crissakes. It was two years ago when an Emile Henry crockery "need" came on when I could of got a 4 place set at LD for what I was forced to spend at the specialty cookware store. So here we are now, and quite a collection of odd-set crockery and colors too, all for the insane relentless mind-fuck and full-on life abuse agenda/games. Hopefully, in four months time I can go back to a motel and get access to all my belongings. (90% is stuffed in the closet in this one room rental).

I was helping doing trellis wire installation in the vineyard today, walking behind the ATV and putting the wires up on their cleats on the posts. There was two one hundred pound spools in the ATV that were unrolling as it was driven ahead of me, and then at each end we put in crimp sleeves and short chains to tighten them up. Talk about a made-for-perp-games job, walking behind a vehicle at a slow speed and two rotating spools of wire in a vehicle. And have I not experienced automobiles and tractors driving ahead or behind me, or even the latter churning up the ground I was on only five seconds ago? And have I not mentioned the spools of wire and cable the power and telephone companies seem to be carrying in my proximity nearly every outing? If I haven't mentioned it I am remiss, and the latter is exceedingly common especially when the arrange two or three boom trucks on a "job" and also block at least one traffic lane. And too, recall those large spools of cable sitting ready for Flight 77 on 9/11/2001 (or whatever did arrive, as there isn't wide agreement). The perps cannot get enough cable and wire spools as props around me.

Other sharing outcomes is to have limited bathroom time for shaving, meaning that arms and undearms are done one day, and torso the next in addition to the daily face and neck shave. Exciting perp moments indeed when they had me doing all shaving every morning from Jan. to Mar. 2012.

A day of near constant rain in the vineyard today. I am helping install new trellis wires. Two 100lb spools sit on the back of the ATV and I walk behind, snapping the wires into their cleats. Though, sometimes there aren't any cleats so we put them in, or other wires are crossed up. I am working with an
Australian man, an al round handiman who has put together sawmills in the past, as well as being a trained welder. The Australian connection again, two viticulturalists I have met were both Australians.
Funny how that is, and that the perps like to arrange them, and LH drive vehicles too.

A day of work on the vineyard, hanging up the trellis wires, two of us finishing the 6 acre vineyard in 2.5 days. I got a two helicopter flyover on the way back, different makes in different locations. And eight red vehicles visible at a glance, the most they have put on at an intersection since about 2007. Seemingly, they are testing the same conditions then, but with some kind of remediation/nonconsensual meddling to re-test now, five years later.

Near all day rain today, and I still had the raingear on as yesterday. Except today, they mucked up my raingear with the grease off the 100lb spools of trellis wire. The system is to grease the spool edges and have them spin inside a milk crate, and the grease can then get on the ATV, wire, me and my raingear. So.., the assholes put grease on my $300 Blue Storm rain-pants, and have likely been itching to do so when I got them in 09-2011. It wouldn't be the first time the assholes have sabotaged new rainpaints; they fucked the new ones I had for last year's daffodil picking, making leaks "happen" at the knees, the first day I owned them. I went to take them back and the assholes stole my reciept off my desk.
And I recall that especially, as the assholes had me retrieve from the garbage at first, something I would never do, as I keep reciepts.

And another PC crash wiped out some blogging yesterday, artfully arranged as I was knee deep into detailing more perp games.

Another rainy day, though not as much rain. I was doing vine shoot thining and tucking until called to wield a rake and shovel to aid the Australian handyman fellow who was running the vineyard tractor. An area was groomed with new gravel, compacted (by me), and a pad arranged to accept a 40' long extra high container that will serve as a shelter for the vineyard tractor and ATV. And lo, if it isn't where I have been parking my vehicle for the last month of vineyard work. In keeping with the street digging, building digging and other soil material pranks I am constantly exposed too. All the better to have me on the job, running the compactor and raking the gravel.

And plenty of masers and plasma flashes while doing the above soil work, all in keeping with what goes on all the time now, these magnetic energy phenomenon airmed to coincide with my activities or thoughts. Regular readers will know that I have been kept in a megnetic field of 200 Gauss since 2002, and 1600
Gauss in 2009, both measured with quality equipment. Some TI's indicate that they are also kept in a plasma field, a bright whitish glow around them that only a camera can detect, they cannot due to some form of obstructive interference.

toilet blocked for a whole day, landlady wasn't too with it to get onto it. Ridiculous, and one of those low-flush models with the convoluted drainage and a non-round plunger-confounding bowl. Just the perfect perp set-up; to have a non-functioning toilet for days on end until the landlady gets it together to purchase a plumbing snake. I hope this is the last time the perps pull this stunt here, otherwise I will have to get my own place and do battle with the toilet on my own, like always until I moved into this shared house a week ago.

more rain today, the perps had me wearing a blue shirt Mon-Thurs this week, and then a mid-grey shirt today. It was cold enough in the morning that the vineyard owner loaned me a light brown fleece coat with grey fiber strands in it. And lo, if the perps didn't arrange for the sun to come out just before I took lunch, and then they had me put on sun block on my face afterward. Which is when the vineyard owner came to chat to me. Then it got too hot once I restarted work, so I took my shirt off to get some tan time, but it lasted an half hour or so, and then the grey clouds moved in, though no more rain.

An eventful round of abusive fuckery before getting my haircut and leg waxed this morning. (A "need" to have the smooth hairless look has slowly come on in the last two years, the leg hair removal at least a year ago, and waxing some 7 months.) First it was having me "forget" to take a towel and facecloth into the bathroom prior to showering and shaving. Then a fake-out with the blocked toilet said to be working, and then it backed up on me. The landlady had taken off by then, and I purchased an auger to get it unplugged. I spent 40 min. on it and wasn't successful. And lo, if she doesn't come back with the identical model of auger, claiming she went to get one and spent 1.5 hours of being gone when it took 10 minutes return trip to get it.

So, after relative freedom over the past 4 months in allowed to take a crap without need of plunger or shower or both, the assholes decide to re-start these fucking toilet games again. Ever since the high tech apartment invasion and personnel in my apartment 04-2002, one of whom blocked the toilet with a ballon, I have not been allowed to take a crap without fear and trepidation (last 4 months excepted) of something going very wrong. Not to mention the sudden onset of the chocolate "habit" that still continues, and the careful introduction of brown colored vehicles around me, usually after a run-up of grey scale colored vehicles.

And continuing rain today, often a sign of extensive perp activity in my case. This area of the Okanagan gets 11 in. of rain/year, and I swear at least half of it has unloaded this week alone.

A Saturday, and in vineyard work, a day off. I see my farmworker colleagues in Victoria are continuing in my footsteps, they at the farm I worked at exclusively last year. One in particular has crossed my path at two farms, and doing all the things I do in the way of tasks, now in her third year of it. Funny how she gets assigned to be "sticky", as in farm work, the pestilent friend and even I helped her move out of her place last year. I haven't quite figured out if she is an abettor or a morphed-in operative for all the face time she gets with me. Not to mention emails and phone calls as well as last year's Fugliest Negro gangstalking. (Everytime this fightful gangstalker came near me, she "happened" to be hanging around me, if not chatting with me). The former are with sign-offs like "Miss You" or subject lines of "My Thoughts are With You", though whenever we meet in person or connect on the phone, there isn't any suggestion of that. Another one of those never-in-person expressions of deepening interest, though never instantiated or even hinted at in person. Whatever it is, I am hoping it doesn't progress any further as I don't need another dysfunctional in my life.

Having two roomates, the first in over 34 years of adult living, is dysfunctional enough. Someone put my dried laundry in a heap on the sole working surface in the kitchen. Like WTF; they knew it was mine, and why leave my clean laundry in that crumb infested clutterfuck of a kitchen? All for more perverse juxtapositions, contact and spatial arrangements; someone knew I would never, ever, put my laundry on my own (relatively clean and crumb free) kitchen counter, so they decided that one of two roomates in my absence would do it for me. How nice; do I need my clothes fucked with any more than I what I deal with prior to this present space constrained existence? Hardly.

And to conclude with the title theme again; both the hair stylist and the wax esthetician both had a small streak of unnatural red dye in their hair today. One plump and plain, the other svelte and blonde, and both with this ridiculous, if not fugly, scarlet red dye in their hair. There has been a decided uptick of this "fashion" in this town, and it looks appalling.

Enough kvetching while the rain continues for the six day in succession in this 11 inches/year region (average) and I should be glad this PC hasn't crashed today.


Rachael O. said...

Hi there. Sorry to hear about the intensified red bs. For some reason they have intensified my harassment as well. they now have this tactic that I always fall for I call 'wallet check'. People in trains act paranoid when near me and check thier wallet or hold thier wallet pocket and it get me going. And this is a tactic only becuz the other perps doing it on the street and elsewhere dont have anything in thier back pockets when they do thier patting of the area.

I think they are getting the country ready for Romney is what it seems like. It has to be that. Why else would they be upping the harassment like they are?

Rachael O. said...

did u get my comment?

Tyler Dresden said...

How did you end up with two room mates?

AJH said...

Reply to:
did u get my comment?

I did, if it is the one about intensified red color activity and the mention of the hilarious wallet checking. Maybe they don't need to steal TI's (especially mine) wallets EVER AGAIN. I doubt it though, because the perps like keeping their victims in FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Reply to: How did you end up with two room mates?

At the end of May I had to move from the winter-time rate motel I was staying in. It was furnished, with all utilities except long distance phone paid for, including internet. So... I had to move, and the only comparable rent was shared accomodation, which is a disaster as it is so cramped and I have Fuckwits in very close proximity to say the least. Plus, they like to arrange red dishrags over the faucets, glass jars of water, red substances in bottles, uncleaned drinking glasses full of water that had a red substance in them and now sit on the too-cramped kitchen counter for three days and counting etc. Needless to say, this is a considerable intrusion in my life as I haven't had roomates for over 35 years. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Reply to: Hi there...

Sorry about the delay in responding, this PC was in for repairs for three days.

The "wallet check" games are too funny. What I can add to this is that the perps are totally obsessed over my wallet contents, bill color (colored bills in Canada), where I get the bills and cards from, when I use them, how I fold it etc. I cannot count the number of wallet thefts over my lifetime of covert surveillance, now ten years of overt abuse.

In this sorry tale of nonconsensual human experimentation, the color of EVERYTHING touching or near the TI/victim is important, and that especially includes anything in one's pockets or grasp. And so it seems there is some kind of color-to-TI energetic interaction (which are EM waves too), they want to remotely detect them. (Think of it like an ever changing cluster of chakras). The wallet checking stunts of the shills and operatives would likely be some kind of direct wallet-color interaction that they want to detect off you, especially if they have identified the interaction of other TI's, like me. Eventually, the wallet touching will diminish and they will be attempting to attain the same remotely detectable color-TI energetic reaction with the same (and new) shills and operatives without wallet contact. (This comment was fixed up 24 hours later).

Good to hear from you Rachael.