Saturday, June 30, 2012


Mysteryware is what I call software that doesn't appear to do much, except some kind of dubious association with what I am looking for: my Artist tags didn't come across on the music files, so a go-about looking for software that will fill them in, when they weren't missing in the first place. Music Brainz-Picard leaves me totally baffled as to what it does.

Same thing with USB Tethering on the infernal Android phone; I could see that the PC and Android phone could see each other, but if one wants to move files then how does one do it? Another bafflement stunt with software. And so it goes; I am getting something gritty in my eye as I type this, so end of entry.

The "Unknown Artist" problem with my Android phone has surfaced. The Android device doesn't read the music file metadata correctly and fills in Artist Name as "Unkown Artist". So far, I have over 600 song tracks all by the same "Unknown Artist". The meta data is fine, as reviewed in the files on the Android device, but no matter the player, it gets the Artist Name wrong. And I see a cast of thousands since mid-2010 have the same problem. So.. if you are a TI, don't get an Android phone as it is totally exploitable to have an excuse for the perps to make more problems for you. I think I will purchase a Sansa Clip player and forget about a multiple use device such as a so-called smart phone. Just a plain dumb idea on a uncontrolled platform.

A day of tucking shoots on the vineyard, plus doing lateral removals. These are the buds that have formed in the crotch of a shoot and a leaf, and are new shoots that take away nutrients for the fruit. The same idea as for tomatoes if home grown.

I see the adjacent vineyard has pulled down their equipment storage shacks, which likely means building one anew. And have I mentioned the perps like to arrange building demolition and construction in my proximity? Many times, and more before they went overt/beserk in 04-2002, as they kept me broke since then. One of my pre-overt/beserk friends, (read, planted operative) had a zany fixation over visiting building sites, and so we did. That strange habit now has apparent perp sanction.

The landlady lit up incense a few nights ago, and now this lingering incense pong, now day two of this vile smell. How did she know I loathed this smell so much? Funny she ddn't ask.

A thudding noise is permeating the house, possibly a subwoofer to go with the sound system of the TV that was in use at the same time. Not that the owner cared too much, playing dumb that it couldn't be heard. How many times have I been though that act? Countless. Just what I needed, more environmental disruption.

A day of tucking vines in the trellis, and cutting the lateral shoots out, as well as positioning the shoots vertically. And sunny too, the first in the vineyard since Monday last week. That meant getting a tan with my shirt off for two hours. No doubt the perps have a week of rain to follow this huge event for them. I don't have a handle on their sunlight exposure, brown tanned skin and their pre-occupation with having the clouds and rain follow tanning. Add in gangstalker surges after I finish tanning and when I put my shirt on, or noisestalking more often now, and still their games are a mystery.

Even having garments dry in the sun versus the dryer is a big deal, as one partially soiled work bag from the washing machine was put outside to dry, and lo, if a rain came on for three days, cleaning the residual soil off the bag. Then the sun came out on the fourth day and dried it, and after that I folded it and put it on the wood  floor, under the chest of drawers, next to a similar bag (same material and color) that has never been cleaned.

A shit refugee again, except that the mall washrooms were closed as was the mall. I did grocery shopping at an adjacent supermarket, with my gangstalk posse appearing in force when I neared the checkout. Then when done, where to take a shit to prevent the blocked toilet games at this roomie house. Why, a fast food resturant; no vehicles in the parking lot, save a HD motorcycle for crissakes. parked thankfully, I can always do without the sound effects, particularly for HD motorcycles. I mentioned the rather profound amount of motorcycles in this town to the landlady, a long time local, but that didn't get me any converstational traction. I wonder why.

When setting off the assholes smudged my L lens of my eyeglasses, earlier in the evening by at least two hours, and to a greater degree, more lens acuity perturbation, and larger smudge area. But that wasn't enough vision fucking for them, no...sirrr. Why, they created stinging sensations in my L. eye while driving, and ones that stung the most when approaching, making and departing from a corner, traffic controlled or not.

The infernal "Unkown Artist" assignment to all 700 FLAC music files on my Android phone sucked up another two hours tonight. The artist metadata is in the file, correctly, as seen by two players, but gets botched by the Android music file loading software. I see this freaking hassle has been going on for over two years, which for me, draws a line in the sand; "we at Google don't give a shit about music metadata and we aren't going to fix it". Ok, I get it, the user experience on Android is one step worse than what Microsoft would do unto their users. Now, if Apple would get off their ass and support FLAC files then I will buy an iPhone in a heartbeat. Or, perhaps Microsoft will get off their ass and do the same; perhaps they will for their phone, should it ever make it to consumerdom.

More ordering hassle pover same order item, a reflective windshield sun shield; Sunday it mapped my BC address to Alaska, Tues I tried, but forget I attempted but got nowhere,  ... today (Wednesday) AM, account creation failed again, PM, created account after three attempts (no useful diagnostic error message, but I "somehow" discovered the password had been cleaned off the page), but it error-ed out on the final payment page. Like WTF; why is the pedantic act of ordering something online such a HUGE perp Fuckover Event, aka harassment theme?

 A day of tucking vines, removing laterals and de-suckering any shoots forming from the trunk of the vine. I was told this would be the major activity for June, and so it is. It takes a lot of time to root through the shoots, see where they emanate from, and decide if to prune it out. Also, searching for lateral shoots, ones that grow from buds formed this year, as they are non-fruitful and deplete plant resources for more shoot elongation.

Plenty of noisescape these days while working on the vines. The adjacent vineyard brought two 20' shipping containers to store their equipment temporarily while their equipment sheds are torn down and rebuilt. There will be at least two months of construction, and the perps just love the tap-tap-tap noise even if it makes no sense with modern day pneumatic nailers which do not sound like a hammer at all.

And too, shipping container "fever" as well; two white ones delivered to the adjacent vineyard (per above), and then today, the owners of the vineyard I work at had a 60' container delivered to a prepared pad. The pad was put in the location where I had been parking my vehicle. Not only did I park there each workday for six weeks, I also ran the vibrating machine to compact the delivered gravel for pad leveling. Another example of the perps undertaking soil work on the very location of my parked vehicle.

And shipping containers are another gangstalk/harassment/perp prop. When I lived in Seattle and drove the I-5 to Vancouver every other weekend, I had plenty of adjacent trucks with containers in the traffic. I could not understand why container traffic was getting transported by road to another port city. Though to be fair, I know little about shipping container economics and movements. I suppose the perp's preoccupation with steel shipping containers relates also to their wood pallet stalking games, as a typical shipment would be on pallets, and inside a shipping container if imported. Again, I don't know what the perps are after with respect to goods shipping, but they sure like to ensure I get plenty of exposure to shipping objects.

A sunny day, like yesterday, and my legs were tanned today. No onset of rain following tanning this time, so I wonder what the perps are up to. Though I see they moved cloud cover in after work, so who knows what their weather obsession is about, save the color games of clouds to match my vehicle color, and the rain-water obsession of theirs for whatever it offers.

06-29-2012, Friday
A  mostly sunny day, and some shirt-off tanning while working in the vineyard. The usual noise and commotion whenever I finish a row and either start a new one, or turn around and tend to the other side, switching direction. The perps have been exceedlingly consistent about starting up something when changing direction 180 degrees as in row picking, or vine tending in this case. Aircraft, loud commercial vehicles, distant male banter, coworker throat clearing or sneezes etc; the list of noise and/or disruption is endless, even out on a vineyard.

End of the week for us vineyard workers; very civilized to have a full weekend off. Not like the agriculture jobs of the last four years, when it was at least six days a week.

More parcel delivery shenanigans, this time from UPS. I did the "hold for pickup" by phone, and was expecting that they would leave the parcel at the local UPS store like last time. (Also subject to different fuckery back in February 2012). Only afterward do they tell me it is held in another city some 1.5 hours away. So..., on the phone again, to have them drop it off at the local UPS store and an extra $4 charge. What does it take to get sane service from a parcel/courier outfit these days?

Roomie move-out is in slow motion as I write this. He had all his belongings piled in the hallway outside my romm for over an hour while he slept on the bed, sans covers. Now he moved everything out to the curb near my vehicle, awaiting his big blonde girl, the one with the hot-rod mufflered pickup truck. The movement of the luggage to the curb was accompanied by him pacing around on the cell phone, that ever present EMF device the perps like to arrange. Like WTF; didn't they have a pre-arranged time to meet, instead of this protracted stakeout of luggage, first outside my room, and now outside next to my vehicle? No, as long as Perpland rules apply.

After two hours of sitting at her laptop (a much used perp prop) in the dining room, the landlady has started up the vacuum cleaner, another perp prop of vital importance. The next roomie is to be a woman, and one can only hope she is worth looking at, as the roomie as mentioned above, had his slab of flab on his front that looked disgusting from any angle, and even when he was wearing a T-shirt that had a near life-size picture of two topless women on it. Someone knew I loathed the sight of males with large guts on them, so they arranged one with something worth looking at over top of it. The now-former roomie had to have been an operative IMHO.

Not done June yet, and already over twice the normal rainfall. And the landlady keeps the rainwater versus tapwater games/experimentation going by putting just laundered bedsheets outside to dry overnight. And lo, when I get up at 0620h, why, they are soaking wet from the rain, still continuing. The perps have me do the responsible thing and pull them off the deck railing with the intention of putting them in the dryer. But no, something else is damp in the dryer, so that has to get dried first (25 min.) while the wet bedsheets sit on top of the dryer at the ready. Called "fallow time" by me, where something has to sit around in new circumstances for no reason but for perp fuckery. And how many centuries has mankind been laundering clothes and putting them outside, and often finding them wet from a sudden weather change? Countless millenia to be sure, and here we are at the nexus of perp fuckery suffering through this same bullshit. Go figure.

A Saturday, and still at a loose end, owing to the fact that I worked weekends in my past farm work. And it doesn't help that it is consistently pissing rain each weekend, now in the fourth weekend in succession, maybe more. So much for the sunny Okanagan, where for this location, 11" of annual rainfall is the norm. But strange things happen around me, from the macro to the micro level, and that includes the weather. Not all TI's get weather "coincidences" to the degree I suspect, but then again, I don't know of any TI's under such intense and relentless harassment and abuse. Or, I should say, in my highly constrained and controlled information world, that seems to the be case. Not that I am bragging or attempting to invite any kind of comparative exchange, it just seems that the perps have a significant interest in screwing me at every second. It is only 0830h, and already I have had over six pokes on my nipples as I pass through doorways, and yet there was at least 2" of clearance every time. Not to mention the degree of care and attention I devote to not allowing these excuses to occur in the first place, but mindfuck games can now take care of that I have come to know, since about 2007 when they began defeating my defensive capabilities, learned from them of course.

I finally got the Android phone/music player working. I downloaded PowerAmp, and once I looked at it, I paid for my very first online "app". It is very likely that was the whole adverse Android music player exercise was about, so they could compare my neural signature of online cell phone purchasing to the millions of others that have proceeded me doing the same thing. And have I mentioned that I am constantly hounded over every transaction I make?

And this was the day I switched to a black colored (plastic) razor insert and shaved with it after keeping them around for over four years in preference to the mid-grey colored ones. Such are the markers of progress after ten years of insane abusive harassment in the name of nonconsensual human experimentation. Shaving was followed by two hours of online putzing time before the stores were open, and then the "need" to tan the parts of me that don't get tanned when working on the vineyard. Afterward, a visit as a "shit refugee" to the mall, and in keeping with the extra post-tanning gangstalking, they even had a dude follow within a minute into the same cubicle that I used, and rotated two of them in the adjacent L side cubicle. Such is the toilet blocking games and the scripted reaction in the service of the perp's preoccupation with shit and all other things brown. Exciting times in perpdom, and always protracted for the victims.

Then, once done, I went to a stereo store to get some headphones whose jack fitted the outlet through the portal in the Ballistic case. And lo, if they didn't have black plastic backing on the ear drivers on them. But it is a time of black plastic research by the perps; in this shared house there is a black plastic kettle I use, the first change of kettle allowed in nine years. As I have two tea-times per day, the perps seem to be using this as a entre into their water ingestion/vessel interaction research, not to mention their color games with the various teas they have me drink. And I now get extra black vehicle coverage from the gangstalking vehicle configurations they put on at every turn.

And today, with the new roomie move-in going on as I type this, they had me start on a new package of rooibus tea, aka red bush tea, and certainly red colored.

The rain is coming on for the evening, just as it started up about an hour ago when dispatching a second Amazon order. The perps have been working on me having two of an item. My farmworker colleague gave me a book on British Columbia winery history about two years ago. And lo, if she didn't give me the identical book again when meeting her for dinner two weeks ago. And today I ordered a certain journalism book I promoted to to my vineyard worker colleague, (headed to U. of Chicago to take journalism). And as it "happens" my copy went missing a while back, so I ordered another one for me.

 A dull day of being kept in mostly,  so I am going to end this week's blogging here and now and publish it.

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