Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flight Time

I fly out later today, so this is just to fill the time until I am ready to go.

A yoga class, and a Saturday one to avoid the Sunday one with the heavy breathing fat male who likes to get close. And lo, if they didn't put on a negro male and a blonde girl, with my vineyard work colleage (female, redhead), behind them. Said negro saw fit to remove his shirt for more brown exposure it would seem, and thankfully he was mostly hidden by his blonde babe. I don't why the perps are so fascinated with matching blonde Caucasian girls with male negroes, but it is nothing new to me. "Hide the negro" (Unfavored demographic group specimen) has become the operative word, just as "hide the brown vehicle" (Unfavored color) games when driving and surrounded by my gangstalking posse in their arranged formations to obstruct the particular vehicle until it is too close to do so.

And I did get at least three deep brown vehicles, in separate gangstalking vehicle streams when driving from the house to the tanning salon (five minutes). I stopped into this shared house at my room after yoga and the owner had the vaccum cleaner going, and only then did I phone to see if the tanning salon was availble, which it was. When I asked if the lie-down bed was avaiible soon, she said "1:30" when it was 11:30. I said something like "sooner than 1:30" and she said "I meant 11:30". Like WTF; I get all these over-obvious mistakes too often, and getting screwed around like this is plain fucking disturbed. And of course they screwed my out of having my watch on to immediately check the time, all in keeping with the perp's obsession over all details related to this concept as well as the general FUD agenda.

Then onto another perp event they dearly like me to be doing, tanning. This time it was at a salon, and with an extra contingent of vehciles around me, as I have never done a back-to-back yoga and tanning before. There were extra gangstalking vehicles sporting PVC pipe on my way, so who knows what this is about, again, nothing new.

And I am begining to find my Android phone is more useless that I expected. Yes, it takes pics, but how does one get them off? Only yesterday did I have to ask to find out how to access voice mail. By holding down the "1" key I was told at the counter, and was duly informed the adjacent symbol it was the "universal symbol for voice mail". Like WTF; I had cell phones before, and all I had to do was select the Voice Mail menu item, and I got there. But now, one has to decode this obscure symbol on a key that is clearly marked for another purpose. Owing to this undeclared wretched dual modality, if one holds the key for longer, you don't get a "1": but whatever the dumbassed symbol means. And lets be clear; the "universal symbol" is of a reel-to-reel tape deck, as obsolete as it is obscure. So who writes this, never mind the neanderthal-like penchant for obsolete motifs with a current day touch screen interface phone feature?

Back in the land of the sunny Okanagan after four days in Victoria, British Columbia, the Gangstalking Capital of Canada. Soo... many gangstalking and perp set-up stunt to recount here, even if in summary form. The wheelbarrow tire idiocy continues, Westjet didn't even charge me for the extra box, very kind of them it was. And I got an 3/4" cold rolled length of steel as the new axle, after the culls at Casterland sent me the wrong size and weren't too sympathetic about redressing this screw-up. After plenty of extra attention from the vehicular gangstalking force on the way to the steel supplier, and then a mighty piss after I ordered it at the front counter, and lo, if it wasn't there ready on the counter after filling the toilet, (and flushing of course). Funny the steel wasn't warm from being cut in the saw, but who knows, as the perps seriously diverted me from observing matters with a forced visit to the toilet. I had the old part (5/8" diameter axle), recieved the new replacement 3/4" steel, and OMG, what a might vehicular gangstalking as I drove to downtown Victoria to do other errands. As of mid-April I have a mid-grey Toyota Camry, and lo, if the same mid-grey colored vehicles weren't out in force; adjacent, at intersections etc. I was finally allowed to "get it"; grey gangstalking vehicles, (I was driving my mother's barely metallic tan Ford Escape, brown interior though), and a chunk of grey steel in the vehicle.

Then onto an irrigation supply house to get some new parts for my mother's wretched sprinkler, though of good quality, it was beset by poor fittings. And lo, if they didn't put a negro pseudo-staff member on, almost as black as the ill-lit shop, the mofo coursing around behind me for no reason, asking someone else if they had been helped (how did he know who to ask as he wasn't observing?), then across the counter, and then aiding said customer at a counter section 90 degrees offset in keeping with the perp anisotropic energetic research. I had to wait five min. longer, and finally the store proprietor came by, casual like, distracted too, and I assumed he was drunk or stoned so irregular was his manner. I got helped at the counter by the 300lb Fat Man, another freak-du-jour, though he was friendly at least. And have I mentioned how often the perps hound my ass over water supply, pipe material, sprinkler head types and material, what crops got irrigated with what pipes, and then eating said crops? Many times, and I suppose a visit to the irrigation supply house was way too exciting for the perp sick-asses.

Then back to the First Feral Family house to deal with the wheelbarrow, but I ran out of steam when I couldn't get the U-bolts I was looking for. I settled for redi-rod and will have to bend it at a later date with a borrowed propane or hotter torch. I was reminded I did this wheelbarrow wheel and axle rebuild way back in 1996, when the then wheelbarrow was the only farm "vehicle" for the six acres I owned with the ex. Then it was a new wheel, a new axle of cold rolled steel, and consummating with a visit to the neighbor with a welding shop to heat and bang the purchased U-bolts to a new shape that I couldn't do myself. (Propane torches aren't hot enough to work steel I found out). And said wheelbarrow was the means by which the extensive alpaca poo was removed, and for so many other chores on this infernally prohibitive and demanding property at the time. And I believe I mentioned that I fixed 600' of waterline, putting in 2" PVC instead of steel and this deformed blue plastic line, as well as five connection boxes and many other irrigation upgrades, including 200 new spray heads for the one acre of kiwi fruit. I did all that wheelbarrow rebuild, water supply upgrade (and its use), and countless other agricultural activities that I have since been forced to do yet again since the perps went overt in 04-2002. No...sir, it wasn't enough to lose our shirts on that wretched hobby farm, they had to run me out of an IT job three years later and start me working as a peasant in the strawberry and daffodil fields begining in 2008 when they finally let me work again, for a pittance this time. Now, in 2012, they let me "graduate" to working in a vineyard, which is where I presently work until the harvest is over.

So yes, it would seem this four day visitation to Gangstalking and Nonconsensual Human Experimentation Central, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, was indeed a significant test event as they have had me out of town since early 01-2012, apart from a post-viticulture course two week visit in April to purchase abovementioned Camry. The perps have a long history of sending me out of town after an educational experience, and it is most curious as to why.

I woke up Sunday morning, and my mother announced the neighborhood deer had somehow eluded the deer fencing I installed the year before (2011) and now ate some of her garden plants, namely tomatoes and runner beans. And that became the emergency I had to deal with for the four days, using the remainder of the 4' wide stucco wire from last year (2011). The 4'x4' garden bed had to be fenced as the beans got moved to it. The 8'x4' bed was done last year in chicken wire. I had the posts, and kept the intact chicken wire rolled up over the winter. I expected to only re-erect the posts, and unravel the chicken wire and tie it up like last year. BUT, the first oddity was that there was a splice in it when it was a continuous section, as chicken wire is hell to deal with once cut. Once the posts were up, the chicken wire was found to be woefully inadequate in length, like 10' missing of 24'. To remind my readers; this roll of chicken wire was 24' long, a single continous length, and fitted the 8'x4' garden bed all the way around. I took it down at the end of last year (fall 2011), stored it as a single roll, and what happened to it over the winter? Why, "someone" severed it in mid-span, cut out 10' and spliced the ends back together. The latter is no mean feat, as a 4' wide roll of chicken wire has very many ends to deal with and bend, twice for a lapped splice. Soo.. the story is, some insane Fuckwit stole 10' of 4' wide chicken wire from a mid-length roll of 24' and spliced it back together again (a 30 minute job by conventional means), all to mess me around so I had to shorten up the fence and re-locate two poles, for which I had already drilled and installed four galvanized 4" lag bolts. And given the number of times the perps have me install, and then remove fasteners (nails, screws, bolts, nuts etc.), one can be sure that this indeed might of been the central objective. As for their rationale, and what it is all about, I have no idea. This Chicken Wire Section Theft and Re-splice Event has to be one of the more obvious and totally insane extra-conventional jerkarounds of the past ten years. But it hasn't gone unnoticed the perps like to arrange wire mesh in my proximity, and by cranking on the suburban deer problem, they got their wish yet again.

And the above deer invasion became the new-emergency, perfectly timed it was to my first morning in Gangstalk Central and re-configuring my activities, errands etc. I had to put the wheebarrow steel axle away, after rubbing it down with grease so it would not rust. And lo, if some three hours later when driving on the above mentioned errand trip, they tailed me with a bulk lubricant semi-trailer tanker for ten minutes or so, in a distinctly residential district. Funny how the petroleum products harassment and stunts continue.

As well, the plant hormone games continue, my mother dutifully acquiring Miracle-Gro again, and leaving it on the kitchen counter, first unopened, and a day later, the box was opened. The active ingredient for said product is 2,4-D, but just a little so not to cause the plant to grow rapidly into indehiscence, which is what the herbicide form does. Funny, Miracle-Gro never puts the active ingredient on the packaging. It would seem that plant hormone manipulation is part of the perp agenda too, based how often this "happens" in this protracted hell that I have been cast into.

An uneventful 45 min. flight back, and plenty of red-dressed passengers on board. A seat row to myself next to the window, and a 45 min. reverie over the beautiful sunlit landscape and overflying some notable natural landmarks (the Lions peaks that overlook Vancouver BC, Garibaldi Park where I once worked for a summer). All to have me "forget" to read my book that I had arranged in the seatback after take-off. No good practice can go undisrupted in perp-land.

Another evening on this four day visit was a dinner with my farmworker colleague, one who makes that I am an interesting person and how she wants to meet up with me. And to be straight, there is no romantic interest on my part, it is she that pursues me, as it is clear she is connected to Fuckwit Central, and the gig was scripted. The waitress was a total blonde doll by comparison, and it is rare the perps let me have that much observation time with a pretty and personable young woman. I suppose this was the protracted plain-woman (colleague) to gorgeous woman (waitress) comparison outing/test, as normally the perps like to arrange fleeting Unfavored-Favored contrasts among the gangstalker encounters.

What followed was a classic perp stunt; the tanning salon I frequented last year was next door to the restaurant and I wanted some of the scentless tanning intensifier (not a colorant or bronzer). And lo, if they weren't out of it, and I cannot get this online anywhere, or where I now live, Penticton, BC. Having me get skunked, as in not finding/acquiring what I was looking for, is a long time perp arrangement, usually in concert with Fuckwit gangstalkers around me. Though this time, it was my erstwhile farm colleague, and post-dinner time too, and extra challenging moment for the perp's remote energetic reading/analysis on me. That a blonde babe was also at the counter to tell me that a shipment was due this week wasn't a coincidence either, borrowing from the waitresses' look.

A family outing the next afternoon and evening (yesterday), following my daughter's graduation from the local community college. Much pictures in the evening under the trees after dinner in a nearby Thai restaurant with family. And per cue, out came the smart phones, and later the iPad, all in keeping with the perp's preoccupation with proximate individuals to be looking at LED screens. I don't know what the perps derive from this activity, but it has been clear from early on, that they just love to have me looking at CRT or LED displays with personnel/family, or even in proximity in the case of gangstalkers. That my classmates in my 2009 Oracle DBA classes would have the same red covered netbook at their desk, passing it on to other classmates, taking turns with the same netbook from class to class. Can we get more fucking obvious than that, netbook/LED display stalking? A related item was the new Samsung Galaxy Note cell phone I had for a few days before I took it back. It had an OLED display on it. Whatever it is that the perps are pumping through the wires and cell phone aerials needs to be tested on me for differing kinds of glass, LED resolutions, LED type and all the other technical parameters like circuit board color, wire color etc.

And now back at the cramped shared house, I was put onto "shit refugee" status within a half hour of getting back. First I was distracted from unpacking my suitcase by the six week overly long delivery of my cellphone accessories that had been just delivered on the doorstep for my arrival. Soo..., I get to unpack a suitcase and briefcase along with sorting out my laundry and then attending to the new cellphone accessories. After changing into new clothes, the forced "need" to take a crap came on, and so off to the mall to use the shitter there after being burned with a sudden onset of blocked toilets at this shared house. (And one at the vineyard owner's house where I work, which was a total blatant sabotage event for the minimal toilet content). And lo, if there wasn't the coursing dudes, one of whom was the cell phone service attendant I encountered last week. Some of the dudes were assigned concurrent craps, but no toilet blocking. The toilet even flushed by itself afterward, twice. And lo, if my Phillipino (read, brown) women gangstalkers that led me to the washrooms weren't there on my exit, loitering in the nearby food mall.

Then a "need" came on to get a stack of 100g bars of chocolate while there at the nearby LD store, and lo, if one stalking/stocking twit wasn't handling deep brown letter boxes across the aisle in front of me on my way to the chocolate. Then a planted notion to get some cash at the nearby ATM and cash the yellow colored check my mother gave me before I departed in compensation for the expenses I incurred in dealing with fencing, irrigation and wheelbarrow tire projects.

And in keeping with the perp's brown imperative, mixed in with the irrigation research imperative, I see that my perp abetting mother purchased 50' of brown garden hose, still coiled. So we are now entering a new phase of perp research, mixing/integrating their brown color games with thier irrigation supply research, and presumably by extension, its downstream color energetic effects on the plants that consume such supplied water, and too, the food consumed therefrom. Sounds like another ten years of insane abusive and deranged nonconsensual human experimentation is planned out.

The Summer Soltice was today, another perp parameter I have come to find, though I have no idea if it was central to above planning/arrangements.

First evening after yesterday's flight, and I was jerked out of sleeping mostly, awake at 0300h, up at 0400h. The next door roomie artfully times his getting up earlier to match mine so he is showering while I am using the same water supply to clean dishes (concurrent water use). At least the 10th time this has "happened" in three weeks.

On the vineyard job, I took off my shirt, and then sun went behind high cloud 10 min. later and thereafter for the remainder of the day.

More vineyard work today, but no tanning due to overcast conditons. Lots of deep mid-grey clouds in the distance, and I suppose this was interesting to the perps, given that I now have and use a mid-grey colored vehicle. On the way home they tailed me with a same mid-grey colored pickup truck towing a white aluminum trailer, and in front of me was a new white Volvo S-60. It only took the Volvo designers 10 years to clean up the look of the rear trunk, tailights and bumper design, and I must say it looks halfway decent. The perps go to great lengths to have me see vehicles with attractive design aesthetics, and after the horrid jelly-bean job they did on Volvos in 2000, they finally got it about right. The perps wanted me to know, as it is rare that I personally encounter new vehicles, being so financially strapped. And the perps know I have a fondness for Volvos, being a near-perfect confluence of design integrity, features, quality and durability IMHO. And too, the perps had me owning Volvos for 20 years in the past, so there must be something in it for them. It is also interesting that they ply me with Saabs in the vehicular gangstalking, a Swedish vehicle manufacturer that might get their steel from the same source as Volvo.

Other games that are going on are having me not use my regular mid-grey handled shaving razor while visiting Victoria, per above. I had my hand on the shaving razor to pack it, but "somehow" it didn't get packed, so I used these wretched white handled BIC razors while there. I survived OK, it is just that arms and body shaving never got done, and I have caught up in the last few days, doing one each morning in conjunction with shaving my face.

Another shaving method variation as also been imposed; normally after my shower I shave by applying a hot face cloth to the area and then proceed to shave in discrete sections (e.g. five passes on my face). Two weeks ago, they had me "discover" that I didn't need to use the face cloth to soften the hairs as I was fresh from the shower. So this big "discovery" has meant that I can speed up shaving and not apply  the face cloth in advance of each discrete section that has shaving foam applied. Another adjunct to this was that I can take another short (sub-minute) shower to clean up my shaving hairs and foam all over me instead of using the face cloth, again in iterations to recharge it once it has loaded up. And because I must wait for the slow draining sink after shaving, I can take this second shaving-debris cleaning shower before the sink has finished draining. All  this must sound like boring triviality, but in fact, the perps have a huge vested interested in absolutely every aspect of shaving and towelling dry, so this is a SIGNIFICANT advent in them changing this long running routine. Do I care? No; just leave me the fuck alone is all I ask, and it isn't going to happen anytime soon if it took them ten years to get this far.

A visit to the market in downtown Penticton where they block four blocks off for vendors who set up their stalls. The Fuckwit Crush was out, including the step-in-my-way rude shit by assholes who were looking at me from less that 3' away. I was finally allowed to find a salad mix on the return pass, and lo, within a minute, they didn't pull a rain shower to accompany me for the 10 min. walk back. And too, this fucks me up, as I want to clean up my grease spotted raingear outside, and ironically it is raining, same as two weeks ago. The landlady's dude/boyfriend had to come and walk the driveway while I had the bag of salad in hand, just as his landlady girlfriend had to arrive in the kitchen when I was putting it in the fridge. What a bag of salad mix can do in Perpland.

And I see they wiped out two paragraphs that I had entered this morning in this here blog, and I am just too annoyed to replicate it. Besides, the perps manage mood down to full level control, and so it goes, more of what I have written is deleted by THEM.

More order obstruction and blocking. I am attempting to get a sunshade for my vehicle, and lo, if the Billing-Shipping address mapping doesn't put me into Alaska after typing "British Columbia" in the first list. Then it magically corrects itself when requesting shipping options. Then it screwed me out of having my password entered, so once that it is re-entered I resubmit. And lo, if the the application doesn't blow up and spew a page full of errors. I go back one screen to get to my details (now keyed in twice), and lo, if they didn't time me out after one minute of aforementioned adversity. All this was subsequent to "inadvertent" deletion of my order in the first place, having switched from the always-compromised (partial display) Firefox to running IE in Firefox browser window. Which begs the question, why does this keep happening to me? Because there is a total adversity/coincidence  control office which oversees every aspect of what I do. I don't know how any reasonable person can come to any other conclusion after this same kind of abusive and obstructing inanity has been going on for ten fucking years.

Later, my first salad from above market shopping trip that I ate here in Penticton gets extra attention. The landlady was on the wireless phone talking all the time while I was eating it. (I was seated between her 10' away, and the reciever, 5' away, in the path of the EMF signals. Post lunch (salad now in me), she starts up the vacuum cleaning. And have I mentioned how often vacuum cleaning stalking erupts around me since the harassment began. At least 5x/year.

A 1.75 hour long forced nap after lunch, salad now digesting, which is way excessive when they screwed me into an extra two hours sleep last night. I suppose I could chalk this up to the post-salad consumption event.

An afternoon shopping trip, and why is it that so many people wander into my path and then don't make any effort to get out of it? I walk around them and lo, if they haven't turned yet again to walk at me, leading me to make extra effort to get out of their way. And they are uniformily trained to be totally blase/emotionless about it too. I have never met so many rude pedestrians since this abuse began.

Enough rants for the day, though further order obstructions did erupt, as it seems to be the day the assholes want me to put online shopping through, now four different orders on the day when I had been backlogged for months on getting on with them. They had me hold off until I moved in early June, and then kept up the sabotage and harassment plus the cell phone dysfunction games to distract me for a further three weeks. And so it goes, one slow weekend day.

Another weekend day (Sunday), this time getting up at 0600h, which gave me 7 hours of sleep, more like normal. No one else was up, and I have yet to find out the source of the snoring I heard in the night and this morning. No one on the couch this time, and too loud for it to be from the detached garage where the landlady sleeps.

Just like last Sunday, yoga and then to the tanning salon, and still with this scented pong from the intensifier lotion. The thought of not using it just didn't occur to me.

The yoga class had the heavy breather dude again, he sdroitly getting in front of my view in the side mirror wall. Some people, usually the Unfavored specimens, need to be in my vision much more than others. The one delectable babe was obstructed by a chinless older blonde woman, and so it goes, sprinkle in a few Favoreds, and then plant an Unfavored in front of them.

After tanning, then to engage with the petroleum interest/stungs of the perps, they reminding me that I needed to fill the tank up again, having passed the desired filling station. So on my way back to fill the vehicle, why, a gasoline tanker truck was filling at the Chevron with the old pumps and I was on my way to the one, a quarter mile away at most, that had the familiar pumps. And lo, if the only availible pump was the one where the four in-ground tank filler ports where arranged,  me parking over top of them while I filled the vehicle. The prequisite hot-rod muffler noises started up while filling, and then the motorcycle noise was added to the noisescape. The perps made sure two motorcycles were on show, parked at a pump when selecting one to fill at. A three way vehicular clusterfuck when it came time to depart, a vehicle doing back-and-forths in front of me, someone waiting behind me, and two more sitting with their backup lights to get in the way. And so they did, one departing ahead of me and the other departing behind me.

The perps pulled a rainstorm while I was tanning, and so that was my greeting upon exiting the salon and walking to my vehicle. The trip to the gasoline station, while filling the tank, and driving back to my roomie hell was duly rained upon. Even if there was some sun and blue sky, someone likes to arrange rainstorms more than is coincidence for key Fuckover events (e.g. tanning, gasoline filling).

More of the protracted impasse over getting files onto the Android phone's SD card. I see that I am not alone as this generates plenty of web traffic, though none that seems to help me. And too, the perps could be up to their usual cognition abuse games, and have me all over the solution but unable to effect one. This is the stuff of what they like doing best; cognition disruption. After the color coordinated gangstalkers (both ambulatory and vehicular), the dogs and kids they like to put out, the vacuum cleaners, ladders, backpacks, plastic shopping bags, the vagrants, the cell phoners, and other assorted Unfavored Fuckwits, hammering my ability to percieve things comes next. Who knew that abuse could be so subtlely appplied?

Anyhow, I am going to publish this now (06-24-2012, 1420h PDT) and if anything eventful erupts for the remainder of the day, I will append it below.


Anonymous said...

Got a sudden wifi outage timed precisely to my trying to access a web site. I'm surprised my wifi driver went kaput exactly as I clicked the button the load the site. It was impeccable timing. So I had to compose this message in notepad.

Also, I don't know if you've experienced this where you're at, but there hasn't been any rain at all in two weeks here. It was super hot all week last week, and then when the cold front moved in, where there usually would be a big kick-ass thunderstorm, there was just a few clouds and some lightning, but no rain. It just got a lot cooler without the usual accompanying thunderstorm! On Sunday, it finally rained, for all of 2 minutes, and then quit.

Some reasons: I suppose they want me to water the lawn more, as well as the flowers and the garden by hand. Having the TI standing with a water hose as he or she is spraying the lawn or flowers is a theme they've worked on in the past. And now the temperatures are going to be soaring again, with a thunderstorm on Friday. I doubt we are going to get one, however. I have a suspicion that they are doing testing with drought-like conditions, and also to see if I am going to respond by watering the lawn/garden/flowers.

I checked out the radar, and there were no clouds whatsoever moving in where I am at. I know they have the technology to cancel or dry up any clouds, or manipulate cloud formations. So it isn't out of the realm of possibility that they are planning the drought-like conditions the past few weeks. Hardly any rain at all this month where I'm at.

AJH said...

Anmswer to: Got a sudden wifi outage...

The weather has been uncharacteristically wet here, including some floddings in nearby communities last weekend. The rivers are choked with snow melt runoff and now the extra load from the weather. No question that there are weather manipulations, with water featuring front and center, be it soil water content from rain percolation or from irrigation systems (hoses, sprinklers etc.). That they are working me on this theme is a given, and adding agricultural crops into the mix, having me work on farms for the past five years.

Precip Accumulation: 85.2 mm for June 2012 (to the 27th) when the 30 year historic average is 39mm. Thanks for the comments.

Elior - organized harassment in israel said...

sorry in advance for my poor english

first of all, shalom ( i am from israel, 23 )
secondly - I've read your articles on this blog and I have a few questions to ask you

everything you've described is happening to me as well to a full extent - the color brown you kept mentioning - I've been drawn into a whirlepool of perversive pornography during my targeting years from the humiliation they're putting me through by everyone including my family, so given the consequences of watching these certain types of perversive material online, i can comprehend the excessive use of the color brown - they're probably wanting you to feel like a human toilet bowl consuming all of their waste, i know this sounds completely crazy, but I haven't had those same tactics proccesed and executed before my porn addiction, now youve got to understand, im already sort of losing what's left of my faith and will to live, I'm trying to kill myself with smoking cigarettes.. I need your support troumendously. i'll just get straight to the point what kind of support I need from you :
I need someone to talk to about this, I am kept under surveillance, my eyes have sensors ( which means that sometimes electronic devices can be turned on or off while im focusing on them or losing focus - according to my attention, my attention , my visual sight is being captured and monitored ( i know this for a fact ) )
I have countless of vehicles surrounding me wherever I want to go and get there before I do and set the place up for an operation
I'm isolated for the last 4 years, ive recently shared this experience with someone from my past, I didnt know he was bluffing at first, I thought he was honest, the manipulation became more profound as we met time after time - I witnessed his full cooperation when he invited me to his place and said another friend i havent met for years will come - the gathering was a complete setup, the conversation was bogus and full of harassment skits from many aspects of my information gathering during the targeting period
these are the technical part of my targeting:
loud motors, vehicles, vehicles with loud stereo music usually at night time or when doing something in particular ( i dont pay attention too much so it wont get a hold of me ), past experience tactics ( nowdays I'm isolated and i decided not to go out anymore because of this ) - hand signaling, holding cellphones, advertisements,
this gets to a level i cant imagine, but this is true - I can swear this is on the news - I caught them red handed planty of times and "suddenly" they change the context of what they were talking about, I also caught a news anchorman telling the viewers "uhhop he almost got us, he's flipping fast" ( commentary to me flipping the channels looking for any bit of information of this problem on the news ) - however I can't prove it.
I need your help, contact me here because otherwise THEY will contact me on your behalf

AJH said...

Answer to: sorry in advance for my poor english...

I appreciate the angst and despair you are going through, as well as the disruption. The designed coincidences, e.g. "flipping fast", while annoying, are relatively harmless. Yes, it takes considerable adjustment/thought to realize you have zero privacy, and likely did since birth. And yes, it takes considerably more adjustment to the current pranks, abuses, harm, gangstalking attention and being the central actor in a full life skit for which you haven't been invited.

And as the last, but central pieces of it all, is that this is a huge operation, it covers a large population covertly as well I suspect, and it is as relentless as it is consistent. This is a species-wide, likely all life forms-wide, nonconsensual experimentation effort that includes parameters such as the etheric field (if you believe in such, or, the omniplasma continuum), the properties of light and all electromagnetic in which you function, and the provenance of all objects and substances in which you are in contact or proximate, including the soil and rock underfoot.

There is nothing I can offer but empathy, and contacting me or not will not make one iota of difference to the THEMs. And they would never speak on my behalf, or should I say, "my behalf" (me) am totally owned and governed, so you cannot be sure that I am being run or not.

Lets go a few more rounds of comment responses first before we communicate directly.