Friday, June 15, 2012

Order Interuptions and Obstructions

Why does this keep "happening" to me? (The reason for the quotes is that it not happenchance, but part of a continuing campaign of whole life abuse orchestration by a psychopathic confederacy who MUST fuck up everything I do, think or say);
I'm afraid we have had a problem with your order though, both the Ballistic HC Series Case Black/Grey for LG Optimus LTE and the 32GB Kingston microSDHC Memory Card with SD Adapter have been delayed. We apologize for this delay - we have tried to find these 2 products for you from a different supplier, but with no luck. Sorry too for not contacting you sooner about this, we knew about this delay some time ago but I made a mistake processing your order and that meant you never received an email about the new delivery date. I apologize for this, it was entirely my mistake.
Right; how many fuckups have we got? Both items were delayed (2 fuckups), tried a different supplier (1 fuckup), didn't contact me when they knew there was a delay (1 fuckup), "made a mistake processing ... order" (1 fuckup), and argueably one more in not notifying me (1 fuckup). That is 6 fuckups for a three item order now in its fifth week of pending status. Only the stylus didn't get "delayed".

And was it two posts ago when I got a notice of delivery of an entirely different parcel, the contents being a flat-free wheelbarrow tire, with next day delivery re-attempt noted, and it was not delivered at all? And they could of delivered it to the motel office like all the other courier firms do, but didn't. The delivery fuckups went on for five days before I picked it up myself. That was the delivery side of it. Once I got the parcel the sender fucked up the axle size of the wheelbarrow tire, which is still unresolved. They supplied a part that wasn't on my list of availible axle and hub length sizes, and masked the snafu by using their own part number. This part number mapping/designed-fuckup was done without my knowledge. And too, their part number was missing any telltale specifications, like "58" for 5/8 inches axle diameter so I wouldn't be able to detect an error.

And considering how often other abettors talked up these parcel delivery fuckups, surely there is some kind of payoff expectation about it. Though, I remain totally mystified why an unlimited funded band of highly organized, insane and relentless psychopathic abusers would want to constantly screw with my parcel delivery. Though, the brown color agenda/theme is part of it; I can be certain to be gangstalked for up to five days by parcel delivery vans if I have one delivered to me (without fuckups). And too, the cardboard box bearing Fuckwits and operatives is a given in this fucking hell I have been cast into, now ten years worth and still running. They even walk around (aka, gangstalk) with a stack of cardboard on their head. Another stunt was placing cardboard furniture in mid-sidewalk a few years ago.

06-15-2012, Friday
This PC has been out of action for four days, now repaired. Seemingly, a flakey drive connection was the problem, though as always, the perps can mess with anything anywhere, by remote means. Why the conventional world hasn't figured out why so many things go wrong, break or otherwise malfunction is beyond me. Today's cloud patterns of high cloud with augmented contrails to add differing line (cloud trail) sizes was a total gimme.

And rage-fied again over laundry sabotage again. The "string-strangling" games, where drawstrings magically unravel in the washing machine and are tightly wound around other selected garments. One pair of shorts with a drawstring has 20" hanging out and I have absolutely no clue as to how it was originally constructed. Naturally, my knowledge of problematic garments was defeated, because before 2008 or so, I would remember which garments had associated "problems", and hand wash them. Now, I am not allowed access to my own knowledge, gained at the hands of the same assholes.

I have also been a "shit-refugee" during this PC's latest hiatus; after last weekend's toilet blocking games (twice here), and then again at the toilet at work, now means I go to malls and other public places to take a harassment-free crap. Oddly, ahem, the toilet at this house was no problem for the first week, and then the assholes started plugging the toilet on me. And at the vineyard house, why, it was the smallest crap ever, and "somehow" the toilet blocked up and stayed that way for three days until the male owner returned. He is over 300lb, and somehow he never has a toilet plugging problem, and I am not even 200lb. Long time readers have heard this before, but when the perps outed themselves as an overt malevolent abusive force, they plied me with all kinds of plasma and noncoventional gravitic events after removing me, then redepositing me back in my apartment. 04-2002. At some point, they were inside, and one Fuckwit had a balloon and placed it in the toilet as it was flushing (just water). It blocked the toilet I found out the next day, and needed a plumber's snake to clear it. And ever since then, the toilet travails have been going on about 98% of the time when taking a crap. They backed off only in 10-2011 some, and I thought they finally relented. But no, after I had my ass hairs waxed out (to remove the excuses for their crap plastering games), they started up the toilet blocking and other messy stunts again. When I moved to Penticton they kept it up at the new residence for a few weeks (01-2012), and then backed off, so I really did not expect crap-harassment in this new shared house. And I didn't get any for the first week as mentioned, and now I cannot risk taking one here.

Almost needless to say, the town is alerted to my shit-refugee excursions, now three in number, and an extra level of vehicular gangstalking is in place. They even have the dudes tail me in their vehicles, park only 15' away, and then tail me on foot into the store, and then do stupid back and forths in the aisle in front of me. I hadn't noticed (or recalled) this level of intensified gangstalking before, but it goes to show that it can get worse anytime. The perps in general seem to be more hyper about gangstalking and harassment now.

I am to fly to Victoria tomorrow in the evening, so I can only surmise that the shit games and laundry sabotage is in support, whatever that means to sick assholes. And too, another ass hair waxing is arranged for Monday next week. The perps like me to get this treatment there for some reason, but the leg hair waxing here in Pentiction (last weekend). Go figure. Or even more to the point, why is it that I have this "need" to remove body hair now?

But they did let me get some tanning in while working in the vineyard today, after four days of piss-poor weather. It seems the perps need me to tan, and then take two to five days off before it is allowed again. Today was different; top tanning before lunch, change into shorts and only tan my legs in the afternoon. As usual, the aircraft were out in force; STRATCOM B-52's, to a blue helicopter that accompanied me to my lunch (blue shirt off, but in hand), and then timing its return when I had finished lunch (shirt on, shorts on). And to add to the red-brigade, a red painted private aircraft was also put into the airborne gangstalking mix. Two days ago at the vineyard, it seemed they teleported a yellow single engine aircraft behind a nearby hill, as it came out from behind it quite suddenly and it would of been very dangerous to have flown it so low behind the hill in the first place (less than 100' above the ground). Also on the noise/Unfavored visage front, they even arranged the infernal HD motorcycle noise at the vineyard, supposed locals, har, har.

I am going to post this now, before I take the Boeing 737 flight later tomorrow. It seems like the right timing to wrap this up, but as always, intuition is a remotely manipulated situation I have learned much to my chagrin. If there is anything startling I will add it on.


nomisben said...

Tyler Dresden said...

They use timing and coincidence to program you.In order to do that they
need to control your environment.They first use coincidence and other
things to become the dominant personality.They then create paranoia
first,then strengthen the paranoia untill it reaches a level that you
can call psychosis.They then use coincidence and harrassment techniques
to produce a huge negative large enough so things that wouldn't affect a
person not being targeted affect a victim.They use surveillance to
measure the effects with the goal of producing greater negative effects
with smaller stimilus and then only allow relief in manners scripted by
the programmers.This changes the perception of the victim and slowly
changes their personality but increases the psychosis causing sometimes
permanent damage like dissasociation disorders.
The key is managing a persons environment.A person environment consists
of the television shows they watch.They can use coincidence like having
newscasters wear certain colors that mean something to the victims,
timed to other events the programmers are scripting.Or they can time the
slamming of doors on key to certain words spoken on TV to produce
triggers that can be exploited to program the victim further usually
reinforcing the strong negatives they created artificially.If they are
using this method then it is hard to stop because you can change
channels and they can use any spoken word timed to some other noise
nearby to produce a negative response.You can listen carefully to what
words are spoken on the TV at the time of the harrassing noise and that
will tell you what hypnotic trigger they are trying to suggest to you by
becoming the dominant personality,producing strong negative
responses,and controlling your environment.Usually a victim describes
this as harrassment.
Using coincidence creates one large memory instead of many smaller ones
like most people experience under normal conditions.They can continue to
use coincidence for years giving someone a memory that is connected
years long experienced under extreme stress.The extra large memory is
always associated with a strong negative like organized crime is after
you, created and reinforced by the programmers .
If you are currently being programmed and wish for them to stop.You have
to overcome the psychosis they created with their programmng.Some think
its organized crime,some think it is new world order,some think it is
the masons.Whatever it is, when you finally give up that strong negative
that is making you react to the harrassment in ways that a non-target
will not do,you will deprogram and they will have to start over which
they can't do if you are aware of the operational methods.
When you deprogram the paranoia will dissapate into fear.Finally
realizing for the first time who your true enemies are or not knowing
who they are is more terrifying than the psychosis,especially if the
programming occured over a long time.
It is impossible to know exactly when and where these programmers are
currentlty employed as a cover.It is my opinion the victims have been
slandered as threats to national security by persons recognized as
valuable to covert operations.Whether the victims are true threats or
just fumbled into bad circumstances is a matter of subjective reasoning
by whatever operative is being employed for covert operations.Personal
problems against covert operatives created by victims unknowingly can
trigger enormous efforts to program someone without the reason known to
For example,if a corporation or individual has been controlling the
hiring process of a company to covertly move people around because an
authority wants to surround a terrorist with operatives and a person
refuses to change their shift,endangering a operation that is going to
save lives.

Tyler Dresden said...

Then a simple act of insubordination,whether legal or not can
have drastic consequences.If the imperative is "YOU" must go and you
don't respond to the harrassment by quitting then programming can be
employed to force the person into a mental hospital or make them
non-functional.In other cases victims might have had access unknowingly
to information poorly kept by somebody that could seriously injure or
get someone killed operating for a National Security issue.They victims
really don't understand the severity of the response and start to
imagine many explanations to the delight of the programmers who exploit
any negative response and amplify the negative thoughts untill they
create psychosis.The programming continues untill the "players" involved
are percieved as being out of danger or their operation has
concluded.Some may never conclude forever tormenting the victims to
maintain control and sustaining the psychosis indefinitly.
It is also my opinion that the extra-constitutional powers given to
these National Security operatives is abused and many victims are
unjustly slandered as threats for minor reasons.Anybody can be a
victim!There is no accountability,the same techniques used for covert
operations can be used to cover mistakes and personal agendas mixed with
National security concerns by never creating evidence in the first
These National Security people are Masters of their environment.And
their methods are designed to never leave evidence.If they did YOU will
really have problems.
It doesn't take a massive conspiracy to realize that as long as there
are bad guys,there are people of authority opposing them.Unhindered and
over time methods applied in extreme cases are being applied to victims
for minor reasons of expediency.Apply this psychology to serial killers
whom over time become bolder with experience.This is maybe a bad really
negative example but illustrates the point perfectly.
What we are talking about is a ~~~BREAKDOWN~~~ in authority.The methods
are being applied to more victims for relatively minor reasons because
the methods are operational and achieve their goals.Success has
corrupted them into thinking minor bumps in the road are threats to
"themselves and National Security".
The cold war is over and like the thousands of Russian nuclear physcist
who no longer have jobs,the intelligence community is lost and needs to
set new standards to judge threats to our society and eliminate the mind
control Nationalistic National Security excesses while they look inward
and try to engineer a perfect society.
One programmer told me that he (helping authority )"will eliminate crime
in two years completely".The magnatude of doing that is impossible.If I
were to believe that then nearly EVERYBODY would have to be
programmed.Such Eutopian ideas have never come close to reality and
never will.I stand up and applaude loudly that terrorism hasn't torn us
apart but Eutopian Fantasies of an engineered society without crime is a
DELUSION without a biblical divine intervention that I will not hold my
breath for it to happen in this lifetime.And will never be created by
using electronic weapons.
How about peaceful coexistance with neighbors that don't program
you.That is all victims want.Peace and a meaningful existance.Is THAT
too much to ask?
If you are a victim and would like to discuss how I deprogrammed myself
and think that can help you,Please E-mail me anytime at the address
above,Thank You ( A Survivor ) ~A2D~

Fri, Jan 12 2001 3:08 am

AJH said...

Answer to both (as of 06-24-2012): Tyler Dresden said...
They use timing and coincidence...

I don't see much hope of breaking the programming when they have been on a ten year (so far) routine of incrementally finding out how I percieve normal things, exceptions, behavior rules and the rest of being myself. About the only thing they bring on the (faux) throat clearing is when I shift my attention. Other than that, they seem to have everything discovered. That is, they can remotely detect and influence cognition, behavior to near 100% capability (mine, that is). And even the notion of being a "survivor" can be totally manipulated by remotely applied sensing and influencing. Mind you, they have been on me since birth, now 58 years ago in two weeks, so perhaps I am at the extreme level of being manipulated. Thanks for the comments.

Tyler Dresden said...

You are a survivor.

THEY have been growing in numbers since a "spiritual hurricane" swept up this planet from 1993 to the present day. YOU are a SURVIVOR of this situation. YOU KNOW IT. YOU REMEMBER IT. INDEX

Tyler Dresden said...

I don't see much hope of breaking the programming.
you have already broken the programming by knowing they are there.