Friday, February 10, 2012

Burn it Down

The nonsense/wanton damage has begun here too, a fire at a nightclub downtown in this town of pop. 35,000. While I cannot legitimately claim that the fire is related to the perp's doing, nothing in my life is a coincidence, and this might be another. A whole lot of fires this winter all over the northern hemisphere. But at least we had above freezing weather so no icing issues. I have come to learn the perps like a good fire, and like to have me "encounter" them, once when I driving back from hiking was memorable, as the yellow Victoria firetruck was crossing the highway median as was driving nearby, when the red firetrucks of Saanich were all dispatched and visibly engaged with firefighting duties. However, that "coincidence", isn't going to make headlines anywhere. Nor is the perp propensity to have a Fuckwit flick on their lighter when on board the city bus, as a lightsource "need" for said Fuckwit to look inside a dark bag. Fucking absurd, and so was the phalanx of the Fuckwits around him, pretending that nothing out of order. But as JK Harms says (parent link here), a fire is a "time space ripper", whatever that is and whatever that buys for the psychopathically insane perp agenda.
Sparks are a differential of electric forces (charge), whereas flames are a differential of heat. In both cases, the sparks or flames are attempts by nature to seek equilibrium (seeking a zero curvature) by maximizing entropy. It follows that since flames increase entropy, so also must sparks. A spark, therefore, also decreases the Universe's local curvature. In addition, if one didn't already know that a spark can cause a flame, one might predict (knowing their relationship) that this true. Indeed, conversely, flames also occasionally may shoot sparks....

A flame is a "tear" in the fabric of space-time and closely related to a spark which is pictured as a "crack" in space-time. Both are physical separations of the grid-like quantum foam structure, revealing hyperspace.
And too, he mentions explosions in the above link, and my, we have had plenty of those worldwide since my overt harssment began in 04-2002. And all those Fuckwits (ostensibly patients) were doing strange slow walking backwards from the TV (read magnetic field from a CRT TV), when I was illegally incarcerated at the hospital back then too. The topical content at the time was the Iraq war onset and it just might be that the two events were timed together. If they had been covertly surveillling and scripting my life for 47 years as it was then, and overtly abusing me for another ten so far, they aren't going to let this fish go until the abuse agenda has run to the max.

What is with the college library that they cannot give me the usual courtesy notices for everyone else. I am talking about the till-tape like piece of paper that lists the books I just signed out. The first four times I didn`t get any till-tape and no explanation as to why not, and then the fifth time I didn`t, but when moving the borrowed books on my desk back in my suite, why, there it is. Not only listing the books I just took out, but a current update on all my borrowed books from prior visitations. These incremental notices or procedures of finding out the basics just astounds me as to who would arrange this level of micro-managed hell, let alone get the library staff in on the gig.

The ex on my mother's behalf (though, she didn`t indicate as much) was to arrive at 0930h today, get the keys hidden on the vehicle and drive it back to my mothers`to Victoria, BC. But the vehicle was still here when I finished classes and no phone message or email to tell me what is going on. So... the perps wanted the keys to sit over the filler cap for all day, have me pick them up in the afternoon and then keep them in my pocket, where they are now. And how many times have I mentioned the perp imperative over petroleum fuels, gangstalking me with fuel tankers no less, over 3x/week or more. and it just might be that oil spills have their fingerprints on them too. A local watershed suffered a fuel tanker spill last year, and one can be sure that anything doesn't move in Victoria, BC unless is is sanctioned by the Psychopathic Confederacy. And likely here too, with another run of retards around me at the lunch table, bringing them in just for the event, and then a second one came in just as I was leaving, the building egress gangstalking games again.

AS it happened (har, har), the ex finally sent me an email, and she couldn't get into Pentiction.
An later attempt was coming later via Kelowna, but the flight couldn't make it there, so now back in Vancouver. Someone wants her winging overhead while I am here on the ground. Surely they could have her sent in a private airplane and try all of this without my knowledge?

Then this nonsense over the gym-weight room key access card was too strange. I retrieve it from the person at the weight room counter who doesn`t inform as to how to use it. So when I wave it in front of the lock and it doesn`t work. I go back to the dude who gave it to me, and he explains it has to be initialized on a card reader some 30`away on the outside of the doors to outside the building. I attempt to do this and it still doesn`t work, so I tell the dude who now deigns to get off his butt and outside of the room with the counter. At this point a woman comes along with the same problem and the three of us go to the card reader. Her card works, mine doesn`t and the dude tells me he will let me in and will try to `fix the card` himself. No problem, he puts it back in the box of cards that are to be picked up.

I come back to the gym-weight room two days later and a woman is there, and I ask her for my card, and she gives it to me. After dressing for the weight room, I find the card does not open the door again. I tell her that the card had already been initialized, but she said it has to be done each day I want to use it. A first in my experience, updating an access card every day. I go to the card scanner outside the building doors, and it beeps and cheeps with green flashing lights to tell me the card had been initialized. So I use it, and it works. Like WTF; the dude doesn`t tell me that the card needs to be initialized, and when it doesn`t work he makes some BS up about ``fixing it`, when in fact it has to be scanned each day that I want to use it, there is no semester-long access settings on this type of access card. So this fucking dude not only witheld vital information on how to first use the card, but made some patent BS up as to how or when to scan it, saying that he could fix it. Yet again, this incremental exposure to the gym card functionality along with prevarications as to how to use it. And also having me handle the card and then surrender it for a few days. Exciting moments in perp research, now nearly ten years long.

My turn to get testy in class so to speak; getting docked marks for using big words (microfauna and macrofauna) that weren't in the course book. Well, they were, someone looked for me and so I got the marks. Seeing the near exact same thing happened in the other course, I cannot imagine it to be anything less than arranged. Especially when everyone else goes quiet, pretending not to have the same problem. But on the previous quiz two others near me, and whom I regularly see at lunch, they got burned by misinterpreted questions that the instructor wasn`t being fair about.

A negro male at the next lunch table, doing his converstation standing up for some curious reason when he was beside an empty chair. Also, the retards were busy fluxing around according to some unseen command. All the Unfavoreds, from them to the shiftless dudes like to hang behind the babe in the course who I regularly share lunch with, and two more males arrive thereafter. The same drill, just different males, but not the freaks.

And what is with the MEC site? Down on the day I was to execute my order that was sitting in the Shopping Cart (yesterday), but up today, and after re-jigging the order (and finding a lower priced substitute item that somehow didn't show up the first time), why, the Proceed to Checkout button is missing and another one not working. Eventually, as I waved the mouse over the bottom corner of the dialog box, why, the mouse pointer hand symbol pops up, signifying a missing button/selection on the screen, which turns out to be the checkout. Just like the Amazon site as I get to see it; hidden functionality by way of unseen buttons

A half day presentation from FARSHA,, the Farm And Ranch Safety Association. Only in my fourth year of farming work (2011) did I know that they existed. Even then, they spoke with the Mexicans with a translator, and didn't speak to us locals. Today, I got to find out what they do for farmworker safety, and wasn't allowed to mention this lapse in class. Funny how this bullshit happens, these incremental exposures to persons, agencies or even the gym.

On the heels of making an online order, I then was ten minutes into studying, then a two hour forced nap when I wasn't tired. The phone awakened me and a 20 minute call from the farmworker colleague who won't go away (lives in Victoria and is taking a horticulture course). And too, she dropping the "John, dear" line was too cute. Get it; John Deere tractors are topical for me these days, when in the viticulture class. I felt totally out of it, coming off a major nap, then into a phone call at some length. And of course, she hitting on the usual perp interest topics-themes, like getting work (or not), who to apply to, would I consider working in other countries (what a joke, for a farmworker), then more useless suggestions as to who I could phone, etc. Fucking tiresome this obviously feigned friendliness.

No more vehicle at my disposal; the ex flew up and retrieved it today. In-town brother with his unused and reliable vehicle at his disposal with access to two more that he prefers, didn't change his tune any, even if he did return from five weeks away in Thailand with his sort-of girlfriend who lives in his house.

The final vitculture exam tomorrow morning, so I must get on with studying after last evening`s two lost hours. I saw that yet more retards were populated around me at lunch, and one dogging me on my way to the can, arranged to be in my way. What is with is bullshit. And why the Greyhound buses and a van hounding my ass? Was it because the ex took the Greyhound from Kelowna to Penticton when she picked up the car yesterday? No idea.

What's with my classmate`s coordinated males arriving together from an unusual direction at lunch time? I was seated at the table and the class babe (40-ish, married) was opposite, with the usual parade of freaks, Unfavoreds and aforementioned retards coursing around behind her, when the two male classmates both decided (har, har) to take he long way around together and immediately arrive at the same instant, one on my right, the other on my left. I could swear they teleported in from 100' away, or else had incredible coordination to arrive simultaneously. I didn`t see them coming through the normal shorter route where I was looking, nor did I hear them coming, they each arrived at the same instant, one on each side of me. Like WTF; I have never seen something so casual be so contrived before, so either someone fucked me out of seeing or hearing them arrive, even if it was from behind me, or else they teleported in. But as the perps routinely arrange seeming diparate males (sometimes injecting a woman into the mix), to be converging on me when in public areas, or have them four and five abreast for some curious reason, I shouldn`t be so surprised at this unusual arrival behavior of my male classmates.

Plenty of plasmic spatter today, often yellow colored between me and the instructor, he not letting on that he saw any, ditto for everyone else. And more beserk road traffic congestion today, like yesterday, when returning to find aforesaid vehicle gone.

The viticulture final exam was duly written, 1.5 hours, but not the first to leave by any means as the perps were busy screwing me around as to what I recalled, study, or rarely, didn't. The instructor indicated a pub meet/lunch afterwards, and I first did a 30 min. workout at the college weight room, and then walked it to the pub. I asked the instructor if the pub was on Westminister, as I am walking everywhere now, and he said it was. So I walked there, and no it wasn't, but not very far away on Eckhardt/Hwy 97. Why is it that I ask the most direct questions and get fucked around so often, as in getting a totally wrong answer. He has lived here for two years, and I for one month, and he cannot tell me where the KVR pub is; like WTF?

And it wasn't enough to have a skinhead in the class at the table, a nice guy for the little that I know him. But no, there he was at the table with my classmates, and lo, if two more skinhead males weren't stationed around this table, one in direct line of sight. Then a babe with a leg in a plastic cast was at the next table with a dude, and later they added a younger woman with puffy cheeks and forehead to sit behind someone else at the table. She had jet black hair, and wasn't terribly attractive, but sure enough, the perps made sure that I viewed her plenty more than I would of done myself, effectively bounded between two males from my class, though she was 10' further back. And how often have I mentioned these "boundings", putting the featured person, babe (Favored) or freak (Unfavored), between two other persons who are much closer, (this time two that I know), and have a narrow viewing window between them. (Question marks are screwed up still). More times than I recall, though I don`t see a convenient label for this long running perp arrangement stunt.

I shall post this now (Friday, Feb. 10, 2012), even if a weekend to go, as I cannot predict if I will get to it. Nothing too exciting is planned, and that includes decoding the bus routes and taking one to the tanning salon. Vanity was never my thing, but is now.

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