Saturday, February 25, 2012

Face Cloth on Face

A new light grey color face cloth started on face only yesterday, a torso and face shave today. It is always a big event for the perps, screwing me over as to anything, including not allowing me to replace the ailing light almond colored face cloths, the third iteration in ten years of abuse, as I "somehow" could never find them on Sierra Trading Post (STP) in the last five months of shopping there, except for this last time. And also of intense perp interest is that the fabric, like any other, turns a much darker color when wetted, and this darker color transformation is also terribly exciting for them to monitor and fuck me over with.

Other new-today events this morning; a just purchased new pair of underwear, also a recent STP  acquisition, as the last set is somehow getting constantly pilled and has smeared lint attatched to after getting laundered. But of course they wouldn't start up the abiding underwear sabotage right away and deter me, would they now? Better to keep me guessing as to where the next set is going to come from and what it will look like. Such are the perp games, and underwear fabric and color is a big deal for them.

And for breakfast, a new product of ground chia meal to add to my yogurt. I had attempted to get chia meal, rather than seeds, a year ago or so, seeing an ad in the paper. When I got to the store, the doofus staff member totally ignored my request for chia meal, and showed me the seeds instead. Like WTF; I made it so fucking plain, and yet he ignored me. The chia seeds are impossible to deal with in TI World, as the perp make them extra kinetic and they fly and bounce around like minature ball bearings. End of chia seeds for me, but of course they let me find out the hard way.

An hour quiz this morning, also a big deal for the perps.

Why is it I get my classmates planting their red colored drinks next to me at lunch time? First one, in his scarlet red ballcap instead of his usual burgundy colored ballcap today, getting extra food for lunch when he had an ample lunch from home. And he gets a red colored vitamin drink and puts it next to me. Two minutes later, the skinhead classmate comes, needs a spot at the table and so I move some. But no, strangely, he wants to stand there, and puts his red plastic jacketed steel mug next to me. I see plenty of extra arranged red around me all the time, so why this bullshit now?

And too, the babe at the table, telling a story as to how she and her husband went to KFC last night for dinner, (gauche indeed), and between the vehicle outside and the KFC counter, all of 12' distance, he totally lost the car keys, and lo, if neither didn't have their cellphones with them. Yes, I have had many teleportation disappearences and harassment in the last ten years of this insane abuse, and I don't need to hear about anyone else's oblique reference to this fucking abuse.

The retards weren't driven in and clustered around us at lunch today, unlike yesterday and most of last week. But instead, one of their regular motorized wheelchair freaks was driven by at close quarters, with a red blanket on him instead of his brown. Recall, two weeks ago this same act tailed me out of the double doors and held me up and forcing me to hold the door open for this particular ghastly freakshow.

A force play to send me to the library tonight, taking down my internet connection at this suite earlier. Soo..., in the dark I set off and go there, and at first I seemed to be the only one there, save the cute librarian babe. But no, someone is rustling in the corner, who later reveals himself to be a fugly fat native indian with a faux mohawk strip on the top of his head. Within 10 minutes this fugly negro dude in this black and white checkered outfit arrives and starts eating in the library for crissakes. Just me and them for an hour before I bailed out of there. It is a reading break for the regular students, so the campus is extra quite, daytime and nightime.

Some astounding driving when I was walking on my way to the library; a red vehicle making a left turn from the center-straight through (only) lane, and the doofus in the left lane, also a red vehicle, let him move ahead, and waited there until the through lane driver to make his left turn in front of him. Both of them crossing my tracks as I had just walked on the crosswalk at the highway, and witness this amazing stunt of red vehicle intercooperation/choreography that was simply astounding.

Some arrange frisson in class today with the instructor and him arbitrarily screwing me out of 3 of 5  marks on one question on the quiz when I answered it completely and consisely with a far better answer than the shitty course material provided. I had to do some research on "balanced pruning", but arrived at a better definition, and yet I didn't include the answers to the hidden spec on name dropping "crop yield" and "crop level" into the answer. Like if one wants to have qualifications as well as the definition, then why in the fuck doesn't the quiz ask for it? Everyone else hung back and didn't join in my animated disagreement with the instructor, and he seemed to be spinning it out for all it was worth.

The freak wasn't in class today, normally seated beside me. So it would seem the perps wanted to crank up my annoyance and angst in the class without him there. The babe was two seats to my left, and it seems the perps want to have me proximate with her more often than not. 

The class freak was onto stretching fuckery for at least 15x today, this being the freak with dreads covered up by a rear-head sagging hat, BOTH highly Unfavored, and who ended up sitting next to me at the same table when one table mysteriously disappeared in the night. The stretch games have him putting his arms up and making out that he is tired, ensuring his arms get unusually close to me, the accidently-on-purpose-personal-space-violation fuckery again. He already owes for for that book-snatching stunt last week, and he just might get pasted before long.

Later, the class freak snagged my water bottle on the floor by suddenly pushing back his chair for no sane reason, and made out he didn't know about it as it was clanging under his chair for crissakes. No dents this time, but both of the new stainless steel bottles have been dented, in keeping with the previous two, both getting dented in the first few months of ownership in 2008.

Back to strange events on the job search front, one class member with no recent farm experience getting an interview at a nearby winery and I never heard a thing. Like WTF; I cannot even buy a peasant level job, all I am allowed to have given the perps insane agenda over me handling plant material.

Continuing resume/job application submission obstructions; a faxed job application only to a certain vineyard, no email. And no printer here, as I print at the college library. There, 2 PC's wouldn't boot up, then next day, the USB drive not recognized, and then "forgot" for 1.5 weeks.  Then I updated the resume and cover letter and print a new copy in the library, when a fax machine is found at the nearby student's lounge. But lo, if the toner is out they say, two days later, they have toner, but in the interim the resume got scuzzed up by some mysterious means when it was tucked in a binder pocket the whole time. So I update and reprint the resume again, and then take to the faxing location. The guy sends it, but the usual response confirmation beeps don't sound, but he is sure that it was sent. Double the vehicular and ambulatory gangstalking show on my way back. Like WTF; why this insane senseless obstruction over such trivial event, sending a resume by fax, and the PC boot-up and USB drive hassle followed by  having me make new copies to fax?

Frisson (as in arranged contention) again with the ex running interference for my mother regarding re-borrowing her vehicle, and a 40 minute phone call (read EMF stalking at one's head) from the farmworker colleague just before answering the latest delusional missive from the ex. (Before that, my internet session was choked down, causing me to hold off on the email).  It looks like I will be looking for a cheapo vehicle and crossing my fingers that it is reliable, as both parties are getting their stories crossed up and I have no idea what is going on. Financial freedom, if allowed by the perps, (NOT in my case), would allow me to bozo-proof my life, a long-time goal of mine. (Expecially when married to a sociopathic and perp-serving bozo for 20 years). But as the perps like to create bad scenes, rows, jerkarounds, angst and the rest of human contention, they aren't going to let me bozo-proof my life anytime soon.)

The class freak decided to chill down today, and didn't show up for class. Somehow, everyone seems to know if their lack of curiousity is a guide.

A lunch time negro outside putting on the act today, while seated in the lunch room across from the class babe. This dude came from off the street, walked behind the building corner, made himself seen when doing senseless back and forths outside on his cell phone, and then walked past the window, still outside, where we were seated. This is reading break for the regular students, so there isn't many around, but this fugly negro dude came off the street, did his peculiar back and forths, some 60' behind the babe and outside, and then walked away from the campus. In other words, he made sure he was seen doing the Gangstalk Strut, and that he wasn't a student at all. (Only three buidlings at this campus, so it isn't too hard to figure out where someone is headed).

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