Monday, February 20, 2012

Walking the Town

I got to walk about this new-to-me town, Penticton, take the bus to the tanning salon, get tanned, and then walk back. Not as bad as I imagined, though a considerable number of gangstalking vehicle clusters, with the red ones in the middle of a grey-scale colored phalanx; white, silver-grey, mid-grey and black. I suppose this vehicleless state has at least a few more weeks to run. No one has told me how to deal with the practicum in March when I will be working on a remotely sited vineyard somewhere in a 100 mile range. My mother makes out that she didn't need the vehicle all that much, no complaining from her. The ex was the one who was leading the charge, and who eventually came out to retrieve my mother's vehicle. All too curious to me, never mind the fact that my perp-abetting mother reneged on her commitment, though nothing new there.

Other perp exitement today might be over that I shaved my legs last night, and then a torso shave, the first in three days, this morning. They cannot get enough mileage out of using different razors in different places and at different intervals. Typically the torso shave is each day, but I stopped to make more time for exam study. Any alteration in my shaving cycles is such a big deal for the perps. And too, switching to a new razor blade insert is a big deal, always extra harassment and gangstalking over that too. The ambulatory gangstalking scene was muted compared to Victoria, but it just maybe representative of this town where vehicles seem to be the predominant mode of getting about.

More hijinx in the night. the perps woke me up to hear a nearby couple talking in normal tones, my N. neighbors, and every few minutes they pounded the wall and shook the place. Then back to normal talking again. Yelling at at them didn't make any difference, just like always. But as I have been through minor earthquakes since I moved here in early January, I didn't ever think that shaking the building wasn't going to stop. But at 0400h? Absurd. I am also getting zapped at the same instant the poundings occur, so it would seem the perps need more electromagnetic signature/interference from me at this same instant. Lucky me, getting zapped again.

Back to the no response job games; at least 15 vineyards have advertised and I haven't heard from any, save one, who said they hired someone else. First they sent me an email with no message in it, so I replied a day later saying that there was no message. They replied later in the day with the message about hiring someone else and that they passed my name onto another vineyard. Here we go again, these incremental games of even sending an email response with any content. First no message to then have me reply, and then again with the message. And where have I encountered this before? The last blog posting maybe?

Now the perps are ramping up their pounding and fake water-in-pipes running noises as I read of Whitney Houston's unfortunate demise a few hours ago. Now the siren noises are starting up, a big deal for a small town, and thankfully less of them than the last place. What is it about reading about someone's earthly departure that so interests the perps, and who knows, they could of arranged it.

A shut-in day today (Sunday) all day. I have no idea why they force them on me, but the uncharacteristic imposed fugue is unmistakable. Saw the film, Eternal Sunshine  of the Spotless Mind, a rather irksome film for those who have had their recall deleted for real back in 1956-59. I saw the film in 2004, and didn't like the theme, and got it in a Blu-ray bulk buy two years ago. What the film doesn't go into is that one's subconscious memories are stored in other locations than the mind. And too, mentions "stalking", but not gangstalking, though does portray a white trades van with roof racks sitting outside in the street. And have I seen a lot of them in the past ten years of this insane abuse. Funny how the perps like to drop hints of their practices in films that are classed as fictional. And of course the film doesn't mention the gangstalker and harassment themes that are intended for subconcious memory evocations, in my case covered by the Unfavored and the Favored. If you don't want to read that posting, it covers military, clerical and clinical abusers of the day, and now part of the Unfavored panoply (a wide-ranging and impressive array or display) of Insane Fuckwit Gangstalkers and Abusers I get all day long.

At least four zappings so far today, always with a noise at the exact same moment, and different noises. The putative excuse is that doors are being closed, and it "somehow" creates a vibration as well as the noise and zapping. A three-way Fuckover at the same instant; EMF zapping, noise, and vibrating this suite. Their favorite moment to zap/vibrate/noise me is when they have planted some notion in mind, perhaps for the 20th time in the day, and then all of a sudden my attention is re-directed to this whole body numbing/outrage. This kind of fuckery has increased over the past month or so when I moved in, and in all likelihood will continue until the next residence is arranged, hopefully near whatever work I get.

But as this suite sits on a span over the parking lot and driveway underneath, there is boundless more fuckery in that they like to run vehicles underneath, especially loud mufflered ones. Yep, this town has about the same level of chronic and abundant poorly maintained mufflers as the last town, 10x larger. Either that, or the gurgling hot-rod/performance mufflers they like to run back and forth outside, same as the last town too.

A Monday, and plenty of jerkarounds to start my day. These are often in the form of extra noise attched to what I do, the ceramic plates clattering long after I pulled one from the stack and it is not contacting anything except my hand. Other "regular" morning hassle is pulling items from my grasp, in particular the myriad crumbs that arrive the instant my back is turned.

Plus, the instructor ragging me much more than he usually does for anyone.

A vehicular rundown attempt at the hightway intersection, a tow truck coming at me, and the two finger salute didn't seem to change this sicko.

Then I was sacked when on the running treadmill at the college gym, they wouldn't let me do one mile this time, they make me physically tired and unable to continue, another never-before behavior they have imposed in the past. The dudes in the ridiculously baggy shorts were clustering around me, herding me to workout stations I wasn't intending to use. This is how it went twice per week from 2007 to 2008 as regular readers will recall. To the perps, a habit or a routine is to be fucked with and messed up, such that it isn't one any more.

Building pounding and vibrational events tonight, at least 15, and most with a simultaneous zapping.

A field trip day, whole class doing two hours of pruning. Most of us had Felcos, though there were a few others. Mine had been recently sharpened with a diamond hone, and we know how exciting the perps find knife sharpening is.

I wore my two week old plastic safety glasses, ones that go over glasses. No doubt of great interest too, as to what substance I am viewing things through. In this case, plastic Rx lenses, and the polycarbonate plastic safety glasses. Exciting developments indeed, and they only got this far in ten freaking years of this insane relentless abuse.

And I got screwed on my LVT online customer account, rendered unable to update it, a long running hassle they have imposed. Back in 2002 in Seattle when the abuse was on, I would purchase magnets there, online, and have them delivered. Some came with significantly less magnetism than they should of, while others were degaussed later, after I had used them enough for perp purposes. I was assigned a customer account number then.

In 2005 I wanted to order Christmas presents for my daughter from LVT, and I couldn't update my US address to my Canadian one after the perps driving me back and jerking me out of my job in late 2002. I ended up with a new customer number. Since then, at least 5x, I have attempted to update my customer number but the online web app kept crashing or the Save wasn't working. Eventually I gave up, and as LVT had opened a then local store in 2011, and used my mother's customer's number. A few months ago, I ordered online from LVT with an express method where one doesn't need a customer number, and I didn't think anything of it. But I get a catalog in the mail with my old address and a new assigned customer number. I attempt to update my address and yet again, another glitch in online updating, the apparent cause was changing my email address and physical address at the same time, (thanks to ongoing perp fuckery detailed in this blog). After getting screwed around and not making the call for a week, I phoned LVT and got my address updated. But the real question is why is this insane abusive fuckery going on for nearly ten years and why do they keep hammering me over my customer number with LVT with such relentless bone-headed beligerence?

In viticulture class, the Freak was tapping and rapping, finger flicking, head down on table surface, stank of garlic, departed for the afternoon, likely because he is getting more obnoxious, though discretely. He place a coffee between us. His bag-hat was unsightly enough, a loose toque drawn backwards and containing his even more fugly dreadlocks. But now, the perps have him removing the bag-hat for a half day at a time, and now he flicks his dreads about.

Am I the only one in the class that answers the instructor's questions; another nine classmembers  just hanging back for no seeming reason.

Parcel convergence; both at the same delivery day from differing locations/businesses. And "for some reason", there was no one at the motel office at 1300h, the delivery time, so I have to go to the PO and pickup in person. The usual scared shitless store/counter assistant was bugging me about my ID not showing the current address. Then a tail from the street came into the PO, and then out again for a block along my planned route. Brazen gangstalking in this town for some reason.

And too, it was mesh fabric day today, as there was mesh fabric items in both parcels. One mesh item was a carry bag ordered for reasons that only the perps would know, as they made me do it when I had no need for it, and another first, no planted rationalizations this time.

An unexpected snowfall this morning, some 3" on the ground. No one knew it was coming as it wasn't on the weather forecast. It was a short field trip day, all 11 of us in three vehicles, and driving around to eventually find a lyre trellis system for grape vines. The tour guide wasn't there, so the instructor led a brief explanation. Everyone but me was clustered around him while I was investigating the construction, counting the catch wire pairs and the like. [I didn't hear this, but apparently the Freak asked the class at large if there was any unicorns there, in this orchard. Everyone stopped dead to ponder this, and then the Freak answered his question by saying that "there might of been unicorns there a long time ago]. Can we make the Freak out to be more idiotic than that?

Back in the class room again, the Freak suddenly reaches over and grabs my book to see if he has the pages that I do. Left to my own devices, and not being an mind-controlled slave, they would still be scraping his dreads off the ceiling

A virus invasion my my PC, when I am totally protected by the Microsoft software. oddly, it erupted immediately following an Amazon order, and we know how much the perps like to fuck my existence just before, during and after making a financial transaction, no matter if a coin operated machine, bus fare, and all the way up to writing checks and debit cards at the checkouts.

Workout room gangstalking, aka "herding" me, and planting themselves where I next intended to go.
Same as that gruesome nonstop herding at the Oak Bay Recreation center, 2007 to 2008.

Just as I want to get job applications done tonight after a near two week lull in jobs, and in advance of the weekend, why the essential Job Bank website is unavailable.

A UPS delivery notice recieved yesterday, and it said the parcel would be availible for customer pickup after 1000h the next day. Next day, I walk to the office at 1600h, and the counter person said it wasn't there, and didn't seem too moved about what a fucking hassle it was. I asked for a phone number for their office and she gives me a UPS 1-800 number. I ask again so I can phone in advance and then she gives a card for their office like I asked in the first place. Why are this fucking jerkarounds going on? An operative-looking criminal was making his exit as I was looking at the exit, and there wasn't any noise of his arrival. I have seen this pose before, full stride, momentarily stopped, head down. So... a 40 minute round trip of walking totally wasted. Not to mention how this intrigue started in the first place; this is a motel and surely someone was at the front desk, as they always answer the bell when I ring it during working hours.

Another rundown attempt at the last intersection on the way back. A red trades van was coming at me while I was on the crosswalk, and the driver didnt seem too moved to either apply his brakes, or that I swore at him and gave him the finger.

More somehow-extra sensory knowledge; we went on a short local field trip that happened to border another vineyard, one at which a class member (JG) applied for a job and had an interview.
The classmate had another interview as far as I knew. As we were driving past the vineyard In the truck, the instructor pointed out to us the vineyard, and said JG had a job there. I asked if JG had done the second interview and he said yes. When back in class, the topic of JG's second interview "happened" to come up, and JG said his second interview was after class. The next day, today, JG said he got the job. Congratulations all round. Like WTF; why did the instructor say prematurely that JG go the job when he hadn't had a second interview? It must be that the whole deal was fixed, and these intrigues are shown to be what they are, pre-scripted events.

At the college workout room; I had a "need" is ask if the access cards could be drilled in the corner, and the attendant with ample cleavage was sitting at a desk while I am standing, and lo, if she didn't have a 4"x3/4" tattoo on her arm. And so while providing an over-long explanation as to where I should take my card and fo me to ask the administration, while also mentioning that one of her colleagues had drilled out a corner for a lanyard, she is waving her arm about and crossing her arm tattoo in front of her cleavage, back and forth. In other words, juxtapositioning her Favored cleavage with an very Unfavored tattoo. Who writes these dumbshit cheescake games?

A Saturday. and I take the bus, the first one of the day to a mall where I get my Rx filled at the LD store. Two separate dudes were on board, one a "triple browner"; pants, jacket and hat, all differing brown shades. And lo, if the asshole doesn't tail me to locked door, and then down the length of the mall to the LD store, and into the Rx line, and when I am done, he makes conversation at the counter. Blatant tailing for sure, and all the more as most of the mall stores were closed, something the locals would of known, but not this non-local, and one who isn't getting fucked by mind-fuck emanations all the time. And how did they get on the bus in the first place when it was from the depot as the first one of the day, and I was at the first stop on its route?

A tanning session again, once per week now in this vehicle-less state. A seeming discount day, with brown cookies at the table, and a five minute "hold-up" for the one customer ahead of me. And a forced piss while there, in the washroom that is. before tanning. Once again I got ripped off for tanning cream, or are they always that expensive, $45, as I can never find them at the discount drug stores.

On my walk back I retrieved the parcel from UPS, this time they had it. But most strangely, they didn't hit me up for paying duties and taxes, something that the Victoria UPS store did faithfully. No mention of the hassles the day before though. And so, a 20 minute walk with a large brown cardboard box, a prime harassment/jerkaround event, given the perps need to get brown colors around me, not still not allowing the wearing of brown clothing after nearly ten years of this insane abusive tyranny. Inside the box from Sierra Trading Post were the snowboots I ordered, ones I really didn't need, as I was going to get them next year and had put them out of mind until an imposed "need" to score a great deal suddenly and inexplicably came over me.

A viticulture quiz tomorrow, so I am in deep study mode, I won't post this until late Feb. 20, 2012
A lot of harassment first thing; could it be that I was about to use the "new" gluten-free shampoo and conditioner that has been sitting around for some five months until the old stuff ran out? Or is it that I am using the chia meal for the first time, purchased yesterday?  Or was it that I did a leg shave wtih a new razor last night? Exiciting moments in perp-world don't convey rationality by the standards of this victim or anyone else who peeks in on these ongoing atrocities.

Laundry done today; the new face clothes got laundered, and the old one too, now retired. The new ones are a faint blue-grey, so after ten years of insane abuse, the perps are moving up the color ladder, and allowing me to apply a new color to my face, and the rest of me that is usually shaved each day. The room cleaning person took one of the old face clothes "by mistake", thinking that it belonged to this motel when in fact there would be no mistaking the border on the face cloth versus the all-terry cloth and color of the standard motel issue. And I see the room cleaning person has increased their visit frequency from once per two weeks, to each week. Funny how these things change for no apparent reason, save commonality with past perp events.

The essential job website for Canada, Job Bank, has been messed up for three days. I don't know if they are going to make a clunky site into a unusable site, but one would of thought they would keep them running in parallel until the bugs were worked out. Interupting my, and others', routines is also exciting for the perps, especially with respect to work and jobs. They cannot get enough of that theme.

Exam over, and not too confident of my results. A new imposed behavior has been installed; somehow becoming bored with studying, another never-before behavior. There has never been a time in my life where I studied something to the level of knowing it backwards and sideways, but given that I was still working on learning the material, and then getting bored from it, is a new and imposed behavior. Formerly, not knowing the material was sufficient incentive to keep studying, but now this level of motivation has been taken from me. Woo-ho, lower and dumber seems to be the capability trajectory my sick mind-keepers have prescribed for me.

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