Saturday, March 03, 2012

Pounding the Place

A Saturday, and a city bus trip into the mall area of Penticton, and heavily gangstalked at LD again. And more after picking up a hot cooked chicken, a rare chicken run via the bus. Then an afternoon movie need struck, and a pointless dull out viewing Boogie Nights; ugh.

The room pounding starts up as I am reading about viticulture and vineyard design -faux door closing eruptions, at least 5 in 10 minutes, and some kind of mild zapping simutaneously, enough to annoy me.

More PC freeze ups as I proceed to email or save a file, it is not just internet service they are choking down. Even the USB drives are getting choked down; the top USB socket always works and suddenly it doesn't, but lo, if the second USB socket did work, just an example of the trivial abuse pursuits they are putting me through. Nearly ten years of this insane depraved abuse, and here they are pissing around with what USB port I use.

Then a total mangling of my resume on another site after the perps stripped out the upload button, visible on the first visitation. It was so bad I just gave up. Maybe it is to be an "interested" indicator - should they send me an email request for a new resume I would know they are interested; but like all resume sites to date, no response whatsoever. just to think, I am so multi-skilled thanks to the perps; forestry, geographic information systems, database design (IT), farm work, and soon I hope, viticultural work. And I rarely get a reply, even if I tailor the resume to the job and omit irrelevant experience and training.

Busy studying, but every so often a noise flurry; hotrod muffler noise, frog-like chirping in this suite of no known conventional source. Onto Cold-FX due to a sudden cold symptoms increase. Last week, the class babe needed Cold-FX, and I gave her my bottle, and said to take what she needed. She took it home and took some out and gave me the bottle back, no problem. The next week she brings in the same number of pills she used in a plastic bag, Cold-FX, except they had one blue end on the white capsule.  So here we go again, pill swapping pills with someone who resupplies me with different colored ones, presumably from a different source.

The exercise of taking contents out of a jar or tub continues to fascinate the perps; scrapping the side of vessel horizontally and then vertically, and also they suck the contents to the side of the vessel while I am lifting it up with the spoon, so part of the food (usually), travels up the side of the vessel. This mild stunt has been going on for over a year now, and it does amaze me how often the need to play this game. Not to be confused with them also cranking up the abuse when I am finishing up a food item and tossing out the vessel, or else when opening a new one, say, jam, coconut butter or plastic wrapped packages.

A legs shave last night to no big deal, no jabbering Fuckwits outside or even tromping boots

The preeminent electronic job board for all of Canada is still shutdown, now over a week, and no seeming internet scuttlebut on why. Even from the college library there is no access. Funny how that is, a regular daily event of looking there has been excised from my habits due to this most strange website shutdown.

More pounding the place when I have my earmuffs on, and concurrent zapping. An added dimension is to have me almost dozing off and then a mighty thud and vibration to wake me up.

Started the irrigation course today, a three day run. The instructor is a Chilean fellow, very knowledgeable, but a strong accent. It could of been perp dithering, but I was making more of what he said as the day progressed. And too, I hadn't heard the v and w sounds as "b", as in binyard for vineyard since last summer when working with the Mexicans.

The perps were going nuts on me this morning, dithering my finger motor control so I had to make two or more grasping attempts to pick up objects, sometimes five or more, this constant fucking me as to what I grasp or touch. Mondays are always big Fuckover days, especially when been holed up in a shut-in situation the prior day.

Other perp excitement would of been starting a new bag of ground coffee, and a new package of the smaller breakfast tortillas. They also screwed in into sleeping in an extra hour, sending me off to sleep after the alarm went off. So not full frontal shaving this morning, another highly managed Fuckover scene for them. And no quesadilla slices made up for taking my lunch, so a chicken drumstick wrapped up in cling wrap in its place. They don't often have me put plastic (cling wrap) inside my decidedly non-plastic steel tiffen tin, but like I say, the perps typically go extra beserk on me on Mondays. Another reason might be the new instructor, per above.

So far, their crowning Fuckover touch was to screw me out of taking my workout tights, only a shirt, runners and socks. And I find this out when at the gym changeroom, all undressed. Fucking insane that I am not allowed to chose my own clothing and that it is an obscene jerkaround stunt. The tail-me dudes were on me in the change room, there is place for when I "discovered"  my missing gym wear, making sure that I didn't do a screaming rage show by myself.

The class freak was two chairs away at the start of the Viticulture class, and then moved closer during a feint/session with the instructor first showing off his brownish arm wearing a T-shirt, and in olive green drab, semi-military colors. let me count the Unfavoreds, rolled up with this one Freak; male over 15y.o., dreads hair, a bag hat, beard, strange round glasses (swapping his metal rimmed round ones for thicker plastic round ones earlier this week), and darker skinned- six Unfavored features in the body of one person.

Another lunch time dude flush at lunch- a cluster of ten or so who stick together, and also did last week when there was a reading break and the campus largely empty. The skinhead of the dude cluster arranged himself sitting behind the babe at lunchtime, and also  adding much male banter noise in the background with his confreres. And lots of freaks outside; skinhead, do-rag heads, wheelchairs again - almost standard at lunch time now. And still the retards too, sitting back about three tables away, letting the dudes have their turn to be closest.

A field trip with the Viticulture class to the town of Oliver to an irrigation supply business, and quite the show of PVC and all, as the perps find no end of value of having me exposed to plastics and also all  water and irrigation fittings.

The class freak was acting idiotic while there, bumping into fittings and hanging around behind me, though from the next store aisle. And 3 inches of snow this morning, causing to put on my Yak Trax, those rubber shoe-add-ons that have coil wire underneath to grip the snow, and they work great. And it is one of the few new things that hasnt fucked up, like what usually happes, the perps exploiting my unfamiliarity with new items, gadgets and the like.

And on the way there, hold up, as the fire department was attending to someone who apparently went off the road, so one lane traffic. And lo, if they didnt put on a brown turbanned male as part of the show, this person looking down, very possibly the driver of the vehicle. All that BS to see a fucking turban.

Two classmates seemed to be sticking to me like glue on the field trip, evidenced once in the above mentioned irrigation supply center, and in the field at a vineyard. One was dressed in brown and the other in lime green; and both had the unerring knack of getting in my line of sight more than once.

 A quiz this morning, with the perps all over me in terms of harassment beforehand; sending me to the wrong drawer or cupboard for an item at least 8x when making breakfast. I make the same breakfast every morning, and I know where everything is in the kitchen after the first day of moving in. So now, almost two months later, they are stupidizing me and controlling me to have habits, deleterious ones, that I never had before. The perps always crank up the abuse level when I have a quiz that morning.

And unconventionally making extra noise at every turn; utensils clatter when the items didn't contact anything, and so it goes, everything I do in the kitchen gets extra-conventional noise applied to it. Also, touching and tapping my hands when they didn't contact anything. They flicked my glasses on the bedside stand this morning when the bed blanket was 12" away, though I was making the bed at the time. Some drifting snow this morning when I set off to walk to the college, and still some snow on the ground from yesterday's small snowfall of 3" or so. Other excitement for the perps this morning was that I opened a new jar of coconut butter, and one can be sure the opening of the package of any regular food item, particularly before going out, is genuine excitement for a perp asshole.

Wine tasting in Viticulture class got me a little looped before noon, though I was attempting to nullify this by eating green pumpkin seeds from my lunch for the second day, this and this too might of been exciting for the perps. (How many mentions has there been about food color, especially if just consumed, or sitting in the mouth of a gangstalker Hundreds by now.) One can also be sure that if I did any yoga on the dark green carpeted floor, a dark green dressed Fuckwit gangstalker will be on my ass within 5 minutes. And too, sending in dark green colored vehicles, to cross my path before or after crossing the street. The Eckhardt-Highway97 corner where I cross to walk to the college and back was also crazy with extra same silver-grey vehicles, some four in file.

A field trip that somehow I missed out on planning for in Viticulture class today. I had only street wear, and would seem that was the big plan, and it was no more than a five minute drive to a vineyard, and as it unfolded, a seeming stake-out for the class to form around me. We were in the vineyard, and the grower-owner was speaking at length, in a alley between two rows, one pruned, and the other not, while the class was clustered at the row end. At one point he says something like, "let's go", and motioned everyone to walk down the alley between the two rows, so I make a move to go, and lo, if the speaker and everyone else didn't just stand there and not move. So it was only me who moved out of the bunch of 12, and I ended up 3ft from the speaker, getting faked out. Two other classmates move in behind me, and lo, if I wasnt surrounded and couldnt back up.

Toward the end of the speakers (apostrophes are  getting keystroke fucked, excuse the spelling),he needs to demonstrate the pruning cut and ends up looking for a pruned vine behind me, so I moved 2 ft away and the speaker and I almost ended up trading places, standing in the vineyard. And so it would seem like another arranged perp event to have someone reach in behind me, and also stand in the same place that I was. There was two inches of snow on the ground, and it was a tad windy, but here it was, this twenty minute gangstalk-stakeout by my classmates and doing a choreographed exchange of positions with the speaker. Just plain fucking nuts.

I picked up my mail today, one fat envelope from my farmworker colleague in Victoria, as it had examples from the test on pesticide application we are due to take in three weeks. Not only a test was inside, and a card with some newsy writing, and signed off -I miss you lots. This is the second such leading comment from her, and though we might talk on the phone every two weeks, there is nothing going on, it is, and has been totally platonic. Not only is she fat and plain, but is totally messy, and of no interest to me, this association of two years, always farmwork related. But I am getting to understand the pattern now, and it hasnt been just her, but also Ms. C of the story; some hints of romantic association dashed by the reality of being not interested in the least, and in the latter case, frequent obstreperousness and wanton combativeness when meeting in person. As I see it, just more wierd bullshit, and I have never been led on by this person to ever expect anything except platonic relations. Now the second card with the -I miss you. (some punctuation keystroke are getting fucked, so pardon the dashes and no apostrophes).

A Saturday, shopping and all, even if the perps have me flate broke. And my weekly tanning session, getting there at 0920h, 20 min. after they opened. And lo, if by dint of a major gangstalker flux they didn't have the tanning bed until 1030h. Like WTF: I was there last Saturday at the same time and no other customers were in, and she ran the bed for two minutes while I waited so to warm it up. But no, this weekend, a sudden purge, along with at least four Fuckwits sitting on the waiting couch. So.. reconfigure my shopping, do some idle browsing, and retrace my steps back to the tanning salon. And lo, if it wasn't tied up still and I was force to wait. The assholes effectively strung me out for an hour and a half before getting a tanning bed when last week it was availible, save two minutes of warm up time.

And of course the Fuckwits and Freaks get to loiter around while I am captive in the waiting room; two dudes from different parties came to sit on the couch and wait, and a woman in hot pink hair came to loiter at the counter and speak with the staff attendant.

And major vehicular gangstalking all morning while walking about, my groceries in hand, in a plastic bag, the better part of an hour before getting back to the tanning salon.

And  I see Job Bank is finally up again; no apparent improvements to warrant a technical shutdown for Canadas government and pre-eminant online job board. Naturally, the before-shutdown bookmarked jobs I had are now gone.

In the mail yesterday I recieved a regular mailed journal from the BC Forest Professionals that was re-directed from my old address. Six weeks ago I went through telephone hell (aka reduced work hours), and emailed twice before I got anyone to listen to me to change my address AND my email, as I couldnt do this online, getting fucked "from" the fact that I wanted to update both at once. Like WTF; why is there always some malingering outfit that screws up my address changes every time I move? This has been going on for years, but the frequency has increased since the harassment started nearly ten years ago. This time, the outfit plays hard to get, and then finally tells me they have done it, and it turns out they haven't. Two arranged Fuckups over one address change and still it isn't done.

A sudden outbreak of noise outside; tromping feet and whistling and hollaring while I was launching a search on Job Bank. This place (a motel- some 30 vehicles parked outside) had been dead to anything going on until then. Funny how that "happens" these noise flurries, but now with more concurrent variety of noises.

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