Friday, July 30, 2010

The Toques of July

You read that correctly; some of the gangstalkers are wearing winter head wear in the height of a warm summer, though only two on the city bus, plus others downtown which I gave up noticing. Last year it was toques in August as I recall. Said toque wearing dude is a MIW, as in Man in White, the kind that freak me out for some unknown reason. Worse yet, he is bald headed and likes to position himself around me, effectively circling me yesterday at the ridiculous cluster fuck called marshalling that went on for 45 minutes.

Today was better as we were in the field at about 0750h, so less cluster fucking/group gangstalking. Though they did put on a Hulk Hogan lookalike in absurd short cutoff jeans, and he was lounging in the marshalling area when we arrived on the crew bus. A blonde woman came to gangstalk just 8' away and doing nothing, and lo, if the HH lookalike didn't then follow and do his gangstalking thing some 5' from me on the steel rail fence. I didn't get the parade like yesterday.

And a whole lot less farm workers today, about a third less. Maybe the perps were swamping me on the first day, as they have been known to do this, most notably when I started at the recreation centre in 2007.

And a sign of the sickos upping the abuse level; having Fuckwits bump into me, preferably often. Yesterday it was the co-worker who kept knocking into me at the bus stop, some six times in 30 minutes while seated.

And today, this major sized negro waddles up the bus aisle, and elects to sit beside me. In doing so the asshole shoved me, and had his jacket flop onto my leg. Then I move sideways to create more space and then he asks if I am alright. I say I am as long as I don't get shoved. He then gets up and goes to the back of the bus.

And when I get on the crew bus, lo, if the same negro fucker didn't follow me off and onto work at the same farm. He we have the first negro gangstalking from boarding bus stop (one stop after me), to a crew bus to the farm, and onto the same crew, per next day.

We had a combined two crews for weeding in the first part of the morning, and lo, if the  above negro doesn't pull and another nudge stunt. We were all assemble on this road, some 30 of us, and just before being addressed by the crew foreman, why, said negro fucker walks behind me, between me and most of the 30 crew, and gives me a nudge again, and proceeds onward. Said fucker is short on manners, and given the goings on, see next day, this body contact bullshit has longer to run.

It was the Asians turn to nudge me repeatedly on the bus today. This strange simian looking older Asian woman sits beside me on the rear bench when she had four seats to choose from, and starts up the nudging bullshit again. Lets see; brown Asian in deep burgundy outfit, the same each of four days I have taken the bus this week, and for some reason doesn't hang with her same race and age "pal" who gets on and off at the same bus stop as she does.

A day of bulb picking on the farm, full sunlight with a breeze to keep the temperature down. Now that it is almost August I don't think we will get any more heatwaves.

And the sun block application games continue; the perps have me "forget" to put it on my arms after doing my face, or vice versa, give up on placing it on my ears as I have a hat that covers them, and on the back of my neck and not elsewhere, as I am unsure if the fog is going to burn off, and so it goes, never mind the lateral flying droplets of sun block that get on my clothes. All these permutations and combinations of sun block application, as well as doing it twice, once at 1000h and again at 1200h. This is a huge part of the per research, to understand the effects of sunlight on Vitamin D production in the body, and I am sure there are a number of other variables they aren't letting me in on, i.e., downstream Vitamin D and immune system interactions. Ask me if I care, and the answer is no; I just want to be left alone, but instead am a nonconsensual patient in this ongoing nightmare research/jerkaround game that has totally and completely hijacked my life. To the degree, I don't use that term any more, it is merely an "existence".

The tan-though shirts that I "just had to buy" last year are still getting mileage, for the greater cause of course, and what might clothing color interact with the above mentioned sunlight games. In 2008 they had me working in the fields bulb picking with a SPF 50 long sleeve shirt on, and after that season they had me purchase two tan-through shirts, which were first worn in the 2009 bulb picking season. And now, in 2010, I am bulb picking again, and getting more mileage out of these shirts, as well as a decent tan on my back. And too, the tan-through shirts are the only ones that get a film of dust stuck to them over the course of the day, introducing another light penetration variable (change of grey scale) into the mix.

Anyhow, it is getting late for a 0445h get up time, and call this blog posting done.

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