Monday, August 02, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up


A day off tomorrow, and no 0445h get up most importantly. It was daffodil bulb picking all day long, and they assembled a single dedicated crew today. That included the E. Indian couple, he of the turban, and the "shove me" negro dude, still on the gangstalking beat, though he now drives his vehicle to work instead of shoving me or hounding me on the bus. These two prime Unfavoreds didn't last more than an hour before they had strangely disappeared from the large field. Thankfully they were kept well away from me, but I did not see them go and I am sure I would of heard a vehicle had it arrived to take them elsewhere. I suppose the Fuckwits are giving me short exposures to these particular odious Unfavored specimens, and they will incrementally build up longer exposure time over the next three weeks, the expected duration of bulb picking before the bulb conveyor line is set up.

Other oddities today inclued the crew bus being moved, with no apparent person doing it. Only the foreman is allowed to drive it, or else another supervisor, and why move it 30' anyways when we are in the middle of a 40 acre field? This has been going on for the last three days, these small moves of the crew bus with no apparent driver. I have taken these to be teleportations as I haven't heard the engine turn, and the foreman is usually on top of us daffodil bulb pickers. One time my pack that was outside the bus was moved next to someone's stainless steel water bottle along with a the crew bus moving a short distance. And I think we have done the teleporting pack stunt before at the prior worksite, also a farm.

I get plenty of daffodil bulbs popping out of my hands during the day, and they will even move by themselves, prefering to spin more than flick about. LIke I have said, teleportation is just another ho-hum office day for these assholes.

And the high clouds obscured the sum for much of the day, cutting down on any tanning I expected to get through my Tan-Through shirt. So much for that plan, but as the sickos have been hounding me over tanning, and sun exposures for eight years, I am not too surprised to see them jerk with the cloud patterns to limit my sun exposure. From 1999 to 2002 when I lived in Everett and Seattle I suddenly took on an interest in getting tanned in tanning booths, and it is very likely this was a run up to the current harassment and abuse that get dealt with over sunlight exposure.

July 31 to Aug. 02, 2010

A composite of these days, as I have been too rushed to do daily blogging.

One of my workmates was sleeping on the bus as we were approaching the bus top, and I wakened her by saying the bus stop was imminent. We got off, but there was no crew bus to meet us so we walked some 800 yards before it arrived. The crew bus driver said he was going back to the pickup location to wait for more workers on a later bus. I said I would walk on to the warehouse, and the woman said she would take the bus and wait with it.

As it "so happened", she fell asleep in the crew bus while it was waiting at the city bus stop for more farm workers, but none came. I learned this from her, and she told me she took a sleeping pill the night before, hence her inclination to sleep. The routine is that the crew bus meets us at the bus stop for the 0635h departing bus, and no other buses from other routes or directions. So... the charade parade was all about returning this woman to the city bus drop off (and crew bus pick up spot, where incidentally, a Masonic Temple building is located), so she could sleep in the crew bus for another 25 minutes, and then come back to the warehouse where I and all the other farmworkers are marshalling in a 45 minute cluster fuck before we get going to work.

On a city bus return trip to downtown I "happened" to meet one of last year's farm workers, a long time daffodil bulb and flower picker, though he wasn't present this year. This guy is a little on the sketchy side, though his heart is in the right place, and could be a for real semi-vagrant or an operative in this guise of living out of a camper on nearby church property. He is the kind of person that disappears for a week after payday, and wonders why he doesn't get more work. Anyhow, my name for him two years ago was Bandana Man, as he had this bandana on him, as well as in military-like fatigues.

And while deep in conversation, which means, moving in and out of cognitive comprehension as he isn't the most clear speaker, I get this blonde woman moving from standing, to floor seating, then seating beside me, and then seated opposite me, bumping into me. I am getting more physical contact from the gangstalking assholes of late, and the wretched negro pulling this shit was noted in my last posting. In her role of seated on the floor (steps) at my feet she bangs into me, and then again when she is seated beside me. This bullshit is totally infuriating, and I plan to shove back. Per usual, no "sorry" or any other acknowlegement or apology. Maybe the perps are benchmarking bad manners, from (Favored) blondes, to very Unfavored negros.

Yesterday, on my day off, I fixed my mother's Rainbird sprinkler which had been plugged up. It was only spitting water about 6' after I put it together, which I thought was piss poor, and I went inside to ask my mother if it was working properly. As it "so happened" she couldn't quite see it from the living room, but she wasn't sure if it was working. I went outside to relocate the sprinkler to a visible location, and lo, if it didn't flip around on me while suspended, bump on the grass, and then the water started to fly out of it, reaching some 14' or so. I went inside again, and my mother explained she had turned the front hose off to aid in the evaluation of the sprinkler, now back to its as-new performance. The message/coincidence/bullshit was that she had turned off the front sprinkler just as it was flipping around on me, and thereby disguising (for a time) what caused the sprinkler performance to improve; the flipping about in relocating it or the coincident increase in water supply. Neither actually; there was no front yard sprinkler on as my mother claimed, and nor did bumping or flipping the sprinkler do anything either; it was the sick assholes playing games and having my mother spin yet more lies. The perps won't let me adopt the perspective that 99% of what she says are lies or elicitations.

Then more bullshit at work about getting some cleavers sharpened. I and another woman, the above mentioned sleeper woman/gangstaller, were pulled off bulb picking and sent to work on cabbage picking in the afternoon, which also screwed us both in getting a later bus. I mention to the foreman that the cleavers are terribly dull, and it is very difficult to be precise when the cleavers are so dull. He takes two of the four, and departs for the shop where he says he will get them sharpened, mentioning the mechanic by name. (And I know who the person is and what he looks like). Later, at break, the foreman returns and the woman wants off the cabbage picking as the job is too complicated for her, and too, she isn't handy with knives. So... I get another woman to work with, and go through the training again, showing her how to do the job. The foreman comes back, claims he left the sharpened cleavers on the trailer where the cabbage boxes are, some 30 yards away. No problem, when break is over I go there, and he did no such thing. Like WTF; how can anyone get such an elemental thing wrong. He even claimed that the cleavers were sharpened while he was waiting for them. Last year, we had a machinist on the crew, and I asked him to sharpen these same cleavers, and he never did. And yes, tool sharpening is of intense perp interest, if not for the metals being ground or filed, for whatever EMF/energetics interaction that brings.

There was plenty of other perp action these past four days or so, and somehow it just doesn't come to mind. I will call this blog done for posting, and keep it going weekly while I toil away in the daffodil bulb fields, and do the city bus commute. I reckon it is a 14 hour round trip, from morning to returning and getting showered, fed and the dishes done.

-- Add on

A link to an 106 min. audio interview with thre TI's. I haven't heard this one as I haven't had much evening time, but I do know one of them, and trust her word. An in studio interview with three Targeted Individuals, Debbie Newhook-Nanaimo, David Smith-Gabriola Island, Carmen Markey-White Rock, BC

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