Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bussing With the Natives

July 20, 2010
A farm work day, shortened to 1500h because of picked berries wilting in the heat, and giving me some evening time to blog this. Other related events were the force play to have me eat sardines for lunch for the very first time while at the farm. The two native Indian berry pickers, relatives, were down to one, and he managed to pull some boneheaded turning around in his vehicle while I was having lunch, said sardines. Then he sits in the vehicle with the open vehicle door facing me some 4' away. The perps have been big on having open vehicle doors facing me, and the minivan crew bus with the rear driver side window taken out two weeks ago is a related example. And I see they wrinkled the bodywork below said window, which just might be the first time that the supporting evidence of a collision arrived after the adjacent window was removed. Freaking bizarre, putting a 2' long x 4” wide gouge in the body under the removed window. No doubt the Hound Dog Turban will be doing more posing in the rear seat to be seen through the removed window, and maybe the body damage aids the perp cause.

And when taking the bus home, the native Indian gangstalking agenda became more apparent; two native Indians somehow “needed” to exit the front door when all the signs on the bus say “exit by rear doors”. This bullshit of the gangstalkers needing more proximity time by holding me up at the front door of the bus is getting out of hand. Also, I see Fuckwits on the bus walk past the rear doors to exit at the front. Like WTF; new rules for the assholes.

Back to the native Indian gangstalker agenda when bussing back today. I enter the bus with the two Caucasian bus shelter stalkers behind me, who then arrange themselves near me at the back of the bus, and these seemed to be the only other passengers at that stop. But no, somehow a native Indian in some skanky wrap around sunglasses and a ponytail board the bus with his Caucasian sidekick in a ginger brown hoodie. Later on the bus ride, a long haired boy in front of me departs, and his seat is filled by the blonde woman who strangely stands in the rear exit area, back to a male seated passenger. (There were plenty of availible seats). Then in a continuing game of musical chairs, an Asian dude replaces her at the rear exit standing location in the identical pose/location she was formerly at. Then when the seat in front of her empties, said Asian dude sits in front of her. In other words, both went through this ritualistic seating behavior, only to sit in file, one in front of the other, both immediately replacing former passengers.

Back to the native Indian gangstalking agenda. Then two more native Indians walking along the bus route, odd to be sure, but not major odd. Then a couble of native Indian gangstalkers board the bus for the last 10 minutes or so, sitting 15' away. And lo, if the don't accompany me off the bus at my exit stop. And the strange thing is that the four parties of native Indians on the bus gangstalk route, including the two walking, all wore white T-shirts of near identical white tone, and fabric weight.

This is a short posting tonight as I have some spare time, but need to get to bed for 2100h and a 0430h get-up time. More strange dreams last night, a Monday, the sickos doing their usual thing of extending Mondays by keeping me up and then forcing a light REM sleep for much of the night, fraught with strange dreams.


Anonymous said...

I see that for you, they have a diverse group gangstalking you as well. I get the gangstalking kids, too, all the way up to older folk. Since 2007, they have put on people on motorized wheelchairs, at the entrance to alleys or whatever. The other day, they had a guy in a motorized wheelchair, that I could see through the window across the street. He then motored across the parking lot, and I got up and held the door for him. He ordered his food, and I could see that he could stand up for limited durations (which he had to do, as he was ordering food). After the food ordering was doing, I asked him if he needed me to hold the door for him on the way out. He said "No thanks, I think I can get it". He then just plowed right into the glass door with the front of the wheelchair (it had this rubber bumper thing on front, not unlike a "Cow Catcher"), and the door swung wide open, and he just motored right through the open door.

If I see an unfavored gangstalker that freaks me out, the perps can actually "build" on this memory of this unfavored. They put an unfavored lookalike of this already highly unfavored gangstalker. They can do multiple iterations of this. For example, send in an unfavored for of someone, and then days later, send in an unfavored "mock up" of the previous unfavored "mock up". Call this nested unfavored lookalikes. Or maybe progressively downgraded lookalikes. They did this a lot back in 2007-2008.

Or, if I form a mental image of someone, which is incorrect, they can send out lookalikes who look like this incorrect image. The problem I am having is, how much of what I am experiencing is scripted? Not everything is scripted, but it seems the perps are good at complete coverage, so that if I happen to slip away to a different town unexpected, they have stalkers posted there to cover me. There is almost always stalkers there waiting for me or queued up so that they show up either before or sometime immediately after I arrive. I especially hate it when they have stalkers there who show up a split second after I arrive.

AJH said...

Answer to: I see that for you...

Doppelgangers of Unfavored features (of individuals) is common, say, working the red hair theme, and even putting it on a doll that a child is carrying is one example.

My interpretation is that there is a number of Unfavored features that have traumatization associations, and the perps like to break it down,(keeping the red hair example); degree of redness, long or short red hair, curly or straight red hair, backlit red hair etc.

One of their ongoing Unfavoreds is male bald heads, so what do they do? They put the skinheaded gangstalker behind a fence iwth vertical bars so I only see some of him, and of late, arranging the skinhead to be partially obstructed by the window fitting when on the bus.

I have come to the conclusion that my total existence is scripted. I also know that their mind control research has progressed since 2002 when they first went overt/beserk, and as best as I can tell, they can control someone down to every level, except the brain stem where attention shifting takes place.

Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the total existence being scripted. It seems like everyone I come into contact with on a daily basis is an informant of some degree, feeding back information to the perps. Like when I stopped showing up at my regular place for 2 weeks. There was the "curiosity", which could be genuine concern, though I doubt it. She asked me very straightforward like, like she was more interested in gather data for the perps. Almost everyone around me is like this. But then, the perps are precise in getting just their people around me (informants and shills), which is supposed to give me the illusion that everyone is in on this. This is, no doubt, another tactic to get me feeling hopeless and despair-ridden. I get constant treatments by compromised people to make me feel kind of like what's the point in living? I'm sure they would like me to end it all, just to see what a dying person experiences. They have operatives trying to convey they they killed my old self and installed a new personality. NO doubt they are trying to drive me to insanity, or just experiment with creating multiple personalities within me.

AJH said...

Answer to; I agree with the total...

Having the extra obvious data collection perp isn't new to me, though it really does make me ponder what is it that expect to obtain. They scripted the events, they have recorded all one's (TI that is) brain energies at the time, including that of sight and hearing, so why put the TI through a bad acting shill/operative asking about the events?

If they wanted to drive you to insanity they would of done it long ago. That is dog simple for them to do, which may include one of their favorite tactics, invoking a suicidal state. Again, I don't why they do this, and they worked hard on me in this latter state, pulling nearly ten percieved near-death experiences in my most intensified harassment, 2002 to 2003. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I wonder about that, too, since the perps are able to gather any intel they need from their remote monitoring. I'm thinking the lower level perps operate in parallel with the Almighty Perps running the show, doing their own thing, and they need intel gathering, too, to compliment what info the Almighty Perps are feeding them. The perps don't channel all the info down to the lower levels, so the perps on the down low need some additional info pumped from the target.

Anonymous said...


I'm wondering about this "Taliban". With all the surveillance and toys the perps have, surely they could put a stop to this? Or maybe they are a part of the evil the perps cooperate with. They sound a lot like the Sickos, the way they operate. Especially puzzling to me are all the beheadings they've done. I can say I am being terrorized by the assholes in a similar manner. What they do to us is a lot like a slow beheading. I mean, who funds these guys (Taliban)? Someone has to be funding their operations. That Bin Laden is funding it all is complete bullshit, IMO, as he would've been caught by now with all the surveillance in place. I just don't buy the "well he's safe in a cave somewhere". Not for a decade.

AJH said...

Answer to: I wonder about that...

The perp information hierarchy also causes me much pondering. I have come to know that perp abetting individuals at work to later suffer a family tragedy from cancer at a young age. The perp abettors seemed to be handsomely rewarded with a successful business start up after I left the scene, and given that the perps can remotely invoke or cure cancer, then how did a family member come to suffer from this some years (5 or so) later, especially when the perps are all over this town, on account of me at least. So it seems there is a hierarchy of perps, with some of the abettors getting taken out at a later after being compensated.

And in the information game, it seems that some of the abettors are genuinely surprised at various turns and events as I relate them, and at other times not, seeming very bored with the scripted circumstances as I convey them. The perps have a strong need to understand something about information, whether it be old or new to the players, including me as well. Being information naive, or aware (as in scripted and rehearsed circumstances), is another vital perp theme that I wasn't aware of at first, but has only been revealed in the past 2 years or less. The farm work I was doing and learning some Spanish from the Mexican guest workers is another example, now ended along with the work. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think about that one, but it seems logical: after a perp abettor has been compensated, then the abettor probably knows too much. Since the person is no longer of use to them, and probably knows too much to boot, it's probably necessary to get rid of the evidence by killing him (or her) off.

The perps go to great lengths to cover up their crimes.

Earlier, they were messing with making my head feel all dizzy with vibrations. That's one trick they pulled back in 2006: constant ball-shockings, which started right around 0600, and continued intermittently until like 1000. And of course, one night they made me intensely ill with the strange head vibrations, like being blasted with ultra low frequency waves. Not sure how they did it, but I was forced to go to bed much earlier that night. No doubt they needed me to go to bed earlier, so they could start poking around in my dreams.

AJH said...

Answer to: I didn't think about that one...

No, I have never suspected the perps of bumping someone off because they know too much. It was the sister of a workplace abettor that got breast cancer at age 23 or so and died as a result. I had never met the sister in fact, and she may never of been part of the harassment knowledge group. But as nearly everyone and their kid and/or dog is in on the harassment in this city, I am sure the perps have more sophisticated methods to control the knowledge and keep the lid on.
Thanks for the comments.