Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It Must of Been the Socks

A number of provocations this morning at 0430h to raise the rage-ification level, one notable stunt being spreading fressh coffee grounds on the counter in a 6" diameter spill, and without any forced fumbling or faux causal event. In other words, the coffee grounds were teleported in to make a mess. A similar scene last week was a screaming rage show, as they wobbled the spoon outside of coffee bag, knocking the bag in fact, and there were two coffee messes, 180 apart, either side of the coffee carafe. So instead, a coffee mess that arrived by itself today, and less screaming at the assholes at 0430h.

This morning's harassment highlight was forcing me to take a 0520h shit, an extremely rare occurence, and then breaking the chain inside the cistern to force me to manually flush it, getting my arms very wet until they finished chain fucking and the toilet was allowed to be finally flushed. In the process they also plugged the toilet, so I also had plunger duties as well as cistern dipping games to get the falpper vaqlve to work. And it sems they finally relented on their flush lever games, having me hold it down for at least the last two months, and today it got fixed as well. Like I have said, the toilet games all started at the aparatment invasion when the Fuckwits first went overt/beserk April 15, 2002. One asshole/sicko put a balloon down the toilet while flushing it, forcing me to clean it out with a plumber's snake. That was the start of the perp's tilet fucking games, that have continued unabated for over eight years now. I am not allowed to take a crap without something going wrong; plunging, overflows, messy cleanups and other jerkarounds are 99% certain. This all is part of the perp's insane obsession with the color brown, and of course that includes cardboard boxes, and having Fuckwits pack them around, often in flattened form, wherever I go.

Currently, with the strawberry picking job, the green pint boxes come in a cardboard box, and the pint boxes are packed 12 to cardboard flat box, usually stacked four high, as the pickers or the couriers bring them in. All that red packed inside brown cardboard is just too exciting of a color juxtaposition for the perps, and they make sure that my picking row gets an inordinant amount of attention; e.g. stacking the flat boxes in flat form at the end of my row, placing full carriers of strawberrys (no pikced by me) in my row, delivering empty carriers to my row as a source for everyone, having the carrier couriers hang over me on "just stand there" duty, and other feints to otherwise ensure there is plenty of red strawberry action in my proximity in addition to me picking them. Even rude shit like stepping across the row 2' in front of me just as I am about to advance to that very location. Hound Dog Turban was my row-mate for most of the picking day, N. side at first, then the S. side in the afternoon. This is the one apparent Punjabi who constantly hangs around me, matches my forward progress to the second, and seems to be "featured" as other Fuckwit co-workers buzz around him. Ever seen a blue-green eyed Punjabi before? Well, this is one, which begs the question as to why they want me to know this. Constant suggestion that this Fuckwit might be someone else in morphover? - seems like it.

And the minivan that acts as a crew bus has Hound Dog Turban sitting in the rear most seat, looking regal almost, as he sits there for the crew bus trips and for all break times in the day. And so it was interesting that after some five weeks of seeing Hound Dog Turban in his usual rear seat, as seen through the fixed glass side window, that the Fuckwits knocked out the glass entirely, so the regal Hound Dog Turban could be seen directly, sitting in his same location on the rear seat. No one offered any explanation as to how the window got knocked out overnight, but hey, the sickos are well past creating stunts and lies to cover for their dumbshit games.


After I finished berry picking the assholes treated me to flashes of red strawberries for the next 30 minutes on my way back home, first walking (with plenty of pit-lamping headlights trained on me), and then on the bus with the freakshow. They are still putting thuggy dudes next to attractive blondes to somehow co-opt their good aura with the likely traumatization reaction to thuggy males during the "lost years" when I lived in Montreal and Victoria, and haven't a clue what happened to me for at least three years to age five.

Another bold move on the Unfavored front when on the inbound bus, was to put two redheads in file, one seated behind the other. One was in place when I boarded, and then the second one joined the Unfavored parade when enroute back to my neighborhood.

A short two stop local shopping trip about 40 minutes ago, and as I predicted, there were plenty of gangstalkers posted at each section I went to. The chocolate section had a stunned granny opposite the chocolate, totally spaced out and not even pretending to be shopping, and stayed in that repose while I picked up 11 Milka 100g bars, and after I had put them in my shopping basket. Forget stunts and pretense, just add "stun-outs", the sentries that seem particularly focussed on not moving a muscle while in their proximity.

More checkout obstruction stunts while at LD, until they opened a second till, and lo, if I didn't have a negro family in front of me, first after the woman/mother was doing "stun out" duty standing in the aisle while I passed by to kill some time until they got the second till opened up.

Then the Paper Bearing Fuckwit male preceded me out of the store, all to do lead-ahead gangstalk duty to the next shopping stop, the local supermarket. The negro family at the checkout ahead of me managed to dither, and end up 40' ahead of me while the Paper Bearing Fuckwit stayed in between them and me. He then led me into the supermarket, and lo, if there wasn't another negro lollygagging around and pretending to shop. Then the Paper Bearing Fuckwit came into view, did three head spins, (read, spinal twists) making out that he didn't know where to go. Farcical if not plain absurd. After a shortened shopping trip due to 20 gangstalkers in the produce section along with at least two stocking/stalking carts blocking the aisles, each replete with brown cardboard boxes, then it was out of there to a checkout, thankfully not obstructed this time. A swarm of Fuckwits, some 6 parties, followed me in the checkout, so I suppose they were doing the same thing as they do with vehicles; cover my tracks for 30 minutes or more with Fuckwits (vehicles or ambulatory assholes).

Enough gory detail tonight, having a some extra time as they let us go from work earlier than expected, at 1600h. Often we go to 1730h picking strawberries, but I suppose they wanted to place more red colored vehicles and red dressed Fuckwits around me earlier in the daylight hours. I suspect our two day heatwave is over for the summer, as they have brought in cooler Pacific air, and some cloud to fluctuate the sun exposures today.

It was windy July 12, 2010, yesterday, and it looks like Vancouver got hit the hardest with watercraft breaking free and being tossed onto the beach. Not that bad here, but plenty of wind for my day off yesterday to join me on my outings.

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