Monday, July 26, 2010

New Bedding, New Farm Job

I am typing this as some extra loud dude talk is somehow getting to my hearing. I closed the window and there was no difference in the dude talk level, so I put on the earmuffs and it was somehow getting through, so I took them off. And to add to the regular noise cacaphony, the sirens and the Harley motorcycle noise has also been played. The perps just love me to overhear male voices, loud enough to be heard, but not to make out the words.

And the joblessness as a farm worker didn't last long; the dear old daffodil bulb picking job is on for tomorrow, and lo, if it wasn't timed for when I will have first slept in my new bedding acquired yesterday. My mother messed up her notion of her friend's birthday party location, and arranged me to drive her there, but as it "so happened" she could of driven it herself. So... I had the vehicle for two hours, and as I was witness to my bedsheets being ripped after laundering them earlier, the notion arrived (read, was planted) that I could use the vehicle to go to a suburban mall and get bedsheets, pillows and a mattress cover. The latter were strangely yellowed at the head of the bed, and were annoying me as to how disgusting they looked.

By the time I had finished my driving, and shopping, and dropping it off at my place, there wasn't time to remake the bed with the new sheets etc. So it got to sit around in its packaging for a day in this apartment until I came back from my First Feral Family stayover last night.

As regular readers will know, the perps are obsessed over the packaging of everything, and any and all energetic interaction it may have with the contents, and latterly, the interaction of the contents and me. So getting me up at 0430h tomorrow and taking the 0635h city bus freakshow with the gangstalkers and weirds will be big deal, as I will still be resonating with the energetic interaction with the new bedsheets, mattress cover and pillows. And as the old bedding had yellowed (somehow), and the new bedding is white, I am sure to be getting plenty of color testing between the two.

And I will be starting work with the farm that I spent the past two summers at, picking daffodil bulbs. So much for thinking, (likely per planted notion as they do love me to be dead wrong), that I would have a week off from the berry picking job like last year. What all this means I have no idea, but doing farm work, and especially working with plants, or plant portions (e.g. bulbs, tubers) is a big part of the perp research.

They were all over me with neighbor noise earlier today, when at the First Feral Family home doing weeding. Then I went to the local shopping center with my mother to get brown cardboard file boxes, and then returned to do compost spreading. The 4' high pile was down to less than 3' high, and it had been formed from dropped leaves and needles in fall of 2009. Now, it was tight packed deep black organic matter, and it seemed that digging and spreading it brought extra neighbor noise, not to mention aircraft and the SAC overflight noise. Also "showing up" was the suck truck to clean out the drains, one in front of the FFF home of course, and worth 30 minutes of visitation with all the flashing yellow lights at the front of the house. As mentioned many times, the perps also have an obsession over placing vacuuming equipment in my proximity, and I cannot count the number of suck trucks I see now. Vacuuming the drains was once a rare event, but now I see it 3x per year per neighborhood. And what does the perps' obsessions over weeding and composting have to do with each other? I have no idea, except there must be some commonality of the energetics related to each, say, a universal life force they wish to quantify. And as they have had me weeding or picking fruit nearly every day since early June 2010, it would seem that they want to "borrow" or compare the weeding/fruit picking results to that of compost slinging. Ms. C of the story did her "Composter Masters" training when I was going out with her in 2001, so I can only assume that was part of the pre-overt harassment warm-up before the perps went overt/beserk in 04-2002. If nothing else, I can make a mean pile of compost, just like last year. And that it was covered in plastic for all that time, and occasionaly watered with varying hose ends of varying materials and colors, so I am sure that is factored into all the variables my tormentors seem to be juggling and attempting to remotely detect.

A 30 minute phone call earlier before evening tea and chocolate break from one of my former farm coworkers. She is to have an interview for a berry picking job, a new height in hiring in agricultural laborers human resources practice. Thats the only avenue that I get jobs it seems, by way of mass hiring, and weeding out the non performers. A long way to getting an IT job it would seem, which may be the next gig after farm laboring. Getting an interview seems to be an random event in this town, and with the scripted life model, per perp machinations, it makes sense. They want me on weeding, composting, fruit and vegetable picking and other plant parts, and that takes place in the summer mostly. Like why didn't they direct me to agriculture instead of forestry way back when, so I could of got my weeding done as a student summer job instead of laying this bullshit on me now, three decades later?

And an email exchange from a former work colleague went ballistic today, as I complained to him about his characterization of me with mental health associations. He was one of those who I "bumped into" at the hospital, in 2002 and who later retrieved my belongings from a Seattle storage unit as the US border patrol wouldn't let me in to clean out my apartment in 2003. At the time, I gave him ample evidence to indicate that I was being harassed, and he even aided me in identifying some of the driving manouvres I had seen as that of police or other law enforcement training. As far as I was aware, I had amply defended my case in his eyes as there was no further discussion. Then in the last month I get two emails heavily imbued with the mental health angle and I launched a polite but factual missive that detailed all the professional determinations of genuine harassment that I have been informed of. As expected, I get this angry polemic that is off the topic and doesn't address the arguements I made, nor any hint of objective re-assessment on his part. In other words, blowing up, not arguing the point, and otherwise evading any objectivity as to my central complaint; that mental health considerations have absolutely nothing to do with this imposed state of abuse. In other words, more of the same, but from another party that backslid on the then (seeming) convincing facts related to organized harassment at the time. One cannot buy a friend even, let alone have them stay with the facts as presented and then muddy the waters with more bullshit at al later date.

A doctor's appointment today; the featured "student" was an Asian woman who asked me a number or questions as relating to this campaign of abuse and nonconsensual human experimentation. She wasn't very dark skinned, and was dressed in a red and white dress that she fussed with a few times. She also had a 5" brown blotch on her leg, which the perps wanted me to see more that I would of usually looked. The perps had me verbally stumbling a little, and were sucking my mouth dry at the same time, also a source of minor speech impairment. Last month, it was an Asian male doctor who was the featured "extra" at the appointment, and I was much more verbally fluent and without stumbling or mispronouncing words. I was totally on last month, and say, only about 85% of that level today. Funny how that happens. Which begs the question, as to how do they decide on what level of verbal fluency I have and for what circumstances?

Anyhow, that is it for tonight, as I will be doing the early rising thing again, 0445h or so, to catch a 0635h bus to farm land.


Anonymous said...

And as they have had me weeding or picking fruit nearly every day since early June 2010, it would seem that they want to "borrow" or compare the weeding/fruit picking results to that of compost slinging

might they be Malapropisms?
Probably good you are not recognizing them. It just increases the feeling of being stuck in the middle of this unavoidable land of puppetry.

As the weeds are pulled up and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of the age

He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.

AJH said...

Answer to: might they be Malapropisms?


an act or habit of misusing words ridiculously, esp. by the confusion of words that are similar in sound.

Hopefully I am not presently dithered to misunderstand this, or be obstructed in seeing a malapropism when there isn't one.

All am attempting is to explain that the perps put great stock in noisestalking me while composting, following weeding and a short outing to take my mother shopping for brown cardboard boxes. There is some commonality between these two activities/biological processes that the perps are looking for. I suspect there is an energetics interaction between me and these biological processes, and there might be a common one they are attempting to remotely detect. I am hoping someone in the TI community might be able to shed some light on this. I don't see much value in quoting scripture (if that is what it is) as it is so general and can be read so many ways. Though I suspect if a TI were to read the original scriptures they might be surprised at what they might find that is related to the harassment methods and objects.

Anonymous said... memory to control your thoughts

Their speculation is based on the structure of the human brain, especially the structure of the memory. You only have to have a human brain to be manipulated. The human memory is organized in the form of a relational database : placing similar information on top of each other, in categories - like an Internet directory -, and establishing internal pointers between connected issues.

Recent information are accessed first (because they are on the top of that memory stack), as well as unusual information (because even being old they are still on top of that memory stack, once those elements didn't happen again yet).

It is like using radioactive glucose Maker with a pet scan to watch where the words and concepts you are encountering are filed and processed in your brain.

Once you incorporate the holy scriptures into your memory it is like putting formatting on to your unformatted brain. So they can access it.

AJH said...

Answer to; http://freeyourbrain...

The memory analogy to relational and stack database leaves me at a loss. The scriptures reference is even more obscure. The bottom line is that the perps can access all of one's brain by remote means, save the brainstem area when used for attention switching based on my current harassment.