Monday, November 23, 2009

A Work Week's Worth

11-23-2009, 2130h
The second time I am typing this as it was deleted on me a few minutes ago. These are brief summarizations that fit the harassment theme, e.g. stalking me with petroleum products.

-A tractor trailer gasoline tanker with pup trailer was next to the bus waiting in traffic on my side of the bus, some 2' away from the window, and then the same tanker reprised again 1.5 hours later when doing my farm labor job at the area overlooking over the busy highway #17 from the farm kale patch. It could be a coincidence, but that notion has been roundly dispelled for the last seven years of overt abuse, and the perp's petroleum products obsession is unrelenting.

-The military Sea King "regular" chopper they like to put on did at least four flybys when harvesting cabbages in the cabbage patch, with plenty of blackish emanations from it, plus a bright cluster plasma spatter pattern off of its tail for a second or two. Never have I seen such "dedication" by our Canadian armed forces, putting this aircraft on back and forth duty and originating from a civilian airport, Victoria International. I suppose if I made any enquiries as to what the helicopter was doing there so often I might be labelled a terrorist under the new expanded civil rights impairing version of this term.

-And relentless coverage by headlights, aka pit-lamping, aimed at me all day long when in the cabbage fields. Even if some 400' away, one can be sure that if high beams are on, they are aimed at me. The farm bordering houses also keep their outdoor lights on all day long.

-and a major confluence of co-worker gangstalker action when I returned from the cabbage field at near 1630h (dusk onset), getting out of the vehicle with my dayglo orange rain jacket on (with high viz reflectors), along with a fool's errand job to send my outside again to pointlessly repeat of my tracks through the building doorway and the concrete to asphalt interface of the ground surfaces.

-Major shit games at 0630h this morning before setting off, and unheard of time for me to take a crap, another never-before.

-They kept me awake for at least two hours before getting to sleep last night, though it seemed like longer.

A very heavy harassment evening since getting back from the farm labor job; 20 rage-ifications, some over making me wobble over on one foot when walking straight to my backpack that was on the floor. It rained all afternoon, and I was outside working in it with my dayglo raincoat on and the hood up, the last being a rare event. The use of dayglo colors for gangstalkers and props has gone up considerably in the past two weeks, as I have been wearing my dayglo raincoat more often. I still get plenty of helicopter action, some 12 passes today of the extra dark colored Sea King, a military helicopter. As usual, blackish emanations come from it, some also spread miles wide at a near horizontal angle. Not all the beams from the helicopter are directed at me, some seem to be a wide area dispersion exercise.

And quite an increase in red colored vehicles, especially at the dusk onset. The foreman with whom I get a ride into downtown three days a week a the end of the work day was wearing his dayglo orange raincoat while driving, and kept following a red vehicle that was hitting the brakes too often, but he didn't attempt to pass the Fuckwit like I would of. My cardinal rule of driving is to safely pass any mentally perturbed or otherwise erratic driver, of which I get a considerable number since the abuse went overt in 2002.

Another emergency vehicle light show when homebound on the bus. Over eight police vehicles pulling all vehicles over, including the bus, located under a bridge. Nearly every time I am travelling, or on public streets this week there has been at least one red & blue flashing light show, as if an emergency, and even when walking to the bus stop yesterday morning on Fort St. Also when getting a ride with the foreman after a day's work at the farm.

Another, at least the fourth, all babe escort off the bus at the college where I take my evening classes. This is to accompany an Unfavored/freak gangstalker, this time a middle aged male in a yellow anorak (also doing bus view obstructing when I was at the bus stop waiting for the right route) with grey wavy hair -four Unfavored attributes. The babe escort was a little different as they added a negro female who was mildly attractive, but retained the Asian woman who regularly tails me off the bus on Tuesdays and Thursdays for my evening classes. They cluster some 6' apart, walking parallel to me all on my right side, with the Unfavored specimen just outside of them, in the center.

I see that they changed the lighting in the computer lab, consistent with the ongoing lighting changes elsewhere on the same floor. They are florescent bulbs, but have a glare to them I cannot quite explain. They also mounted them in new locations in the ceiling, changing up the lighting of the computer lab room.

Mulching with straw on the beds of the raspberries for the last two days on the farm job. It is loathesome as it is close to the highway and with the attendant coordinated vehicles and extra noise constantly streaming by. Anytime I look up they have coordinated the colors, whites and silver grey vehicle colors with a red one in the center. Not unlike the babe gangstalker formation mentioned above. There were varying deliveries of the straw mulch, some more like hay given the greenish color to it. Some of the straw bales were very blonde, other more yellow toned. And the perps told me that the color of the animal feed, hay usually, was of vital importance to their study of the meat products from the same animals, and by extension, important to their study of me and everything I eat, including my once per week red meat feed at the First Feral Family. There isn't a more unreliable source of information than the perps, but they are accurate sometimes, usually determinable when the gangstalking and harassment has consistent themes.

And then there was none, as in end of the farm work job today. I figured it was coming by gleaning the obvious from the newspaper ads back in September, but I was hoping for another two weeks to financially recover from my PC upgrade. Another useless back and forth trip; I was told all the paper work was ready but when I went up to the office it wasn't, not until the end of the day. (To prevent me leaving early with a full day's pay). So back downstairs to the warehouse main floor, and my bad news buddies were doing their gangstalking thing again (entrances and exits), and I had the opportunity to tell them the paper work wasn't ready. They didn't seem very apologetic for being totally wrong, nor surprised that it "happened", har, har. So..., back to the millstone around my neck, the line of credit that sucked some $1700 before I got it paid off in September. I got some far-the-wells from my laboring co-workers, though it did seem a little exaggerated, and staged. The Punjabi man who has poor English, but has the most success with me as a translator, said I was a "good guy", so I suppose that was all the affirming credit I was going to get. The supervisors didn't seem too moved to summarize my job performance, but given the highly attritional work environment, that is as good as it gets, lasting some four months.

On the farm I spent the morning doing weeding a 120' raided row of soil next to the busy #17 highway. Later it was plastic sheet cutting with dull scissors as the polyethylene plastic was used for a liner in the fruit picking bins (4' x 4' x 2.5' high), and it hung over the edges when the bins were filled with compost. Apparently, this is to grow fig trees in the greenhouse. It also spells "long term perp experimentation" with the effects of plywood (painted a rusty red) on the fruit of the fig trees. The phenolic resins (adhesives) of plywood are the subject of endless games of perp fuckery, the sillyiest being replacing one third of the ceramic tiles in the elevator with a 2'x1.5' sheet of plywood. There was nothing wrong with the ceramic tile job, but like anything, it has to be morphed into perp games, one being related to phenolic resins. I learned somewhere recently that plants have their own natural phenolic resins, so that might be the reason for the substantial perp interest in differentiating the two sources when one is a pollutant (glues) and the other a natural plant material.

I am being dociled tonight and demotivated such that this won't get posted when it should. They are also rendering me to be restless as well, so not a good evening for deliberative study of all the perp hi-jinx this week, assuming I am allowed to recall them all. (Rare that I am allowed full recall of their recent fuckery).

A day of PL/SQL course work, beset by directories not loading, a total Windows XP freeze (even the mouse), incomplete solutions to the labs, and some flakey SQL Developer behavior. Never mind the forced mispellings and the cognitive clobbering I got after lunch for two hours, then it suddenly evaporated. And this a programming language course, not my forte unfortunately, though I wonder if the perps were behind the rather accelerated forgetting and dithering when undertaking this kind of work on behalf of my employer in earlier decades.

A game of suck-n-fuck, aka dashed expectations over visiting the ATM after the bus dropped me off downtown. I saw a queue of some 12 or so at the outside ATM, lined up past the entrance, and me having to slip through the line where the pink clothed child was in a stroller, only to find that the TD Bank had "forgot" to unlock the front doors to the inside ATM's, less than an hour after closing for the day (Saturday). Then I had to recross the queue again. I find it totally absurd to have that many Fuckwits clustered around an ATM that is the only option when shut out of the other two inside, within an hour of the bank closing. The number of pedestrians on the streets of downtown is also very high, as we haven't made it into December yet. Another never-before is the number of Christmas lights and decorations that are now up, at least two weeks earlier than any other Christmas time. And did I say that there are no end of lights being directed at me, and that there are excessive amounts of lighting displays this year?

Here is a link that talks about nanoparticle exposures, pollutants and deleterious nanoparticle effects. The perps have been telling me for at least four years that this is a major bugbear in completing their research on me, aka harassment and abuse. Given that nothing is a coincidence in my life, I thought I would pass on the interesting link, and also my pondering as to how they are working on this, and are they tracing my every neuron to the sub-molecular level? They tell me they are, and it might explain why so many Fuckwits are shaking their plastic bags or other like items in my proximity as well as the plethora of PVC irrigation pipe bearing vehicles that circle me.

Another related theme to the perp's plastics focus is the ingestion of foods that have been watered using various forms of plastic pipes to carry the irrigation water. There is PVC, poly (black colored stuff), and vinyl hoses, and this all seems to be important to them, not to mention the color of the pipe/hose as well.


Anonymous said...

I get a lot of these drivers driving unusually slow when they're directly in front of me. Like yesterday afternoon, when this asshole was in front of me, driving pathetically slow, but when he turned off, he started driving at a moderately fast speed. Obviously, a tactic to piss me off. I'm supposed to see they're deliberately slowing down until they've turned off. To me, it looks obvious when some obvious wacko is driving like a few mph under the speed limit, when in fact, it's an apparent wacko, usually the ones driving like idiots. I'll bet that guy, when he wasn't on gangstalker duty, drove really fast like such a idiot. Perps love to have these idiots put on the "oh I'm so concerned about everyone's safety" shows, when in fact the guy was obviously some crazy jerk just being manipulated by perps. These strike me as rageification tactics. Another perp tactic is to have some jerk pull out of a parking space, headlights on (of course during the daytime), and then block the entire roadway by remaining in a slanted, sideways state for a very long period of time (until I get directly in front of him). I flashed my beams off and on a bunch of times at the guy to let him know I was on to and didn't appreciate his obvious stalker tactics.

I'll bet a bunch of these aren't really directly doing the bidding of perps, but know enough about the system to try to push my buttons. The ones who are directly manipulated by perps seem so obvious to me; standing there for a long period of time, waiting for me to approach, then turning to the side and posing a couple of times, the way he was dressed, etc.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that sometimes (rarely) they like to have someone shaking something repeatedly, something my field of view. It would be something small they would be able to grasp with both hands, something light, like a book, notebook, magazine, or in your case, a bag.

AJH said...

Answer to: I get a lot of these drivers...

There is a considerable perp effort devoted to having them turn corners in my proximity, the faster the better. The driving event first mentioned is a classic; slowing down for the straight road (and sometimes boxing one in behind the slow vehicle), and then have the slow vehicle make a quick right turn. Often the culprit lays on the brake lights as well, and often drives a red colored vehicle. And yes, they like to get me yelling at their slow/erratic drivers, as it helps to correlate with the yelling I do in "response" (per planted mind-fuck) to provocations in the relative privacy at my apartment.

The ambulatory gangstalkers on "just standing there" duty who rotate themselves as I approach, keeping a consistent part of themselves, usually their spine/back, toward me as I pass is another common stunt. One TI told me that they read one's spine like an aerial, and it seems to be the case. Spinal flexing in any direction is a huge part of the perps games. Often, an ambulatory gangstalker will turn 90 degrees and while doing so, look in the opposite direction, just to be able to flex their spine at the critial (to them) moment of turning a corner. Bizarre by our standards, but clearly there are anisotropic (different physical properties in differing directions (x,y,z)) factors in play for the extra-conventional physical fields they are remotely measuring. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've noticed that sometimes...

There are two things going on with plastic bag shaking; first, they want to stimulate more plastics interaction between the shaking bag and presumably, the plastic pollutants inside me. They also like to strobe or otherwise flash things in my peripherial vision, as some kind of test of the visual cortex. It is very possible this is connected as there could be plastic pollutants in my visual cortex, and hence putting the plastic shaking activity in my peripherial vision to get a correlation of the visual neuronal signatures with the plastic pollutants that may also be interacting with the plastic bag that is being shaken. Having an audible input at the same time likely aids the games as well. Nearly everything I do now makes extra noise, even picking something up for crissakes.