Monday, November 16, 2009

Doctor and Medical Student Visitation

1610h (Monday)
A now rare Sunday stayover at my mother's place, owing to the doctor appointment today. This appointment was forgotten about until I got the phone message reminder when I got back from farm laboring Friday. The Sunday stayovers at the home of the First Feral Family had been near routine for some three years since I gave up my vehicle in 2006, and invariably I would do odd garden and house maintenance jobs Sunday afternoon, and Monday morning. Then an almighty vehicular gangstalking with the three of us in the vehicle when I was dropped off at my place downtown. It was a full on downpour this morning when they jerked me into a 1010h get-up for a rare 11 hour sleep. This made my availible time much less for driving duties this morning, and the rain ensured no garden work was undertaken as well. In fact, so little time with driving duties, household duties and PC upgrade duties that I never got to take a shower or even shave. A total bonus from the perp's perspective as shaving seems to fry their minds, as there are energetic changes with the exercise that they do not yet understand, and cannot fuck with yet. Dragging that little grey plastic and teflon head with the two steel shaving blades over my face, (and my chest and abdomen since 10-2007) is a huge deal, hence the associated noisestalking while shaving, not to mention strange noises of no apparent causal, e.g. the clicking that erupts at the same time, most often when the razor is briefly near my ear. And never mind the plethora of same grey colored vehicles coursing by when I leave my apartment afterward. Other variations of shaving games are the weekly nut shave, using a navy blue disposable (plastic) razor, and needless to say, accompanying navy blue gangstalking vehicles, especially the garbage trucks, the next morning upon my exit.

Then too, shampoo from a plastic bottle is a big dea for the perpsl, as that is a fairly typical shampoo packaging, as a glass vessel just isn't too clever to have in a bathtub. And my beard didn't grow as much as it usually does in the morning, and my hair wasn't the greasy mess either, making me semi-presentable to the doctor and his medical student (har, har). And to have me out and about, first at the First Feral Family home, and then at the doctor's without shaving or showering (and shampooed hair) is an all time first. Plus, this is the day I "forget" to take the yellow colored medications, and that begets extra yellow colored gangstalker (personnel clothing and vehicle color) attention. Just too exciting for the perps, this orchestrated confluence of bothersome particulars removed from my energetic signature. And as well, (sudden recall after taking a piss), is that I was prepped with yellow dye on my fingers from yesterday's leaf raking with the deerskin gloves that magically leached unremovable yellow dye.

Funny how these color themes work out; a light tan metallic brown vehicle was on lead-ahead gangstalker duty when travelling back from this morning's driving sortie, and then again, when driving to the doctor's appointment. The perps are still working hard on their brown color games, and it might also have something to do with the brown skinned E. Indian doctor visitation today. But as it is a ubiquitious color, albeit carefully orchestrated by hue, brightness and object size, one can extrapolate the perp's games too far. But I did seen a bold brown vehicle from the local cable provider yesterday replete with a large array of ladders on the roof rack, a Sunday no less, it just might mean that the assholes are making more progress on this color, however they measure it vis-a-vis me and my aversion to it.

And what is with the Firefox Bookmarks sabotage tonight? When I got this rebuilt PC back someone had sorted the 20,000 bookmarks under my Movies folder in alphabetical order, something I had planned to do anyway on the new PC build as it would be so much faster. Then today, I see two Bookmark directories, movies and consumer goods, both substantial, got deleted, and I was about to invoke restore the backup prior to the rebuild, and lo, it restored itself. This meant that all the PC build related directories I had deleted in the last few days were re-instated. No problem, so I try to delete them again, and they won't delete, or if they do, they come back in a few minutes. Why is it that the assholes seem so obsessed with what I delete and need me to replay it again for them, nearly a week later? Funny, the doctor asked me about PC sabotage today, and PC's aren't his thing at all; he didn't understand what blogging was until I re-translated it as an "e-journal".

The sickos reminded me that no one of two possible parties responded to my emails about getting my $20 rebate over an NZXT computer case. They had me suitably cranked to fire off four polite emails, this time; two resends to the two that never replied, and one to the rebate outfit, and another to NZXT. I reckon this rebate bullshit must be a perp invention to prolong the agony of the financial transaction to months after the fact, as a post-purchase provocation to invoke protracted contact over financial transactions, topic near and dear to their insane fuckery.

And I was reminded today that the perp's copper color obsession is being escalated; the doctor's office waiting room had new color colored seats, and they only had the last round of chairs put in three years ago, and they all looked fine. Now why would a publically declared budget shortfall hospital replace the freaking seats in the office when there was nothing wrong with the brown colored seats in the first place? And also of interest, they jerked me around to be a minute late, and thereby reducing my sit time to only a minute or so before the doctor came to collect me. And lo, just as he entered the waiting area, why, a E. Indian colleague "happened" to come by and strike up a conversation with the doctor while I was standing in the expectation the doctor would beckon me to his office. This conversational delay stunt lasted only 60 seconds or so, leaving me standing by the new copper colored seat, but could of that been the intent, slowing me up to remain near the seat, having just got up from it? The seat shuffling games at the theater with other family members is as predictable as it is familiar, so I suspect this is all part of the same game. There must be some energetic color impartation from the seat to my ass and back that they wanted to get a longer reading on, rather than having me transit directly to the doctor's office.

And for the record, the medical student, which has to be a perp operative for all the times this "happens", was a blonde female, though not high in the attractive department. Presumably more "blonde aura" reaction was being elicited for whatever reason the assholes keep up this inanity.

More continuing Firefox bookmarking sabotage, this time running the bookmarks many of the intended deleted ones in the bookmark titles when attempting to bookmark a new site. There is no earthy reason for the deletion obstructed websites to be planted as the title of an unrelated site I want to bookmark, but there they were while I was intently researching small speakers for my PC. I don't have any, and the headphones work just fine, but the perps seem to now have me researching this topic, as if the financial stretch to get this PC upgraded wasn't enough hassle. I don't know why they send me on these coveted items (per planted notions) bookmarking binges, but that has been consistent for a long time, even for products I have no interest in acquiring, e.g. laptops. I hope this one is over and I can get on with some Oracle SQL course study, another activity that isn't getting the attention it deserves.

Time to call this one done for tonight, and it might be the last posting until next weekend as I have two evening courses to attend as well as the farm labor job.

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This provides a good commentary about how it feels.

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