Monday, November 02, 2009

Meet the Brassica Family

A busy day of farm labor; first picking French breakfast radishes in the greenhouse (getting my red plant dose under glass), then after break, aiding in harvesting 25 50lb boxes of Bartolo cabbages, 10 boxes of red cabbages, then cauliflowers, then broccoli, and finally celeriac. All are members of the Brassica family of plants, save celeriac. Last week I was picking cabbages extensively as well, along with brussel sprouts. It seems to be an important part of the perp game plan to have me harvesting, walking among, looking at, touching and the rest of the sensory panel testing I get, plants of the Brassical family. The perps are intensely interested in phytonutrients, and there is no better plant family that represents this than the Brassicas.

A big convergence day for the perps' the first work day under Standard Time, no yellow medications as I "happened" to run out yesterday and didn't get to the LD store, and a payday, always an major attraction to extra fuckery in its own right. And it was no wonder that one of my outside Brassica harvesting coworkers/gangstalkers was circling the lunch room when I was having my lunch, dressed in his ridiculous and dishevelled yellow vinyl raingear inside no less. Talk about blatant and absurd, and he somehow managed to find me there as he didn't know the lunch room was there, so how did he find me, or at least, find the room with me in it as he came by himself. How all the above is related is unknown to me, but as always, they will try out paydays with different color associations, and different configurations of players. Only 10 minutes before day end, and paycheck pickup, there seemed to be an odious stakeout of the farm owner, his dogs, his son's dog, and the skulking tractor and forklift operator, just hanging around as I entered the greenhouses for a last 10 minutes of weeding. What that was all about I have no idea, as no kind of conversational setup was in place, they were just shiftlessly loitering for no seeming purpose. And I have remarked on the business owner (of any kind of business) making extra effort to hang around in my proximity, aka gangstalking.

Enough for a short day online, and I will be offline until Nov. 08 if all goes well with a very fast Intel x58 motherboard, extra memory, new hard drive, a new video card and all the trimmings to take away the excuses for this PC's halting performance, especially with mouseclicking and pointing.


Anonymous said...

Will you be running XP or Vista? Myself, I just ordered a copy of XP Pro. This laptop has Vista, and what a surprise... Code Warrior, as well as the IDE/compiler suite for a PIC development board I bought last year at this time will not work with Vista. So it's back to XP, and hopefully, I will get some responsiveness back to boot. Maybe I will do a dual-boot of Vista and XP on this laptop.

AJH said...

Answer to: Will you be running XP...

I will continue to run XP as I am now until I am ready for Windows 7. I got it at half price for an introductory week in July, and it has been delivered last week. Likely not until the New Year, and only after evaluating that my Oracle s/w can run on it.