Sunday, April 01, 2018

Smirking Chimps

The smirking boss, this time over the repeated topic of the inadequate time sheets again, with the last person doing a rather inadequate job, after she decided that the boss man's spread sheet version wasn't good enough, so she supplied her version of the same. Then she quits among all this financial juggling, as there are two time sheets, one for each of my current employers. As regular readers will know, the perps have an inordinate interest in time sheets, logging work hours, time stamping (aka, "clocking" in or out) and the rest of the trivia associated with keeping work time records.

So just what is it that is so smirk-worthy when some people speak to me, this occasion about a legit topic of time sheets, along with no pay record to confirm the hours were correct and the rest of the loose payroll practices that go with the present employers. Actually I have one employer, but they are responsible for two vineyards with differing owners.

And colder than hell yesterday, even above freezing as the ground was soft. Partially I was faked out by a warm Sunday, but today, I went home, changed my boots (seemed damp), added another sweater, put on long johns and toe warmers in my boots. And an irregular daytime trip back home brought on trains of vehicular gangstalkings en mass, not bad for a Monday at 1000h. The vineyard owner also managed to place her gangstalking ass at the gate with some half assed excuse as I was about to get to my vehicle.

Today, more tiresome tie-downs in the vineyard, getting another block finished. The one other guy has been really helpful, and all the better that he is faster than me. The boss man is still pruning, and keeps saying he will be done this week, and then he will help in tie-downs too. Then I go back to the other vineyard next week I am told.

I see the perps have lost my knife sharpener again, the second time in two years. Last year the foreman found it. I just cannot fathom why a billion dollar budget black (and insane) organization has to hound my ass over how and when I sharpen my blades; pruners at work, knives at home and any other that I have. And of course what sharpening tool: diamond hones (two grades), carbide scrapers, dremel with diamond bit and the odd time, a file or a grinder. And nearly 16 years of this fucking abuse, that being only one obsessional facet over hundreds that are known to me.

And what is it about this new round of fuckery over which music playing device I listen to at the vineyard? The wretched phone app finally updated itself after I "forgot" to turn internet access off, and it ended up being used after I "forgot" to take my dedicated digital audio player (DAP) to work. Or another day, I "forgot" to charge it up. Yesterday was hopeless for music listening as the DAP kept screwing up, solely a touch screen device, something the perps have free reign to screw with by remote means. And it was so cold that I gave up anyhow.

Today, another forced "forget" on the DAP, so I used my smart phone. Alternating between these two devices is not my style. I got the DAP because I was so fed up with the smart phone app, and now I find I am using the latter. (Same headphones, though the DAP is better sounding). Then, too, interruptions in using the player and headphones with co-workers getting chatty all of a sudden, so I wear them at my neck instead, something the perps seem to just love, those magnets in the headphones.

Yesterday, at work on the vineyard tie-downs, was a major infuriation day; constant forced finger fumbling, and then having my hands open unbidden by me to either have the cane flip up or else drop the tie-down tool from my grasp. And of course they liked to crank it up anytime I was near an end of a row, or when my co-worker was nearby. No wonder they like to have me use inefficient devices and methods, rather than the slick, but expensive, tie-down devices out there.

Tying down vines, then weeding. Same as yesterday... but was caught out, dressed for slow moving unenergetic work of tying, and then suddenly, the boss man wanted weeding done. I had long johns on and two sweaters, but even after taking off my coat and a sweater, I was still sweating. The perps like this; mugging the victim with sudden new work tasks for which he is ill-clothed, and all the better that he gets overheated or chilled, per above. Today, no long johns, and I was OK doing weeding after lunch.

Saw Ellen Doty tonight (video 1, video 2); and what a bogus set up at the door when I arrived. The manager asked if I was a party of one or two. I said one, which I was, and she thought it was a computer screw up, and I said possibly. I was seated for all of a minute and then she comes by to tell me that there was another person by the same name who booked a party of two, and then introduced me to this person, with whom I shook hands. He "happened" to be the person following me into the the club, so I find it absolutely ridiculous to think this was anything but orchestrated.

It was a good show, and she hung around in the audience during the set break and then afterward, though I did not speak to her. I bought a CD from her sister who was managing the merchandise. For some reason, the party of four in front of me departed at the intermission and missed the second set. I cannot fathom why anyone would do this, but it is consistent with the perps clearing out adjacent seating at concert venues, either beforehand (for the entire show), or else in mid-show. I got a few looks directly from the performer during the show, but nothing that I would call staring or strangely directed as I have experienced from other live performers in the past.

The surly, but attractive, waitress of the three past visits was there again, this time covering up her ample chest tattoos with a sweater and jewellery. She even came to my table, but only to get out of the way of the regular waitress. I didn't even rate a glance from her, even if she had served me twice in the prior six months.

Good Friday, a national holiday for everyone except farm workers; they don't get paid for statutory holidays. Though some past employers have paid me all the same; it seems to be a big perp deal, almost like a test scenario for them. That is, don't pay me, or else have the employer decide to pay me in mid-season, or in the second year of employment for statutory holidays. Maybe they are looking for some kind of "psychic spark" or some such as to if/when I get paid like anyone else for a statutory holiday, and of course, unknowingly, and more often, knowingly.

Saturday, and I went to my previous employer of 2012-14 to help him out, as he is bottling sparkling wine. It was the slow version, by hand; no automated lines at 1200 bottles/hour. More like 800 bottles per day.

I see my previous employer has a new employee from Alberta who knows squat about vineyard work and wine making. So why did he lay me off when I knew both in reasonable detail, especially after working for him for three years? Another mystery on the employment fuckery front, a long running issue for the perps it seems; not only as to how large of an organization, but all the minutiae as to whom I work with, their relative competence, clothing color etc.

Sunday, and bottling again today, more of the sparkling wine all day long. Like yesterday, a load of large timbers had to be moved from the owner's trailer onto pallets on the ground. This was a 30 minute job for three males, as we were dealing with 6x6" timbers 14' long or larger. Funny how the perps like me to get extended wood contact at times. Not forgetting that I had a wood desk on which I would rest my hands all the while I keyboarded from 2001 to 2012. Now I have an aluminum slatted fold-up table on which my hands rest, recently  augmented with a ground connected conducting mat. More of those direct connections with earth energies it would seem.

The continuing BS stream as to the perp's ceasing hostilities is planted in mind continues, maybe 150x/day. Like WTF; here they have been covertly following and orchestrating my existence for 47 years before they went berserk/overt in 04-2002, so what is in it for them to suddenly stop on the 16th anniversary, April 15, like they claim via planted notions? Absolutely nothing, whatever their esoteric nonconsensual human research agenda is. Besides, I have been through a few of these build ups to their "big nothing" events over the years, so why would I give a shit anyhow? I don't, and I have been correct on every call.

Enough on the harassment and abuse front for the last week, and onto posting this one.

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