Sunday, April 08, 2018

Read Some, Sleep Plenty

I read some more of the "Venona Secrets", a book about the players and spies who were uncovered by a three year security lapse that allowed some of the USSR diplomatic transmission codes to be decoded, though not all of them. Each day after work I pick it up and after 10 -20 minutes of reading, I either fall asleep in my chair, or else get hit with a nap attack. Let me be clear, if you have any interest in spy activity in the last 60 years, especially with respect to WWII and the Cold War, this is a fascinating read. And all the more illustrative of how personal politics was married to political treason, even at the senior influence level of FDR's cabinet.

Today, I got hit with a 2.5 nap attack after reading this book for 15 minutes, which is in keeping with the perps hitting me with nap attacks after starting a new book. I got this book a week ago, as a result of having a long standing interest in all things clandestine, doubtless a perp managed interest since their covert influencing has been apparent (in hindsight) since perhaps the days I learned to read, or even from birth. And as usual, I was no in a sleep deficit situation, so I have no idea as to why I needed so much sleep. And too, this seemed to be strategic as I missed my yoga class some 4 blocks away. Well done assholes.

Back in 2012, after taking a 3 month viticulture course, I purchased a used viticulture book which is a classic of the discipline. I read some 30 pages and then got nailed for a 5 hour nap attack (all time nap attack duration) immediately afterward, in mid afternoon. As usual, I was not running a sleep deficit, so I can only assume this was remotely invoked, something they can do with singular ease I have come to find in nearly 16 years of this overt invasion since 04-2002.

As to why nap attacks are scripted immediately following reading a new book I have no idea, though the planted notion is about "channeling the author", or some kind of psychic interaction with the author while reading their work. (They also like me to read biographies). Well perhaps, and all the more interesting for the perps that some authors are alive, some are long gone, and of course, combinations thereof with co-authors. The real deal is that I don't give a shit; I just want to be left alone, now, and for good. This basic and normal desire just isn't permitted with this ongoing tyranny of remotely invasive technologies and the psychopathic agenda that runs it. Call it in-situ nonconsensual human experimentation, though there have been plenty of experiences of other victims, (and putatively myself when aged 2 to 5, the memory deleted years), where they have been hauled into hospitals on flimsy rationales, and never to come out the same. The Duplessis Orphans is one example, and that occurred at the same time frame and in the same Canadian province when I lived in Montreal, Quebec during the above mentioned memory deleted years. And I am not the only one to experience this then at the same city.....

Another day of tying down vines in the vineyard, and a bitter cold it was, even if not freezing. My hands were plenty cold in the morning, and the perps laid of finger fumbling and finger freezing (imposed inaction) plenty enough to infuriate me, often near row ends in keeping with their long standing practice. I just cannot stand it when my finger control isn't my own; what the assholes get from dithering my finger control is beyond me, but any kind of frustrated action is just their cup of tea. All the better that it is sudden and unexpected. es. George Bush's attempting to open a locked door as a classic perp stunt, here on Youtube.

Another day of tiresome vine tying using wire and the Kuker tying device. My fingers are raw from this exercise and I have at least 4 acres to go. I went home at lunch time to go to the bathroom as the winery is locked as no one is there. I got the "usual" phalanx of  gangstalking vehicles around me anytime I go into town during my normal work day. (Insufficient warm clothes (getting caught out), doctor's appointments etc.) I even got the RCMP in two adjacent vehicles beside me at a stoplight, and of course, got the trains of oncoming vehicles to thwart my L turn, a perp classic. I reckon the traffic is worthy of a city 10x the size whenever I head out on these rare mid-work day sorties.

That wasn't all; the landscapers "happened" to be working around my place, and parked in my usual spot, in keeping with the parking games the perps like to stage.

Ditto the parking games first thing this morning: I roll into the winery parking lot, about 20 vehicle size, and there is a truck with two day-glos inside the cab, and the truck is blocking all the finished parking lot, and a red vehicle is parked exactly where I park my vehicle each morning this week. Like WTF; it turns out they were part of the road crew to direct traffic around the boom truck servicing the nearby power lines, yet again. This would be at least the sixth time this year at this location (Upper Bench Road), and counting. And we know who loves to place boom trucks around the victim, don't we? So this metallic deep red vehicle, a perp standard color for vehicle stalking, parked in my usual location all day. Like WTF; weren't they worried that their vehicle might get towed from private property when they had no business to be there? Not in perp organized hell it would seem, where impunity is de rigeur.

Rain today, and a cold rain, and a direct hit on those working outside needing fine motor control, such as us vineyard workers who are tying down the vines. My hands were very cold doing this work, and at break, after phoning the foreman, I went to the other vineyard to dig weeds. I warmed up doing this job, and too much as it unfolded, and sweated (or more like, was forced to sweat), so when the foreman took me off this after two hours, I got cold again. Well done; I wasn't allowed to be warm all day, even with sufficient clothing to resist it.

And what is it about weeding the perps don't like me to do for more than two hours or so? Last week, just when I thought I would be weeding for six hours, starting after the morning break, the boss man interrupts me after lunch and wants me on rock picking with the others. Lets be clear; the weeding at this vineyard is not onerous, and not nearly the effort it was last year at the prior vineyard. And it is a good way to stay warm in this cool spring.

And the strangest dreams of late; IT (my former vocation) related no less, after a forced (by this Psychopathic Fuckover) absence of nearly 16 years. One dream, I was developing requirements for additional reporting on totals and status of the work. Another, I was dealing with my former business manager boss. In fact, these specific details were 19 years ago for crissakes. Who has that (long ago) knowledge but me?

Saturday, and I chose to work at the 2012-14 employer to help him out as he is behind in getting his vineyard work done. He doesn't have any excuses, though many larger vineyards do, as the Mexican temporary visa workers have been delayed this year. None around yet, though I did see one two blocks from my place on the way home this evening. Exactly what he was doing in town, rather than being on a farm, was peculiar, though putting on the gangstalk strut comes to mind. And exactly why all the Mexican workers have been delayed is also rather odd; they have been doing this tax subsidized (yes!) program for 10 years in these here parts, and the paper work starts in November, the prior calendar year, so I have no idea as to why this slowdown has erupted. I am beginning to suspect that all visa and immigration offices are highly governed by the Psychopathic Confederacy, though to what end, besides brown skin color games, I have no idea.

I got hit with a 2 hour nap attack this evening; long enough to put a serious dent in my plans, as I had a recently acquired video to view. Said video is to replace the DVD that mysteriously locked up and won't get past this one particular frame, even if it worked fine for about 8x.

Today's vineyard work was ugly; the rain kept up until 1300h, and I was cold the rest of the day. I am doing tying down, which means no gloves to afford the fine motor skills needed to do the work. I have yet to understand why vineyards in these here parts don't make use of more automated devices. Expense perhaps, but the buds are now getting wooly, so there isn't time to lose.

And wonders of wonders; after 5 months of side effects from the radiotherapy on my prostate cancer that finished 12-2017, the bowel leaking issues did not occur today. I thought it would never end, but for today, one day's respite, and hopefully more. I did not want to do the gamma ray conformed beam radiation therapy as it has this side effect (among others), but not having $85kUSD sitting around to do proton beam therapy meant that I had to accept the public plan. Which to be fair, is quite good for cancer treatments, and the staff and equipment at Kelowna are top notch. I am still wearing an extra 10lb from the episode, but if the side effects improvement noted today continues, I will call it done.

RIP Oppo? Yes apparently (dated April 02, 2018); no more new product development. I find this absolutely astounding that they made some of the best audio gear at reasonable prices, and now they are ending all new production, only doing maintenance. There is something weird here; normally most business look to selling to someone else if they want to bail out, but not this time, just fading to black. Yes, I own an Oppo  BD 105D multi-disc player, and I bought it because I know that discs aren't going away, despite all the current streaming hype. One simply cannot find the content on streaming that exists on DVD or other discs. And besides, it looks after the audio side too, so my stereo and computer can play through the same sound system. This "feature" hasn't really dawned on most of the audio equipment world, and they are now bypassing discs and chasing the streaming features only. A dark day for audiophilia.

A day of vineyard work at the 2012-2014 employer, helping him out with his tardy vineyard work. It wasn't all the wretched tie-downs today; I helped the regular Albanian girl to get the water system up and running. That is, get the 4" water line running through the trees, near a creek, and get it secured so the water flows through. Back in 2014 when I attended to this, it took many weeks as the pipe had split and broken in places. A relative piece of cake today, but there may be surprises yet. The usual adage always goes in this state of escalated and imposed adversity; "it was too easy...".

Thankfully, none of the driving rain of yesterday, and it was even brightening up such that I felt comfortable with my headphones on and my DAP playing. This too, is a highly managed event, and the perps have a long and dedicated history of sabotaging music listening; either the player, its volume, song or artist selection or just plain killing it for no apparent reason. Though true to form, they put on a low flying A-Star helicopter fly over after about 30 minutes of listening. They like pounding aircraft noise through my headphones, often within the first hour of listening.

No such luck as a repeat on yesterday's one day of freedom from the effects of radiotherapy from prostate treatment that finished 12-2017. I knew at the time the assholes would exploit the side effects profile of this kind of treatment, and they did. Hence my attraction to proton beam therapy mentioned above. IMHO, all of this NEVER would of happened if the assholes hadn't intervened and obstructed my successful ADD treatment in 04-2002, which boosted my dopamine, which mediates one's immune system. Just to think, they had this one planned 15 years ago.

Which comes to mind; as of next weekend, it will be the 16th anniversary of their apartment invasion which kicked off this non-stop abuse-athon of hell. And as I see it, just one more week before this colossal 4 month bullshit stream of planted notions ceases. Said planted notions relate to their relentless mental intrusion indicated that they are going to cease hostilities. Every few years they put me through this, and this year they have gone on for much longer and with significantly greater intensity than ever before. To which I say; I will believe it when I see it, otherwise leave me the fuck alone.

And no indications that they are backing off either; I get non-stop masers around me, and they have even ramped it up to fake ants crawling on the walls etc, as this is the season they are out and visible. Another regular maser event is them passing a maser, a grayish blob of 4mm or so, through the toilet paper as it unrolls off the roll. The maser just sits there while successive sheets pass by. All too fascinating for sick minds, never mind the constant and abiding privacy invasion.

Another two hour nap attack after reading the Venona Files again, same as last night. The whole spy world scenario makes one's head spin as to the dedicated deception and perfidy that goes on with such relentless government direction, particularly the Soviet Union. And just to think, they owe their relative success to the weak minded fools that believed in their system, and ironically, capitalism (!). They stole atomic weapon secrets, missile proximity fuses, infra-red missile guidance targeting, neutron bomb diagram (Chinese), and so many other technologies from the West. And they started spying on foreign governments in 1920 for crissakes. And it is unlikely they have ever let up, even now.

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